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1959? DJ-3A Fresno, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

The seller indicates this is a ’59, however a potential buyer (see Q/A at bottom of ebay page) felt that based on the speedometer design, this was more likely a ’56.  I’d agree with the potential buyer, because this document indicates that the serial number of this jeep, 56337 10425, makes this a 1956 DJ-3A, the 425th DJ-3A made.

“This is a 1959 Willys Jeep 2 wheel drive Gala Surrey or Dispatcher project.  These are rare and valuable vehicles when they are restored, but this one isn’t.  It needs A LOT of restoration, but what’s here is in fairly good shape.  It would make a good starting point for a restoration.  Fortunately, these are not too hard to work on.  I bought this many years ago and have slowly been collecting a few parts, but I have too many projects and not enough time or money.  This project has to go.  This is a body & frame and axles and some parts.  There is no motor or transmission.  I have a correct type motor and correct column shift T 96 transmission with overdrive, but they are listed seperately on ebay and not included with this listing (see my other listings).  The guy I got it from had started to convert it to a 6 cylinder motor and was going to make a sand buggy out of it.  He removed the original motor mounts and put some other mounts in, but I don’t know what engine they are for.  He didn’t do any significant damage to the frame, and the correct motor mounts should go right back on the frame”

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1963 DJ-3A Surrey Scottsdale, AZ **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $77,000.

This was for sale as late as Sept 5, 2009 for $35,000.

“This is Red Skelton’s personal Surrey. With 14,000 original miles, it has just completed a body-off frame restoration. There is much memorabilia that goes with this Surrey and photo documentation of the restoration and Red’s journey.

This darling little Surrey was previously owned by the legendary comedian Red Skelton. Most of us can relate to one of his characters like Freddie the Freeloader or Clem Kadiddlehopper, for in each of his characters was a bit of each of us. Red Skelton’s Willys DJ-3A Surrey Gala has just completed a meticulous 10-year, body-off frame, complete nut and bolt restoration. The finished product is beyond stunning. Included with the sale of this Surrey are many pieces of Red Skelton memorabilia, like the Freddie the Freeloader vest used during the Red Skelton Hour on CBS TV during the 1960’s, with certificate of authenticity. Red was also quite an artist and included are three Red Skelton prints, the “Girl Clown”, “Floral Bouquet” and “Old Glory”. There is also a limited edition “Clown with Candy Cane” painting with certificate of authenticity. Also included is a 13-page binder of photographs documenting the entire Surrey restoration. The binder chronicles the life and times of Red Skelton’s comedy career. There are many fun stories and photos that invite you into the humorous life of Red Skelton. There are copies of Red Skelton’s California titles and a note from Red’s widow, Lothian Skelton, describing the Surrey and how much Red loved it. All of this goes with the sale of the Surrey.”


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1956 DJ-3A, 1950 Wagon, 1947 Truck Bethlehem, Ct **SOLD**

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This seller has several vehicles for sale.  No pics yet with the DJ-3A

1956 Willys Dispatcher DJ3A for sale. Has a 340 buick Engine and has a 400 T. H. Trans. Asking 5000.00 or best offer.”


1950 Willys Jeep Sedan Delivery. 4-Wheel Drie. Buick V-6 Engine. Asking 6000. 00″


1947 Willy’s Jeep Pick up for sale. Chevy Drive Train. Was Rebuilt around 1970. Asking 5000.00 or best offer. Any questions please call 203-266-5050.  Ask for Bernie.”

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Chris’ DJ-3A

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Searching for something else, I discovered Chris Kelley’s blog and his new Willys: a 1956 DJ-3A with 4wd.  I’ve seen enough DJ-3As with 4wd that I asked Bruce if he knew whether any DJ-3As came with a 4wd package, but to the best of his knowledge (which is the best I know of) he said there was no 4wd option of which he was aware.

Chris writes on his website about new purchase (sept 7 09) “Yep, you’re looking at a 1956 (sort of) CJ3a (sort of) Willy’s Overland Jeep (completely!).  Its sort of a 56 since that’s what the tub plate says.  Its also only sort of a CJ3A since the tub plate also says its a DJ3a, which was a 2 wheel drive version made for the postal service and other delivery trucks.  However, my best guess is that someone replaced the original tub with the one it has now, since this does have 4WD.”

It’s a good looking jeep, though there’s a small ding in the passenger rear, and here some pics from his site:

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DJ-3A Body Parts, Pueblo, Co **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $500.

Here’s some body parts from a Convertible DJ-3A.  It appears in restorable, uncut shape.  Certainly not perfect though.

“All thats there is tub, hood, fenders, grill and frame. I’m asking $500 OBO. Please give me a call at (719)9480229”


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1943 GPW, DJ-3A, And Other Parts York, Pa


This seller has a variety of items for sale.

“I have for sale 195? Willys Dj3a two wheel drive column shift Mail jeep for sale only asking $400

Also i have for sale a 1943 Ford GPW for sale this is a WW2 Jeep it is taged a titled and ready for the road or play engine and transmission rebuilt most original parts asking $5000 call 717-817-7413

I also have mant parts for vintage jeeps Willys CJ2a and some M38 I would like to sell the parts as a lot or mini lots but will sell individual parts.”


