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Dang .. a few hours late on this one

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UPDATE:  Pics added … thanks to Jim for cluing me in about them!

There were two FCs being auctioned today in Salem Or.  That will teach me to travel!

“2 Willy’s Jeeps on auction this Sat. in Salem:  1958 Willys/Jeep FC PU1962 Willys/Jeep FC PU.  This car will be sold at auction on Saturday the 6th.”

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1961 FC-150 Lake Havasu, Az **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $12,000

Here’s a very nice and nearly original FC-150.


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1957 FC-150 Yuba Sutter, Ca No Price

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It’s got some rust on the grille, but the rest doesn’t look all the bad.

“57 Willys Jeep. Very rare, all original. Serious buyers only,please…


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5 Forward Controls in Kingston, NY **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was No Price.

Save these from the pain of a crusher.

“Any intertest in five cabovers”

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1957 FC-150 Wilmington, NC eBay

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Ok, I can’t resist … something’s fishy about this FC :-).  Actually, it looks in good, unrestored condition.  The paint job is certainly one-of-a-kind.

“This is one great little Jeep!  I bought this on Ebay almost 3 years ago and it has no doubt been my favorite out of the 30+ Jeeps that I have owned in the past several years. It has the stock drivetrain, 134ci F-head 4 cylinder, t-90 3 speed, dana spicer model 18 transfer case and dana axles.  The motor runs good no knocking, ticking or smoke.  Original 6 volt system.  4 wheel drive works fine: high and low and front locking hubs.  It has a warn winch with a good controller that was rigged to a battery and solenoid in the bed but I have never tried to operate it and the battery has been removed.  It has a heavy duty custom front bumper and the rear bumper is a custom tube air tank with a guage and air hose hook up to fill your tires, beach toys or run tools.  The tailgate opens and closes fine, windows go up and down and the doors shut very tightly.  There are no rattles or loose parts on this Jeep, it is solid.  The floorboards look like they have been patched with metal and there is a layer of outdoor carpet for insulation and rubber flooring over that.  The heater works, horn works and all guages work.  The seats are black vinyl, firm and in great shape except for a small hole in the back of the passenger seat.  The inside floor of the bed is flakey around the bottom edges but there is no rust through anywhere on this Jeep.  The frame of course has surface rust and maybe some pitting I guess you would say but is still very solid.  The rear cab corners have had new metal replaced on them but it is a very solid repair as well.  This is the first year these were made and it has the narrow track axles which I think make it look even more unique….”

View all the pics and info on eBay

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1958 FC-170 China Grove, NC $4500

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The paint is faded, but I can’t tell if rust rims the edges or not.  It’s got PTOs front and back.

“For Sale: 1958 FC 170 Willys Jeep Truck 4×4. It has a PTO in front of jeep and a nd a PTO in the truck bed. Motor runs excellent. No Title but can get a bonded title for truck. Motor is a super hurricane 6 cylinder 46000 miles on truck Good For Restoration. Price is 4500.00 may be nego. call If interested 704-857-0269 or 704-798-0307 ask for Jeff or Edie”


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1957 FC-150 North Haven, Ma $1500

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It runs and doesn’t look too terrible.

“1957 Willy’s Jeep Willy 4×4 Forward Controls.  Needs Restoration.  $1500.00.  Info Call Joe.  203-239-9715.”


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1960 FC-170 Westfield, Ma $1000

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UPDATE: Price dropped to $1000

(12/23/09) There’s plenty of rust lining the edges of the body.

“This is a 1960 Willys FC170 snub nose flatbed.It has a inline cast six cylinder that runs very strong with low original miles.The drive train is in good operating condition,4wd works fine.The frame has had alot of reinforcement (plated)and there is some rust of course.I have used this for hauling wood out of my property it is a beast.These are pretty rare I was told.I am selling this as-is for parts or restoration.Please feel free to call me with any questions @413-977-9684 I will post more pics as soon as i can.There is no reserve,good luck in bidding,buyer is responsible for pick-up.Bill of sale only never had a title.”




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1965 M-677 Columbia, MO **SOLD**

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UPDATE: Was on eBay. **SOLD**

“Selling 5 of my babies; pandered, pampered vehicles.  This is a Jeep Kaiser M677 Forward Control truck; the M677 was sold to the U.S. military in the 1960’s; and this is one rare car.  Dashboard has a special plate stating this truck was for the U.S. Marine Corps; and that it is “U.S. Property.”  Forward Control Jeeps were pug-nosed, unique vehicles sold as pickups; this version was special for the military and equipped to be a high-torque troop carrier.  Check out “Forward Control Jeep” on google, or “M677″ if you want to learn more.

Two seats in the front, and a bench in rear; the canopy covered pickup bed had two wood slats on either side for another three personnel to sit on each side.  Owned for over a year; mileage is 5,149 miles and it is original, given the condition of the vehicle, original Cerlist 3-cylinder 2-stroke diesel engine, and the fact that this truck never saw military action.  Absolutely nothing cut, spliced, or modified on this truck.  Close your eyes and you might just smell napalm in the morning, somewhere along the Mekong Delta !  After military sale, this truck was sold to the civil park service or something, painted over the military green with a white coat, and gold on the inside.  Where the paint has flaked, you can see the original military colors on this truck.

