Readers from around the world have been very supportive of my efforts to support and publish eWillys.  This is a very small sampling of the reader feedback from my (and our) efforts.  You can submit your FEEDBACK here.

> Thanks so much for your patience again in helping me post pics for the GPW stuff . They sold and it sounds like they are going to a good home!!! If you could delete the post that would be great. Once I dig myself out of an unforeseen financial hole by selling of a bunch of my beloved early2a related pto items I am going to buy your second book along with a donation to your incredible Willys site and all your hard work you put into it. I cant speak for all the Willys Freaks out there ,but I’m sure I do when I say thanks again for one of if not the Best Willys site out there and we’d be lost without you and your countless hours of work. Ted Jordan

> Thanks a million for your information!  It was enough to get me pointed in the right direction & buy the part I was looking for.  Honestly, this website has quickly become an invaluable tool in restoring this CJ2A.  I’ll be around a lot T.P.

> First let me congratulate you for the amazing site and thank you for the tremendous help it has been for me and my build …. I’ve been visiting your page EVERY DAY for almost a year now! F. C.

> I have been watching your build since you have started this site and you have done one outstanding job, and thank you for this site, I found my 47 here.  T.

>Well , My Jeep was picked up over the weekend. I can’t thank you enough. Your web site is great. If there is anything I can do, let me know.  B.

> I wanted to send you a thank you!!! I was able to sell the jeep yesterday … out of the many forums I posted with you were the only one to respond and quickly at that! I will recommend my Jeepn’ friends check out your website.   Again, I Thank you!  A.D.

> I must say I love your web site and thank you for all the effort you spend to provide this info to the general public. Since I found your site a few months ago I look at it every day with great anticipation of what might show up next. Keep up the good work.  M.R.

> I recently bought a 1951 CJ-3A … that I found on your website.  I have been visiting your site almost daily since I found it, it is an awesome resource. K.

> I can’t tell you how impressed I am by your site. L.A.

> Thanks to e-Willys otherwise I never would have found it and it’s just what I’ve been looking for, for some time (since I regretably sold my previous 2A). Thanks again.  R.

>I want to say that you really do an amazing job with your blog — your
bulletin boards are by far the best I’ve seen, and I get an amazing education every time I read a page.  Yours is the kind of website that I can’t wait to log into, even if it’s just to check out the new listings. D.P.

>Also, thanks for your previous part recommendations. It really helped move my project along. Q.M.

> Hi Dave, I really like your site! There is a lot of good info here and it’s easy to navigate. I was pleased to see the ad for my ad here! … Thanks so much, the hard work you put in to your site is greatly appreciated! M.

>I discovered your website while researching Willys pickup trucks. Looks like an awesome site with lots of valuable info! S.

> Thanks again, love this site, and I think you have a lot to offer here. R.

> BTW, Great Site! I’ve been looking for a good ‘46 to do a beginners project on and you really make it a lot easier to sort through the sites.  Keep up the great work! R.P.

> Every time I visit your site, I learn something new 🙂  B.F.

> Thank you for all the work that you put into this site. It will make things much easier for people that are trying to figure out which direction to go on their build. For those of us who are done with the build, it allows us to share information and keep up with the latest as others get involved. P.W.

>Let me start with saying I really like the website. I enjoy seeing the pictures of the jeeps for sale and all of the variety of builds….Keep up the good work. G.P.

> I really like the ewillys website and check it every day, even though my wife probably leave me if I found another one to bring home! R.L.

>Thanks for a SUPER WEB SITE….I don’t know where you find the time. K.R.

> Incredible site, I have wanted a small block chevy flat fender since I was a kid. Will be looking to purchase one within the year. Stumbled across you site while looking for jeeps now I am on it daily. Again, very well done! B.H.

> Your website is awesome and I am glad I came across it, I will continue to search your site! T.S.

