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Fall 2007 — Gus’s Frame Makeover

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At left is a pretty stock CJ-5 frame.  There were some cracks where the front crossmember attached to the passenger side frame rail.  Because of this, I felt the crossmember had to go so I could box in the front of the frame.

At the back of the frame, the driver’s side was slightly lower than the passenger side.  Also, because I wanted to outboard the back springs, I needed to add a bracket onto the side of the frame to help support both the front and the back of the springs.

To make all these changes meant a great deal of work .. welding, grinding (and welding and grinding again) and painting.  I am pleased with the results.

Click here to see many more pics of the frame transformation.

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April 2007 Purchasing the CJ-3 Body and parts

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I purchased this jeep CJ-3A body and parts for $450.  It came without running gear, but with a recently rebuilt engine and transmission.   I just happened to have a rolling frame without a body, so I put all the parts I didn't want on the rolling frame and sold that.  I ended up making all my money back from this purchase and was left with the fenders, hood, windshield and the data plate that goes on the dashboard 🙂

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March 2007 Buying the CJ-5

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I decided to purchase a CJ-5 to get a better frame and running gear.  Here's some pics of it.  It's a 1973 CJ-5 with a Chev 350, a sm420 tranny, center rear differential with the dana 20.  I ended up parting out most of it.  

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Biscuit’s Bobcat Body Makeover


In January of 2007 I traded some cherokee axles for a Bobcat fiberglass body.  It was a bit hacked up, but after many hours I revived it. Here’s an accounting of some of the work.

The body before any work was done:

fiberglass2 fiberglass3 fiberglassbody

Body after some trimming:

body_getshome1 body_getshome2 body_getshome3

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