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1945 Video ‘The Lighter Side of War’

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This short video shared by John shows a jeep used to make ice cream, then a soldiers getting a haircut in front of pinup photos.

“Various shots of the American soldiers making ice cream with the aid of the drive of a jeep. Several shots of the American soldiers eating their home-made ice cream.

Several shots of barbers shop with wall filled with pin-up girls. The barber has great difficulty in making customers keep their heads straight.

Voiceover finishes: “There’s only one thing a barber can do for this able-bodied soldier with Grable-bodied mind.”

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1942 Video ‘The Turn Of The Tide’

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This video, ‘The Turn Of The Tide – Allied Landings In North Africa’ does not have much in the way of jeeps, but one sequence (start 4:40 mark) shows a jeep towing a large field gun as it leaves the landing craft and churns through the water up and onto the beach.

“North African coastline and Algiers, Africa.

Various shots of a large convoy of American transporter ships and the British naval escort heading towards the coast of North Africa. Italian planes fly overhead and the gun crew of the escort ship jump to action, firing with the anti-aircraft guns. As night approaches, the guns go into action again and the night sky fills with tracers. L/S of a German bomber in flames diving into the sea (not seen very clearly).

More footage in daylight of the convoy moving along. High angle view of men in lifejackets packed into a troopship. On board the ships we see last minute inspections and briefing. A plane takes off from an aircraft carrier.

View of the coast at Algiers as seen by the American Rangers and British Commandos as they prepare to land. British troops board landing craft and start to come ashore. Great shots of them moving towards the beaches and landing (one has a bicycle). American soldiers do the same. Supplies are brought ashore, including a truck, a jeep and a large field gun.

General view of Allied aircraft standing on Maison Blanche aerodrome, a key point in Algiers that was captured by the US Rangers without a shot being fired.

Back at the quay in Algiers a huge troopship docks and British and American troops unload supplies, form up and start out on the road through Algiers. Trucks carry soldiers through the streets. On the streets just outside Oran we see the action when a sniper opens up on some Americans who pull their guns. The American Rangers storm the building and march off with prisoners.

Jumping ahead to when an armistice was called for in Algiers, we see the Commanding General of French North Africa General Nogues arriving for a conference with the Commander of the Algiers district.

Locals talk to Allied soldiers in the streets. A tram packed with people goes by. Out of the Hotel Angleterre come some Italian soldiers who are being taken for internment. Commentator says “As a matter of fact, it was a former Pathe Staff man with a detachment of American troops who made the capture” (hooray!). The Italians board trucks and are driven past crowds of jeering Algerians. The locals cheer and give the victory sign as the Allied troops drive through.”

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April 1954 Ad for Wagon in Better Homes & Gardens

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This ad is part of a set of wagon-related brochures. The brochures aren’t in the best shape, but what caught my eye was the Better Homes & Gardens ad. It’s another example of Willys Motors producing what seems to be unique content for that magazine.


Here’s the full eBay ad:

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1951 M-38(?) Vaughn, WA $18,500

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This seems to have a stainless body with a Bobcat hood. There are lots of updates.

“1951 jeep C3-M38, this jeep is in great shape has a Chevy 305 V8, 4speed transmission with hi/lo range, Warren 8,000lb winch, matching military trailer.”

1951-m38-vaughn-wa503 1951-m38-vaughn-wa502 1951-m38-vaughn-wa501 1951-m38-vaughn-wa50 1951-m38-vaughn-wa51

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1948 CJ-2A Bison, OK 4/26 Auction


This 1948 CJ-2A will be auctioned on April 26.

“393 Wiily 1948 CJ2A Jeep, 4×4, 4 cyl, 3 speed, shows 46176 miles, soft top, L78-15 tires, p.t.o, doesn’t work, manuals, extra parts RUNS, vin 171118”


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1953 M-38A1 Lawrence, KS $7500


Looks pretty stock.

