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1962 DJ-3A Douglasville, GA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $400.

David shared this ad with me. The jeep has an Allison three-speed automatic transmission (it was a 2-speed BW auto trans that was installed in some 1964 DJ-3As). It’s unclear to me if this was some kind of special order or if it was customized. The radiator has been swapped out with an older radiator, so this has seen some modification.

“4 cylinder flathead, Allison 3 speed automatic. 2 wheel drive. Rough. Been sitting a long time. Did run and drive, when parked. But I have no idea condition of engine now.”

1962-dj3a-douglasville-ga1 1962-dj3a-douglasville-ga2 1962-dj3a-douglasville-ga3

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1953 CJ-3A Rockton, PA $6500


UPDATE: Price dropped to $6500.

(11/18/2021) This has a DJ-3A body and full-floating rear hubs.

1953-cj3a-rockton-pa0 1953-cj3a-rockton-pa1 1953-cj3a-rockton-pa2 1953-cj3a-rockton-pa3 1953-cj3a-rockton-pa4

“PA Titled 1953 WIllys CJ-3A. It is actually made up of Military Axles and engine, DJ-3A Tub, 3A transmission and drive train. I call it Muttly. It has a redone Military L134 Engine, and brakes, Tires are newer about 2 years old and I don’t put a lot of miles on it. I have re-done the electrical for headlights, and put in a new clutch. It does drip from the oil pan a little. The transmission pops out of second, but I do have a fully rebuilt transmission that I will provide for the price I list. I did replace the seats and add the spare tire carrier, jerry can holder, wipers, and a ebrake. I have other projects now and need space. $7500.00 OBO. I will supply a non-rebuilt transmission (dis-assemble ready to be rebuild for $500.00 less.) I also have a second 1947 title CJ-2A Ready for rebuild”

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Year? Model? Corbin, KY Make Offer


No description provided other than “Make Offer”. This may have rear full floating hubs. Given the lack of a fuel inlet, this could be a DJ-3A or an MB/GPW tub.


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Year? DJ-3A/CJ-3A Sumter, SC $4500


This may be a 1949 CJ-3A with a convertible DJ-3A Body and windshield. Whether the chassis is DJ-3A or CJ-3A isn’t clear to me.

“1949 Jeep Willy cj3a 4×4 Does run and drive. Has good tires. Brakes have been upgraded to disc brakes front and back. Body is in great shape. Has the original straight flat 4 cylinder. 3 speed stick shift. Would make a great off road 4×4 Have a clear title”

1949-dj3a-cj3a-sumter-sc6 1949-dj3a-cj3a-sumter-sc7 1949-dj3a-cj3a-sumter-sc8 1949-dj3a-cj3a-sumter-sc9.jpg

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1961 DJ-3A Crestline, OH **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was No Price.

There could be a some small value in the parking brake and column shift parts and a few other items.

“Selling as parts, come pick what you want. Message or call Carroll’s truck parts in Galion ohio”

1961-dj3a-crestline-oh0 1961-dj3a-crestline-oh1 1961-dj3a-crestline-oh2 1961-dj3a-crestline-oh3 1961-dj3a-crestline-oh4

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1956 DJ-3A Branson, MO $3500


Craig shared this early DJ-3A #1134. There’s a lot of stock jeep there.

1956-dj3a-branson-mo“956 Willys DJ3A “The Dispatcher” Slated as a light delivery vehicle this is the first year for this model of Willys. The production number stamped in the frame is 1134 I believe. I will confirm that. This was my dads first vehicle and has been in the family since 1961. As far as I know we were the second owner. I have the original title. It’s a project. I have almost all of the original parts. What is missing is the motor, radiator, and seats. I have three of the original hubcaps. I have two tires on it that do hold air. The floor pans are rusted out. Last time it was on the road was 1973. It does have a factory heater. If you know the DJ’s then you know it is factory 2wd. I also have the doors. This is very difficult to post as I have a long history with this vehicle. Circumstances in life change and sometimes you have to let go of dreams. Ask any questions you want. I have more pics somewhere I will add later.”

