ewillys_logoHello, I’m David Eilers and welcome to eWillys.com, a website that highlights my jeep interests .. pre-1984 jeeps with an emphasis on flatfenders. On the site you’ll find various online or offline deals I find, interesting jeep projects, jeeps parts, jeep related info, and various updates on my own jeep project.

What can I do here?

You can read about jeeps, list your jeeps for sale, show off your jeeps, learn about jeeps and ask questions. I have divided the website into sections to better organize jeeps.  For example, you can view stock MB jeeps, you can view jeeps modified for racing, and more.

Most of the content is obtained off of craigslist and ebay ads. If you encounter your jeep and don’t want it here, please contact me and I’ll take it down immediately.  My interest here is to educate and entertain.

Why’d I start this website?

In December 2006, 15 years after selling my last jeep and 22 years after building it in 1985, I decided to build myself another one. The first time I built one, I used my jeep club contacts to acquire parts and put it together. This time I decided to use Craigslist to acquire as many parts as possible as an excuse to meet other jeepers from all over the west to better understand how jeeping, jeeps, and jeep issues have changed since I stopped being involved. As I searched for good deals on parts, I discovered there was no useful resource that highlighted parts, jeeps, or good deals. So, eWillys was born.

Why Pre-1984 Jeeps?

After building my last jeep in 1985, I stopped keeping tabs on newer jeeps, so I really don’t know much about them. Though I say pre-1984, nearly all the focus is on flat fenders, which includes the military jeeps, including MBs, GPWs, M-38s and M606s, and the civilian versions, including CJ-2As, CJ-3As, CJ-3Bs. Of course, anyone who has regularly followed these early jeeps knows there are other, less known flat fender versions that appeared as prototypes that I discuss as well.

Why are most posts in the West?

One reason I focus on the West, particularly the Northwest, is that I grew up here and live here again. So, it’s the area I know best.

Also, my searches indicate most of the re-sales of flat fender and other pre-1984 jeeps appear to occur in the West (at least on craigslist). I suspect the dry environment explains part of the reason for this phenomena, but this doesn’t necessarily explain why areas west of the Cascades, the wet-west cooridor of Seattle down to Portland, continues to have a large number of jeeps for sale and the widest variety of modified, custom jeeps I’ve found anywhere.

What have I learned after six years?

I’ve run this website for nearly six years. Thanks to readers, commenters, and my own research, I’ve learned that I didn’t know as much about jeeps as I thought I did. For me, that’s certainly part of the fun of running the website.

I don’t see the prices of the average flat fender all that different than they were 20 years ago. I sold my flattie for $3000 in 1992 and I don’t believe I’d get all that more for it these days. The high side for a competely restored may be higher now, but I have no statistics nor experience with the prices for restored jeeps 20 years ago.

There’s plenty of misunderstanding among the average person that not all flat fenders are WWII jeeps. Surprisingly, many people misspell Willys on ads, despite the name appearing on nearly all civilian jeeps.

There’s still world-wide interest in the older jeeps. People continue to find, purchase and rebuild vintage jeeps world-wide.

The diversity of jeeps produced by Willys is much greater than I ever imagined prior to the start of eWillys. Willys Overland and Kaiser Willys was eager to sell jeeps and more than willing to customize small orders.

While becoming rarer, there are still barn finds to make jeep hunting interesting. Even prototype jeeps continue to appear.

Though some of the aftermarket, unusual parts can be difficult to find, locating standard parts at fair prices is still possible with patience and with the aide of the internet.

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    just recently started looking at site looks good i sell repo bodies and parts and do restorations on flat flenders also do more work on the mighty mite than any one since am general i may try to advertise a jeep on site most of the 2a and 3a we make int what i call a MB2A since we have so many requests for MB’s we put MB type bodies on 2a’s

  2. Gary

    Hey David and others. I have a nicely restored 1948. But my one car garage houses my Nova that I’ve had for years so the jeep must go. I’ve posted on Craig’s list repeatedly and am about to again now…well in a couple minutes. I am also from the great Pacific Northwest, GoldBar in fact. Love getting the word out because it’s to nice a ride to sit trapped outside my house.

  3. Kristen Coates

    I am helping my husband with the sale of his 1967 Kaiser-Willys Jeep CJ5 Universal. Do you post JEEPS for sale?

    You can see the info on his JEEP on my facebook page.

    I have looked at your site, amazing information. We have had our JEEP for a long time. But, it’s time for it to go for a few reasons. We don’t get to go out as we used to and would love to see it go to someone that will enjoy it as we have.

    Anyway, thank you in advance. And I look forward to hearing back from you.


  4. Mark Pinel

    Hey David and other CJ 2A enthusiasts! I need advice on asking price for a 1948 CJ 2A. It is partially restored (Brakes, Suspension, Seats Re-upolstered), 33,618 original miles. My Dad bought it brand new Dec. 13, 1947 and I have the original bill of sale. It starts easily and holds excellent oil pressure, never had the head off but is in need of carb re-build. I have all the original equipment including governor, PTO, all seats and original aluminum removable hard top with exception of the snow plow. I also have a wide array of spare parts including color-coded cloth wireing harness, vacuum and electric WW motors, ignition parts, complete exhaust system, etc, everything that one would need to put it into first order condition. But it needs to go to a legitimate restorer who can do it right. The engine & VIN numbers on the Bill of Sale match the Jeep and data tags. I most of all want to see it go to someone who will do a loving restoration on it.
    It looks a bit rough as it is in original condition.