1953-m38a1-lawrence-ks1 1953-m38a1-lawrence-ks2

“$500 and 15 hours and it can be running and driving great. We parked it when we were putting a tune up on it about 4 years ago. Points were bad and then I got sidetracked.
It is 24 volt. It does seem to be all original.
After you, Grease it. Batteries. Coil, fluids and it’s close to on it’s way. This isn’t a big project. It’s some minor repairs and you’re off. Tires are excellent.
Bill of sale only. Spell it Willys. Willy’s. Jeep.
Not a cj5 cj7.
Almost no rust through. It has been restored before. Surface rust where the paint has worn.
I have a bunch of other pictures detailing the body. “

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Bumper Weight Wilton, ME $100


Glenn spotted this good price on a bumper weight.

“250lbs counterweight goes on the front bumper of early willys jeeps”


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1948 CJ-2A Portland, OR $5250


UPDATE: Price dropped to $5250

(03/17/2021) This has an unusual wood bumper with a design that’s been pinstriped(?) on the right rear quarter-panel. No description provided.

1948-cj2a-portland-or-96 1948-cj2a-portland-or-97 1948-cj2a-portland-or-98 1948-cj2a-portland-or-99

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1946 CJ-2A Lancaster, IA $16,999


Looks solid.

“1946 Willys cj2a with mb grill. 134 ci flathead 4 cylinder. New: tires, springs, shocks, steering wheel, steering shaft, rebuilt steering box. New seat cushions and covers. New break master cylinder. New break lines. Much much more. Colorado ranch vehicle, no rust. Most everything has been gone through, but not engine, because it runs very well.
Asking $16,999 obo”

1946-cj2a-lancaster-ia1 1946-cj2a-lancaster-ia2 1946-cj2a-lancaster-ia3 1946-cj2a-lancaster-ia4

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1950 CJ-3A Sedan, KS $10,000


No description provided.

1950-cj3a-sedan-ks1 1950-cj3a-sedan-ks2 1950-cj3a-sedan-ks3 1950-cj3a-sedan-ks4

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CJ-2A & M-38 Spicewood, TX $7000


The body of the M-38 might be a replacement body. It’s got driver-side indents, a sold back, and drain holes.

cj2a-m38-austin-tx1 cj2a-m38-austin-tx2 cj2a-m38-austin-tx3 cj2a-m38-austin-tx4

“I have two jeep willys for sale. Both have the original running gear still intact. The first is a 1952 with a clean texas title. It runs but the battery and cables aren’t the greatest so it’s easier to roll start it right now. The tires are good for pasture use but not for the road. It’s a pretty good jeep for a restoration if you’re looking for one to love on. The brakes need an overhaul and the fuel tank needs attention, we use an external tank on it. The second one does not have a title and I’m not sure what year it is. It’s whole but needs way more love or would be good for parts and such to help with fixing up the first. It ran years ago when we parked it but it would need alot of work. I’d like to sell both together but I’m open to offers”

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Year? CJ-5 Deepwater, MO $999


Rust doesn’t appear too bad.

“This is a old cj5, was running when parked a few years ago, asking $999. It is located over an hour north of springfield.”


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Struck Mini-Beep Millinocket, ME $1500

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Glenn spotted this Struck designed Mini-Beep.

“Struck Kit 1944 Willys Army Jeep replica. Used in parades, goes 6 mph at full throttle. Looks just like the Jeep used in the MASH TV show. Made out of plywood and metal parts. 6 1/2 hp gas engine.”


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2 Industrial Willys Engines Tulsa, OK $400


Maybe some parts value? Unclear whether they are f-heads or l-heads.

“Two 4 cylinder engines out of Hobart welders, complete.”

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Early CJ Parts Los Lunas, NM $500


This seller is selling a load of parts and has more, too.

“I have a load of early Jeep parts. Enough to start a nice project. Tons of extra parts for sale also. 5ofive38eight89threel”


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1952 CJ-3A Hurst, TX $3995


UPDATE: Price dropped to $3995. Seller must sell soon.

(03/30/2021) The back of this is a bit rough.