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1956 DJ-3A Convertible Mooresville, NC $16,999


UPDATE: Price dropped to $16,999.

(04/25/2022) Those are some big tires for the undersized rear axles (the early DJ-3As used a Dana 23 in the rear, while the later ones used a Dana 27). The seller has listed the DJ-3A prefix (56337) as the serial number. This has the rare 0-8 King Seeley speedometer with an intact needle.

1956-dj3a-mooresville2 1956-dj3a-mooresville3 1956-dj3a-mooresville4 1956-dj3a-mooresville5

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1963 DJ-3A Bumper and Frame End Crete, IL $50


If you want a replacement front bumper and back frame crossmember, this looks to be a good price. They should clean up fine.

“Up for sale here is this front bumper from a 1963 DJ-3 Delivery Jeep. Straight, not all twanged as they usually are. Included are the cutoff frame ends still bolted to it. $50.00 OBO”



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1964 DJ-3A Modesto, CA No Price


UPDATE: Still Available. Was listed at $12,500.

This tribute-to-the-surrey-DJ-3A has been listed in multiple locations, but is located in Modesto, California (based on the plates). The jeep was being auctioned, but the auction ended this morning with a highest bid of $4k.

(03/06/2022) This DJ-3A was modified into a Surrey-like jeep. It looks in great shape.

1964-dj3a-surrey-tribute-atlanta-ga1 1964-dj3a-surrey-tribute-atlanta-ga2 1964-dj3a-surrey-tribute-atlanta-ga3 1964-dj3a-surrey-tribute-atlanta-ga4 1964-dj3a-surrey-tribute-atlanta-ga5

“Our blue cutie was acquired by its owner in 2016 and has been driven 3000 miles during his ownership. Believed to be a California car most all its life, it resided in Modesto, CA with a clear and clean title in the owner’s name. Continue reading

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1958 DJ-3A Austin, TX $3500


UPDATE: Still Available.

(01/03/2022) Not a bad price, but it does need work. The body has been cut at the entrances. .Appears to have the original tank. The seller is correct that this is a convertible model, not a Gala/Surrey.

1958-dj3a-convertible-austin-tx6 1958-dj3a-convertible-austin-tx7 1958-dj3a-convertible-austin-tx8 1958-dj3a-convertible-austin-tx9

Selling a very rare 1958 Kaiser Willys DJ3a Convertible!…VERY LIKELY the original strait-4 cylinder, single carb and oil-bath air filter. 3 speed manual column shift (“3-on-a-tree”)….Yes, it is called a convertible, did a lot of searches, primarily trying to verify if its really a “Gala Surry”. 2 wheel drive flat fender, no tailgate. Got a clean title but not in my name, can transfer over no problem. This a very solid project that I simply do not have time to work on. I have had this is DRY storage since i got it in 2019. Go to “” to see more info. The previous seller had thought it was possible this was a Gala Surrey model (Google “Gala Surrey/Elvis”, light/powder blue). I am not so convinced BUT definitely a “convertible model” (see old brochures in my photos, I own old original copies, bought on ebay).

THE BADS -NO top frame or soft top material, common problem, unfortunately, but might be available online (repros) -NO back seat -Clutch cable is broke I believe, so cannot test -The body has been cut/modified slightly (entrance to driver’s/passenger seats) (see pics first, I’ll explain) -Never got time to start the process of getting it started, I was told it ran not that long ago, maybe on a ranch property near Temple Texas. I got this on trade for a Triumph TR-6 (he got it on trade with the Temple person)

THE GOODS! -VERY solid and very lowrust, if not at all. -Good tires, been holding for awhile (I have been storing on jacks!) -Decent body that does not need a lot of work -Battery tray solid, no rust! -Some parts been replaced not long ago but cannot confirm dates -Solid rig! hate to sell but just no time that it deserves! PLEASE be legit and serious! Happy to call back with anything I know. CALL or TEXT is best. IF YOU ASK, “is it still available” I will not respond, I will delete the post seconds after its sold. Sorry about the sideways shots, not sure why that happened! [hidden information]

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1956 DJ-3A? Las Vegas, NV $2500


Unclear what this is, but the year suggests a DJ-3A.

