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1962 Truck w/PTO Winch Barnstable, MA $500

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Andy shared this deal. It’s a 1962 truck with a PTO winch. He called and was quoted $500.

1962-truck-barnstable-ma6 1962-truck-barnstable-ma7 1962-truck-barnstable-ma8 1962-truck-barnstable-ma9

“Lots of antiques.
Old snow machines
Tractor plows, disc, brush hog, etc
Canoe, sail boat, etc.
1962 Willys Jeep pickup.
Some stuff is free, some stuff will cost you. Best just to ask.
Serious inquiries only…I work to damn hard to deal with scammers!!”

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Fall 1975-Winter 1976 Jeep News

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This issue may cover from the Fall of 1975 through January 1976 (the next issue is Feb/March 1976). It is one of the largest at 18 pages plus a one page advertising insert.

1975-fall-1976-winter-prob-dec-jan-jeep-news-pg1 1975-fall-1976-winter-prob-dec-jan-jeep-news-pg2-3 1975-fall-1976-winter-prob-dec-jan-jeep-news-pg6-7 1975-fall-1976-winter-prob-dec-jan-jeep-news-pg8-9 1975-fall-1976-winter-prob-dec-jan-jeep-news-pg10-11 1975-fall-1976-winter-prob-dec-jan-jeep-news-pg12-13 1975-fall-1976-winter-prob-dec-jan-jeep-news-pg16-17 1975-fall-1976-winter-prob-dec-jan-jeep-news-pg18

The flyer:1975-fall-1976-winter-prob-dec-jan-jeep-news-flyer2 1975-fall-1976-winter-prob-dec-jan-jeep-news-flyer1


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Cage Progress and Corner Brackets

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The weather has warmed up some, which made working outside much more pleasant! Since the last set of pics, I made some corner brackets and added them to the cage. I’ve also added a cross bar that will be the base for the sets and some curved support bars on eat side of the front loop.

I’ll post some pics of the cage below, then add some pics of how I made the brackets (in case that’s of interest to anyone.


2023-02-06-race-jeep-rollcage8 2023-02-06-race-jeep-rollcage7


Below I show how I made the corner pieces.

This first pic shows 5 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ 16 gauge steel squares. The paper above it shows my attempts to figured out the rough size I wanted:


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Willys Light & Electric and Auto-Lite

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UPDATE IV: Nate was able to get this running. Check it out.

UPDATE III: See the internals of a Willys Light Plant here

UPDATE II: More pics of Nate’s Willys Light Plant here

UPDATE: There is more history about Miniger and his purchase of John North Willys Stock in 1929 in a 1946 Fortune article.


This postcard is currently listed on eBay.

The other day Nate forwarded me the following images of a Willys home power plant, built by both “Willys Light” and the “Electric Auto-Lite Corporation”. Not knowing much about any of this (and not having the time to source original info from newspapers of the time), I took a break from house painting to venture down internet rabbit holes. What follows is more of a work-in-progress than a finished piece. Hopefully, folks can add or correct the following.

Let’s start with the pics that Nate sent:

willys-electric-light-plant-1-lores willys-electric-light-plant-2-lores willys-electric-light-plant-3-lores willys-electric-light-plant-4-lores

Now, stepping back a little in time … These days we in the US are generally pretty spoiled in terms of our access to 24/7 electricity. Of course, this wasn’t always the case. Because of my work on SLAG, I am aware that there was a revolution in mines and smelting with the introduction of power plants. My great great grandfather first introduced an electric plant into his smelter in Leadville in 1881 (followed shortly by electricity in the Salt Lake City’s Germania plant). By then, Broadway in NY was lit with a power plant, as were parts of major cities.


January 04, 1818, from the Leadville Daily Herald.

Such power plants would have been expensive, which is why large municipalities or successful businesses were utilizing them. But, such plants would have been outside the financial reach of the average folks. Still, there was an interest among home and farm owners to replace the gas and oil lamps used in homes.

