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Weighing the Race Jeep

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The site/internet was really slow last night, so I only have a handful of updates for today.

2024-07-11-race-jeep-weightIt’s been a few days since I’ve been in the shop working on the FC. Things first came to a stand still when Ann’s cousin and his family to drop by for a visit. We all had a good time. The kids wanted a ride in the race jeep, so I zipped around the property with them, which, by the large smiles on their faces, they seemed to enjoy.

On Wed night we discovered one of our calves (spending the summer at a neighbor’s pasture) had gotten pink eye in the same eye that had it last year. So, we spent Thursday morning prepping our chute and corral, then cowboy’d over all three calves to our pasture. The hurt one got an antiobiotic shot in the chute. We ran the other two through the chute for practice (to their credit, they went through pretty easily).

Ann’s cousins left Thursday following our cattle rustling. After a shower (it’s still hot here, so I’ve been sweating tonsl) and a nap, I spent some more time looking through toy haulers, class A and class C motorhomes. We still haven’t decided how much of a rig we want to get (how much will we really use it, how much do we want to spend on upkeep, what’s the most practical, etc). I also wasn’t quite sure how much our tilt trailer and race jeep weigh together. So, yesterday I decided to get them weighed.

It turns out the race jeep weighs 3140lbs
The tilt trailer weighs 3180lbs (10k GVWR)
The truck weighs 7760lbs

We originally bought the dual axle, heavy duty tilt trailer for the tractor and the zero turn mower. That it could tow the race jeep (or be winched onto the trailer) was a bonus. However, if we had the race jeep on an aluminum dual axle trailer (it looks like they run about 1500lbs or less), our total weight would be 4600lbs, allowing most motorhomes to be able to tow the jeep and trailer without modifications (5000lbs max towing capacity seems fairly common).

Ann’s mother’s 27′ class C Forest River motorhome (Ford 4350 chassis) worked fine for our travels, though it was uncomfortable for me to drive at times due to the short seats. We also never towed anything with it. And, the low quality build elments were beginning to show some wear by the time we sold it. So, I’m not in a rush to get a cheap Class C.

Here’s what we do know … We know that when we go east with the FC Tour Jeep, it will be pulled by our truck, either on the tilt or on the three wheeled trailer that came with it. My guess is that the Tour jeep will prob come in around 4500lbs, so with either trailer, I’d plan on the pair weighing 8000lbs.

Beyond that, we can either get a used Class A (preferably with new tires and upgraded suspension parts at the very least). With it, we’d probably return to making some longer spring and fall trips (we plan to sell the breeding cows and switch to just raising a few summer cows … this will give us more freedom);

OR a Class C (if we can’t find the right Class A), which would likely be a cheaper option and likely having us use it locally for a race event;

OR a Toy Hauler, but one that has a 3500 ramp and cargo capacity, which we could tow with the truck.

We hope to make a decision soon, as I’d like to take the race jeep to summer convention this year.

Decisions, decisions.

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1961 Meyer Plow Dealer Brochure & Poster

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This brochure doubled as a dealer poster. When unfolded it measures 22″ x 17″. The brochure is dated 1961, which was several years before the company introduced it’s Orrville produced hardtops.

This is the folded front:


This is the folded back:


The brochure opens vertically, revealing this “Sell Power” page.


The brochure then opens horizontally, revealing this page:


The brochure opens horizontally one more time:


This is how the back looks fully unfolded: Continue reading

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1970 Jeep Corp General Products Brochure on eBay

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The Jeep Corporation General Products Division eventually became AM General. This 1970 brochure showcases a variety of vehicles offered, but also included a brief history, including a few diagrams of FJs. However, they mislabeled an FJ-3 as an FJ-3A. Also, it’s nice to see the difference between an FJ-6 and an FJ-6A.

View the whole brochure here (for sale for $99).

