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The 2011 3rd Annual FC Get Together Tacoma, Wa

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UPDATE:  Don’t forget, it is this weekend!  I plan to be around Saturday afternoon.  See you there!

Dates:  August 5, 6, 7, 2011.

This is an FC only event open to anyone interested in Jeep FC Trucks and Fleetvans.

People and trucks can arrive at the rear parking lot after 3 p.m. on Friday Aug 5th.  The parking lot has a 6 foot fence and gate that is locked each night.  The gate will be unlocked Sat and Sun at 9 AM.  We will have a barbecue on Saturday.  There are covered areas (for people & barbeque) in case of rain.
Motels in the area are:
Best Western Tacoma Dome Hotel 253 272 7737
Courtyard by Marriott Tacoma Downtown 253 591 9100
Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites 253 539 2020
Travelodge Fife 253 922 0550
Please spread the news.
For any questions, please call me at (253) 759-5932, or email.
Gaylord Mingo


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2nd Annual Northern Ohio Flatfender Gathering

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On September 25, 2011, Bob will be hosting a flat fender gathering.

The2nd annual Northern Ohio Flatfender Gathering will be held at his house on Sept 25th. Please contact Bob at jeep3b(at)gmail.com. He will provide lunch, restroom facilities and a camp fire.  He has plenty of room for parts to sell and trailers if you haul to it.

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Fort MacArthur Days July 9th and 10th San Pedro, Ca


Kim asked me to share an upcoming event.

Old FT. MacArthur Days July 9th and 10th at the FT. MacArthur museum in San Pedro California.

This is a “Historical Time Line Event” with re-enactment groups from Romans to modern day and everything in between. This is a great event to bring the kids too they will learn more correct world history in one afternoon than any school could teach. S 1 Patrol and the S.A.S. jeep will be their as well as many other vehicles including either the Sherman or Stewart tank. There is a $10.00 donation for adults and I believe kids under 12 are free. The money every bit of it goes to benefit the museum and keep up the park it is built on. The museum gets NO financial aid from our government. There are food and drink for sale as well as a good size vendor area if you are searching for something of the historical nature.  S 1 Patrol will be on the right hand side as you come through the gate come by and say Hello Mate.

You can learn more here

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Mark’s 2011 Great Willys Picnic Pics


Mark from sellajeep.com has posted his 2011 Great Willys Picnic images.  Check them all out here.

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2nd Annual Ocean City Jeep Week August 25-28

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HOG noted that the 2nd annual Jeep Week in Ocean City, MD, is only a couple months away!  You can learn more at the event website.

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Nellybelle to Attend The Great Willys Picnic June 12th

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Glenn sent me the following note:

“I just received a commitment from Pam Weidel that she and John B. Haines IV will bring Nellybelle out to play at The Great Willys Picnic in Lansford, PA on Sunday, June 12, 2011.  This will be, I believe, the first all Willys event for Roy Rogers famous CJ2A Jeep since Ms. Weidel purchased it last summer.  Nellybelle was at AACA Hershey last October and resides permanently in Mr. Haines Race Car / Truck Museum in Pennsburg, PA.  Don’t miss being there if you are anywhere nearby.  I’m traveling 500 miles to be in the middle of this Willys spectacle.”

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Idaho Military Vehicle Swap Meet June 8th – 11th Fruitland, Id


While not jeep specific, there will be jeeps at this swap meet, which will be at the Idaho Motor Pool in Fruitland, Id.  When I cruised past the property on I-84 last night, I saw at least 2 M38A1s, one flattie, and a m-151.

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Spring Willys Reunion Update

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Bob’s been busy with his camera this morning on what appears to be a beautiful Saturday in Mason.  He reports that fun was had at a local Mongolian BBQ last night, keeping some of the folks busy until late.

See all the photos here.   There seems to be a little something for everyone.

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Pics from the Spring 2011 Reunion

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Bob’s got the first group of pics up from the 2011 Spring Reunion.  I have selected a few to share below, but click here to view all of his images at his flickr site. I’ll check for updates tonight.