“I am selling a 1956 willys jeep title in hand. I am asking $2500 call or message today feel free to come and look at it no strings attached”


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1956 DJ-3A State College, PA $5000


This looks to be a 1956 DJ-3A that has been converted to 4WD. The body looks repaired.





“Willys was not an option in the listing title. And they made me put mileage in but I really have no idea what the actual mileage is.
This is titled a 1956 CJ2a. I know it’s not a 1956 but probably much earlier. Runs well, it’s pretty clean and very fun. Has a coat of quality paint on it but not a quality paint job haha. I started tracing wires to get the lights and signals to work but ran out of time. If it doesn’t sell in the next few weeks I’ll get back to it and wire it, tune it up and the price will be changed accordingly. Runs and drives right now. $5000 firm.”

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Automatic Transmission in DJ-3As, DJs and Others(?)

• CATEGORIES: DJ-3A, Features, FJ

Dave asked me about the type of adapter used on DJ-3As and FJs to connect an automatic transmission (which may have been the Borg Warner model 12 according to David Sapp mentioned in his comment to this post, though I have no documented evidence of this, but it should be out there somewhere). Essentially, a adapter plate is bolted to the back of an L-head/F-head engine, to which the transmission bell housing attaches.

After some searching, Dave spotted the adapter in an FJ supplement book. Here are the pics.

fj-auto-transmission-plate2-lores fj-auto-transmission-plate1-lores

Meanwhile, a discussion from 2012 on the topic of DJ-3A automatic transmissions yielded these pics showing a BW transmission connected to an L-head with a similar looking plate.



As for the rare shifter that’s been captured in some pics, this pic is the best I have (from a DJ-3A automatic). It confirms Barry Goodwin’s comment on another post that the transmission lacked a “Park” feature. Instead, the driver would put it in neutral when parking (and I assume pull the parking brake).


If anyone has a document that confirms it was the M-12 BW transmission that was used, or has more pics or is aware of other useful discussions on this topic, please let me know. There isn’t much info about these setups on the web.

FYI: Based on my research, it appears the Willys Aero cars of the 1950s used a GM Hydramatic rather than a BW transmission.

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1943? MB? Las Vegas, NV $5000


Listed as a 1943, this jeep has a CJ-2A grille and a DJ-3A windshield. It lacks an engine.

“Motors are everywear. Crated. New. What a great project in great condition for its year. Have title yes amazing ask if interested. 1943 world War Willie’s. Wow,”


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Year? DJ-3A/CJ-3B? Suffield, CT $2000


Listed as a CJ-3B, this looks more like a DJ-3A body on, possibly, a CJ-3B chassis.

“Selling my CJ 3b Unknown year No title no tags Brand new frame Tub is shot but can be recovered with proper tlc Unmolested drivetrain Flat 4 with 3 speed transmission I think I have the fenders somewhere Price firm Frame was $$! Tons of original parts in it So if you don’t have the cash Or the knowledge to fix it , swipe left”

year-cj3b-suffield-ct2 year-cj3b-suffield-ct3 year-cj3b-suffield-ct4

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Year? DJ-3A? New Braunfels, TX $10,500


UPDATE: Still Available.

(01/10/2022) Listed as a 1946 CJ-2A, this seems to be a DJ-3A chassis with an unknown body. Then engine manifold appears to be DJ as well. The serial number plate has the DJ-3A prefix, but the second set of numbers aren’t readily viewable as if the plate had been changed.

“1946 Willy’s Jeep Flathead 4 motor New brakes Parking brake works New tires and wheels New bikini top Jeep runs and drives great, is street legal with current antique license plate.”