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1948ish CJ-2A Belleville, IL **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $550.

There looks to be some value here.

“4×4 Willys 1950’s Jeep: Engine not started in 15 years. Tranny, Differential, and Axles still intact. Body Rough.
$550 Cash Only.  Call Andy for further details”


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1959 DJ-3A Redlands, Fl $1175


UPDATE:  Price dropped to $1175

(11/7/09) You can’t say this seller hasn’t tried to give you a complete overview of this jeep.  There is a total of 37 images.  It’s rough, but it is a column shift 2 wheel drive with a tailgate.  It’s supposed to run well.

“Willys Jeep dj3a Overland this is the 2 wheel drive model with L-134 engine with three speed on the column.  Not just a L-134 engine but a industrial L-134 engine.  This engine runs real good as you can see in the video plus the oil is super clean like someone went through this engine.  As you can see in the video I pulled the dipstick out and you can see how clean the oil is. And that was after a half an hour of running plus driving it in the yard….”


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1964 DJ-3A Ravensdale, WA **SOLD**


UPDATE:  **SOLD** Was $1500.  DJ-3A with 4WD upgrade.

(08/28/09) This looks like a great deal on a flattie.

“I have a 64 willys jeep with a buick v-6 in it runs great 4×4 it’s a lot of fun 1,500”


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1958? DJ-3A? Elsinore, Ca $2000


There’s been some changes to the dashboard.  This looks like it has a CJ-2A windshield.  I’m not sure what it is.

call 4 question 951-533-7845 ask 4 mike”


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1960 DJ-3A Lynnfield, Ma **SOLD**


UPDATE:  Colin reports that he purchased this Jeep and is enjoying it a lot!  Congrats! He also reports below that the original date listed by the seller as 1956 was incorrect and that it was actually a 1960 Surrey.

“Production of the 2-wheel drive Willys DJ3A model began in 1956 and continued until 1964.  The DJ3A utilized the 4 cylinder “Go Devil” engine, T90 side-shift transmission, and a Dana 23 rear end. The DJ3A surrey was marketed to resorts and as a fun beach buggy. This dj-3a gala surrey was Owned by 20th Century Fox where it was used in a few beach movies.  Annette Funicello, Frank Sanatra etc.. Sold to Pioneer Garage in 1982 where it was totally redone. down to the frame and sat on display in the pioneer jeep showroom on Washington St. in Peabody Ma. Until purchased in 5/09 to me when the dealership closed its doors forever. It runs and drives awesome, 3 speed on the column, a true collectible. I have pictures and documentation from 20th century fox showing the vehicles history there.  Also I have pictures of the jeep with Annette and Frank in the vehicle.  Mileage is around 2000 miles, although California determined it as a undetermined value amount because the gauge glass was sun faded and not readable. When you see this vehicle you will know the mileage to be true.”




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1963 DJ-3A Hayward, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2500

This might be a pretty good price.  It’s got a big speedometer, which suggests a DJ-3A to me, so the year noted by the seller may be correct.

“My dad and I are selling a Willy’s Jeep. It registers as a 1963 but it is honestly a mutt. It runs strong and the 4 wheeldrive works great. The starter was rebuilt about a year ago. The tires have probably about 90% of their tread left. The parking brake is broken (the guy we bought it from snapped the cable while we were test driving it). It is an easy fix we just never got around to it. I would really rather not sell it but it is under my dad’s name and he wants to make room in the garage and I have my own motorcycle project as it is so it must go.”



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1964 DJ-3A Cheyenne, WY **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $600.

“1964 Willy’s jeep for sale that has a Toyota 20R and five speed. It needs a steering box otherwise is complete and original except motor and tranny. It needs a battery and the motor does run.”


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1957 DJ-3A Lancaster, Pa $2500


I’m not sure if this runs or not, but the body looks in reasonable shape.  This is a DJ with a Tailgate.

“1957 willys jeep, Need complete restoration. The body is not too bad, very little rust. The motor needs rebuilt too. call Ryan to see 717-393-7717.”


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1947 CJ-2A Fresno, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1500

This doesn’t have a motor.  It has a Muller Top.

antique yes custom yes running not yt but ready for a 350 chevy to drop in.”


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1959 DJ-3A Miami, Fl $950


UPDATE:  Price dropped to $950.

(10/10/09) Here’s a DJ-3A stick shift with a tailgate that doesn’t have 4 wheel drive.  Frankly, I’m not sure what’s stock and what’s not here.  If it is all stock, it’s an interesting find.

“1959 Jeep Willys Overland DJ3A, 4X2, stickshift in the column, new carburetor, needs a gas tank, has some rust but can be fixed. Was running recently with a plastic tank. 786-556-3668.”


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1957 DJ-3A Statesville, NC $2000


Not a bad price for a running DJ-3A.

