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1951 CJ-3A Arizona $4450


Kevin’s selling his CJ-3A that he got from his father. It has an f-head that may be frozen, but the body is supposed to be in excellent shape. You can contact him at 602 809 6666 or via email at karo @ kds.phxcoxmail.com (remove the spaces around the “@”).

1951-CJ3A-az-1 1951-CJ3A-az-2 1951-CJ3A-az-3 1951-CJ3A-az-4 1951-CJ3A-az-5

“1951 Willys CJ-3A. I am the fourth owner. My Dad owned it for nearly 40 years. It has never been anywhere but Arizona. VIN 451-GB1 43997 was purchased by AiResearch Manufacturing Company in June, 1951 and used to tow a heavy welding generator around the plant. It was used by AiResearch until 1975 when my father, an AiResearch employee bought it from his company. He owned it until his death in 2015.

My brother and I sold the Jeep to a fellow AiResearch employee, but I bought it back from him in March of this year and intended to honor my Dad by restoring it, keeping it in the family, and passing it down to my son. There’s no rust on the Jeep except a little minor surface rust in the bed area.

After rebuilding and installing the starter, I discovered that the F-head engine is frozen up. I was intent on putting the correct engine, a rebuilt L-head in it. I’m told that a number of parts on the F-head are interchangeable with and could be installed on a good or rebuilt L-head. I don’t know if the rebuilt F-head starter interchanges with an L-head.

Stock 6-volt electrical. 40,010 miles on the odometer, which could be has likely turned once. It wasn’t driven hard by my Dad, who took good care of it. The man I bought it from told me he had driven it about 35 miles in almost 7 years, running his grandchildren around on his large ranch property. It’s essentially complete and original, except for the F-head engine.

Original frame and tub, original mechanicals. It hasn’t been butchered the way some Jeeps rare. The body is in surprisingly good condition. Everyone who has seen it has told me that the body is in very good shape, especially compared to what most restorers start with. I believe the transmission, transfer case, clutch, axles, brakes, radiator, fuel tank and original Warn hubs are in decent shape, although I remember my Dad telling me at least eighteen years ago that he thought there might be “something going on” with one of the gears in the transmission. I believe the suspension, springs and shocks are in good shape. Recent lubrication of entire chassis. Steering box will have to rebuilt or replaced.

AiResearch discarded the rear bumper assembly, welded a “tail” on the Jeep and attached a pintle hook. I bought a stock bumper plus hardware and it’s ready to be installed when the tail is removed. Battery purchased last September is strong and I’ve been keeping it charged. Needs new tailgate and new hood once the right engine is installed. Number of holes to be filled and body and paint work needed. AiResearch put the wrong taillights on the Jeep. It was originally a dark green color, and at one time was a pale yellow.

I have concluded that unfortunately I don’t have the ability to take it from where it is now to where it should be and must let it go to someone who can restore it properly. I want it to go to someone who will restore it to original condition and treasure it, as my family and I would have done. It’s worth that. Clean AZ title. $4,450 or will take best offer.”

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1949 CJ-3A Edmond, OK $10,500


Has a variety of updates.


“Relisting since potential buyer cancelled. 1949 Willys CJ3 in good condition, drives very well, no rust, not a project. Small V6 with 3-speed manual transmission. Tonneau top and full top with doors. 5 matching wheels and tires. Will consider trade for 65-73 or 79-93 Mustang or newer Wrangler of similar value.”

1949-cj3a-edmond-ok6 1949-cj3a-edmond-ok7 1949-cj3a-edmond-ok8 1949-cj3a-edmond-ok9

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1946? VEC? CJ-2A/M-38 Missouri Make Offer


Give the data plate serial number of 29621, I thought this might be a VEC CJ-2A chassis with an M-38 body. However, note the grille and front crossmember seem set up for a grille mounted radiator, rather than a front member mounted radiator. But, it is definitely CJ (not M-38) chassis. This doesn’t run.