1946-cj2a-newbraunfels-tx5 1946-cj2a-newbraunfels-tx6 1946-cj2a-newbraunfels-tx7 1946-cj2a-newbraunfels-tx8 1946-cj2a-newbraunfels-tx9

This is closer to how the plate ought to look:


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1959 DJ-3A Paola, KS $8950


This is a modified DJ-3A.

“Runs good new Motor new Transmission new driveshaft sitting on 37’s willys Jeep”

1959-dj3a-paola-ks1 1959-dj3a-paola-ks2 1959-dj3a-paola-ks3 1959-dj3a-paola-ks4

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DJ-3A tub & Front Clip Alvord, TX $1000

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts, DJ-3A, Parts

The tub looks in pretty good condition.

“Cj2a /dj3a good solid tub 1000 is the price for sale not on sale”


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1948? JeepRod Long Beach, CA $85,000

• CATEGORIES: CJ-2A, DJ-3A, Jeep Rods • TAGS: .

This one has a hefty price tag. Listed as a 1948, this could actually be a modified DJ-3A convertible.

“Selling my 1948 Willy Jeep Rat Rot for $85k. Spent a lot of money to build it from ground up. This is an authentic vehicle for you old school car lover. Drives great.”

1948-jeeprod-longbeach-ca1 1948-jeeprod-longbeach-ca2 1948-jeeprod-longbeach-ca3 1948-jeeprod-longbeach-ca4

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1956 DJ-3A Body w/ 4WD Eveleth, MI $1500


This looks to be a Convertible DJ-3A body on a 4WD chassis or a DJ-3A chassis converted to 4WD. The serial number is 56337-10467, though the last digit is very hard to read, making the body from 1946.
1956-dj3a-eveleth-mi2 1956-dj3a-eveleth-mi3 1956-dj3a-eveleth-mi4


“1st thing look up the zip code so you know where the item is located. If your not willing to come and get it or have someone haul it then please do not bother to proceed any farther. I can haul it but 1/2 down before moving and 1/2 down of haul fee.
From best i can find this is around a 1949 CJ-3, the motor, a overhead valve cylinder engine, we put in years ago but then just forgot about working on it. The tub is loose, the fender is off, one is missing. What you see in the pics is what you get, it is a project without a title. The jeep has the vin tag on the tub but is hard to read”

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1960 DJ-3A Surrey Dacula, GA $20,000


UPDATE: This Surrey was posted to eBay last September (2021). There’s a lot to like here, but the floors have been patched.

Offered for sale, 1960 Willys DJ3A Surrey 2WD- Serial #18201. This 61 year old collector’s item jeep has been sitting in a warehouse protected from the elements for the past 35 years. This jeep is virtually unmolested from its humble beginnings. Odometer shows 26,000 original miles. Somewhere along its life the front floor pans were reinforced due to hat channel rust-out and some bondo on driver side panel. . Jeep was originally two tone Tropical Rose and Coral Mist, seems to have been over sprayed in coral mist pink and the striped top was replaced at some point with what is currently on it.

1960-dj3a-surrey-dacula-ga-1 1960-dj3a-surrey-dacula-ga-2 1960-dj3a-surrey-dacula-ga-3 1960-dj3a-surrey-dacula-ga-4 1960-dj3a-surrey-dacula-ga-5

See some older pics (from 09/2021) and more info below:

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4 DJ-3As, 2 CJ-2As and Some CJ-5s Allentown, PA

• CATEGORIES: CJ-2A, CJ5, DJ-3A, Features

UPDATE: **Status Unknown**

My friend Joe in Pennsylvania is looking to sell his jeeps. He’s got a variety of flat fenders, including “Rusty“, a 1956 DJ-3A I sold him back in 2019. All four of these have good PA titles. Here are some older pics of each jeep (Joe is working getting up-to-date pics. If you have interest, email Joe at abguy @ (remove spaces around the @)

  1. 1956 DJ-3A Convertible: Rusty (prior to disassembly)
  2. 1964 DJ-3A
  3. 1964/65 DJ-3A
  4. 1964 DJ-3A

“Also, I have a 62 hardtop (no title) that has had the body scrapped but all else is intact as a rolling parts source. There are a lot of accumulated parts, many upgrades, a new ½ oft top for the ME unit, 2 new tanks, etc.”