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VEC CJ-2A W/ “Wagon” Hardtop Added

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I found this photo on eBay. It shows a VEC CJ-2A with a wood-based hardtop. The back of the photograph suggests that the builder of the hardtop may have been manufacturing these for sale for $265. The seller of these called them Jeep Station Wagon Bodies and built at least one of them (as shown in the picture). It appears these were built in or near San Francisco. There was another manufacturer who built similar tops out of Cleveland, Ohio, and advertised them as Station Wagon Bodies.

jeep-station-wagon-bodies-photo1 jeep-station-wagon-bodies-photo2


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Extended GPW as Planter

• CATEGORIES: Features

Tom shared pics of a “Planter” in Oracle Arizona back in 2005. The front crossmember looks like a GPW to me.

Tom grew up just north of me in the Yakima area. As a kid he used to watch the Yakima Ridge Runners cruise through the Ahtanum area, which ignited his interest in them. Over the years he owned a variety of jeeps.

Is it still in Oracle? I have no idea.

gpw-extended-oracle-az-tom-jones1 gpw-extended-oracle-az-tom-jones2 gpw-extended-oracle-az-tom-jones3 gpw-extended-oracle-az-tom-jones4

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1960 Truck Sells on BAT for $24,000

• CATEGORIES: Features, Willys Trucks

Blaine shared this recently completed auction for a nice looking truck. However, it looks like the trim is incorrect for a 1960. Strangely, the file name of the pic below was listed as a 1957 (1957_willys_pickup_1957_willys_pickup). That also makes more sense with the split windshield. Finally, the title lists this as a 1962.

More pics:


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1948 CJ-2A North Platte, NE $11,500


It has a rear PTO gearbox.

“I got a 48 Willys CJ2A for sale it has original flathead 4 cylinder. Been converted to 12V and has electric fuel pump. Has a working PTO on the back. Located in North Platte Nebraska”

1948-cj2a-northplatte-ne54 1948-cj2a-northplatte-ne5 1948-cj2a-northplatte-ne6 1948-cj2a-northplatte-ne7

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1958 FC-170 Clinton, IA $8000

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677

This includes an aluminum utility bed with a crane.

“Selling for my dad’s estate. Truck has been stored inside since 1989. It ran/drover over a year ago, but had soft brakes. It has a utility crane and an aluminum bed. There is rust on the cab and the drivers seat is not in good condition. Frame is good. Truck includes an extra complete engine, with stand, manifold, radiator, transmission, transfer case, shifter, drive shafts, winch, steering shaft, gear and wheel, springs, heater, brake drums, all windows, fenders, interior panels to be used as templates, and several boxes of miscellaneous parts and hardware.”

1958-fc170-clinton-ia4 1958-fc170-clinton-ia5



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1948 CJ-2A Seaford, NY $14,250


Nice looking 2A.

“1948 CJ2A CJ 2A Willy’s Jeep Great Condition Front Disc Brakes 12V Heat Runs Great I bought it at auction because I always wanted one and time to sell for something else.”

1948-cj2a-seaford-ny5 1948-cj2a-seaford-ny6 1948-cj2a-seaford-ny7 1948-cj2a-seaford-ny8 1948-cj2a-seaford-ny9

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1948 Sedan Delivery Wagon Tafton, PA $13,800

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Lots of stock jeep here.

“For Sale: 1948 Jeep Willys Delivery Great Condition fully restored historic vehicle.”

6 1948-sedan-delivery-tafton-pa7 1948-sedan-delivery-tafton-pa8 1948-sedan-delivery-tafton-pa9

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1942 MB? Santa Cruz, CA $27,000


Nice looking build.

“small block 283, 350turbo trans, Cadillac tilt steering power assist brakes power steering locking hubs front and tons of chrome and parts”

year-mb-santacruz-ca6 year-mb-santacruz-ca7 year-mb-santacruz-ca8 year-mb-santacruz-ca9

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2 CJ-5s Spencer, NY $1500


Between the plow and the hardtop, there’s value here.

“This price is for both Jeeps, hard top Jeep has no engine, trans and tcase still in Jeep. One with plow has engine but is locked up from sitting.”

2-cj5s-spencer-ny21 2-cj5s-spencer-ny2

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1948 CJ-2A Turner, ME $9000


Seller also has some videos of the jeep.

“1948 cj2a 3 speed Flat 4 cylinder Runs great drove it all summer! Have another jeep now looking to part with this one. Would trade for a truck or trade and partial cash. 9000 obo thanks !”