Here’s the FJ page, including a closeup:



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Hotchkiss CJ-3B Brochures

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UPDATE II: A big thanks to Graham for sharing this early brochure on the Hotchkiss licensed CJ-3B for the growing Hotchkiss CJ-3B thread.

1950s-hotckiss-cj3b-brochure-graham6 1950s-hotckiss-cj3b-brochure-graham7 1950s-hotckiss-cj3b-brochure-graham8 1950s-hotckiss-cj3b-brochure-graham9


UPDATE (Originally posted in Feb 2020): I’ve combined multiple Hotchkiss brochures into one post, along with some better pics.

1. This first brochure might be the earliest? I only have the front page. It was posted to eBay back in 2020:

“A rare original Hotchkiss Willys Jeep brochure undated c1950’s with French text. Brochure is very small format 4pp fold out illus in line drawings, no photos and is in very good condition.”

2. This Hotchkiss CJ-3B brochure appears to have been made in coordination with the Willys-Overland Export company, as some of the imagery and design is similar. Given the CJ-3B was considered the “New Jeep”, I’d say this brochure must have been published in 1953. Note the engine.

Below is the French version of the brochure, which is on eBay. The one below that is one from my collection.


3. Now, compare the one above to the one below. As you can see, there are similarities and differences:

Scannable Document

Continue reading

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1951? Truck Postcard on eBay

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Based on the grille, I’m guessing this one is from 1951. Is there any other advertising describing the truck as a “Jumbo pick-up”?

View all the information on eBay


1951-truck-postcard1 1951-truck-postcard2

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1945 Photo of Jeeps in Vienna on eBay

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This Signal Corps photo dated November 27, 1945, shows jeeps following the additions of hardtop and likely other winterization changes.

View all the information on eBay

“PHOTO CAPTION: Jeeps are lined up after the winterizing process at the Stayr plant in Vienna, Austria. 11/27/45.”

1945-11-27-vienna-austria-jeeps1 1945-11-27-vienna-austria-jeeps2 1945-11-27-vienna-austria-jeeps3

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1957? Jeep Parts Postcard on eBay $4.97

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1958ish-jeep-parts-postcard1 1958ish-jeep-parts-postcard2This rarely available postcard popped up on eBay the other day. Given the grilles on the wagon and truck, plus the FC-170 pictured, I’d say this is a late 1957 postcard.

View all the information on eBay

“ITEM: c1950 Jeep “PARTS” – Original Car Dealer Sales Brochure / Card
DIMENSIONS: About 8 x 5 inches having 1 pages.”

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FC Update

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Progress continues on the FC, though if feels at a snails pace at times. I was near done running wires, but then decided to wire the main electric fan the correct way by installing a relay setup. I also decided to install the somewhat vintage Sun tachometer onto the left corner of the dash (in an existing hole), as it would be good to see the RPMs for when the transmission shifts. The brake lines, the speedometer cable, and all the wires from underneath the cab come up through two holes, so that should help clean up the look of the driver’s side.

I looked into solid state blinker setups, but haven’t found one that fits my needs. I may just go with the old school round flashers.

Here’s a pic of the dash. The spaghetti is laid in place to be cleaned up once all the wires are in their respective locations.

Below is the e-stopp parking brake installed, with the redone gas line just above it. I will be dropping that one high spot in the gas line, but, over all, I think this setup will work just fine. I’ve tried to leave space for the forthcoming mounting bracket for the rear cage & platform.


This phot shows the installed rear light switch, with the initiating bracket bolted to the shifter bracket. The wiring to/from the brake light still needs to be secured and won’t be laying on the front drive line as pictured! Everything fits well in there.


Finally, just for kicks, we finally mounted Ann’s sign. It looks great, though I think the “bunkhouse” should probably be renamed the “paint studio”, as Ann mostly uses it to work on her canvas paintings.


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1957? Willys Export Family Model Line

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I snagged this rare 40+ page  brochure off of eBay. I am guessing that this was printed before the FC-170 was introduced in the summer of 1957, because the FC-170 page was a drop in page without a page number.