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1956 DJ-3A Convertible Woodstock, GA $5000


This seller has posted this convertible DJ-3A in several places on Facebook, asking questions about what it is, etc. My answers too the question of ‘what it is’ resulted in at least one commenter referring to me as an “idiot” (or something similar; I can’t remember the exact word) for not knowing what I was talking about ….. Ah, yes, the cesspool the FB can be. To the commenters credit, after politely calling out the author of that witticism, he did take the time to apologize. But, still …

With that in mind, I am surprised the seller is claiming this is an “all original” DJ-3A, instead of labeling it, as I explained several times to him, a DJ-3A convertible that’s been modified with four wheel drive.

“All original Willy’s dj3a solid frame passenger floor pan has some rust. Engine turns over and has spark and compression. Very rare jeep. Only 2,510 of them made in 1956”

1956-dj3a-atlanta-ga0 1956-dj3a-atlanta-ga1 1956-dj3a-atlanta-ga2 1956-dj3a-atlanta-ga3 1956-dj3a-atlanta-ga4

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1963 DJ-3A Surrey? Thousand Oaks, CA $3500


This has an updated engine. It doesn’t run. Still, this may be worth a look. The paint/trim numbers seem to confirm the this may have been a Surrey (148 is the body paint color for Tropical Rose/Coral Mist aka “pink”).

1963-dj3a-ventura-cali6 1963-dj3a-ventura-cali7 1963-dj3a-ventura-cali8 1963-dj3a-ventura-cali9

“1 of 1100 made. The VIN tag confirms the pink paint underneath the blue redo makes the Jeep I have a “Surrey” or “Gala” I don’t know the history of the Jeep, I did talk to the PO who had the bucket sets and a Ford V6 Cologne motor from a Pinto put in it. He had no idea what it was. As it sits now it is not running. I have ordered the parts for the ignition including a Duraspark II distributor. I’ve done an oil change and coolant change. I’ve only had the Jeep a month or so and didn’t realize what I was buying. The body is really straight and surprisingly rust free. There are a couple <6″ spots under the passenger seat I found when I pulled up the carpet. It’s registered in CA as an Historical Vehicle. Registration is not current, but the title is in my hand and is clear. The Jeep is currently “not in the system” so there’s no back fees to be paid. Not sure what else to put, I’m new to the Willys game.”

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Year? DJ-3A Newport, OR $4500


Listed as a 1953, this looks to have a body and windshield of a convertible DJ-3A. The manifold suggests this is a DJ-3A engine, too. So, this is likely a DJ-3A converted to 4WD. Notes the use of the rectangular gauge cluster.

year-dj3a-or2 year-dj3a-or3



“For sale is a vintage 1953 4WD Willy’s Jeep believed to be a Model CJ2 or CJ2A; not that familiar with teeps so if it looks like another Model, please let me know. This unit has all original 4 cylinder flathead engine, 4 speed stick transmission and running gear but the original body was dented and rough so the previous owner had a straight aftermarket replacement “Boot installed, it has a new carburetor and 12V battery and runs fine; would be ideal for hunting or camping; it needs fuld down windshield glas and head lamps; tires are in average condition. Selling because I am 6′ 3″ and cannot fit behind the steering wheel; I did not realize when I bought it that the driver’s seat does not adjust backwards because of the wheel well so there is no way I could comfortably drive it any distance Purchased from a Kabota Dealership in Medford, OR but haven’t been able to find the Pink Slip; selling with Bill of Sale only if Certificate of Ownership cannot be located at time of sale Asking $4,500 OBO – possible trade for Wildland Tanker/Tender or related Fire Equipment.
Located in Newport, OR , 97365”