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1970 CJ-5 Felton, CA $7650


Maury shared this solid looking CJ-5. It has a great old school feel to it.


“Dauntless V6 3 speed. New carb, brake system, wiring, instruments & gas tank. Everything works. 5 Kelsey Hayes wheels. Original white Whitco top has hole in top but frame is good.”

1970-cj5-felton-ca6 1970-cj5-felton-ca7 1970-cj5-felton-ca8 1970-cj5-felton-ca9

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1966 CJ-5 Tux Park IV Reno, NV $13,000


Sri shared this Tuxedo Park IV with a custom paint job. The Reno Four Wheelers club plaque seems a nature fit for that rear quarter-panel.


1966-cj5-tuxparkiv-reno-nv01 1966-cj5-tuxparkiv-reno-nv0 1966-cj5-tuxparkiv-reno-nv1 1966-cj5-tuxparkiv-reno-nv2 1966-cj5-tuxparkiv-reno-nv3

“Runs like a top and turns heads left and right. Don’t need to sell, not in a hurry to get rid of it. Money is going towards Buisness ventures. I’ve taken it camping. Run around 6 people deep all week in 100’ heat for H.A.N and never gets hot.

Factory Buick v6
New tires
New front fenders
New rear cross member
New starter
Rebuilt radiator from A1
New water pump.
Rebuilt carb
New clutch
Rebuilt trans from Reno driveline/gear
New transfer case
Rebuilt warn overdrive
New Fog lights.
New dash
New electric windshield wiper kit
Padded carpet kit. (Much quieter)
Bunch more.. have a binder of receipts.

This jeep’s ready to hop in and enjoy for what it is. Or if you wanna finish it out with a paint job (factory color is killer)

enjoy it with the top on a doors, cruising fire roads and fun trails. & in the summer months with the top off and windshield down wind in your hair, bugs in your teeth having the time of your life. Hope you enjoy it as much as I have. Pre smog.”

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1957 CJ-5 Big Sandy Lake, MN $6900


This may be worth a look.


“57 Willys Jeep. CJ-5 low mileage Jeep with very little rust, only surface in a few places. Paint has faded form being stored outdoors for many years. Was used only to plow snow by previous owner. Odometer reads 6678 but has stopped working.”

1957-cj5-sandylake-mn1 1957-cj5-sandylake-mn2 1957-cj5-sandylake-mn3 1957-cj5-sandylake-mn4

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Jeep-Parts Collection Pottersville, MO $2000(?)


I believe the seller is selling everything for $2000, unless I am misunderstanding something.


cj5-flattie-collection-pottersville-mo1 cj5-flattie-collection-pottersville-mo2 cj5-flattie-collection-pottersville-mo3 cj5-flattie-collection-pottersville-mo4

“Selling over 20 year collection of Willys CJ parts. Several flat fender parts and cj5 parts. F head block and head, pistons,rods, turned crank, never installed, l head parts, block head, miscellaneous, m38 body and frame(body rough), v6 Jeep frame and axles, several front and rear axles, steel top for cj5 v6, radiator for m38 or cj2, several bodies, rough, transmission/transfer, windshields, new brake parts, far too much to list. Price is firm. Suggest you come and look first and then bring a trailer if you decide to buy. Will take me hours to dig it all up. Getting older and trimming down my project list.
All cj stuff to go.”

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1966 CJ-5 Monroe, WI $2000


Given it runs and stops, this might be worth a look.



“1966 Willys Jeep CJ5. Starts, runs, drives and stops. This is a project and is full of rust. I used it to plow my driveway (way more fun than a snowblower) and it has not been on the road since I bought it last year. It is one of three Jeep CJ projects that I own, and I’m downsizing. Bring a trailer, it’s not road worthy. I can take buyer for a farm trail ride to prove it works. It includes the hydraulics and lift assembly for snow plow which works. I’m keeping the plow and lower mount. Use it as a cheap UTV or rebuild it. It will need a new body and probably some minor frame repair to restore due to rust at the front crossmember. I use it regularly as it is. Please no calls on weekdays before five pm or Thursday nights. I can’t answer it at work. Text anytime.”

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1958 CJ-5 Fort Worth, TX $800


Maybe some parts value?


“1958 willys jeep project”

1958-cj5-fw-tex8 1958-cj5-fw-tex9

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1960 CJ-5 Sunnvale, CA $6500


It isn’t anything fancy, but looks solid.