“Here I have a 1947 Willy’s jeep that I believe to be the military version. It is almost complete with not to bad of rust. Motor is NOT locked up and spins freely. The radiator is missing, I do have the headlight that is missing in the pictures. I can take better pictures for more serious people. I am currently only looking to trade for a good 4 wheeler or possibly a pickup, classic VW, throw me a offer.Does have a clean title”

1947-cj2a-mo01 1947-cj2a-mo0 1947-cj2a-mo1 1947-cj2a-mo2

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Year? CJ-2A Nacogdoches, TX $1800


Listed as a 1949 CJ-3A, this had an early 2A grille, so may be more like a 1946-47. This also is pictured with a DJ-3A convertible windshield. The jeep has been disassembled.



“Willys cj3a project, was gonna do a full restoration but have decided to go another route. Taken apart currently but all the small pieces have been bagged and labeled. The tub will need some body work and new floors if your looking for a new resto. Otherwise it will work for a farm jeep. Engine runs and i have a video of it. New brakes lines and other brake components bought just never installed. Located in Nacogdoches. Price is OBO. will trade for ford truck stuff. 60-70s ford, OBS parts, would trade for a working two post lift.”

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1949 CJ-2A? Anderson, CA $17,999

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Some interesting mods on this custom build.


“49 willys cj2a
Chevy v8 327
auto trans runs and drive great
super clean jeep.
ready to drive right now.”

1949-cj2a-anderson-ca5 1949-cj2a-anderson-ca6 1949-cj2a-anderson-ca7 1949-cj2a-anderson-ca8

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Ex-Racer Brightwood, OR $800

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This looks to be an ex-racing jeep. That pinto engine might have some other HP updates besides the  offy intake manifold. Note those “heart” rims; I’ve never seen them before (see last pic).


“Old Willys jeep project. Pinto motor with offenhouser intake and custom header- doesn’t run appears to have factory transmission/ transfer case but I’m not an expert on that. 4×4 with power steering custom wheels and tires. Full set of the wide wheels with turf tires that are old plus tractor tires that appear to be in very nice shape. Custom roll cage – aftermarket gauges . No title not street legal price is Firm clearing up the yard of projects so no trades- lots of potential- thanks”

year-racer-brightwood-or0 year-racer-brightwood-or1 year-racer-brightwood-or2 year-racer-brightwood-or3 year-racer-brightwood-or4 year-racer-brightwood-or5

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1951 CJ-3A Creswell, OR $2800


Seems worth a look.


“Pretty Fair 51 Flat Fender, Flat Head 4cyl and original running gear. I installed 2 1/2 Rancho Springs and a SNAP High Torque Starter with Starter Button. I still have the original Foot Starter. Minor rust , floors have been replaced. Have extra Trany and drive lines as well. Runs great and driveable Needs minor work to be roadworthy. Breaks and wheels cylinders replaced about 10 years ago, New Fuel tank and fuel pump. Seats Recovered.”

1951-cj3a-creswell-or6 1951-cj3a-creswell-or7 1951-cj3a-creswell-or8 1951-cj3a-creswell-or9

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1953 CJ-3A Rockton, PA $6500


UPDATE: Price dropped to $6500.

(11/18/2021) This has a DJ-3A body and full-floating rear hubs.


1953-cj3a-rockton-pa0 1953-cj3a-rockton-pa1 1953-cj3a-rockton-pa2 1953-cj3a-rockton-pa3 1953-cj3a-rockton-pa4

“PA Titled 1953 WIllys CJ-3A. It is actually made up of Military Axles and engine, DJ-3A Tub, 3A transmission and drive train. I call it Muttly. It has a redone Military L134 Engine, and brakes, Tires are newer about 2 years old and I don’t put a lot of miles on it. I have re-done the electrical for headlights, and put in a new clutch. It does drip from the oil pan a little. The transmission pops out of second, but I do have a fully rebuilt transmission that I will provide for the price I list. I did replace the seats and add the spare tire carrier, jerry can holder, wipers, and a ebrake. I have other projects now and need space. $7500.00 OBO. I will supply a non-rebuilt transmission (dis-assemble ready to be rebuild for $500.00 less.) I also have a second 1947 title CJ-2A Ready for rebuild”

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1949 CJ-3A Taylorsville, NC $5500


Has some narrow hurricane rims.


