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Vintage Jeep Gather Sept 7-9, Windham, VT

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The Vintage Jeep Gathering at Petes Camp is a very casual event. Camping , on site trails, and daily tours of the local trails and back dirt roads. Come join us for a weekend of old Jeeps, great people, camp fires, and more. Check our website for event information, and updates.

Learn More at the Pete’s Camp website

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2018 Willys America Open House and BBQ

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Willys America’s open house is this coming weekend (Saturday July 14th 10am to 4pm). Dan Bowermaster will be leading the caravan from San Francisco to the event in Cazadero. I *thought* I’d be attending it this year with Ann and my daughter Kasia (who is completing an internship in Walnut Creek this summer), but complications forced me to put it off again this year.

The Event: http://willysamerica.com/events/index.html

Caravan Information: http://www.oldwillysforum.com/forum/showthread.php?13902-2018-caravan-to-Willys-America-Open-House-Saturday-July-14-2018

2017-willys-america-openhouse10 2017-willys-america-openhouse9 2017-willys-america-openhouse8 2017-willys-america-openhouse7

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2018 Southwest Ohio FC Gathering July 27-29

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Just ONE month until the “Ohio Gathering” at Roger Martin’s Place near Waynesville, Ohio. It is scheduled for July 27, 28, 29 with the main day on Saturday.

Call him anytime at 937-477-5270 or email: rogerjm55@gmail.com
His address is: Roger Martin
1905 Roxanna New Burlington Road
Waynesville, Oh 4506

There is plenty of room for trucks, trailers, and RV’s (no RV hook-ups). There is an RV Campground and one-room cabins about a mile away.

These are the nearest places to stay:
-Frontier Campground. Waynesville, OH 45068 937-488-1127
-Creekwood Motel of Waynesville 513-897-1000
-Ramada Inn Xenia 937-372-9921

Bring your FC’s and FJ Step Vans, whether they’re cleaned or still have on their “work clothes” right out of the field. Let’s see what you have…running or not. Bring your extra parts for sale or trade. It would be nice to see photos of your project, in progress or completed.

Also,: This year you’ll be able to see Roger’s “new” 1960 FC-170 with an Ottawa Backhoe.

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All Breed Jeep Swap Meet Sat. June 30th Kingston, GA

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I spotted this on Craigslist.


“Open to all!!! If it has a Jeep brand on it, it’s welcome!
We will still have our CJ only Swap meet & shows last Saturday of March & September”


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2nd Annual Flatties at the Field Red Hook, NY

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Saturday June 16th (yes, this Saturday) is the 2nd Annual Flatties at the Field.

“2nd Annual Flatties at the Field!! Antique jeep & Military vehicle show at the Old Rhinebeck Aerodome,Red Hook NY. This Saturday June 16, 2018.
1940 to 1986 jeep, willys, military and civilian.”


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More Pics from the 2018 Willys Rally

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Roger shared these photos with me last week. 

2018-03-willysrally-roger7 2018-03-willysrally-roger8 2018-03-willysrally-roger10 2018-03-willysrally-roger11 2018-03-willysrally-roger12

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Photos from the 2018 Great Willys Picnic

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Rick shared photos of this year’s wet and rainy Great Willys Picnic. I’ve added a few pics from Bill Reiss, too. Bill captured the rain pretty well during the morning caravan to the event.



Here are Rick’s photos:


2018-willys-picnic1 2018-willys-picnic2

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Derek’s Look at the 2018 Willys Reunion

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I happily did very little on Tuesday, so just this one post for Wednesday. On Wednesday, we drive home. On Thursday, I’ll provide a look back on our trip.

In the mean time, Derek wrote a three page article about his time at the Willys Reunion. You can read it all here:



Rick Pacholski aka Scoutpilot demonstrating a fuel pump rebuild at the 2018 Willys Reunion.

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The 2018 Willys Overland Rally in Moab

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The Willys Overland Rally 2018 in Moab this year was successful again. According David, “The Willys event in Moab went very well.  Over 110 people and almost 50 Willys jeeps of various types.  People came from Utah, Montana, Arizona, Colorado, California, Idaho, and others I can’t remember.  Some big bucks beautiful restorations and some low bucks leaky originals !  Red Cliffs Lodge is a great place for an event like this although approx. 20 miles outside of Moab.  Trail ride was mild but fun and scenic.  Had a fun and challenging rocky hill some of us tried.  Jp magazine was there and will have an article later this year.”

