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1979 DJ-5 Zephyr Hills, FL**SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2200.

This appears in good shape.

“1979 Dj5 jeep- starts and runs great.. just drove it over from melb beach about 150 miles away..
needs carb cleaned about all that is wrong- back fires a little
have way more in to it than what im asking.. dont come to me with some stupid crap.. but must sell soon.. no treads no low ballers.. Txt or call”


1979-rhd-dj5-zephyrhills-fl1 1979-rhd-dj5-zephyrhills-fl2 1979-rhd-dj5-zephyrhills-fl3

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1982 DJ-5 Chapel Hill, NC **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $5200.

Jim spotted this great combo. Almost as good as the surrey DJ-3A hot dog jeep.

“1982 Jeep and 2003 Hot dog trailer both custom made, including all accessories in excellent condition! come have a look for yourself!!
$5,200 or best offer…. can also be sold individually (hot dog trailer for $3,200 Jeep for $2,400)”

1982-dj5-hotdog-cart-chapelhill-nc1 1982-dj5-hotdog-cart-chapelhill-nc2 1982-dj5-hotdog-cart-chapelhill-nc3 1982-dj5-hotdog-cart-chapelhill-nc4

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Jeeps/Vans & Ice Cream Everett, WA $4598


No pics. I can’t tell if there is a FJ here or if they are all DJ-5s.

“RHD Jeep Dj5 1983, 4 Cylinder 2.5 Litre Engine, Rebuilt Transmission and Engine, Almost new Tires with Spare, New Brakes and pads, New alternator & Battery, Runs and drives great,
Good Paint No rust, Price $4598.00 OBO.

Phone 425-244-4055.”

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1978 Custom DJ-5 Huntsville, AL **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was No Price

Here’s a strange one.

“1978 Mail Jeep CJ-S
It’s cut down and lots of wood
232, 6-C Motor. Runs Good
Taking Offers”

1978-dj5-huntsville-al1 1978-dj5-huntsville-al2

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1969 DJ-6 Cabot, AR **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2500.

These are rare.  Needs work though. Includes a Cherokee.

“Up for sale is a rare 1969 Jeep DJ6 (2 wheel drive). I just don’t have the time to restore it like I planned. Have some new wiring, a replacement steering column, and new tail lights. It has an early 80’s Chevy V6 and manual 3 speed trans. The motor ran good when I bought it, but have removed the wiring. I have a bikni top and rear panel with window that mounts to the roll bar, and some old soft doors. The body and floors have some rust but is mostly solid, I will also include a 1997 Cherokee that I was going to use to upgrade the axles and braking system on the old Jeep. It has seats that are in perfect condition that would have been used also. Please don’t ask to buy the Cherokee. It is not titled and will only be included as parts. If I connot sell the Dj I will need the Cherokee for parts. I will consider a trade for a tractor with a bushhog or box blade. This will make a very nice Jeep to run around in if you have the time to restore it, really wish I did”

1969-dj6-cabot-ar2 1969-dj6-cabot-ar3

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1976 DJ-5 Waterloo, IN **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $800.

It runs and drives. The DJs run and are cheap. Will we ever see them become popular rebuilds? It wasn’t that long ago that flat fenders were cheap and ubiquitous.

“1976 mail jeep. runs and drives great. fun little play around vehicle and road legal. has a small leak from the transmission pan but just needs a new gasket just havent had time to fix it. askin 800 o.b.o. any questions text or call”


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Year? DJ-5 Sand Springs, OK **Status Unknown**

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UPDATE: STatus Unknown. Was listed for $1000.

You don’t see many DJ-5 half cab trucks.

“2 Wheel Drive Mail Truck that has the potential to be an amazing tailgating ride or Sunday driver with a little bit of time. This is a project that needs new tires and will run with a little bit of elbow grease. Might be willing to trade for a pop-up camper or travel trailer. $1,000.”

year-dj5-sandsprings-ok1 year-dj5-sandsprings-ok2 year-dj5-sandsprings-ok3

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1965 DJ-5 Loxley, AL **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1500.

This might be a pretty rare jeep, since DJ-5s started being built in 1965. I can’t tell if it is all stock or not. The seller notes this has a 150cc motor. Now, it might feel like that jeep feels like it is powered by something that small, but I’m sure the engine is slightly bigger.

“1965 DJ 3A Kaiser/Willies Jeep
2wd 4 cilinder 3 speed manual
4 lugs wheels
150cc motor
Good engine, no smoke
Carburetor needs cleaning
Needs brake work
Solid body
$1500 Or Best CASH Offer.”