“RARE 1952 Willys Overland CJ-3A (Truck?)
Was $7,900.00 NOW $4,900.00 O.B.O.!
Selling for a Friend whose has owned it since 2007.
New Tires
New Fuel Tank
New Radiator
Seems to have both good and bad things going for it. Please look at all of the pictures. I have more information if needed.”

1952-cj3a-hurst-tx1 1952-cj3a-hurst-tx2 1952-cj3a-hurst-tx3 1952-cj3a-hurst-tx4

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1949 Truck Hartington, NE $19,000

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UPDATE: Still Available. Price bumped to $19,000.

(09/16/2020) Nice looking truck with a rear PTO gear box.

“Completely restored, new brake linings,new tires,and major overhaul on motor . In perfect condition and ready to drive . Asking 15,000”

1949-truck-hartington-ne0 1949-truck-hartington-ne1 1949-truck-hartington-ne2 1949-truck-hartington-ne3 1949-truck-hartington-ne4

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City Engineering Electric Winch Imperial, MO $125


I’m not familiar with this winch.

“Very cool old City Engineering Inc electric winch. I believe these were most commonly found on old Willys Jeeps.”

city-engineering-winch-mo1 city-engineering-winch-mo2 city-engineering-winch-mo3

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1944 “Tree Felling” Video

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I’m not sure what “VS” stands for? The latter half of the video has Black Peter and Saint Nicholas in a jeep, the first half with the fire and felling trees is interesting, too, but, I’m not sure why?

“VS of troops sitting around wood fire outside trying to keep warm.

Shots of soldiers chopping down large fir trees. They carry off cleaned tree trunk. VS of them chopping up logs with saws and axes.

Shots of two soldier cutting down small fir tree. More shots of soldiers carrying ‘Christmas’ Trees.

VS of soldiers in hospital decorating a Christmas Tree with help from nurses. Shots of other decorations being made.

Quick shot of Saint Nicholas and Black Peter meting children in town. Shots of children and mothers smiling. Shots of St. Nicholas escorted to jeep by soldiers and presents are loaded in. Children cheer and wave. The Christmas jeep is driven along.”

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1944 “Look Out” Video

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This Union Defence Force video was titled Look Out! This was apparently filmed in South Africa. There are multiple clips of jeeps. No sound provided.

“Various shots of soldiers in training. We see them doing exercises, jumping over walls and doing forward rolls with bare chests. Then they seem to be receiving instruction on how to handle a jeep. Several shots of men driving jeeps and tanks over rough and bumpy ground. Some soldiers in a jeep crisscross over the path of a tank in motion.”

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1944 Video of US Troops and Nazi Pigeons

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This very short video looks staged to me. But, it does show a good shot of a jeep with “MESSENGER” written across the windshield.

“An American Messenger jeep drives up road past soldiers. Various shots as they take carrier pigeons out of basket. C/U swastika on paper tied to pigeon’s wing. C/U message American soldier is writing ‘Adolph (sic) Hitler, Berchtesgaden. No Happy Returns on your birthday but see you soon. Ninth U.S. army.’ Various shots as they tie message to the pigeon’s leg and release it. We see various takes of the same scene.”

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1985 Book ‘The Willys Dream Kit’ by Jan Novak on eBay

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Scott spotted a hardcover book called The Willys Dream Kit by Jan Novak that’s for sale on eBay ($49.49). The price for a new hard copy is similar on Amazon, but the used ($25) and paperback ($20) editions are much less on Amazon.

Reviews of the book from the Chicago Tribune and L.A. Times in 1985 suggest it’s a good read.


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Our ‘New’ Racing Jeep

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My ‘new’ race jeep

I owe Marty Tilford a hearty thanks for spotting this jeep on the local Yakima Craigslist. I never saw it, because it was listed in the wrong category (tires and wheels), so it sat there for a few weeks before Marty sent me the link. Long story short, I showed Ann the jeep and she said, “buy it; you deserve it”. How can I argue with that?