1949-cj3a-taylorsville-nc1 1949-cj3a-taylorsville-nc2 1949-cj3a-taylorsville-nc3 1949-cj3a-taylorsville-nc4

I am posting this for my cousin, he soes not message or text so if you are interested you must pick up the phone and call him!! [hidden information] , leave a message if he don’t answer [hidden information] is his cell phone number, he does not text!!

Phone calls only *the phone number is in the first picture * 1949 jeep willys All original 4 cyl 3spd 4×4 Aluminum wheels Needs some minor work to be driving again, have had the jeep for a very long time, was driving up till about a year ago.

The jeep runs great!! the battery has gotten weak but will still crank it , the tires have some dry rot but they never leak or anything. It is a very solid jeep!! You dont find many jeeps this model in this condition, it has decent paint, good seats, its overall in very good condition it just never gets drove! Located in lenoir nc 28645″

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1949 CJ-3A Englewood, NJ $2900


There may be some value here.


“jeep Willys 1949, chasis, motor y transmisión tiene registration para hacerle traspaso”

1949-cj3a-englewood-nj2 1949-cj3a-englewood-nj3 1949-cj3a-englewood-nj4

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1953 CJ-3A Milford, OH $10,500


UPDATE: Price dropped to $10,500.

This flattie has an unusual hardtop and door setup. It looks well done; I can’t tell if it was home made or commercially produced, though I have no brochures for a top like this.


“1953 Willys CJ3A V6 Buick with a Ford 4 speed top loader, Power steering Front disc. brake, M/T wheels with 33/ 12.5/15 Extra set of wheels tires for winter 35/12.5/15 PTO, wench, hardtop and doors $10,500 OBO”

1953-cj3a-milford-oh01 1953-cj3a-milford-oh0 1953-cj3a-milford-oh1 1953-cj3a-milford-oh2 1953-cj3a-milford-oh3 1953-cj3a-milford-oh4 1953-cj3a-milford-oh5

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Year? DJ-3A/CJ-3A Sumter, SC $4500


This may be a 1949 CJ-3A with a convertible DJ-3A Body and windshield. Whether the chassis is DJ-3A or CJ-3A isn’t clear to me.


“1949 Jeep Willy cj3a 4×4 Does run and drive. Has good tires. Brakes have been upgraded to disc brakes front and back. Body is in great shape. Has the original straight flat 4 cylinder. 3 speed stick shift. Would make a great off road 4×4 Have a clear title”

1949-dj3a-cj3a-sumter-sc6 1949-dj3a-cj3a-sumter-sc7 1949-dj3a-cj3a-sumter-sc8 1949-dj3a-cj3a-sumter-sc9.jpg

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Year? CJ-3A? Independence, KY $1200


This jeep is listed as a 1957, but I don’t see anything DJ-3Aish about it. That’s a lot of wiring in the engine compartment. This has a Toyota steering wheel for some reason.


“Hello I have a 1957 jeep willys it has a very solid frame the body has seen a night in prison it’s got a couple holes in the floor which you can see in the picture steering is not connected the motor ran when put away 7 years ago I have the soft top and seats and doors for it which they all are in very good condition. I am open to trade to what ever catches my eye but cash is king. BRING A TRAILER DONT MOVE !!”

year-cj3a-independence-ky4 year-cj3a-independence-ky5 year-cj3a-independence-ky6 year-cj3a-independence-ky7

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1949 CJ-3A New Braunfels, TX $12,500


Looks in good shape.