One aspect of this I found interesting was that the brochure leads off with the CJ-3B, which wasn’t something happening in the US domestic brochures, where the CJ-5 was more likely to be published first. Also, the last page shows an “Authorized Service & Genuine Parks logo I can’t remember seeing on brochures or signs.

Finally, these scans aren’t quite as nice as others I have done. The scanning app I was using was forcing me to begin paying a monthly fee of $10/mo and I wasn’t interested in doing that, so I’ve been experimenting with other scanning apps, but having found anything that thrills me yet.

1957-willys-export-jeep-model-line-brochure01-lores 1957-willys-export-jeep-model-line-brochure02-lores 1957-willys-export-jeep-model-line-brochure03-lores 1957-willys-export-jeep-model-line-brochure04-lores

Continue reading

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1957 Willys Export Service Station Brochure

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I accomplished a good deal of wiring yesterday, with more to do. We got a 7-day heatwave (+100 temps) coming in a couple of days, so I’m going to try to get as much done as I can before the shop is too warm.

I won this service station brochure off of ebay. I’d never seen another one. The folded brochure measures 11″x4.5″, then folds out to 22″x17″. The Form Number is SF-11-57-X.

Here’s the front of the unopened brochure.


Here is the back:


The brochure opens vertically first:


It then opens horizontally:


Part of the brochure then folds down to reveal this fully opened page: Continue reading

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Pike’s Peak Jeep Posse Envelope on eBay

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The current price for this is $19.99. Some nice bit of art. It’s the first I’ve heard of the Pike’s Peak Jeep Posse.

View all the information on eBay


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Auburn FC Truck and Trailer in Box on eBay

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Andy shared this rare still-in-box toy. It is currently sitting at $75.

View all the information on eBay

“Vintage 1950’s Auburn Truck & Camper  Set With Accessories. New in Box.”

auburn-truck-camp-trailer-set2 auburn-truck-camp-trailer-set3 auburn-truck-camp-trailer-set4

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Unusual DJ-3A Hardtop Modification

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Tim shared this pic on Facebook (not for sale). It shows a jeep with a DJ-3A body and, possibly, a CJ-5 hardtop, both with a custom extension, atop a four wheel drive chassis. He plans to talk to the owner to learn more about it.


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1958 Jeep Race Video from Europe (Belgium)

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UPDATE II: Am busy, so thought I’d rerun this video. All brackets finished for the eBrake and fuel pump. More wires wired. Solenoids purchased and ready to be installed with new wiring plan. Ann *should* be less busy this week, which will give me more time. Hard to believe we are at the half-way point for 2024!!!


UPDATE from Dec 12, 2020: According to Jordi, this Spanish language news film describes a jeep race in Belgium.

No helmets, no safety equipment … craziness! This video from Europe shows some gutsy folks running WWII jeeps hard through the mud. (if the video embed doesn’t work, go here).

Rodes i fang 1958 from Peter G Mozzone on Vimeo.

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Wiring Video for Beginners

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I was looking for an answer to a question when this “HotRod | Race Car | Drift Car Wiring for Beginners” video popped up. It seems like a real useful video and it is making me consider adopting a couple of ideas.

For example, currently there is no solenoid within the electrical system (I was just going to redo what was already there). But, the solenoid makes sense (and maybe two make sense), but now I have to figure out where to put the solenoid(s). My current plan would be to put them on the passenger side of the rear inside the dog house. That would be close to the battery and the starter, so I wouldn’t have to run the starter cables such a long distance. Anyway, still thinking through that ….

Also, in the current electrical design, there was no safety switch (meaning to force the FC to only start in Park or Neutral). This seems like a pretty good idea to have. But, my shifter (late 1960s Dodge A100 shifter) doesn’t have one installed. Nor was there anything installed on the TH350 transmission. However, Lokar makes a solution that can be adapted to a TH350 (and other trannys). The limitation of the Lokar is that you can choose to have a safety switch or a reverse light switch, but not both. That got me on a tangent of wondering if I could also add a backup light switch to that setup.