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1978 DJ-5F Rice Lake, WI $850


I didn’t realize how many DJ models came with the inline 6. Apparently, that’s the reason for the bumped out hood in front.

“1978 Jeep DJ5-F. This is a retired United States Postal service Jeep so it is right hand drive. Has inline 6 cylinder, Automatic Transmission, aftermarket cab heater, runs and drives (but will need tune-up and carburetor clean/rebuild) Will have to taken away on trailer due to running rough, expired tabs, no insurance and right turnsignal isn’t working. I bought this as a project vehicle but have not time to fix it up. I have put over $1000 in parts into the vehicle already. Has new tires, new wheels, new front shocks, newer battery and a new muffler just to mention the big purchases. Odometer only goes up to 99,999, therefor I have no idea how many miles it truly has. Any questions please contact me by call or text at 715-205-8068”


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LeMons Thunderhill Organizer’s Choice DJ-5

• CATEGORIES: DJ-5 & DJ-6, Features, Racing

DJ-5 owners . . . take heart! Who says a mail jeep isn’t fast? This modified — ok highly modified — DJ-5 won the 2012 Organizer’s Choice Trophy at the 2012 24 Hours of LeMons Thunderhill in California.

road-racing-dj5-24-hours-lemons-thunderhill road-racing-dj5

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DJ-5 Cumming, GA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD**. Was listed at $600.

It runs and I see no rust.

“Runs good
you may call
please no text messages or calls after 8pm”


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1975 DJ-5 Phoenix, AZ **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1500.

Mark spotted this unusual DJ.

“Im selling my jeep. Has a 350sbc th350 trans. Needs t-case. Has chevy 12bolt rear and chevy 10 in front. Rear end has 488 gears front has 373s. Come out to a 26ish” lift. No title but has all org. Vin tags. I saved this one from the boneyard.custom built 6″ cowel hood. Roof rack.aluminium radiator org 258 straight 6. Org sliding doors new glass.”

1975-dj5-phoenix-az1 1975-dj5-phoenix-az2

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1971 2WD DJ-6? San Diego State University, CA $4000

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This may be a rare DJ-6, though it’s had some work done to it.

“I’ve had this jeep for a few years and am moving back to the beach to a place without a garage to work on it. It’s a little rough around the edges but i drive it all over. It has very little rus for a a California jeep, the corners where the feet are and the front fenders are all that have rusted through spots. It is a factory 2 wheel drive but I have almost everything to make it a 4×4, has a Buick 231 v6 which a prior owner put in to replace the original 225 v6. I put on a new holly carb, 4″ lift, 33″ bgf km2s, all new steering joints, shocks, all new accessories, edelbrock intake, headers, glaspacks, had the turbo 350 auto transmission rebuilt, cv driveshaft, 8 point roll cage, fuel tank, fuel pump. It starts right up and drives reliably every time. On the down side, it could use a new motor, it has a little low compression on one cylinder and burns oil, the wiring is all funky but it works, the brakes start to fade with lots of use and the steering is loose. Some of this is due to 4 wheel drum brakes and an old, crazy way jeep did their steering back then. I’ll throw in a set of 3/4 ton gm axles (corporate 14 bolt, 10 bolt without brakes), extra driveshafts, 5 complete 12 bolt, 8 lug, 37″ HUMVEE wheels with good tires and 2 extra rims. I also have an extra transfer case if you want to run a left differential axle. I also have a tow bar and lights I’ll throw in if you want to tow it. With a little time and knowledge this will be a truly and awesome jeep. As it is I can’t go anywhere without people stopping me. As you can see I’ve got way more in to this than I’m asking. $4k is an awesome price for this project so I’m firm on the price. The only trades I will consider are for a 450+ street legal super moto, a beat up but rideable full size harley, or possible a 71 model chevy truck or blazer. This is a very rare jeep and finding a project like this that you can actually drive home in is even rarer.”


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1978 DJ-5 Indian Trail, NC **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was listed at $2500.

It doesn’t get much more mail jeep than this one.

“Up for sale is a 1978 Jeep DJ5. It is a retired mail jeep. It is right hand drive. Starts right up every time. Title in hand. Totally street legal. Bought it as a project but realized I don’t have the time nor the extra cash to invest as my son just got his license and I need to get something he can use.”


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1970 DJ-5 South Hampden, NY $5000


This is an ex-park jeep with 2WD.  It is listed as a DJ-6, but it doesn’t look long enough.

