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1947 CJ-2A Body & Front Clip Randolph, VT $600

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts

UPDATE: Still Available.

(10/03/2019) Looks like there’s value here.

“Complete 1947 Willy CJ2A body…Tub, fenders, hood, grill, tailgate…Needs tin work, far from perfect, but a good solid start….$600. for everything…or swap for MB/GPW parts.”

1947-cj2a-body-randolph-nh1 1947-cj2a-body-randolph-nh2 1947-cj2a-body-randolph-nh3

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Year? CJ-2A Body Clackamas, OR $200

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts, Parts

Maybe someone can use this?

“Willys tub. Not sure of year. Rough. What you see is all I have. Floor rust.”


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1944 MB Body Bloomington, IN $1100

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts, Parts

Includes the front clip.

“Tub, Fenders, Grill and Hood”


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CJ-2A Jeep Body and Parts Sugarcreek, OH **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts, CJ-2A, Parts

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $400.

Seems like there’s some value here.

“CJ2A Jeep Body, Fenders, Hood, Tailgate, Windshield For Sale. A little rough but useable. $400 or Best Offer.”


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Fiberglass Flatfender Body Omaha, NE $650

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts, Parts

Includes the front clip. Looks like a lightweight body.

“CJ2A fiberglass body tub. Fenders. Hood
Good condition. Grill also but has damage
$650 cash obo”


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CJ-2A Body Sulphur, LA $500

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts, CJ-2A, Parts

This body has had lots of work done to it.

cj2a-sulphur-tx1 cj2a-sulphur-tx2 cj2a-sulphur-tx3

“During a frame off restoration we realized the body we have does not match the frame. The body (tub, fenders, hood, front and rear bumper) is for a ’48 vintage CJ-2A. Fenders and hood are in excellent shape. Hood has a customized box that was installed to accommodate the non-stock (for the body) engine. Tub is in average condition. Body mount channels on the bottom have some wastage and will need to be replaced. The storage bin under the passenger seat is missing. Otherwise, repairs have been made to previous wastage. We need to make room for the new body.
Entire body was on an operational chassis and was driven. As-is, it is functional. Restoration will require attention in the above areas.
I also have the front grill and windshield. Am not sure if I’m going to repurpose those but if not, they will be included with this body.”

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Bobcat Fiberglass Body Stanwood, WA $1005

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts, MB • TAGS: , .

UPDATE: Price dropped to $1005. 

(01/25/2019) Dan shared this one. This bobcat body looks identical to Biscuit’s body (before I patched it up)

“Fiberglass body kit for willys. Dont know anything about it but was told it was a Bobcat. Body tub, hood fenders grill. Look at pictures please before asking. Very good condition.”

Bobcat Body and parts:

bobcat-body-stanwood1 bobcat-body-stanwood2


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CJ-2A Tub Terry, MS **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts, CJ-2A

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $250.

Includes the windshield.

cj2a-terry-ms0 cj2a-terry-ms1 cj2a-terry-ms2

“The body is fair shape. Windshield included”

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1952 M-38 Body Tucson, AZ $200

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts, M-38

Price is right. I’ve seen much worse for more money.

“Stripped body some rust.”


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Galvanized CJ-3B Body Richland, WA $1150

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts, CJ-3B, Parts

Not sure why this would have come without steps.

“New Willys tub & hood”

cj3b-body-galvanized1 cj3b-body-galvanized2

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CJ-3A NOS Body Parts Lebanon, PA $3500

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts

Maybe someone can use these?

cj3a-body-parts-lebanon-pa0 cj3a-body-parts-lebanon-pa1 cj3a-body-parts-lebanon-pa2

“This is a collection of N.O.S. Willys body parts gathered over a 30 year period. It has a full set of floor pans, all four quarters including attached wheel housings in rear. It has a new toolbox with lid, and the rear floor pan has the cross member factory attached. I am also including in the sale, a donor Jeep with a straight clean frame and most parts needed to build a show quality restoration. The Jeep can be seen by appointment 10 miles east of Hershey, PA. Please email me if interested and thanks for looking.”

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Flattie Body Petoskey, MI $1800

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts, CJ-2A, CJ-3A, Parts

Includes the front clip. Body supposedly never mounted, though it is siting on a chassis. Seems worth a look.

“cj2a body after market never on a jeep comes complete with 2 fenders ,hood, grill,window frame,and tail gate they are original parts”


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Fiberglass Body PIqua, OH $350

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts • TAGS: .

I can’t figure out why the wheel well looks so odd vis-a-vis the far side of the body and it’s downward angle. This might be beyond saving.

fiberglass-shell-piqua-oh32 fiberglass-shell-piqua-oh3

“I have a fiberglass Jeep show its brand new never been painted just setting on frame”

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New CJ-2A Body Kit Weaverville, CA $3500

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts

Never used body kit.


“Brand new Willy’s Jeep CJ2a body kit. Includes, fenders, windshield, tailgate etc
The closest thing to a new Jeep in a crate you will ever find….
Bought for a project and never used. Never even removed from the crate.”



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Repro CJ-2A Body Petoskey, MI $2000

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts, CJ-2A, Parts

If you are looking for a non-stock 2A body, this could work. It’s one of the repro CJ bodies with the passenger side tool indents and military-like glove box on the passenger side of the dash.