> Thanks so much Dave.  I am so glad I found your website, I think you guys are sure to be a great help as I assemble parts and plans for my Willys. G.T.


> You are the man Dave! ……. and you are correct …. My rig has all three features that you mentioned.  I will use the suggested links and search strings …  Love your website!  I check out the updates a few times per week.  Q.M.

>Great site. Keep up the good work. V.A.

> Your story about your trip to the Naches Trail 1985 was cool.  The image of your jeep setting on the trail just before that climb is neat, because from where your jeep is sitting today, you can’t even see that hill anymore … You have a great site and I enjoy it.  T.

> Dave, I’ve recently come across your website and wanted to tell you how great I think it is. I’m a Brit living on CO and have a ’43 Willys. I’m on the look-out for another MB/GPW project jeep and your site has been invaluable …. Keep up the great work!  S. A.

>Hey Dave… I’ve been monitoring your progress the past year … Love the web site, I check it everyday! keeps me connected to my roots. S.C.

>Great website! Looking for a willys for my son, willy, who will be turning 16 in a couple years. This is the best website i’ve found for researching, keep up the good work. D. D.

>Hi … I just spent a lot of time on your site. “Awesome!” G.H.

>ps thanks for all your help, i know i will need much more with this crate. S.P.

>Thats pretty neat that your kids are in to that to0. im 15 like your son Karson. i have a 47′ cj2a with a cj3a windshield my grandpa gave it to me last summer after sitting in a field so the bodys pretty much a yard ordement. im on your site pretty much every day looking for a cheap parts jeep around washington….  C.R.

>Love your site, by the way. Keep up the good work. D.P.

>I especially like the Jeeps that Mr.Boswell restores and I like it that I get to see them all at your web site. S.K.

>Thank you for the update, it is looking very nice now! And the content….awesome! J.

>I love your site, I check it out daily to see what info is on there, I really like it! C.G.

>I have been over and over your site almost everyday and I think you have got an awesome site. The help you provide and to see some of the ways you tackled some of your problems is genius … I just want to thank you for sharing.  It has helped a lot. D.J.

>Congratulations for your website, excellent job. S.G.

>Thanks so much for your time and advice! it really means a lot to me … T.P.

>You should receive some kind of medal.  All of us who visit your website, even daily, so appreciate all the posts.  You are a dedicated and kindly individual.  Thank You Very Much.  S.


And, finally, for kicks, my mom sent this  …

>As an old time Jeeper, I enjoy checking out this site from time to time. Nice to read the comments that many have written. Being a bit prejudiced, it is great to read all the positive comments. I do know he built this site, along with many other web sites and I also appreciate the ease you can navigate through the site. I can even read about old family history. The deal I would like to propose is a ride in the back hills of Idaho in your Jeep when it is up and running. Sound like a deal??? MOM


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  1. laura thomas

    my dad grew up in detroit and was buddies with the guys at canfield wreckers-he used to take me there as a kid.he helped them develope some part of the folding wrecker,he knew the willys jeep well because he worked for them c 1940s building willys firetrucks.if
    anyone has more info i’d be interested. i have a pic of a race car sponsored by canfield.

  2. deilers

    Hi Laura,

    Thanks for sharing this information. I’d have a variety of old brochures that I’ve scanned if they would interest you. I can do some research into the company to see if I can find old pictures or more information. If you have additional information, I’d enjoyed hearing it too.

    Feel free to email me at


    – David Eilers

  3. Sandy cone

    I’m new to your site it’s great, I’d like to talk to you beats use my e mail skill’s are weak!
    I have some interesting mity mite,m37, commando stories and pictures etc.
    Sandy cone
    805 2339-2663

  4. mmdeilers Post author

    Hi Sandy,

    I got your message. Any way you could send the photos to me email? it is

    I’ll have my kids for the next week, so I won’t have time for phone calls. I probably won’t get a chance to call before the end of the year. Enjoy your holidays!

    – Dave

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