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Sun Carnival Jeep Derby in El Paso, Texas

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In the autumn of 1962, the Sun Carnival organization in El Paso, Texas, decided to add the Sun Carnival Jeep Derby, one of only four derby’s held in the US, to it’s late December events calendar (the other ‘derbies’ were held in Las Cruces, Truth or Consequences, and Denver). The grand prize was a brand new 1963 CJ-5 donated by the Willys Manufacturing Company (I think they meant Willys Motors).

Clipping from El Paso Times -

September 12, 1962, El Paso Times

Before being presented to the race winner, Carnival manage Bruce Brooks planned to use it by carnival staff to carry tickets between the four branch offices.

Clipping from El Paso Herald-Post -

December 25, 1962, El Paso Herald-Post

Ted C. Brewer of Roswell, New Mexico, went on to win the Inaugural Sun Carnival Jeep Derby.


January 01, 1963, El Paso Times

The next year, the Sun Carnival volunteers put together another course.
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More on The New Mexico Jeep Derbys

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The February 1963 issue of Popular Mechanics included an article about the New Mexico Jeep Derby held annually in Truth or Consquences, New Mexico. It’s a great article about the early days of jeep racing. I’ve also included a video of one Derby race, but the quality is poor. Still, in some clips, you can see just how much the co-pilot shifts his body around the jeep.

View Popular Mechanics February 1963 at Google Books

1963-02-jeep-derby-crisis-on-wheels5 1963-02-jeep-derby-crisis-on-wheels6 1963-02-jeep-derby-crisis-on-wheels7 1963-02-jeep-derby-crisis-on-wheels8 1963-02-jeep-derby-crisis-on-wheels9



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Second Annual Jeep Derby in T or C, NM

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The May 1957 issue of Willys News covered the 2nd Annual Jeep Derby in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. Among the racers were Bud Jackson from the Hemet Jeep Club and Wally Klingele and Barney Nelson from the Yakima Ridge Runners. Klingele and Nelson drove their jeeps to the event! Only 14 of the 20 entrants completed the eighty mile race.


1957-05-willys-news-rodeo-nm-race-photo1 1957-05-willys-news-rodeo-nm-race-photo2 1957-05-willys-news-rodeo-nm-race-photo3
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Photo of Woman @ the 1961 Jeep Derby **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

The winner of the 1961 @ Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, Jeep Derby race received a DJ-3A Surrey!

“Here is an Original Vintage 1961 5th ANNUAL JEEP DERBY Josephine Johns
8×10 B&W Press Photo
READY FOR THE JEEP DERBY — Josephine Johns of El Paso waves as she prepares to take a trial run over the 63-mile three-day fifth annual International Jeep Derby at Truth or Consequences, NM. April 21-23 in connection with the Ralph Edwards Fiesta. First prize will be a pink Acapulco-style Jeep to be given by Willys Motors Inc.”

1961-t-or-q-race-5th-annual1 1961-t-or-q-race-5th-annual2

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December 1962 Jeep News

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The December 1962 issue of Jeep News was eight pages. Page one shares the news that sales jumped 56 percent, thanks in part to the new jeep models. Meanwhile in El Paso, Texas, organizers of the Sun Bowl planned to host a Jeep Derby as part of the Sun Bowl festivities. Page two shares some photos from a 300-person jeep caravan to Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument (created in 1907).

Page three contains a variety of miscellaneous stories. Page four includes a great example of the Jeep Herders logo. The club was located in Sheridan, Wyoming. Page five shared the story of Frank Kuboski and his San Juan Scenic Tour Jeep business operating out of Ouray, Colorado (editor’s note, Ouray is pronounced “Your-ay”, as my son likes to remind me .. I always mess it up!).

A highlight from page six was the announcement that Oakland, NJ, Police Chief purchased a wagon with a matching boat and trailer for rescue work. An unusual article on page seven explored Hollywood’s Lloyd Bridges’ views on raising kids, while lower on the page the Jeepster Club of America celebrated their fourteenth anniversary. Finally, on page eight, came the report of a radio newsman delivery his show from the bed of a CJ-5.