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CANCELLED: 3rd Annual FC Get Together in Olympia, Wa


The 3rd Annual FC Get Together in Olympia, Wa, originally planned for August 5-7, 2011, has been cancelled. Doug, who ran and hosted the event, sold his business and is moving to Arizona. If anyone would like to host the event, Doug will be happy to supply contact info and other information.

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19th Annual Spring Midwest Willys Reunion Mason, Ohio

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Next weekend, May 20-22, the 19th Annual Spring Midwest Willys Jeep Reunion and Swap Meet takes place in Mason, Ohio.  Click here to learn all about it.  Bob will be providing up-to-the-minute photographic coverage for eWillys readers . . . oh wait.  I forgot . . . Budget constraints at eWillys corporate forced us to change from up-to-the-minute coverage to up-to-the moment-bob-feels-like-posting-images-and-simultaneously-has-internet-connectivity-and-isn’t-doing-something-more-important coverage. Thanks for volunteering Bob!

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Bantam Jeep Festival Update

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I received an update from the Festival organizers.  Click on the pic to learn about all the updates.

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70 Years of Jeep at the Walter P. Chrysler Museum


From April 19th through Dec 30 the Walter P. Chrysler Museum at One Chrysler Drive, Auburn Hills, MI, will be holding a special “70 years of Jeep” exhibit, which includes a special display of a Willys MA.  Personally, it is slightly frustrating that the officials holding these ‘jeep’ anniversaries don’t recognize this as the 71st year (1940 was the actual delivery date of the first jeeps) rather than the 70th year, but it seems since they are sponsoring the events, they are framing history in their own way.

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Moonshiners JC Swap Meet Puyallup, Wa March 13th, 2011


This Sunday is the annual Moonshiner’s Jeep Club Swap Meet.  It will be held Sunday, March 13th 2011 at the Western Washington Fairgrounds, as usual.   The event takes place from 9am – 4pm.

The swapmeet is open to the general public.  Admission is $10, though children under 12 are free.  You can learn more at the Moonshiner’s website.


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History Czar Interview 11/12/11


Today I was invited to participate in an interview on 11/12/11 with the History Czar, Paul Bruno, whose efforts to make a movie about the history of the Bantam I discussed here.  The Czar broadcasts via the internet with all interviews available as podcasts.  At his website you’ll note that the Czar’s subject matter covers a wide range of history topics.  You can also follow updates via his WordPress blog, including his book giveaway contest.

From the website, “The History Czar is an educational service providing history information in an entertaining way and with a servant’s heart. The program is intended to present history in a format that is fun for the listeners, guests, and the hosts.”

Wish me luck!

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2011 FC Roundup March 25, 26, 27 in Phoenix, Az

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Get your FCs loaded!  It is time for the 2011 FC Roundup in Phoenix, Az, March 25, 26 & 27th. If you need more information, check out the 2011 information page at thefcconnection. Or, view past roundups here.

Contact Info: Jesse Ybarra, M677jeep@cs.com

This is your personal invitation:  You are invited to attend another “Most Excellent” Jeep Forward Control Roundup in Phoenix, AZ.

This is a limited invitation to only 1957-65 Jeep FC and 1961-65 FJ3-6 vehicles, USPS US Mail FleetVans or civilian Fleetvans. (not for DJ or any other AM USPS van) it is also not an invitation for any other model of Jeep or Willys Vehicles.
We invite all Jeep Forward Control Owners and Jeep FleetVan owners and friends to come and see several of these vehicles on display and meet with other FC / FJ owners.

Each year we have had several Jeep FC-150s narrow and wide tracks, FC -170 SRW / DRW, a few Military M-series FCs and a few FleetVans on display, this year, again we will have a variety of original unrestored, full restorations, and some repowered vehicles on display.

Please try to attend, with your vehicle running or not, in any stage of completion or condition, or bring pictures. Plan to meet with other owners that generously continue to come here and volunteer their time and information, learn new ideas and proceedures, this energy from my friends may give you that extra ambitious incentive for owning yours, or wanting to have one.

Bring your FC items, toys, memorabilia, photos, artwork, literature, and manuals to display. New FC related products and special tools will also be shown. There is no charge for the event. We do welcome and are always very grateful for any FC related items that are donated for the free raffle. FC Roundup event hats, T-shirts, Hot dogs and refreshments will also be available. Roundup information.