Another idea I had was to build a custom bracket and install a Chev brake light switch on it that would fit in the front of the shifter. So, when the shifter was in Park, the switch would be pushed in, allowing the ignition voltage to pass through. But, it would only be setup to start in Park (maybe that isn’t a big deal). Then, I’d use the Lokar at the transmission to control the reverse lights.

Anyway, check out the video. I thought it was good. (note that the wire he has going from the alternator to the fuse box via a diode goes, on my set up, to the tach … so I don’t think the feedback he experienced would be an issue??).

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1960s(?) Australian CJ-6 Brochure on eBay

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This wants about $53 (plus shipping) for this brochure. One edge is rough. It appears the brochure unfolds twice. The two pics below show both sides completely unfolded.

View all the information on eBay

“1960’s WILLYS CJ-6 Australian Sales Brochure. VERY RARE. Includes Ute Wagon & Soft Top. Very few CJ-6’s were manufactured in Australia ( perhaps 1000 ). Super rare brochure.   Four A4 pages that fold out to poster. Suit Framing.”

cj6-brochure-australia-2 cj6-brochure-australia-1

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Post Card FC Tour Jeep Camp Bird Mine Overlook

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I picked up this postcard on eBay. It looks to be Craig’s tour jeep.

fc-tour-jeep-camp-bird-mine1 fc-tour-jeep-camp-bird-mine2

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Yellow-Background Approved Willys Service Signs

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UPDATE: Thanks to Mark for sharing images of his yellow Approved Willys Service sign. That makes three known yellow signs.

As Barney notes in the comments, “Mark said he believed the signs were made using old, solid patio table tops, thus explaining the center hole filled with a bolt. Now we know of 3 and also a more plausible explanation than mine above. It is a cool sign for the price and well built.
Griffith sign 1

Griffith sign 2


UPDATE: Originally published May 20, 2024:  Barney Goodwin from Barney’s Jeep Parts just purchased this yellow Approved Willys Service sign, which is similar in colors, content and styling to a sign posted on eWillys back in 2020 (see bottom of post). Does anyone have any history behind these unusual service signs. Barney noted that on the back of his it references Chicago if that’s any help.

Barney added, “This sign is made of heavy gauge steel . It is not flimsy like an import. The edges are rolled and there is a weathered support plank on the back as shown. The rolled edge is painted black. There is stenciling on the back with perhaps a product number For Willys Overland by a Chicago contractor.”

5 18 24 A 5 18 24 D 5 18 24 E 5 18 24 F


UPDATE **SOLD** Was originally posted August 26, 2020.

Roger Martin spotted this unusual Willys Service Sign at a Portland, Indiana, Tractor show today. If you are interested in the sign, we can get you the seller’s p#.


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2024 Southwest Ohio FC Gathering July 26-28

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UPDATE: Next month is Roger’s FC event.

The 10th Annual Southwest Ohio Jeep FC Gathering & Swap Meet will be held July 26-28.

If you are interested in attending, contact Roger or Sharon for more info:
Roger and Sharon Martin’s Place
1905 Roxanna New Burlington Road Waynesville, OH 45068
937-477-5270 rogerjm55 @gmail.com2022-southwest-ohio-fc-event94

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CJ-3B Page Update on the Gold Hong Kong Surrey

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Derek Redmond has updated the “Gold Jeeps of 1961” page with new information on the Surrey that was painted gold for the 1961 Chicago Auto Show.



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1955 Article on Uranium Mining Includes Jeeps

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UPDATE: This was originally posted back in January of 2020:

This August 1955 article in Popular Mechanics includes 2 CJ-5s. It took a nuclear scientist to locate the article (long story), but it dove tails nicely off yesterday’s Willys News post that included an article on uranium mining (last page of Willys News) about these two prospectors.