1962-12-jeep-news1 1962-12-jeep-news2 1962-12-jeep-news3 1962-12-jeep-news4 1962-12-jeep-news5

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April 1958 Jeep News

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Good news. I’ve done a deal to purchase thirty issues of Jeep News, along with around 70+ Jeep Service and Parts News. Some are late 1950s, but most are from the early to mid 1960s.

Page one of the April 1958 eight-page issue of Jeep News highlights the introduction of the Mule, though calling is “space age” seems over the top. The front page also includes an announcement for the third-annual jeep rodeo in Yakima, hosted by the Yakima Ridgerunners.

Page three shares the news from the recently completed Jeep Cavalcade from Hemet to Borrego Springs, California. Page four announced the third-annual Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, Jeep Derby. Page five has some images for the Lake Erie hunting club.

On page six, don’t miss the modified jeep used to transport mobile homes (and attempt to meet some local laws. Speaking of transport, lower on page two is a modified buggy and trailer that carried hunters through and over local swamps. Page seven is a full page article on jeeps and salt water anglers.

1958-04-jeep-news-1 1958-04-jeep-news-2 1958-04-jeep-news-3 1958-04-jeep-news-4 1958-04-jeep-news-5



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May 1961 Jeep News

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Just one post today. This is the last of the Jeep News papers I bought last month. Hopefully, I can locate some more soon.

This May 1961 issue contains ALOT of Surrey and Dispatcher jeeps: Ice Cream delivery, Pepe ‘actors’, and fleet transportation are just some of the uses. The Kellogg contest fills an entire page with lots of pics. The Truth or Consequences Jeep Derby results are highlighted. Even the Utah Jeep Posse’s are mentioned.

The ‘Jeep’ Fleet line of ads look interesting (page 3) ; I don’t know much about those.

Photos Photos Photos Photos Photos

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Truth or Consequences Sheriff’s Posse

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This photo was from the May 1955 issue of Willys News. At first I thought these jeeps were involved in the annual jeep derby, but these are Sheriff’s Posse jeeps from Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.


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Day 6 – Mar. 25th: TinkerTown and the Turquoise Trail

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<– Day 5 – Mar. 24th: Talking Jeeps w/ Worn Rusty Hubbs | OVERVIEW | Day 7 – Mar. 26th: Darth Vader and Tractor Bob –>

2014-03-25-tinkertownWe started off the morning at the New Mexico National Guard Bataan Memorial Museum, which includes a special exhibit about the embattled soldiers of Bataan and Corriegor. That episode of WWII was particularly important to New Mexico as they had a detachment of National Guard troops in the Philippines when the Japanese attacked. The entry hall is lined with stories of soldiers who perished at different times during the war, some along the Bataan Death March, some in POW camps, and some in the ‘Hell Ships‘.

Given the use of ‘Bataan’ is used prominently in the Museum’s name, I expected to find a more in-depth look at the loss of Philippines, the type of treatment endured by POWs, the concern over the POWs lives if Japan lost the war (all prisoners were supposed to be executed) and more. However, instead of finding that, the museum focuses more on telling the story of the New Mexico National Guard, from their fights in the civil war to present-day, which is understandable.


Ann pointed out one spot where the wiring isn’t up to standards on this gun.


This tribute to the Bataan March includes several items that survived the war.


This was the jeep used in a WWII display. oops.


An overview of part of the museum.

So, it’s a fine little museum with free entry, but Ann and I both agreed that they have a unique opportunity to tell an important story that doesn’t fully educate the visitor about that event. Fortunately, there are some sources that do explain why the Philippines were lost and the treatment endured by the POWs (books that are sitting on my book shelf at home and whose names I can’t recall at the moment).

On the bright side, they do have a pretty accurate M-38 in good shape.


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