On Sunday we drove to Naches, Washington, where we met Don and Ruth, the owners of the jeep.  They are members of the Yakima Valley Timberwolves club. We enjoyed meeting them and swapping jeep stories. They loved racing the jeep, and were sad to see it go, but the pounding of racing the jeep was too hard on Don, so he thought it best to pass it along.


This is the Yakima Valley Timber Wolves club sticker.

This race jeep has a built and bored Chev 350 with a Ford Toploader four-speed and a Dana 20 transfercase. The engine is a fresh 350 Chevy bored 30, with 202 summit heads, and an Edelbrock intake with a Holley 4-barrel carburetor,

The body is a narrow body fiberglass. The rear springs were outboarded (DJ-5 or FC mounts still there), but have since been moved underneath the axle; I’d like to move them out again. The front springs are reversed. The rear Dana 44 axle is from a scout. The front is a narrowed Dana 44, but I can’t remember from what.

Here’s a pic of the jeep with the front clip removed:


I didn’t have to look it over much before I was ready to jump in and drive it onto the trailer:

When we arrived at our new place, we discovered one of the rear tires was flat. The rear wheels have spacers on it meant to widen the stance but that also meant the jeep barely fit between the rails of the trailer. We suspect the tire may have lost its bead, which caused the air to go out.


It’s not a big problem, as I plan to a couple Desert Dogs on back anyway.

Below you can see it parked in the new shop. It’s officially the first item moved into our new place (the Roadster in front is the seller’s):


One of the biggest changes I need to make is to redo the seating so I fit more comfortably. The other thing is to finalize the name. I am told this jeep was originally built by Brian Wylie (sp?). At some point it was known as the Red Delicous (the red paint can still be seen in a few small places).

One name we had in mind was to name it the “Cosmic Crisp” (an apple invented by nearby Wash State Univ) as a nod to the early name. While I like the name, it isn’t one that rolls off the tongue.

OR, because the jeep has Marvin the Martian mud flaps, we thought about calling the jeep “Marvin” and theming it with a Marvin the Martian theme. It turns out that is one of Ann’s all-time favorite cartoon characters. But, I also think there may be another Marvin race jeep out there (it seems I remember one from the 80s, but I could be wrong).


Note the Marvin the Martian mud flaps.

I likely won’t get to making changes on this for at least a few weeks. In the meantime, here are a few more pics from the ad:


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1948 CJ-2A Alpine, CA $8000


UPDATE: Price dropped to $8000.

(07/12/2018) Has a variety of upgrades.

1948-cj2a-alpine-ca1 1948-cj2a-alpine-ca2 1948-cj2a-alpine-ca3 1948-cj2a-alpine-ca4

“1948 Willy’s Jeep $9,500
2.3 liters Ford engine upgrade
4 speed with overdrive upgrade
Upgraded brake master cylinder
Locking front hubs
Custom tires and wheels
Custom soft top
4 point seat harnesses
Upholstered seats


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1953 M-38A1 Palm Springs, CA $5500


Solid looking M-38A1.

1953-m38a1-palmsprings-ca0 1953-m38a1-palmsprings-ca1 1953-m38a1-palmsprings-ca2 1953-m38a1-palmsprings-ca3 1953-m38a1-palmsprings-ca4

“Very stock original parts: CA and AZ owned. Basically rust free, small surface rust here and there.
Starts, runs and drives as it should. 4×4 engages easily. Most gauges work, voltage not always.
Has solid bolt on roof, doors, and glass not currently mounted that comes with it.
This is not the jeep to put a V8 in and build your dream rock crawler.
Unbolt the roll bar and change the tires and its back to stock.

In the first three months of 1953, Willys built the new improved military Jeep with three distinct differences.
Early 1953 have two piece front fenders, front grill has two hinges for easy maintenance, and the hood battery cover has four straps not the two that all others have. By April 1953 changes were made and those three characteristics were dropped.

Title in hand, currently on CA non-op Zero snog needed, Zero back DMV costs

Looking to trade for something sporty and I’m willing to add cash to the deal up to 10k.”