  5. Jerry Dennis

    I have looked at this site for some time, my problem is that whatever I look at has been deleted. I mean every Jeep I’ve looked at has been deleted. So no way to contact the owner???
    I have owned three jeeps in my life a FC150, a M38 any my 1962 CJ-5. I prefer stock no nonsense type Jeeps. I have always liked Jeeps, fun, easy to drive and work on, and can be licenced for the highway. I find it strange that people will spend thousands and thousands on a quad or side by side when they could own a very useful Jeep for much less.

  6. lindsey knepper

    Hi David,

    Your site was recommended after I posted a 1944 Willys Ford Jeep on the Willys Kaiser Forum.

    Here are the details:

    This is from a family estate, we are in the Bay Area California and prefer a local buyer. Price is firm due to estate parameters. Thanks for taking a look!

    3500 USD
    1944 Ford GPW
    fuel: gas
    title status: clean
    transmission: manual
    -Up for sale is a 1944 Ford GPW Jeep.
    -Needs a lot of work. Project vehicle.
    -Was inherited from family member who passed away. While he was able to start and drive it, unsure if we can.
    -Currently on non-op status with DMV
    -Pink slip in hand
    Contact lindsey for more info

  7. Monte Benoy

    I am very happy there is an ewillys. I look at it almost every day. It has been incredibly helpful in building my farm cj-2 willys. I will have it done by next june for sure. I have one question though, why doesn’t my willys 134 Go – Devil MB (chain driven cam) engine have any numbers on the block above the water pump ? I have not heard anything about this. Thank You David Eilers.

  8. David Eilers

    Hi Billy,

    If you have the parts listed elsewhere, email me the links to those ads. Otherwise, send me (d@ewillys.com) some pics, a description, your location, and your preferred method of contact (email/phone/or both).

    If you have questions, just ask!

    – Dave

  9. Don

    Trying to get an engine for my 48 willys,can’t locate a reasonable 231 or 225 block, thinking about a 4.3 chev engine. Anyone done this that can share experience, wiring issues, best year engine for my cj2 48 willys,I have several sites with adapters but first hand knowledge would be a blessing.

  10. Don

    Trying to find a 4.3 V-6 chev engine that’s not to complicated to put in my engineless cj2 willys 1948. Tried locating 225 and 231, which turned out to be worn out blocks asking upwards 1,800.00, 4.3′ S are running about 5 hundred. Which 4.3 is best year, model , without extensive wiring or computers and etc ? I have found 2 adapter sites for mounting to existing trans and new motor mounts, advice appreciated. Want to use it in Military and shrine parades.

  11. David Eilers

    Hi Don,

    I too have found 225 blocks difficult to find. 231 blocks are a little easier, but still are difficult. I have two and am considering an alternative myself. Novak in particular is a great source for investigating different transmission options for different engines. Feel free to email me directly at d@deilers.com (my d@ewillys.com is temp not working) with questions.

    I know there’ve been quite a few 4.3 chev installations. Here are some links that might help:

    – Dave

  12. Lynn Crawley

    I have a 74 cj5 intact except I took off tub fenders id like to sell, no titlle. Have a enclosed hard cab also. Can you list or do I have to pre-list it.

  13. David Eilers

    Hi Lynn, you can list it directly with me or list it elsewhere and send (d@deilers.com) me the link. Either way is fine.

    If you want to list it with me, you can email me directly at d@deilers.com. I will need 1) a description, 2) a few pics, 3) your price, 4) your location, and 5) your pref method of contact (email/phone/both).

    If you have questions, just ask!

    – Dave

  14. Martha (Marty) Harvey

    I found your web site while I was looking to find the value of my 1961 CJ3A Universal Dispatcher Overland Jeep. I have done a ground-up restoration on it and because of health issues, I can longer do the things with my Jeeps that I once enjoyed. I also have a 1977 & 1/2 CJ5 that has been upgraded for “Ice Racing” here in Colorado. I had a custom trailer made that I pulled behind the CJ5 (all balanced)that I hauled my racing tires in. The CJ5 has a custom paint on it along with the trailer that all match. The CJ5 also has a 258 straight 6 with a Clifford conversion in the engine that was built for ice racing, so it is not your stock engine. I ran headers on the engine, extra heater by the driver’s seat, plus it has a Kelly hard top with doors on it. Can you give me any information about the best price for these Jeeps.

  15. neil potthoff

    I am on the serious hunt for a 3b. why have the for sale posts not been cleaned/updated of 3b,s sold or not for sale any more.

  16. David Eilers

    eWillys is not a normal auction or classified site. It is my vintage jeep research site, but I share it with folks for free to help match sellers with buyers. The site is mostly an aggregation of links from Craigslist, eBay, and Facebook’s Marketplace. I also create unique content for the site as well. The site contains over 55,000 posts gathered over 11 years, but if you are looking to buy a jeep, only the last month or two of jeep-for-sale posts will likely be live. I update the older links as frequently as I can, but you will still find old posts that list prices.
    When you see a jeep you are interested in, click on the link within the post.  If that link shows the item has been deleted, sold, or is no longer available, feel free to comment under the post and I will see if it is still available.
    If you have questions, I’m happy to help. Just ask!

    – Dave

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