To the new FC or FleetVan people, It may be confusing, which Roundup to go to, they are all good, I wish we had more everywhere. I suggest go to all of them. One thing happens at all of them, they are events for FC Owners and friends to see and talk only about FC vehicles, where parking is for FC vehicles only. You do not need to have your FC to be here. If looking at pictures is good, seeing other vehicles and meeting the owners, to ask about details will help forever.

Each year after the AZ FC Roundup, someone says after the event, that they missed it. Mark your next year’s calendar, this event is always the last weekend of March, we have always been fortunate enough to have, Most Excellent weather at that time. And regardless of whatever else is going on, to me this event is more important, this event will always be here Friday thru Sunday.

This event is minutes from the Airport, no need for a rental car, we are fortunate to have a light rail that can bring you from the airport to here close to the event, where you can be picked up by one of our volunteers and brought to the Roundup.

Along the way are Motels at previous stops, you can also get back on the light rail and be picked up in an FC. We daily have places to drive FCs, so if you have never rode in an FC, do it here.

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Kaiser Willys Photo Contest Extended to Jan 15


HOG alerted me to the Kaiser Willys Photo contest.  The deadline has been extended to January 15, 2011.  If they select your photo for the cover of their catalog, you’ll receive $500 Gift Certificate.  You can learn more here.

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A Few Pics from the 2010 Yipao in Armenia, Colombia


Sebastian pointed me to some nice photos taken by Julian Castro on October 15, 2010, in Armenia, Quindio, Colombia.  Below are a few of them.  You can see more here.

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2nd Annual Willys Truck/Wagon Rally in Moab


Pete (from the Old Willys Forum) forwarded a letter from Casey announcing the 2nd Annual Willys Truck and Wagon Rally in Moab on May 14 & 15, 2011.

If you have never been to Moab or Southern Utah, it truly is a treat.  I lived in Utah for 9 years and traveled down to Southern Utah every chance I got, though never had a jeep during my time there.  So, I had to explore on foot or by bike.   There are still places I want to explore down there (For example, I have yet to hike the subway in Zion NP or the Wave in the Paria Canyon-Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness at the border of Utah and Arizona)

Hello all,

Were doing it again!  The 2nd annual Willys Rally will be held in Moab UT on May 14th-15th.  You will find the Flyer attached.  This year WILL be bigger and more exciting.  I learned alot last year and cant wait to do it again on a much larger scale.  We have plans for T-Shirts with a variation of the print on the flyer.  It should turn out to be a keeper.

Please save the date and send your RSVP’s via e-mail to caseydimmitt@yahoo.com Please include # of people, Names (including screen names), e-mail, telephone #, Address, Year/ model Willys, Also specify Mens size or Womens size and how many of each you would like.

The Plan with the shirts is to finalize the design and then get pricing based on the based on your interest.  At that point I will let yall know how much they will be and put the order in for the shirts . I’ll order as many as I can get orders from from you folks before I leave for the event.  There wont be shirts to buy at the event and you must come to Moab to get them!  Please let me know what you think of the graphic.

I plan on being there for a full week this time to see all Moab has to offer.  Not sure if it will be the week prior or after the event…We may camp, we may hotel it.  Who knows??? I’ll keep you posted for those that want to make it more than a 2.5 day event that it was last year.


Casey Dimmitt
Thanks to Pete from oldwillysforum.com for making our flyer and t-shirt design!

P.S. If your a vendor or someone that can help spread the word, please do!  If you would like to be a sponsor and possibly get your name on the shirt and other ads pleas contact me.

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Pre-Registration Now Available for the Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival


I received the following information from the Bantam Heritage Festival folks today:

You Asked For It, and Now You’ve Got It!
Pre-Registration Now Available!
We’ve heard from many of you who simply can’t wait to pre-register your jeep for the first annual Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival.  We’re excited to tell you that you can now register online for the various participant packages we’re offering.