“cj2a willys jeep body reproduction steel perfect condition cost close to 4000 new selling for 2000.dollars. This body was never installed on a jeep yet. firm price”

cj2a-body-peto-mi0 cj2a-body-peto-mi1 cj2a-body-peto-mi2

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Worman Hardtop Graeagle, CA $500

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts, CJ-2A • TAGS: , .

UPDATE: Still Available. The jeep as a whole was sold back in 2014.

(12/28/2017) The hardtop looks to be an early Willys-Overland Worman-manufactured hardtop .. a very hard to find item.

“1940’s Worman Jee-Cab with doors made for the cj2a Willy Jeeps and may fit others like cj5a… does NOT include the tub, it has sold. Needs work and some glass, see the pics!

worman-cab-halftop-3 worman-cab-halftop-4 worman-cab-halftop-5 worman-cab-halftop-6

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CJ-2A Tub & Fenders Alexandria, MN $350

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts, Parts

It has some rust.

“For Sale
Fenders & Tub for a CJ2a Willys Jeep. Call for details.”


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Never-Mounted CJ-3B Tub LHC, AZ $1000

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts, Parts

Looks like a good price.

“Jeep tub new for 1953 willys fits other years
new tire and used tire
extra tops, and doors, and other parts”


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VEC CJ-2A Body Pittsburgh, PA **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts, Parts • TAGS: .

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1200.

Seems in pretty decent shape.

“Early CJ-2A body tub, with tool indents. Body is from the western part of the country and is in decent shape for 73 years old.”


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VEC CJ-2A Body Bainbridge Island, WA $550

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts • TAGS: .

Has some floor patches.


“CJ2 body tub with Ax and Shovel indents like the WWII Willys MB or Ford GPW; AND it has the tailgate in the back like the CJ2A’s. It is in restore-able condition. All the body fabrications/sub-assemblies are readily available on line. Not the greatest shape; but rare enough that it is worth restoring over the standard CJ2A body. Will fit in a full size pickup.

This tub could always be fitted with the gadgets to carry the Ax and Shovel – all the gadgets, straps, and even ax and shovel are available on line. It probably wouldn’t be stock to do this but it would be cool!

Asking $550. Would consider trading for other early flat fender parts. ”


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Repro Body Kit Port Crane, NY $2200

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts, Parts

UPDATE: Still Available.

(11/17/2018) This painted, but never installed reproduction body has the M-38 indents with the MB/GPW dash. This should work well for someone. Interestingly, it does now have a gas inlet hole on the driver’s side.

“New steel Jeep body. This is a reproduction kit for a military M38 but could be used for any early Willys. The kit includes the new body, tailgate, hood, fenders and grill. The body has been painted but has never been mounted on a chassis. Everything is rust free so it would be a great way to restore your old Jeep without dealing with metal repair.”

steel-body-repro-kit-portcrane-ny0 steel-body-repro-kit-portcrane-ny1 steel-body-repro-kit-portcrane-ny2 steel-body-repro-kit-portcrane-ny3

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CJ-2A/3A Parts Cambridge, VT **Status Unknown**

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts, CJ-2A, CJ-3A, Parts

UPDATE: Status Unknown. Was $2500.

Travis shared these parts for sale.


“This is a complete Jeep body with a title. The body is originally from Walck’s 4 Wheel Drive. The tailgate, windshield and hood are all stamped with “WILLYS”. Everything is in great shape.

The tub, fenders, tailgate and grill will fit a CJ-2A or CJ-3A. The windshield is for a CJ-2A only. The soft top will fit a CJ-2A or MB WWII Jeep. The roll cage will fit the CJ-2A, CJ-3A and MB and the roll cage will fit inside the soft top.

The tub has been modified. It has a Tuffy glove box. The wheel wells have been cut for larger tires (will fit up to 35″ tires) and the firewall retrofitted with a Wrangler YJ hanging pedal assembly allowing the use of a hydraulic clutch and power hydraulic brakes. The steering column is from a 1966 Chevy C10 pickup with an integral turn signal switch. The glove box, hanging pedal assembly, clutch cylinder, brake cylinder and steering column all come with the tub.

I will part it out for the prices below or sell it all together for $2500 or best offer.

Please note the soft top is draped over roll cage and not mounted to the tub. This is why it looks wrinkly.

Grill – $100
Fender, Left – $140
Fender, Right $140
Hood – $240
Windshield – $260
Tub – $780
Used Tailgate – $60
New Tailgate – $220
Fuel Tank, Plastic – $80
Soft top, Bestop Tigertop – $720
Roll Cage (fits inside soft top) – $360 “

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CJ-2A Body Madison, ME $800

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts

Not sure how much value is here. The body has been patched.

“Willy’s cj2a body, fair shape has been repaired in places”


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CJ-3A Tub Denver, CO $1200

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts

Looks in usable shape.

“For sale is a willys 3 a tub that is almost ready for paint . $1200. I also have other body parts.”


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Fiberglass Tub Dover, PA **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts, Parts • TAGS: .

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $700.

It’s not clear to me who manufactured this tub, but I have seen a couple like this now.

“This is a cj2a cj3b tub, hood fenders and grill. I will throw in a rolling frame with axles. Build your own rock buggy.”

fiberglass-body-dover1 fiberglass-body-dover2 fiberglass-body-dover3