This vehicle is probably best for the discerning buyer looking for a highly unusual and rare collectible.  There is a small and very supportive club; after I bought it, club members contacted me almost right away, and were super-supportive.  The truck ran when I bought it; and earlier in 2009, I had some work done on it (have all receipts), such as: rebuild injectors, rebuild fuel pump assembly, replace belts, hoses, change all fluids, replace engine mounts with new, repair driver’s side window regulator linkage, check brakes and bleed system, remove and clean radiator and fill with new fluid, and restore some non-working gauges which you can see in photos.  Fuel filters, thermostat and related items were replaced also.  Starting this car requires holding down the glow plug switch for at least a minute, then crank.  The manual transmission and clutch work fine; the transmission has a hi- and lo-mode; plus there is a 4-wheel drive stick; all gauges work.  The engine is in the cab, and unbelievably, there is a huge air filter in the cab also (with new air filter).  This truck is definitely a head-turner; have done up to 45 mph on the highway with it.  Tires are so-so, but hold air just fine.

Best thing about this truck is the purity and completeness.  Purity means all plates are still on it; including a couple on the door sill on passenger side.  Nothing is rusted through, or changed from original (other than the civil service white paint over the military colors).  Completeness means that all unique, impossible-to-find parts are on it; like the military lights, canopy, and Cerlist engine parts.  Very few, probably less than five, of these M677 trucks are still running in the U.S. with the original drivetrain, and this is one of them, or so I am told by the club afficianados, who are an absolute wealth of knowledge about M677 trucks.

Undercarriage has light rust only, nothing perforated nor even close to it.  Doors open and shut fine; there are four doors.  Drive and enjoy as is; or complete the body and interior restoration to make this a very unique show-piece that will easily hold its value.  They don’t make these anymore, and never will again. Drive to the local show, or hardware store, and enjoy the old-timers fuss about this vehicle; that alone is worth the price  Batteries are new; and I installed a 24 volt battery tender to keep them charged; the trickle charger is included, as is a small collection of parts, original shop manual, a new shop manual, a PDF service manual for the Cerlist engine, and related literature.  The car has a clean Missouri title, and was previously titled in Delaware (copy included).”









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1957 FC-150 Hollister, CA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3500

I don’t see much rust.  This needs some completion.

“1st year for the rare cab-over 4×4 Willys jeep. 90% original and complete/4cyl replaced with buick v6/ original 3spd with model18 transfercase to dana axles with 5.37 gears.New brakes, hydraulic system, needs clutch, but have new parts for you. Comes with the stock wheels. Been in storage a couple of years. I’ve owned it scince ’02 and have used it to drive to work and make firewood runs. Rack on back with hand-cranck winch. Good glass and good body and bed (not flawless though). It’s always been a work truck.”


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1960 FC-170 Santa Fe, NM **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2500.

It’s in great shape, but doesn’t run.



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1959 FC-170 Eugene, OR **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $350

“1959 Willys Jeep, cab over, 4×4, good for parts or project. mostly complete, not running, no title. $400,”



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1961 FC-150 Southfield, MI **SOLD**

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1961_fc150_southfieldUPDATE:  Was $20,950. **SOLD**

It looks in pretty good shape.

“1961 Willys Jeep FC-150 Pickup. Original 78 horsepower four cylinder engine, three speed manual transmission, 5.13 geared Dana 44 axles front and rear. High and low range four-wheel-drive. Brand new reproduction Firestone 7.00-15 military lug tires on factory 15” steel wheels. This is a rust-free 32,000 original mile California desert truck that has less than 500 miles on a body-off-frame restoration. These trucks were built on the CJ-5 platform and featured a cab-forward body and a small pickup bed. Only 1,298 1961 FC-150’s were ever built and there are only a handful left in this condition. Beautiful Mountain Green Poly and Palm Beach Ivory two-tone with beige interior. Very reliable and can be driven anywhere. Top speed of about 55 MPH but will pull a house down the road. “Tool Time” Tim Taylor just paid $40,000 for one of these trucks in similar condition at the recent Arizona auctions, this truck can be bought for only $20,950.”

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1957 FC-170 Burbank, CA **SOLD**

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1957_fc170_burbankUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1200

This is the second FC listed by this seller.

“Hard to find Willys Jeep FC 170. A 1957 the first year made. This was an old movie camera truck. The bed is missing. The cab is in real nice shape compared to most FC’s. Great cab corners and no rust around the windshield. The original 226 motor, trans and transfer case is there. There was a PTO that was removed so that’s why you see a hole in the back of the trans. All it needs is a plate made to cover the hole. The motor doesn’t run. Cracked windshield and door glass.”

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1963 FC-170 Stake Bed Dump Truck San Luis Obispo, CA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

The term ‘rare’ accompanies a variety of FC-150/170s.

“This extremely rare 1963 Jeep Willys FC-170 4X4 is both a stake bed pick up and a hydraulic dump bed. The trucks prior owner was into these vehicles in a big way and kept his eyes open for the right FC to purchase for over 15 years. He acquired this truck from the original owner and had it for another 15 years until illness forced the sale. The prior owner advertised this as “Very Complete & Original all the way down to the Windshield Washer Bag that hangs on the dashboard.”