View all the photos here: http://www.willysrally.com/gallery18/gallery18.php


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Great Willys Picnic & Bantam Festival This Weekened

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It’s a busy weekend for jeeps in Pennsylvania this weekend. Have fun all!

The Great Willys Picnic will be held Sunday, June 10th:


The Bantam Jeep Festival will be held June 8-10:

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Saturday at the Willys Rally

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Chris, Patrick, and Roger all shared photos from the Willys Rally on Saturday. Here’s a compilation of their photos:



IMG_0195 2018-06-02-willys-rally-mixer


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Willys Jeep Rally is June 1-2 2018

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The 2018 Willys Rally at Hueston Woods in College Corner, Ohio, takes place this June 1-2. Learn more here: http://www.mw-willysjeep.com


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Willys Reunion Schedule

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This weekend is the Midwest Willys Reunion. The weather shouldn’t be too hot, but there may be some scattered thunderstorms. Here’s a schedule of events.



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Pilsen 2018 Liberation Festival

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John pointed out that In a couple days the town of Pilsen in the Czech Republic will be celebrating its “Liberation Festival”. There’s a great photo on the front page from a previous year’s parade.

Read all about it here. http://slavnostisvobody.cz/en/


Here’s some footage from 1945 of Pilsen:

And a few more links thanks to John:

  1. 70th liberation celebration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=toG_WswIrdQ
  2. Another 70th video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=toG_WswIrdQ
  3. Laying of wreaths at Thank You Monument: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYb8wbYv9cs


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Saturday @ the 2018 FC Roundup in Phoenix

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I couldn’t attend this year’s FC Roundup, but Joe-in-Mesa filled in and snapped some pics for us. Thanks Joe!


Joe left and Craig Brockhaus on the right chatting and waiting for the door prizes to be distributed.

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15th Annual FC Roundup March 23-25

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UPDATE: The FC Roundup starts next Friday! I can’t believe we are already approaching late March!


March 23-25, 2018 1600 W.
Colter St. Phoenix, Arizona 85015

This is your personal invitation to the “Most Excellent” FC-Only event. We invite all FC Owners and friends of Jeep Forward Controls.

It is our pleasure to invite you, with or without your Vehicle. This is where you will see some of the best authentic and original restored, ongoing projects or modified FC and FleetVans. You can learn a lot in a weekend, see the Military models of FCs, take detailed pictures, talk to other owners. Bring your FC items, toys, memorabilia, photos, artwork, literature, and manuals to display. See new FC related products and parts and special tools. FC Roundup event hats, T-shirts, will also be available. There is no charge for the event.

We are always so very grateful for your donation of any FC related items that are given away during the Saturday afternoon free raffle. Also on Saturday are the large BBQ Hot Dogs and much more, for lunch. Free refreshments daily. One of the best things that happens everyday, is that you are also invited to drive your FC / FleetVan or you might ride in an FC. We have FC-Only groups that cruise to and from breakfast and dinner.

It is important that I mention that our weekend is a very busy time for the Phoenix area, the best weather, Spring Training, and many other events. So book your hotel, before they are sold out. The nearby Grand Canyon University, (GCU Hotel on the internet) is the favorite. The 502 Hotel is now closed down. There are other hotels along the NW light rail route that comes from the Phoenix international Airport. Call me for transportation from the Montebello / 19th Ave. light rail terminal stop and for more information about anything, contact me.

Jesse Ybarra 602 321-3675 m677jeep@cs.com

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Cross Greenland This Spring

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Seth shared this unusual opportunity. This Spring a group is crossing Greenland. The event is auctioning off a seat. The price starts at a meager $25k. Learn more on eBay



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1951 DeAnza Trail Jeep Cavalcade

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1951-07-motortrend-jeep-gymkhana-calvacade-pg1-1The May 1951 issue of Motor Trend captured the 3rd Annual DeAnza Trail Jeep Cavalcade. The author, Ernest Reshovsky, titled the article “Jeep Gymkhana”, possibly attempting to reference timed automobile or equestrian contents designed to test driving skill, though to my knowledge the Cavalcade was not a timed event.

