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CJ-2L? Extended CJ-2A Sold @ Auction for $700

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Blaine discovered this possible CJ-2L that was auctioned off last weekend. The auction occurred just north of where I live, but, unfortunately, we didn’t learn about he auction until today.

I called one of the men responsible for the auction. He had some images of the jeep saved to his phone, so he forwarded them to me. He couldn’t remember who bought the jeep. These are the first photos I’ve seen of the underside of an extended CJ-2A. In this case, the extension was done poorly and looks more like a backyard extension than that of a dealer.





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1946 CJ-2L? Graeagle, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3000.

Looks like this has a Willys Overland hard top and the body is lengthened.

“46 Willys body cj-2a
24,301 original miles
flat head 4
Ran when it was parked 25 years ago.
no title but is out of the dmv system.
all parts are there”

1946-cj2al-graeagle-ca2 1946-cj2al-graeagle-ca3

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Year? CJ-2L? Spokane, WA **SOLD?**


UPDATE: Hopefully this sold.

This is the third stretched jeep I’ve seen for sale in the Spokane area in the last few years. It is possibly a CJ-2L.

“I think its a 1944 willys jeep has the original flathead 4 cylinder four wheel drive works. was used to plow the driveway has a back blade. Hasn’t been ran since last winter should run, the frame has been broke by the front leaf springs.”

year-cj2a-stretched-spokane-wa1 year-cj2a-stretched-spokane-wa2

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1948 CJ-2L? Tenino, WA Best Offer


UPDATE: Was listed at $2500. Now Best Offer.

(09/05/2013) This might be a rare CJ-2L, which is a CJ-2A that was stretched by someone in California.  Examples of CJ-2Ls.    Learn more about the CJ-2L here.

“good project jeep lenghten 2′ from factory no motor rebuilt muncie SM 420 4sp w/ dana 18 tcase & muncie overdrive 2.5” rancho lift dana 25 frt dana 44 rear 5.38 painless wire harness other extras go with it. Call Mike @ 253.320.5359

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1946 CJ-2A/CJ-2L Lethbridge, AB, Canada $4000


Bruce spotted this unusual flattie.

“We have a 1946 Willys jeep that was passed down from my grandfather. It was running last year but had some bad fuel and needs a carb job and a clean tank of fuel. Engine and transmission in great shape, but the suspension needs to be replaced. The body is very much restorable. I am only interested in serious offers on this Jeep…No tire kickers please. Im not sure on the KM’s, but had to put in something. 4000$ OBO”

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Next Updates Sunday Evening

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Ann and I arrived safely in Pasco after a sunny/rainy/snowy/windy day driving through the panhandle of Idaho, then west to Pasco. We spotted and photographed a couple jeeps, ate some good food and visited with family; so it was a complete day!

More tomorrow on this possible CJ-2L Bruce spotted. Note rare Desert Dog PCV tires (not that they are in good shape).  They have a tighter tread than the standard Desert Dog tires.

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Extended CJ-2A in Spain, but there is a small problem . . .

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Roberto’s friend Mr. Paco, has run into some bureaucracy trying title his Jeep.  I will let Roberto explain the details.

Let me introduce you the Willys CJ2A jeep owns by my friend mr. Paco, who lives at Valladolid, Spain. The jeep was found years ago at a farm (barn find!!!) and have belonged to an aristocratic dame, if I´m not wrong.

As you could see in the pics, it has a very curious extended body conversion with short hard-top and that´s the reason to ask your help. We would like to know if this kind of conversion could be done at the States as an extra ordered by the customer, or the institution which imported to Spain. Paco wants to get a tittle for his jeep as an historic vehicle and it seems that here, he needs to claim that this kind conversion was made at the factory. I mean, that this characteristic is “historical”. If not, he should modify again it to be a standard CJ2A jeep…Absurd, and illogical, as the guy who has pointed him this doesn´t care about the possibility of a local conversion made at Spain…isn´t would be this “historical” too? Burocracy, absurd and illogical burocracy…


I responded to Roberto writing that while I knew a small outfit in California created CJ-2Ls by expanding the middle of some CJ-2As, I was not aware of any aftermarket group nor any Willys option to have the bodies extended in the rear (despite plenty of examples of jeeps that have been extended in the rear).  Does anyone else know anything different?

Here are some examples of jeeps extended at the back.

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Year? CJ-2A Coeur D Alene, ID **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $400.

This looks like a great price and a fun restoration.  It would be useful to see just how this was stretched. This could be a rare CJ-2L. This it the 5th one I have heard about or seen in the Pacific Northwest. You can see other stretched jeeps here. This looks like a good price.  This almost looks like an old lefty, too.

“It’s all there but will need complete resto.Was stretched by a previous owner.Wheel studs are broken on front axle,so will not hold wheels. No title.”

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I got to thinking, what about Navy CJ-2As and other Navy Models?


This morning, I got wondering if the Navy ordered any other vehicles besides CJ-3As.  Well, I found some information across the net on various Navy Jeeps.  I list some different flattie models below, but some CJ-5s and others also spent time with the Navy.

Navy CJ-2A
Over at the CJ-2A page, Bob posted an article from the Toledo Times (8/24/1946) about the Navy ordering 200 Willys Overland Jeeps in 1946 for use along the great lakes and the coasts.  Bob also mentioned the Navy ordered both CJ-3As & DJ-3As.

This thread has a some images of Navy CJ-2As and examples of tags (an example tag is seen above).

Stretched Navy CJ-2A, the CJ-2E, and the CJ-2L?
According to JP Magazine, a rumor persists that WO built an extended CJ-2A for the army in 1948 called the CJ-2E.  However, they feel this is a rumor because there are no records for such a creation.  In addition, experts they asked said the extended CJ-2As often came on a later model frame.  While I have not personally seen any of the extended CJ-2As in person, I have seen enough of them for sale to make me think that they might have produced on a very limited basis.

And speaking of streched CJ-2As,
it looks like someone picked up that pinkish ‘2A that I had listed from Bonsall, Ca.  He reports that he was a told a dealer (likely somewhere on the west coast) bought some CJ-2As, stretched them, and then called them a CJ-2L. Well, sure enough, the pinkish CJ-2A’s registration lists it as a CJ-2L (though not a navy jeep).

Navy CJ-3B Navy
According to the JeepDr. website, they have restored a Navy CJ-3B and have the Navy paperwork to back up the claim.  Now, this might be a M-606 as the site doesn’t specifically answer this question.

You can see another example of a Navy CJ-3B at the CJ-3B Page (scroll most of the way to the bottom).

CJ-V35/U for the Navy & USMC
Of course, there is also highly sought after CJ-V35/U made for the Navy & the United States Marine Corp. These were actually CJ-3As modified into CJ-V35/Us