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1958 Wagon Strong, ME $14,000

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UPDATE: Still Available.

Nicely updated wagon.

“1958 Willys Sedan Delivery, 302 V-8, C-6 Transmission, Ford 9” differential, dual exhaust, cherry floors, bucket seats, Willys floor mats, AM/FM CD Stereo, inside upholstered…”

1958-sedan-delivery-strong-me1 1958-sedan-delivery-strong-me2 1958-sedan-delivery-strong-me3

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1946 CJ-2A Rochester, WA $5500


UPDATE: Still Available.

(11/27/2022) Only the one pic provided. I can’t tell what type of fiberglass tub that is. Note the custom windshield.

“46 Willys, automatic, fiberglass tub, V6 buick motor,soft top in very good shape, new tires”


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1944 Chassis/ CJ-3B Body Tualatin, OR $12,995


UPDATE: Still Available.

(10/02/2022) Lots of updates atop a 1944 chassis.

1944-gpw-cj3b-tualatin-or7 1944-gpw-cj3b-tualatin-or8 1944-gpw-cj3b-tualatin-or9

“1944 Frame and Running Gear
GM V6 Motor with a 4 Barrel Carb and Headers with Dual Exhaust
Full Roll Bar
Spare Tire Rack with Built in Tow Hitch
New Master Cylinder
New Battery
Like New Bucket Seats
Dual Gas Tanks
Super Swamper Tires. (33X1400-15)
Eagle Alloy Wheels”

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Year? CJ-3B Placerville, CA $4500


UPDATE: Still Available.

(01/07/2023) This is a rolling chassis.

“CJ3B (High hood)’body on rolling chassis. Very straight little rust.”

year-cj3b-placerville-ca7 year-cj3b-placerville-ca8 year-cj3b-placerville-ca9

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1959 FC-150 Eatonville, WA $5400

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677

UPDATE: Still Available.

““Jeep FC150 Wide track. No engine or transmission. OBO “

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1951 CJ-3A Greenfield Center, VT $1210


UPDATE: Still Available.

(11/07/2022) Unclear if the floor is savable at all.

“Old Willys jeep restorable four-wheel-drive needs work as is no papers has winch ”

1951-cj3a-greenfieldenter-vt7 1951-cj3a-greenfieldenter-vt8 1951-cj3a-greenfieldenter-vt9

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1962 ‘Jeep’ Commercial Promoting Jeeps in Hatari Movie

• CATEGORIES: Features, videos

Chris shared this footage from a 1962 ‘Jeep’ Commercial hosted at Indiana University’s Media Collections Online.

The video’s summary: The commercial shows which Jeeps were used in the movie “Hatari!”. The commercial portrays the different Jeeps as actors that were cast for specific roles and worked with the movie stars John Wayne, Red Buttons, and Elsa Martinelli. The Jeeps are shown in several movie clips driving across Tanzanian and herding animals.

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Video of 315th-Produced Wagoneer

• CATEGORIES: Features, videos

Mike shared this video from Steve Magnante as he showcases an early Wagoneer.

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“New” Al-Toy Truck

• CATEGORIES: Features, toys

UPDATE: Barney nots that this may be the original paint color. That makes me happier!

This was the first chance I had at getting an Al-Toy truck, so I snagged it off ebay in the last few seconds. It seems pretty original, other than the phone number on the side. The truck has a great weight and is slightly longer than the jeeps.

Here it is pictured with my 2 CJ-2A Al-Toys:

2023-02-04-altoy-truck01 2023-02-04-altoy-truck0 2023-02-04-altoy-truck1 2023-02-04-altoy-truck2

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1962 TV Commercial For ‘Jeep’

• CATEGORIES: Features, videos

Chris shared this footage from a 1962 ‘Jeep’ Commercial hosted at Indiana University’s Media Collections Online.

The commercial’s summary: A man receives a distress call from someone stuck on the side of a cliff. The man race across difficult terrain in his Jeep. The man rescues the person from cliff by using the winch on his Jeep

Here’s the link:

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FC-150 Narrow-Track Video (& For Sale)

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677, Features, videos

Mike shared this video of Steve Magnante’s close look at an FC-150 in a junkyard. There’s some parts value. For information on buying this vehicle, send email to: paulcrosiervt @ (remove spaces around the @).