1951-07-motortrend-jeep-gymkhana-calvacade-title1951-07-motortrend-jeep-gymkhana-calvacade-text-lores 1951-07-motortrend-jeep-gymkhana-calvacade-pg1-2 1951-07-motortrend-jeep-gymkhana-calvacade-pg1-3



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Willys Rally May 18th-20th

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Casey shared this followup reminder about the Willys Rally. They expect a bigger crowd this year due to the recent JP Magazine article.


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Registration for the Bantam Festival Opens Jan 10th

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The Bantam Festival will be opening its registration on January 10th. New events this year include a Jeep pull (pulling weighted sled), Jeep decorating, an Invasion after party, some games of Jeepardy, and more.


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27th Arizona Military Vehicle Show Jan 27-28

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Tired of the cold? Maybe you should head for Arizona and the 27th Arizona Military Vehicle show January 27th – 28th in Tempe. Our own Joe-in-Mesa will be there with his GPW. The event is sponsored by the Arizona Military Vehicle Collectors Club (AMVCC).


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2018 Toledo Jeep Fest Aug 10-12

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Jerry Huber let me know that they got a kick start on the 2018 Jeep Fest today: online registration for Participants and Vendors is now active! In addition, this year’s Toledo Jeep Fest will expand from one day to three days. Big crowds are expected. You can learn more here:


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Four Wheeler Article on the Annual Willys Moab Rally

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Pete forwarded Traci Clark’s article, which includes videos, on the Annual Willys Moab Rally, which enters its ninth year in 2018 (May 18-20). I’ve been wanted to attend for some time, but conflicts have prevented it. And, I’ll miss it again this year as I’ll be at the Midwest Willys Reunion in May.



PHOTO CREDIT: Traci Clark and Four Wheeler Network

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Willys-Am Tegernsee’s Fall Jeep Trip

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CeePee and the Willys Am Tegernsee group enjoyed a beautiful Fall drive through Bavaria. You can see all the photos here: http://www.willys-am-tegernsee.de/?p=2041

CeePee writes, “With some of the most beautiful kind of Bavarian weather we had a great day of jeeping in fall.

Together with some of the finest jeeping people we had everything to make it such an extraordinary day!

Jörg, the photographer, who made those great pictures on our summer convention – despite all the rain – joined us for the whole trip this time. Thanks to his great skills, I‘m able to share these fantastic impressions with you.

After 1300 kilometers round trip to join us on our tour Gero impressed me, when he said: Every single kilometer was worth it coming! Thank you, Gero!

The trip took us along the Tegernsee, over the Achenpass, then to a stop on the Sylventeinstaumauer, Wallgau, with a sensational view of the Zugspitze Massif. We went took a sensational drive to the Walchensee filled with the most beautiful autumn color, then onward with a journey through the Jachenau. The last few miles were driven to Tölz under the direction of the local guide Martin. The premium parking lots in front of the Jailhouse were already reserved by Peter, where we enjoyed a meal of spare ribs and hamburgers. Thankfully there was no rain, so we had lots of opportunity for jeep talk.

A great day, which put that special smile on everone‘s face! We‘ll keep‘em rolling!”

– CeePee
2017-fall-tegernsee1 2017-fall-tegernsee2 2017-fall-tegernsee3 2017-fall-tegernsee4 2017-fall-tegernsee5

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Photos From the 2017 Mason-Dixon Willys Jeep Gathering

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I feel like I have seen these two jeeps somewhere recently ….

Thanks to Gray and Dave for sharing photos form the 2017 Mason-Dixon Willys Jeep Gathering on Sunday. The weather was perfect and both reported they had a good time.

Dave noted, “Great show on a beautiful day, though a bit warm for the end of October in these parts. I didn’t do any counting but, I’m estimating around 10-12 used parts vendors with everything imaginable related to cjs, trucks, and wagons, and around 40-50 jeep vehicles including civilian cjs, the trucks, wagons, FC, Jeepster guys and, the military vehicle group that included a military wrecker, a WWII deuce and several jeeps. All in all, this is a great show that gets better each year. Thanks to the Union Mills Homestead site for having us and to Mike for organizing it.”

Gray added, “Such a great show . Lots of parts for sale and everybody was so nice!”

Below are a mix of Dave and Gray’s photos. The first one shows this year’s award winners:



2017-mason-dixon-gray11 2017-mason-dixon-gray12

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