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Some Crazy Drivin’

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Me looking over the valley at an overlook in Glacier National Park.

I don’t know what it was about Friday, but through the course of our 14 hour drive from Great Falls, Montana, to Pasco, Washington, we encountered more rude drivers and more poor driving than we had over the rest of our trip. Maybe it was something about Friday and the weekend, but people just had no patience.


On Friday we drove home to Pasco, but we definitely took the LONG way.

We began the day at 5:30am. Our goal was to get to Glacier National Park before the crowds arrived. We reached the eastern entrance at 8:00am, but by then the eastern visitor’s center was already packed solid. So, rather than linger, we began our trek across the Going to the Sun Road. Here are some pics from Glacier:




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Photo of FC-150 w/ Mobile Deluxe Bumper on eBay

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The seller puts the date at 1954, which is clearly incorrect as the FC didn’t exist yet.

View all the information on eBay


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1962 FC-170 Sweden $2600

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Oscar shared this FC for sale in Sweden. It only has about 1000 miles on it!

He wrote, “It has been used by the Swedish HWY maintenance dept. and it was common that these vehicles had very low miles. 4 owners only and fairly low price, SEK 25.000 which is about $2.600”


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1959 FC-150 Sweden $6400

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Oscar shared this FC with what I assume is a custom bed.


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1942 MB/Crawler Lufkin, TX $9000


UPDATE: Here’s the build thread.

Lots customization on this custom crawler.

1942-mb-crawler-lufkin-tx0 1942-mb-crawler-lufkin-tx1 1942-mb-crawler-lufkin-tx3 1942-mb-crawler-lufkin-tx2

“Willys CJ Rockcrawler custom built from the ground up, clear TX title. • Drivetrain: 2000 VW TDI 1.9 ALH diesel, T176 4 speed transmission • Tcases: NP231 doubler on a Dana 300 with 4:1 gears and twin sticked • Axles: Ford 9” and Dana 44 with 4.10 gears and ARB air lockers • Frame/Suspension: Custom built chassis with double triangulated 4 links front and rear with Fox Air Shocks (10” fronts and 14” rears) • Steering: PSC fully hydraulic steering with single ended ram • Tires: 36” TSLs Cage is DOM and is tied to the frame, seats are the leather heated seats from the 2000 VW, brakes are all wilwood as are the pedals and it has full 5 point harnesses. Price reduced to $9,000”


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1966? CJ-6 Houston, TX $2500


Jay spotted this CJ-6. It seems to have potential.

“Selling my 1966 (i think) Jeep cj6. These are pretty rare and i have come to the conclusion i probably will never get to build it. Bill of sale. I do not have a title. It has the 4 cyl motor. Thats all i know when i bought it 2 years ago”

1966-cj6-houston-tx1 1966-cj6-houston-tx2

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1942 GPW Eaton, CO $4000


Jay shared this GPW. It will need a little work before it runs.

“Helping my parents sell their 1942 Ford Military Jeep. Has all new whe bearings. Comes with a wheel cylinder kit. Has a 1967 Ford 200 engine. Manual 3 speed. 4×4 with lockout hubs. Needs a starter, gas and antifreeze and will work. Is rough for its age but would make a good hunting vechile or mountain trail. Unsure of miles. Asking $4000 obo.”

1942-mb-colo1 1942-mb-colo2


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1948 CJ-2A? Squaw Valley, CA $7000


UPDATE: Still Available.

(06/30/2019) This may have a replacement body or it has a modified MB body. The passenger side of the body has been trimmed. The chassis looks to be CJ, The engine is partially disassembled. It has some rear floating hubs. No description provided.





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Heading to Glacier Today

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Just one post Friday. We are getting up early to drive to the Road to the Sun Road in Glacier. Here’s a video of what we hope to see (the weather ti supposed to be this good).

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4 Lane Bliss to 2 Lane Torture

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Me standing on the walkway at Giant Springs State Park. Note the trees in the background bending to the wind. The wind plagued us all day.

On Thursday, we drove from Minot, North Dakota, to Great Falls, Montana.

