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David Eilers
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eWillys has been and will continue to be for the foreseeable future, a labor of insanity .. errr .. I mean love.

I do it, because I suffer from the Willys sickness (thanks Dad); because there’s a bunch of nuts around this giant blue ball that also suffer from the sickness; because eWillys fills an unfilled void; and because I’ve got some big, harry, quixotic projects that I want to complete and eWillys is the first step.

What do donations go towards? In the past I’ve used them to purchase software plugins, pay for webhosting, cover some travel expenses, and purchase interesting content (such as brochures and books) that I share with readers.

So, if the site has entertained you, taught you about jeeps, helped you buy or sell a jeep, consider throwing me a few shillings. It all really does help. Or considering buying one of my books. If I ever make enough money off my books, I’ll take down the donations page.

Thanks . . . Dave

One comment on “Donations – Improve eWillys

  1. regor

    Hello David,

    Thank you for your attention to the E-Willys Page.
    Although I have two (same Jeep VEC) advertised, I can’t figure how I did that.
    I have an M38 I would advertise as well if I could figure out how I did it before.
    Additionally I am sending a donation today via Pay Pal.

    Roger Gordon

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