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1952 Custom Wagon Fortuna, CA $11,500

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UPDATE: Price dropped to $11,500.

(04/12/2013) It reminds me of the San Juan Scenic Jeep Tour wagons.

“Willys 2 door wagon converted to Surry. 4cyl. F engine 4×4 converted to12v. 3 speed overdrive new tires needs nothing. Also comes with rear enclosure for back that matches top. Very fun always garaged. Price is O.B.O. will accept best cash offer. if its posted its for sake no b.s. no tirekickers”


1952-wagon-covertible-fortuna-ca1 1952-wagon-covertible-fortuna-ca2 1952-wagon-covertible-fortuna-ca3 1952-wagon-covertible-fortuna-ca4 1952-wagon-covertible-fortuna-ca5

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Country Jacuzzi

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I spent the last two days rewiring the switch and control boxes. That turned out fine, but the well pump is still only responding in bits. I believe it to be the well pump itself. So, on Monday I’ll be getting the pump folks out here.

Meanwhile, we initiated operation pasture-water-to-garden-system. Well, that might not have the best mission title, we did successfully tap into an irrigation line we weren’t using anymore and use it to push water to our garden watering systems. This will make our watering tasks much simplified again (and by “our” I mean Ann’s).

Here’s the manifold I built today. This irrigation junction used to water a portion of the pasture with unground sprinklers, but we removed that line of sprinklers in favor of a pod watering system, which we like.


Here is where the hoses are going:


And, as you can see, all that work is worth while, because Ann gets to use her Country Jacuzzi (aka a cattle trough). Losing the water hasn’t all bad 🙂


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Getting Pumped …

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Oh joy of joys! Yesterday our well pump stopped working. I called the pump service folks to diagnose the issue, but they couldn’t get me on the schedule until Tuesday. Ugh.

So, instead of working the FC, or anything else, I have been taking crash courses in learning how the our well pump system works (thank YouTube) at the wiring/capacitor/relay/switch level. After exploring the box with my voltmeter, in the pump control box I diagnosed a bad capacitor, so that was progress, but couldn’t readily locate one near me for sale, so I ended up buying a new pump control box and rewiring it in place. That went well (unintended pun). The pump started, but doesn’t continue running (starting the pump differs from running the pump amperage wise).

My next idea was to check out the box below the pump. It contained two switches, controlled by different mechanisms, that turns on and off the electricity to the pump control box. It’s a box I’ve never opened (never needed to open). I was pretty shocked at the condition of the connectors; the leads are corroded and/or bad (see closeup). It may be the case that the corrosion is effecting the ability to feed the pump with enough amperage. So, Friday morning’s task is to locate new switches, then redo the wiring in the box. Fingers crossed this works!

Thankfully, we have access to the neighbor’s well, via multiple hoses, so we can fill pots with water, keep our cows watered, and water the garden.


Upper right box is the new one (cover off). Lower left box is the next project.



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No Updates for a Few More Days

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Continued progress …

While much of the nation is getting hotter, our Pac Northwest weather is absolutely beautiful, with highs in the low 70s to high 80s over the next week. I’m making good progress on the Tour Jeep, so will focus on that rather than eWillys updates for the remainder of the week. Moreover, our internet has been dogged with slow download speeds all day; not sure why that is.

I had hoped to get to the brakes over the weekend, but instead of receiving a braking flaring kit, I was sent a refrigeration flaring kit. The difference is the refrigeration kit doesn’t include the parts to make double or bubble flares. So, I set that kit back and ordered another one. I hope to address the brakes Tuesday afternoon.

One thing I realized I didn’t have was a wiring schematic for an FC-170. I found a couple things online, but not what I was hoping to find. Then I remembered that back in 2013 I won a printed FC-170 schematic sign. So, that FC-Roundup door prize finally came in handy!


Once the wire weave arrives, I’ll be able to finally run the wiring. So, hopefully by later this week I’ll have most of the wiring in place.