“I have a 1960 jeep Willys in great condition runs and drives with a V6 manual transmission 4 x 4 with no rust has a built-in winch on the front bumper”

1960-cj5-sunnyvale-ca6 1960-cj5-sunnyvale-ca7 1960-cj5-sunnyvale-ca8 1960-cj5-sunnyvale-ca9

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Various Jeeps in Various Conditions Santa Fe, NM

• CATEGORIES: CJ-2A, CJ5, Willys Trucks, Willys Wagons

There could be something interesting here.


“I am selling a collection of various Jeeps, including Willy’s wagons/trucks, CJ2, CJ3, CJ5, CJ7. Most are complete, just have not been started, run or moved in a few years. Selling all to clear the land. Please message for phone number please as I will NOT do back-and-forth texting. Thank you for your help in that regard. I also have others ads up for vintage aluminum trailers, Mercedes, Studebakers and a few other vehicles from the 1950’s thru 1970’s. Pictures are but a sample of what is available. Thanks for the interest!”

jeeps-sf-nm5 jeeps-sf-nm6 jeeps-sf-nm7 jeeps-sf-nm8 jeeps-sf-nm9

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1955 CJ-5 Powell, WY $5000


This includes a Sears soft top with a sun-see-through feature, a bed extender, and some Dualmatic hubs with the stickers still visible. It may be worth a look.


“1955 CJ5 Jeep Project – comes with Ford 302 engine and a new and unused canvas top. As is Where is with no Warrantees. $5000 OBO. Ford engine when purchased was said to have less than 30,000 miles on it. 3 speed 4×4. Will not deliver.”

1955-cj5-powell-wy6 1955-cj5-powell-wy7 1955-cj5-powell-wy8 1955-cj5-powell-wy9

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1958 CJ-5 Broadus, MT $3000


No description provided.


1958-cj5-broadus-mt6 1958-cj5-broadus-mt7 1958-cj5-broadus-mt8 1958-cj5-broadus-mt9

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1965 CJ-5 Dolores, CO $5000


This needs some work, but appears to have the original Buick V6 that was first introduced in 1965 to the CJ-5.


“All original Needs some love runs and drives”

1965-cj5-dolores-co3 1965-cj5-dolores-co5 1965-cj5-dolores-co6 1965-cj5-dolores-co7

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1949? CJ-3A? Franklin, OH $25,000


This looks like a good build, but the reason I am posting it is that, for some reason, it has a serial number tag that places it as a CJ-5 with a V-6 with emissions from around mid-1969 (8305017 360695). So, maybe this is a CJ-3A body on a newer chassis.


“1949 Willy’s Jeep in great conditon. Garage kept, runs & drives. 751 miles”

1949-cj3a-franklin-oh0 1949-cj3a-franklin-oh1 1949-cj3a-franklin-oh2 1949-cj3a-franklin-oh3 1949-cj3a-franklin-oh4

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1963 CJ-5 York, PA $2000


Seller says, “Make offer”. Lots of rust, but it is supposed to run and drive. It has a Kelly hardtop.


“Runs and drives frame is good.Needs brakes and body work,possibly new tub. Kelly all steel top and doors.Drivers seat is only seating inside,gauges are there.Make an offer!”


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1963 CJ-5 Yakima, WA $1900


Given the winch, this might be worth a look. This has been parked since I graduated from high school, so you know that’s a LONG time.


“PRICED TO SELL QUICK 1963 Willys CJ5 Jeep 283/327 Chevy V-8 that turns over by hand Warn Motor over Winch Dual under seat fuel tanks Soft doors and soft top hardware Windshield Frame is immaculate No Fenders Registered on original 1963 Washington plates Clean Title in my name. This is a project that has been parked since 1983.”

1963-cj5-yakima-wa-1 1963-cj5-yakima-wa-2 1963-cj5-yakima-wa-3 1963-cj5-yakima-wa-4

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1965 CJ-5 Lake Luzerne, NY $1000


It’s a working plow jeep.


1965 Jeep 4×4 with 125,000 miles Standard transmission 4cyl motor Clutch, brakes works good, tires are good. 4WD works good. 4way fisher plow works good. Runs and drives good. Frame is solid Would make a great yard jeep for winter plowing or whatever you want to do with it.”


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Year? CJ-5 Medina, OH $700


This has an unusual front spring hanger setup with the ability to raise or lower the front spring pivot bolt.


“?? 1968 cj5 ?? Jeep NO MOTOR NO TRANSMISSION. Rolling chassis. Solid frame and body $800 or best offer. No title. Saturday special price $600 if here before 2 pm”

1968-cj5-medina-oh6 1968-cj5-medina-oh7 1968-cj5-medina-oh8 1968-cj5-medina-oh9

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1955 CJ-5 Millsap, TX $4500


Oddly, this first-year CJ-5 has the 5-gauge set rather than the large KS setup. Anyone ever seen this on a CJ-5?  If someone replaced the big speedo with small gauges, they did a good job.