“1949 Willy’s Jeep CJ3A. Beautiful little Jeep perfect for the ranch or around town. Original body motor and transmission. Priced to sell fast. Need the money to fix my Camaro. Title in hand. No low offers please if you don’t have the money I might take partial trades for loud hunting equipment. Call or text me. Pick up in New Braunfels Tx”

1949-cj3a-newbraunfels-tx-6 1949-cj3a-newbraunfels-tx-7 1949-cj3a-newbraunfels-tx-8 1949-cj3a-newbraunfels-tx-9

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1953 CJ-3A Defiance, OH $9500


Tom shared this ad. No description provided.


1953-cj3a-defiance-oh5 1953-cj3a-defiance-oh6 1953-cj3a-defiance-oh7 1953-cj3a-defiance-oh8 1953-cj3a-defiance-oh9

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1949 CJ-3A? Stockton, CA $15,000


Listed as a 1949 CJ-2A, it looks more like a 3A.


“Selling my 1949 Willy’s Jeep CJ2A. Runs and drives, It has a Chevy 327 with a 4 speed. Tops out at 50 cause of the gears are low. Registered and tagged. Smog exempt as it’s a classic. Paint is in good condition, soft top is removable and ready for a great summer ride.
$15,000 obo”

1948-cj2a-stockton-cali1 1948-cj2a-stockton-cali2 1948-cj2a-stockton-cali3 1948-cj2a-stockton-cali9

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1951 CJ-3A Salem, OR $6500


UPDATE: Price dropped to $6500.

(11/08/2021) A project with some unusual front fenders.


“1951 Jeep Willys CJ 3A V-8 Buick, to much to list call for details. clean title”

1951-cj3a-salem-ore7 1951-cj3a-salem-ore8 1951-cj3a-salem-ore9

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1949 “Swiss Army” CJ Fayetteville, AR $17,500


Listed as a 1949 CJ-2A Swiss Army Jeep and claimed to be “an original Swiss Army Willys Jeep”, this looks to me to be a refurbed CJ-3A with a reproduction MB body and, possibly, an MB engine. So, how ‘original’ it is isn’t clear.

It is true the Swiss Army used a wide range of jeeps, including MBs, CJ-2As, CJ-3As, M-38A1s, CJ-3Bs, CJ-5s, and Wagons (https://cj3b.info/Military/SwissArmy.html).

View this on eBay

1949-cj3a-swiss-army-fay-ar2 1949-cj3a-swiss-army-fay-ar3 1949-cj3a-swiss-army-fay-ar4

“This is an original Swiss Army Willys Jeep. Good overall condition. Pretty much rust free. Original Engine, Seats and Top in good condition. Shovel, Ax, Jerry Can.

US Army Markings have been done by previous owner in Switzerland. They are not original.

Starts and runs good
Good Tires original Swiss Army Maloya Brand
Exhaust is rusty and needs to be replaced soon

Basic Information:
6 Volt System, Has turn signals,
Manual Wipers
Blackout Light
Rear Bench Seat, Glove Box
Vehicle is Street Legal and comes with an Arkansas Title.
Speedometer in kmh, Odometer in miles

Engine: 4-134 L Head
Three Forward Gears, One Backup Gear
Transfer Case 2 Speed High and Low Gears ” Continue reading

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1952 CJ-3A Grangeville, ID $3975


The windshield has some kind of top piece, probably for a hardtop?


“Has the usual floor rot in tool box and hat channels. Runs, steers and stops. Call for details”

1952-cj3a-grangeville-ida1 1952-cj3a-grangeville-ida2 1952-cj3a-grangeville-ida3 1952-cj3a-grangeville-ida4

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1953 CJ-3A Cinebar, WA $25,000


This jeep has a few interesting mods, especially around the power steering. I’m guessing it is a current or former PNW4WDA jeep.









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1952 CJ-3A Lancaster, OH $5000


This has an unusual steering column mount.


“1952 cj3a (willys) has a 351 Windsor auto trans 97%rust free tank needs cleaned and front wheel cyls are leaking have kits to rebuild 5000 obo dropped price it needs tires or trade for another jeep”

1952-cj3a-lancaster-oh1 1952-cj3a-lancaster-oh2 1952-cj3a-lancaster-oh3 1952-cj3a-lancaster-oh4

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Year? CJ-3A Glasgow, KY 5k OBO


This does not run. Listed as a 2A, it looks more like a 3A.