The drive started off nicely, with a flat, smooth, four-land highway. North Dakota really knows how to build a highway, or at least they know how to build Highway 2. The road was great all the way to Willston, North Dakota, which also is the border between North Dakota and Montana. Along the way, we enjoyed wind blown grass against countless deep blue ponds and lakes. So Idyllic.

Naively, I thought all of Highway 2 would like that. As usual, just when you are cruising down the highway of life, life throws you a curve … or in this case takes away two of your lanes and turns the remaining two lanes into whoop-d-doos. Adding to that, Mother Nature cranked up the wind until our average MPG dropped from 24mpg to 18mpg.

This made for a long drive between Williston and Great Falls. Still, we made it safely to Great Falls.

Our reason for spending the night in Great Falls was to see if Giant Springs Heritage State Park had made any updates to its smelter exhibit. The exhibit is a walking tour through the remains of the Montana Smelter, the first industry that came to Great Falls. It was a state-of-the-art silver-lead smelter designed, built, and controlled by Anton Eilers; which is the reason he is considered the city’s father of industry.


PHOTO CREDIT: Montana State Archives. The smelter, built in 1887, fills most of this photo. To the right is the manager’s residence and in the foreground you can see the spring for which Giant Spring is named.


Yes, the tour is still there, along with the remains of one of the blast furnaces.


After our quick tour, we walked down to see the park’s core attraction: the Roe River, the shortest river in the world. The water bubbles out of a spring, then flows 200 feet, before tumbling into the Missouri River.


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Fergus Falls, MN, to Minot, ND

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Not much to report from Wednesday’s drive.

Yesterday we drove from Fergus Falls, Minnesota, to Minot, North Dakota. We started the drive by briefly meeting with Minnesota Chris so we could see his unrestored 1959 CJ-3B in person. His floors are in amazing shape.

From there, we drove to Morehead, Minnesota, which is right on the border and across the Red River from Fargo, North Dakota. The Dairy Queen in Morehead invented the Dilly Bar (which I’d never had … I can now cross that off my list) and also has the world’s largest Dilly Bar, proudly displayed outside DQ.


World’s largest dilly bar is over my shoulder. I’m enjoying my first-ever Dilly bar.

After a little ice cream, we went to go see a 76-foot Viking dragon ship, which is housed in the Hjemkomst Interpretive Center in Moorhead. When we arrived at the Center, we learned it would cots $10/each to see the ship (and the museum, but we had no time for the museum). While we debated whether to see the ship, we went into the gift shop and quickly found a couple items to purchase.

As we were checking out (and still deciding about whether to enter the Center), a Center worker (a woman probably in her 60s) announced to a Center manager (a woman in her late 40s?) that she was quitting that day with no notice. Instead of the manager taking the employee aside, the manager began chewing out the now-former employee right there (I can see why the woman might have wanted to quit).

As you can imagine, things got a little awkward, so we high-tailed it out of there. Here’s a pic from the web of the boat we didn’t get a chance to see.

We left Morehead, crossed over the Red River, and drove to Fargo’s visitor center, where we donned some hats and re-enacted a scene from the movie Fargo.


To get you photo taken by the Visitor Center staff, just ask them. They’ll had you the hats and take the photo.

After Fargo, we drove north to Grand Forks, then headed west to Minot (pronounced ‘My Not’ … thanks Chris!). The drive was long and quite flat to Minot, but the road (highway 2) was in great shape. It was also a pretty drive, with plenty of small ponds and lakes along the way. There was also almost no traffic; that was great!

The biggest surprise of the day happened in Minot. There, I discovered that Minot’s Marketplace grocery store has the largest gluten-free section, by far, I’ve ever seen; how is this in Minot … it’s crazy! That’s a pretty big deal to me, as feeding Ann can be a challenge on the road.

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Photo of Willys Quad in Dekalb

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Mario Maipid shared this great photo taken on the steps of the DeKalb Post Office. According to him the sign reads,

U. S. Army Mobile Machine Gun West;
Same Motor as WILLYS Americar


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Photo of Pat Etherton Driving a CJ-2A on eBay

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Clewiston is in Clewiston, Florida. I could not figure out who Pat Etherton is.