“Up for sale is one very clean 1970 dj6 dispatcher! This jeep is much like the cjs and many other popular jeeps! This jeep however is 2wd and was used in the park service for years and years and has extremely low mi on it for the year! 34k on the clock! This jeep is still equipped with all the original equipment like spare tire and gas can holders as well. This jeep has the F head flat four cylinder gas engine. as well as a a three speed manual transmission! It also has a removable top with just removing a few bolts. over all this truck is in great shape and will make someone a great project. We have had this truck laying around for years and years! With the intensions to restore it but with all the other projects we had never got around to it and it is time to part ways with it! to make room for the other cars we have! thanks for looking at my add and i look forward to hearing from you! Call the number listed below and we can schedule a time to to meet up so you can take a look at it it! Thanks


1970-dj5-longisland-ny3 1970-dj5-longisland-ny2 1970-dj5-longisland-ny1

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1953 CJ-3B & 1973 DJ-5 Cloudcroft, NM **Status Unknown**


UPDATE:  Status Unknown. Was listed at $500/each.

(11/08/2011) The CJ-3B is a project.

“1953 CJ3B no title. Project Jeep. Has Buick 231 in it but not sure if it’s useable. $500 or OBO. 1973 DJ5 Postal Jeep. AMC 232 runs but has either flexplate or tranny issue. New starter and tires.
-Clean title 4X2. 727 automatic tranny. $500 OBO”

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Pascal’s Newest Jeep . . . A rare DJ-6?

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Pascal just purchased this jeep.  Though it is four wheel drive, the serial number suggests it is a DJ-6.  I looked up the serial number and I found one site that suggests the serial number is a DJ-6.  Anyone know the DJ-6 serial numbers?

Pascal writes, ” I’m writing to you because I bought another jeep last weekend. (Yep my wife is still loving me…for how long? For a jeep life I hope!).  I’m pretty sure that’s a DJ-6 1965 even if seller told me that was a CJ-6 1962. Serial number is 8605 10062. It’s also stamped on the frame.

It has two fuel tanks. It looks original. It also has 4×4 and I think a Meyer hard top. The mileage reads 29xxx miles. The motor’s serial number is 4J418884.”

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CJ-5, DJ-5, CJ-6, DJ-6 Spec Brochures

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UPDATE: These sold on eBay.

I believe this answers my question about the DJ-6 serial number.  The DJ-6 model number is referred to as 8605.

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1946 CJ-2A Hardy, AR **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1500

This must be on a DJ-5A chassis.

“1946 Jeep CJ2A, on a 1972 – 2 wheel drive frame with straight front axle. Has 3.73 posi-trac rear-end, 700R4 trans, power steering, has new low back seats not shown, 4.3 Chev V-6. This is strictly a project. $1.500.00”

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6×6 Jeeps in the Jolly Jeepers Jeep Club

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I was looking up some PTO parts when I landed on the Jolly Jeepers website.  According to their website, the Jolly Jeepers is Oregon State’s oldest jeep club, having been founded in 1962. Two of the jeeps owned by members are custom 6x6s.  You can see more 6x6s here.

Coincidently, just before publishing this post, Blaine happened to send me pictures he took of one of these 6x6s at the Orphan Car Show hosted by the Studebaker Drivers Club in Oregon City, Oregon, this past Sunday.  I’ve seen “Gator” listed both as a DJ-6 and a CJ-6, so I’m not entirely sure what the base platform was.

Here’s an early shot of the Gator:

And here are Blaine’s photos

This one is built from a CJ-8 or Scrambler:

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Speaking of Ice Cream Jeeps


Just for kicks, here are a few Ice Cream DJ-5 Jeeps:

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1975 DJ-5D Arvada, Co **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1200.

“With some hesitation I am forced to sell this 1975 Mail Jeep (DJ-5D). It is a great little Jeep that needs a new home because I dont have the space to store it and my friend cannot keep it in his garage anymore 🙂 as his 65′ Mustang is due to come back from a 2 year restoration project soon…

Here is a run down of some details (mostly complete) about this Postal Jeep:

– Inline 6 cylinder (232 cu in engine) that runs great and has a bunch of newer parts. The odometer says just over 56,000 miles….I don’t know for sure but I think it is total original miles. There is a chance the odometer has rolled over as it only has 5 digits (XX,XXX) but its doubtful. I’ve probably put only 500 or so miles on it since I bought it a few years ago and it has been used for close proximity driving (never really taken on the highway). Its an automatic and the throttle is very responsive and has a good amount of pickup and go, but the brakes currently need a little work….more on that below.