“Old military CJ2A Willys jeep. Unknown year.(1945-1949) Has been garage kept. Does Not run. Been sitting inside for last 15 plus years 5k OBO Lmk your offers”

year-cj3a-glasgow-ky2 year-cj3a-glasgow-ky3 year-cj3a-glasgow-ky4

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1949 CJ-2A? w/M-38 Body Spencer, TN $9500


UPDATE: Still Available. It’s titled as a CJ-2A.

(06/21/2018) The front floors have been patched.


1949-cj3a-spencer-tn1 1949-cj3a-spencer-tn2 1949-cj3a-spencer-tn3 1949-cj3a-spencer-tn4

1949 titled M38 /CJ2A Titled a CJ2A, but is a 1950- 1952 M38. Original motor, driveline, runs as should, less then 10k miles. No knocks, pings…. Is 12 VDC.

Added: Alum radiator, grill guard, high torque starter, water pump, alternator, and bracket, brakes and brake cyl all 4, aahuga horn, tach, turn signals, tractor seats, 11 gallon fuel cell in back. 265/75R15 digger tires, wiring harness, tow bar, Best Top soft top, ammo can arm rest tool box, seat belts, armor coated inside floor, new floor pans, 1/8″ steel tread plate sides, electric wipers, LED lights, and fire extinguisher. I have new leaf springs and fully tested head, head bolts and gasket kit that goes with it.

This Willys was completely rebuilt by Korean War vet, I bought from family estate in 2014. I do not use it anymore, I have 2 more jeeps and 4×4 truck. Great for hunting, playing in mud, parades, etc. Don’t low ball me I don’t need to sell, just want to find good new home for it.

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1949 CJ-3A Deer Park, WA $5700


UPDATE: Price dropped to $5700.

(05/29/2022) The seller lists some of the problems that need to be addressed. It’s powered by an f-head.


1949-cj3a-deerpark-wash-6 1949-cj3a-deerpark-wash-7 1949-cj3a-deerpark-wash-8 1949-cj3a-deerpark-wash-9

“1949 Willy’s CJ3A. Runs and drives great. I have an additional motor that came with it when I bought it from a 1960 Jeep, original hood and tow bar. Also, I have an extra set of wheels and tires to go with it. The body is in great shape. Little to no rust. The guy I bought it from wasn’t sure on the year, but said he dropped in an early 1960’s F4-134 F-Head motor. Everything works: four-wheel drive, transmission, lights, speedometer, oil-pressure, etc. Already has the classic license plates.

It is 73 years old, so there’s always room for improvement. The windshield is cracked, no e-brake (I have the housing), gas gauge doesn’t work (needs a new tank sending unit), muffler pipe is cracked and could use a weld, wouldn’t hurt to get a new battery. It’s been converted to a 12V system.

Overall, it’s a great Willy’s that isn’t rusted out. It’s been stored inside. Nice to drive to town or take into the mountains. Awesome hunting rig, just don’t have the time or storage anymore for it. $6,200 OBO. Looking for cash at the moment, no trades.”

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1947 CJ-2A & 1950 CJ-3A Wichita, KS $8500


The seller listed the 2A as a ’46, but the serial number 90815 indicates this is a 1947. The CJ-2A has an f-head, while the CJ-3A is disassembled.


“Limited time offer. If if find storage will be removed. 1946 CJ 2A and 1950 CJ3A. One is complete the 3A has a frame blasted painted rebuilt motor, tranny/ transfer case, and front diff. Package deal”

The CJ-2A:

1947-cj2a-1950-cj3a-wichita-ks1 1947-cj2a-1950-cj3a-wichita-ks0

The CJ-3A:

1947-cj2a-1950-cj3a-wichita-ks4 1947-cj2a-1950-cj3a-wichita-ks2 1947-cj2a-1950-cj3a-wichita-ks3