View all the information on eBay

“1952 Press Photo Pat Etherton drives a jeep in a Clewiston field. This is an original press photo. Hand Winch on front of jeep is a handy gadget for the driver who overestimates the capabilities of his “mount.” The cable is hooked around a nearby tree (if there is one) and elbow grease does the test. That’s Pat Etherton of Clewiston at the wheel. Photo measures 8.5 x 6.75 inches. Photo is dated 01-27-1952.”

1952-01-27-pat-etherton-in-clewiston1 1952-01-27-pat-etherton-in-clewiston2

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WANTED: Dodge Slat 6 to a Long T-90 Transmission Adapter

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Marty Tilford (Vancouver WA area) is looking for an adapter to go from a Dodge Slant 6 to a long t-90 transmission. Anyone have one of these? Email him at if you do.


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1946 & 1948 CJ-2As Cypress, TX $5000 (for both)


Seller will sell individually, also.

“I have 2 Jeeps Willys CJ2 for sale, Maroon is a 1946 all original, needs restoration very little rust, $3500
Green is a 1948 and also needs restoration, $ 3000 I have all the components and also I have a flat 4 extra engine.
I will sell both of them for $5000”

2-cj3as-cypress-tx1 2-cj3as-cypress-tx2 2-cj3as-cypress-tx3

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1948 CJ-2A Northland, MO $12,500


UPDATE: price dropped to $12,500.

(03/11/2019) Wood’s been added to the rear bed.

“Older frame off restoration, 6 volt, 300 miles on rebuilt engine, steel cab, electronic ignition, non directional tires, wood bed inserts, interior upholstery, turn signals, electric wiper, new radiator, new gas tank, radiator screen, headlight screens.”

1948-cj2a-northland0 1948-cj2a-northland1 1948-cj2a-northland2 1948-cj2a-northland3 1948-cj2a-northland4

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1955 M-170 Damon, TX $10,000

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This has a Washington State title.

1955-m170-damon-tx1 1955-m170-damon-tx2 1955-m170-damon-tx3 1955-m170-damon-tx4

“1955 M170 Front Line Field Ambulance – extended version of the M38A1, very rare and hard to find military vehicle (approximately 4200 ever produced). Manufacture date: 3/55, Serial Number: 11747 (data plate appears original), titled in Washington State.

Engine: 24 volt (uncertain if the block has original serial number), engine needs work, it runs but does smoke and leaks some oil (will run up to 45mph).

Reproduction top, sides, back and doors. Repainted about 8 years ago, always garage kept approximately the last 10 years.”

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1950 CJ-3A Winneconne, WI $6200


Probably has some bondo on the body (drain holes are filled).

1950-cj3a-winneconne-wi21 1950-cj3a-winneconne-wi3 1950-cj3a-winneconne-wi4

“Runs and drive smoothly. Shifts and stops as it should.
No major oil leaks. Clean body with no rust. Converted to 12v.
Jeep will be taken to the Iola, WI car show this coming week.”

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1948 CJ-2A Houston, TX $5000


Includes a vacuum-powered brake assist.

1948-cj2a-houston-tex95 1948-cj2a-houston-tex96 1948-cj2a-houston-tex97 1948-cj2a-houston-tex98 1948-cj2a-houston-tex99

“Mechanically sound 1948 Jeep Willy’s.
I’ve done quit a bit of work on this Jeep. It does smoke and will need an engine rebuild. I changed the head gasket a while back and it was .030 over. It does have another rebuild in it. I did add an independent brake boost so this Jeep actually stops.

This Jeep has a title and has good tags thru 2020. This is rare. Liability insurance is $13 a month. Very cheap to own and work on.

Serious inquires only. If you don’t know how to work on vehicles this is not for you. This is a fun second vehicle to run around the neighborhood in. This is a standard and top speed is around 50mph. Not a freeway vehicle.”