– It has a 727 Torque Flight Transmission (automatic) and this tranny is very sought after by many off roading and hot rod enthusiast alike because of the strength and adaptability to multiple engines and transfer cases. If you research Monster Trucks (like Grave Digger) most of them are running a 727 TF because they can be built to withstand well over 1000 hp.

– This Jeep has good glass all the way around. No chips or cracks in the windshield or any glass for that matter – it all in great shape. Both slider doors open (with a little muscle) and the rear swing door works great and closes securely. The rear swing door has the signature “Jeep” molded into the middle of it which is rare for a Postal Jeep from what I was told.

– There is some minor surface rust that has been semi-sanded and all the problem areas have been sprayed with a white primer antirust base coat.

– The worst rust is found on the floor boards but this sale includes a slew of new parts including 2 new pre-molded metal floor boards (1 left and 1 right). The back cargo area does not have any rust.

– There is a softball size hole in the front driver (typically passenger side) corner panel that someone cut out to get to the master cylinder which needs to be replaced and just like the new floor boards, a new master cylinder is another new part that is included in the sale but has not yet been swapped out.

– This Jeep has 4 matching tires that are like new and have a ton of tread left. A full size spare is also included.

– The Rear axle is a narrow track Dana 44. This axle does not leak and the fluid was recently checked. Very stout axle. These Mail Jeeps were rear wheel drive only so it’s not a 4×4 and the front axle (or lack thereof) is just an axle housing – no shafts, no pumpkin and no transfer case behind the trans.

– Paint is in ok shape and depending on what you want to do with the vehicle, it could go for a new paint job at some point, but it isn’t a necessity.

– Overall this Jeep is a pretty neat little unique vehicle that runs good and catches a lot of attention. I just dont have time (and now the space) to keep working on it and restoring it. It needs some things done, mainly the brakes, but most (or all) of the parts needed are included in the sale.

Also, just FYI if you research the 1975 Postal Jeep (DJ-5D) this is a specific year that has a ton of parts that are beefier than other years and offer a great base for a restoration Mail Jeep project, or a unique 4×4 Right Hand Drive Jeep project as the DJ model is a sister to the CJ 5 models. It would pain my heart a little, but this Jeep could also be a $$$ maker if you have the time to strip it down and part it out.

– I have a clean title for the vehicle and 2 keys that operate both the ignition and all the door locks.

Please let me know if you have any questions or if you would like to see the Jeep in person. At this point, the brakes are not good enough to drive home as the e-brake is currently the only working brake 🙂 – so it would have to be trailered away. I have a flat bed trailer and would be willing to move it for the right deal.

I am not interested in trading for another vehicle so dont ask me about that, but I will consider trading or partial trades for tools, guns, specific wheel and or tire sets, old baseball cards (50’s & 60’s era). specific XJ (Cherokee) or J10/J20 Jeep truck parts, large vertical air compressor, large tool chest, other mechanic/garage items, or hunting items.”

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1 flattie, 1 DJ MInneapolis, Mn $400


UPDATE:  Price dropped to $400

(02/18/2012) There appears to be some value here, but not a lot.

“For sale is a CJ2A Jeep. It had a V6 Buick engine at one time. The trans and transfer case go with it. There is no hood or grill. The second one a 1968 DJ5. It has the 4×4 axles out of the CJ2A under it with a spring over lift. It has the windshield frame in the body. There is no motor. It was set up for a Ford flat head V8. I have the trans and transfer case. Call or text Matt at 785-392-0327.”

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2 Wagons $1500 and DJ-5A $1500 PIlot Hill, Ca

• CATEGORIES: DJ-5 & DJ-6, Willys Wagons

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1500 for Wagon and/or $1500 for DJ-5A.

Neither of the wagons run.

“Selling two Willys Wagons, buyer takes them both for $1500. Will need to be hauled away. Both from the 50’s I believe. Non-op on both, titles too.

Also have a complete running Mail-Jeep with new engine and trans for $1500

Interested buyers will respond with a phone number or I cannot reply.”

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1970 DJ-5 Castle Rock, WA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $700

Chris spotted this, hoping it could find a home.

“1970 Jeep mail delivery for sale. Right hand drive. 2 wheel drive.I have an affidavid in lieu of title. The previous owner lost the title.. In good shape. Buick V6 is bad. Needs to be replaced. Good Turbo 350 transmission. $700 or best offer.”