Just visit the Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival website and click the red “Pre-Register Your Jeep” graphic on the home page.  There you can decide whether you are an “Ultimate Off-Roader,” “Dirt-Loving Jeeper,” “Darn Good Detailer,” “Day Tripper” or “Cruiser”.  Make sure you register soon so you can take advantage of Early Bird pricing!  Remember, the first 500 paid registrations who participate in the Parade and Cruise will receive a free dash plaque commemorating our new Guinness Book world record for longest Jeep parade!

The web site also features some new updates so be sure to check it out if you haven’t visited for a while.

In addition, you can sign up to volunteer and register for on-site camping.  You can also find out about hotels and other campgrounds in the area.  Just visit the Lodging section of the web site to learn more.
Finally, please help us spread the word about the Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival.  “Like” our Facebook page, talk about the event on your favorite Jeep forums, blogs and web sites, and tell every Jeep owner you know.  Your enthusiasm and support is really what will make this event a huge success!

We also thought you’d be interested in checking out this recent story in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.  The article was the second-most emailed story that day!

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7th Annual Jeep and Willys Day in Wrightwood, Ca Sat Oct 9, 2010


If you are in the LA area, this might be fun.

“I would like to invite everyone to the seventh annual Wrightwood Jeep and Willys Day event that will be held on Saturday, October 9, 2010 in the beautiful mountain town of Wrightwood, California from 9:00am to 4:00pm.
This event is completely FREE and a great time for all.

They close down the main street through town and from approximately 9am until 2pm all the Jeeps and Willys fill the street almost like a car show but more of a meet and greet. Then, at around 2pm everyone takes a parade style run somewhere in the local mountains, returning to town by around 4pm. (Exact destination of the run, not yet determined). Parking in the participation area is reserved for any Jeep or Willys vehicle. However, there is plenty of parking for others and all spectators are welcome!”

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Tri County 4×4 Swapmeet Oct 16th Lisbon, Oh


Bob pointed out that the Tri County 4×4 folks are having a swapmeet at the tri-county Fairgrounds in Lisbon, Oh.

“1st Annual  4wheel drive & atv Swap meet; Sat Oct 16; 7:00am to 7:00 pm
Something For Everyone; all types of parts and accessories for 4 wheel drives and atv’s; Set up & camping for Vendors available friday from 5pm to 9pm.

For More Information Contact Dave @ 330-941-9376”

http://www.tricounty4x4.com/event.htm (scroll to bottom of page)

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Pics from Bob’s Flatfender Weekend…

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Bob’s flatfender weekend was a success!

Bob reports, “Morning David, our show turned out great. We had 13 Jeeps show up, 12 of which were Willys Jeeps. Everything from a 1942 MB to two 1953 CJ3Bs, including mine. It was great to make new friends and catch up with old friends. We had a nice campfire all day long and had a free lunch for all to enjoy. I also want to thank everyone for the generous donations to help offset the cost of renting a port-a-john and buying the food, as well as showing up on a chilly morning.”

You can see all the photos here.  I’ve included a couple below:

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Flatfender Jeep Show @ Bob’s Green, Ohio Sept 26th 2010


Don’t forget, this weekend Bob will be having a Flatfender event at his house!

Bob writes, “We’re having a Flatfender Jeep show at my house near Akron, Ohio on Sept 26th. We’d like to have maybe 20-25 jeeps. We’ll provide lunch, have a nice show, maybe some swap meet type things. Here’s a flyer for it. You can post my e-mail address or have people leave comments in the comment section and I’ll provide the location. I live in Green, Ohio, near the A/C airport. I have plenty of room for Jeeps and even trailers if people want to haul to it.”

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Pics from the 2nd Annual Northwest FC Get Together

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The 2nd Annual Northwest FC Get Together was this past weekend in Olympia.  Josue was kind enough to forward some images from the event and give his take on it.

Josue writes, “Last weekend was the first opportunity I have had to visit a Jeep get-together. It wasn’t a huge turnout but it was definitely worth visiting. The meet-up was in Olympia, WA and it was specifically for Forward Control Jeeps. This was the second year and only about 8 showed up, although I’m sure it will get bigger with time. It was fun talking to a few people and seeing a couple of them run.”  Thanks Josue!