“55 Willys CJ5. Runs. Original Hurricane 4 cylinder. Been stored under cover, solid tub. Been used on ranch since 70s. Clear title in my name. $4500 cash firm.”

1955-cj5-millsap-tx1 1955-cj5-millsap-tx2 1955-cj5-millsap-tx3 1955-cj5-millsap-tx4

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1955 CJ-5 Tahoma, CA $6000


The hardtop on this early CJ-5 was interesting, particularly the doors. I’m sure it’s a 1970s or later top.


“‘55 CJ5 with original motor, 3 speed, near new tires and shocks. Top and doors come off. Currently not running and needs a new battery, which I’m taking care of. Comes with original metal gear directions. Perfect for someone with the time to tinker. Odometer doesn’t work and didn’t when I bought it a few years ago.”

1955-cj5-reno-nv3 1955-cj5-reno-nv4

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1964 Model? Reno, NV $4000


No pics and not much of a description. Maybe something or maybe nothing.


“1964 Willy Jeep with hard top. Its been sitting for many years. Was supposed to be a project.”

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Year? CJ-5 Gilroy, CA $5500


This CJ-5 is listed as a 1958, but it has the KS 0-8 speedo along with reversed front springs. So, it is likely a 1956 model. It spent much of its life in the military.


year-cj5-gilroy-ca0 year-cj5-gilroy-ca1 year-cj5-gilroy-ca2 year-cj5-gilroy-ca3 year-cj5-gilroy-ca4

“Posting our 1958 Cj-5 jeep for sale
Former Travis Air Force Base flight line jeep transferred to U.S. Army at some point in its life.

This jeep is an excellent farm vehicle and runs like a swiss watch. It has been recently converted to 12 volt and the F134 engine runs strong with good oil pressure and stays cool even lugging around on hot days.

The soft top doesn’t have any tears and is removable.
4×4 works good, and the manual transmission shifts well.
We have used this jeep on our farm for a while and it is time to let it go to a new home.
This jeep has the typical jeep quirks, and it obviously isn’t a brand new vehicle, so it will have its issues here and there.

Located in Gilroy, clean title in hand.
Call or text anytime”

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1971 CJ-5 Renegade Cle Elum, WA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD**  What we may be seeing is a CJ-5 Renegade I that was built in late 1970. So, even though it was a 1970 production, it is considered a 1971 model. There is a discussion about that here: http://www.earlycj5.com/xf_cj5/index.php?threads/45677/ 

The engine has been updated, but the Renegade stripes and purple color are still there.

“1971 cj5 renegade Spec sheet pictured from previous owner Has a new 4.3l Chevy v6 with approximately 8k miles on it. 69k on odometer thus on body Body in great shape! Nice patina on faded factory purple paint. Newer toyo tires Warn winch Collector plates Comes with optional bikini top and suicide doors. Cash only please.”

1971-cj5-cleelcum-wa-5 1971-cj5-cleelcum-wa-6 1971-cj5-cleelcum-wa-7 1971-cj5-cleelcum-wa-8 1971-cj5-cleelcum-wa-9

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1964 CJ-5 Tahuya, WA $4500


This looks to be an old school jeeping jeep, though it lacks a full cage. It seems worth a look.


“Runs drives stops as it should. Ford 302 T150 trans and a Dana 18”

1964-cj5-tahuya-wa1 1964-cj5-tahuya-wa2 1964-cj5-tahuya-wa3

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1956 CJ-5 Damascus, OR $1000


This early CJ-5 still has the KS 0-8 speedo.


“1956 jeep cj-5 4 cyl. , bring your trailer and some cash, get this out of my yard please ,great little project jeep ,no title but legals to obtain title from dmv,”

1956-cj5-damascus-or0 1956-cj5-damascus-or1 1956-cj5-damascus-or12 1956-cj5-damascus-or3 1956-cj5-damascus-or4

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Year? CJ-5 Killingworth, CT $2000


This early CJ-5 includes a plow. It may be worth a look.


“Vintage jeep with plow, don’t know the year, milage or model number, last ran five years ago. Sold as is you pick it up.”

year-cj5-killingworth-ct0 year-cj5-killingworth-ct1 year-cj5-killingworth-ct2 year-cj5-killingworth-ct3 year-cj5-killingworth-ct4

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1959 CJ-5 New Milford, PA $1000


Maybe some parts value here at the very least.


“Non running no paperwork Comes with additional frame ,wheels,”

1959-cj5-newmilford-pa1 1959-cj5-newmilford-pa2