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1951 M-38 Garner, IA $3500


Interesting steering wheel.

“1951 Willys jeep. Good condition.”

1951-cj3a-garner-ia1 1951-cj3a-garner-ia2 1951-cj3a-garner-ia3 1951-cj3a-garner-ia4

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1949 Wagon Spring Woodlands, TX $22,500

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Looks fun.

1949-wagon-wood-tx1 1949-wagon-wood-tx2 1949-wagon-wood-tx3 1949-wagon-wood-tx4

“This rare rare delivery van is begging for a company name on the side, could be plumbing co. , car repair, restoration, resort/ranch, truck jeep shop, etc etc.
True 1949 willys delivery van all original body in perfect shape!! Fresh paint with NO RUST anywhere! This is a frame off top quality build, mustang 2 front end using Heidts suspension. Complete mustang driveline, upgraded 289 engine with fresh new transmission. Power disc brakes, rack & pinion steering. New wheels and tires, ice cold AC, vintage air, all new tinted glass, power frt windows. New blue tooth stereo mounted under seat. Runs and drives perfect and absolute fun to drive around! Drive anywhere, I’ve taken it on many 200-300 mile trips!”


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Wagons & Trucks

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  1. 1962 Wagon East Rochester, OH $7500:
  2. 1962 Wagon Eden Prairie, MN $3000:×4/6928699180.html
  3. 1951 Wagon Walsenburg, CO $6500:
  4. 1952 Wagon Lompoc, CA $5600:
  5. 1956 Wagon San Diego, CA $6500:
  6. 1950 Wagon Oxnard, CA $8200:
  7. 1949 Wagon Canon City, CO $3500:
  8. 1955 Wagon Florence, CO $1300:
  9. 1960 Wagon Albuquerque, NM $5000:


  1. 1962 Truck Hackensack, NJ $3500: This has some great early signage on the doors.
  2. 1955 Truck Essex, VT $9500:
  3. 1956 Truck Reno, NV $14,000:
  4. 1955 Truck Bozeman, MT $8500:
  5. 1952 Truck Isanti, MN $1500:
  6. 1948 Truck Vermont $7995:×4-jeep/6929364767.html
  7. 1962 Truck Bremen, OH $5000:×4-pickup/6930897279.html
  8. 1949 Truck Spokane, WA $1200:
  9. 1956 Truck Richland, WA $5000:
  10. 1950 Truck Kingston, PA $6500:
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1951 M-38 Houston, TX $1500


One pic shows this M-38 apart. The rest show it together and running. I’m not sure what the current state of the jeep is.

“willys. 1951 M38 jeep . 4 Cyl flathead original motor 4×4 have a a title”


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1945 MB Wichita, KS $3500


Seller needs this gone soon. It’s a mash of parts.

1945-mb-wichita-kans1 1945-mb-wichita-kans2 1945-mb-wichita-kans3

“1945 WWII acm type II tub with a 1946/7 CJ motor and T-90 transmission, original MB tag still present on frame. Machine gun pedestal mount present, definitely a WWII frame/tub.

Original data plates are missing. Previous owner added a tailgate, roll bar and a CJ-5 hard top. Used a winch in the front to haul deer through the back without busting a sweat.

Tool boxes flat and nice, not rusted out. Original floors present but have a sheet nicely laid over. It was done so well you can’t tell.

Original air cleaner, I believe carburetor and other parts.

If you’re looking for a gauranteed runner for a start to a project or a reenactor grade Jeep this won’t take much. Has Bondo on left side, some on hood and also on the back. For most it’s clean metal underneath. Tool channel patched with riveted stainless steel, that and tailgate are the worst spots.

Runs and drives great! Starts with the turn of a key. Open to offers. I can also deliver to surrounding states or cities within Kansas at cost.

Has missouri title but does not match, sold on Kansas bill of sale, will include title.

Will upload video to YouTube of it running and a walk around soon. Also available on ebay, need it gone soon.”

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1946 CJ-2A? Delano, MN $7500


No pics provided.

“Runs great! Fun to ride in, room for 4.”