“1957 willys jeep runs good needs work on brakes an steering an lights to be road worthy 4×4 works good also 704 450 1693”


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1960 DJ-3A Tulsa, Ok **SOLD**


UPDATE: Price dropped to $350. I doubt this was ever a Gala, but it does seem to be a DJ-3A.  **SOLD**

The price is right!  This seems like a deal to me.

We our selling a 1960 Willys DJ-3A Surrey Gala. We bought it mainly for the body to build a rock crawler out of it. The origional color was pink. It has a CJ-2A windshield on it with an old Aluminum Hardtop (rare). This is a normal left hand drive 2wd Willys Jeep. The front axle is a straight axle and rides on leaf springs just like the 4wd Jeeps. It has a motor, but is missing many of the parts like the oil pan, head, etc. It is the Go devil Flathead 4 backed by a 3spd manual column shift trans with OverDrive. Since this is a DJ3A the rear of the Jeep is solid with no tail gate, this is factory. It does have all of the steering pieces and as a whole is pretty darn complete. Feel free to come check it out and make us an offer. The frame is in very good shape and the tub would easily be restorable. The floors are even in pretty good shape. The hood is probably the worst part (dented). These are very rare and it has all of its factory serial data plates. Comes with only a bill of sale.”


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1960 DJ-3A Surrey Boothwyn, Pa **SOLD**


UPDATE:  A reader noted that this has already sold

It is very rare to see one of these in such poor condition.

“Elvis owned one. 1960 Pink surrey gala jeep. Condition restorable original parts. Bought in May 1978. odometer reading 20,000. Engines apart but complete. $3,ooo or best offer.”


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1956 DJ-3A Patterson, Ca $4500


1956_dj3a_pattersonI’d like some better pics of this.  I don’t think the pics do this justice.


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1961 DJ-3A? Tyler, TX **SOLD**


1961_dj3a_tylerUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1000

At least it runs.  It might be a mish-mash of parts or simply the wrong title, which explains the ’61 date also.

“1961 Willys Jeep. Jeep runs but has slight knocking. Bought as a rebuild project six months ago but never got the time.. Stout machine.”

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1959 DJ-3A Acworth, GA **SOLD**


1959_dj3a_acworthUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1500.

This might be a very good deal.  Note: the engine needs work..

“You are looking at a 1959 Cj-3a. Body is in good shape..there is a new gas tank, fuel pump, coil-over shocks and other small items. I have the frame for the top which will go with the jeep. It needs seats..( I do have the frames that was in it when I bought it ) .. The original 134 L-head engine is complete but does not run…it will turn over. It has a bad rod..but it is an easy rebuild..All parts can be bought from Turner 4-Wheel in Canton.  This is a great restorable jeep or a great hunting jeep. All the electrical works and the 4-wheel drive works. For you jeep guys—–it is a 1959 body..looks like a DJ though..but it is on 4-wheel chasis. The vin # is a ’59 DJ.. look at the pics”

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Year? CJ-2A/DJ-3A Salisbury, NC **SOLD**


year_flattie_partsjeep_salisburyUPDATE: Was $500. **SOLD**

I think this needs a little work.  DJ-3A?

“40’s model dj-2a flatfender willys jeep. complete body (tub is pretty rusty but fenders and grill are in pretty good shape). flathead 4cyl engine (disassembled but complete, comes with new clutch and pressure plate). frame and axles all still together.”

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DJ-3A Body and Fiberglass Front Clip Tucson, Az $550

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts, DJ-3A

dj3a_body_fiberglass_clip_tucsonUPDATE:  Price dropped to $550.

This looks in great shape.  A DJ body in this good of condition isn’t easy to find.

“Willys flatfender style steel body with flip forward fiberglass hood/fenders. Comes as shown in pics without seatbelt harness. Pretty straight, very slight surface rust, no scaling. Not perfect but could be with some tlc, or use as it as is. Perfect for your project. No title/no frame. No other jeep parts. May entertain trades. Looking for a trailer for quads or hauling cars/trash. Price is firm. Thanks fer lookin'”

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1963? DJ-3A Surrey? Rising Fawn, Ga eBay


I’m not sure if this is actually a Surrey or not, but it’s definitely a 2 Wheel Drive DJ-3A.

“Up for bid is a Surrey Gala pink Willys Jeep. I do not know an exact year the Jeep was made (the year I put above was a guess). The Jeep was painted over but there is still lots of pink showing all over. The Jeep runs. Carburetor needs rebuilding it runs way to rich and leaks gas. The gas tank has rust in it and clogs up fuel filters. Column shifter is broken at top of shift handle. I have been shifting with vice grips, transmission shifts good and appears to have had been rebuilt, dope looks brand new and case has been cleaned to bare metal. Seat frames are very solid and springs seem in very good shape, steering wheel has some cracks in it. The windshield glass is broken and the windshield frame is very solid but it has some rust spots, the hood hinge was broken and somebody put screws in it. Bowl for air filter is missing. A hole for a radio was cut into dash. The body tub only has two holes rusted through, one on the right side at the body support above the fender step and the left side at top of wheelwell underneath a roll bar that was in it…. ”

View all the pics on eBay