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Rotabuggy Test Documents on eBay

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It seems a shame that these documents are released for public consumption. The price on these is quite high. It looks like the earliest tests on the theory of the Rotabuggy occurred in August of 1941, which is earlier than I would have thought.

View all the information on eBay

“1941 to 1944 – Original RAF confidential and restricted file of the most bizarre World War II invention, a “flying jeep”, which became known as “Hafner Rotabbugy”, or “Hafner Gyroplane” in honour of his chief inventor Raoul Hafner (1905-1980), Austrian born British helicopter pioneer and engineer, known for his major contributions to the aerospace industry.”


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Snow Plow Setup

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Anyone know who manufactured this snow plow setup?Charles wrote me to ask,

“I purchased a CJ3A that has a double acting hydraulic valve. Engine runs Hy Lo pump that runs thru valve to power up and down and side to side. It also has a rod that runs out front of hood that you can raise and lower plow for hooking it up from outside. Seen one? Manufacturer?”


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Hoosier Machine Products’ Jeep Conversion Kits

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In the early 1960s, Hoosier Machine Products out of Pendleton, Oregon, (just an hour south of me) began selling conversion kits for jeeps. The company’s kits allowed the repowering of jeeps using Ford, Chef, GMC, Mercury, Dodge, Studebaker and Pontiac engines. That’s a pretty impressive, wide range of options, especially for a company out of Pendleton, which was pretty remote at the time. But, given the long distances Pendleton owner’s jeeps had to travel to reach other towns and the existence of the nearby, steep Blue Mountains, which provided endless jeeping possibilities, perhaps there was a reason Pendleton jeeps need more power?

Also, a big thanks go to Maury for spotted this brochure for me!

1964-08-18-hoosier-machine-pendleton-brochure1 1964-08-18-hoosier-machine-pendleton-brochure2

1964-08-18-hoosier-machine-pendleton-brochure7 1964-08-18-hoosier-machine-pendleton-brochure8

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Palamino Roof 60 Mower Reproduction Manuals on eBay

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UPDATE: Currently on eBay there’s a reproduction Instruction Manual and Engine/Parts Manual for the Roof Palomino Model 60 Mower. 

The Roof Palomino Instruction manual:

View all the information on ebay

roof-palomino-lawnmower-pages0-lores roof-palomino-lawnmower-pages1-lores roof-palomino-lawnmower-pages2-lores


Roof Palomino 60 Operations Engien and Parts Manual:

View all the information on eBay



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Roof Palomino Mower Greeneville, TN $6800

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Haven’t seen one of these for sale in a while. No mention of the mower parts.


“It is time for me to sell my Roof Palomino. It was restored several years ago and still looks good. It is located in Greeneville, Tn. I am asking $6800.00.”
roof-palomino-tn3 roof-palomino-tn4


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Mobile Coffee — CJ-3B Beans in London

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Carlos Torres opened a mobile coffee stand in London using a CJ-3B that he rebuilt into a mobile coffee stand like those he’d seen in his native Colombia. He also offers tailor-made “Colombian Experience” packages where he’ll provide the mobile coffee jeep plus salsa dancers, live music, and more. If you are in London, make sure to hunt down his jeep and get a proper cup of Colombian coffee! You can learn more at these links:

  1. At the CJ-3B Page: http://cj3b.info/World/ColombiaPortland.html
  2. On his website: http://www.cj3beans.com/
  3. On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CJ3-Beans-202254626980769/

cj3b-beans-mobile-coffee-london4 cj3b-beans-mobile-coffee-london3 cj3b-beans-mobile-coffee-london1 cj3b-beans-mobile-coffee-london2


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Carroll Shelby Video

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Ann’s cousin’s name is Shelby, named for Carroll Shelby. Apparently, they are distant cousins. Yesterday, Shelby (the cousin) made a reference to a new movie trailer, Ford Vs. Ferrari, on Facebook. So, I checked out the trailer ….

I was never a big car guy and never knew much about Shelby (neither the cars nor the designer), but after watching the trailer, I thought the movie could be a good one.

At the trailer’s end, youtube automatically flipped to another video. It just happened to be a video of Carroll Shelby in his own words. It it he very succinctly explains his life, including the period captured by the movie when he was asked to build turn a “mom’s car” into a sports car. It’s twenty-two minutes, but worth a view in my opinion.

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Ted’s Handy Yard & Boom Jeep

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Ted shared a couple pics of his CJ-2A with a boom/rear winch assembly.

“Did a major yard cleanup — scrap iron haul after a dreary wet flooded basement winter here. The freezer is a 1948 IH that I hauled out of my basement with the boom and rear winch setup. Worked well except the damn freezer weighed a lot and had the front of the Jeep teetering a bit once out in yard on uneven ground. Gonna have to put a little counter weight out front next time!! Works great and is a big help around the yard picking stuff up pulling motors, and body’s etc. That 46 is my wheeler/yard Jeep with four speed, original flat head, overdrive, rear pto winch and old school warn front winch. Crawl ratio with the 5:38s and four speed is about 95 to one; Painfully slow on road but off road it’s unstoppable.”

2019-06-02-ted-yard-cleanup-boom-31 2019-06-02-ted-yard-cleanup-boom-32 2019-06-02-ted-yard-cleanup-boom-3

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Dualmatic Selective Drive Brochure

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I’m way behind on my document scans. I thought I’d catch up today, but between our search for a new bed (Ann’s back is giving her issues) and the fact that Ann accidentally left the plastic bbq brush (why???) in the bbq, which melted into an ugly mess when I turned on the bbq, forcing me to clean the whole thing, all meant that I didn’t have time once again for scans.

Anyhow, here’s the promised Dualmatic brochure. The brochure is directly and has some stains, so they aren’t the best scans. But, they’ll do for now.

dualmatic-hub-brochure-lores1 dualmatic-hub-brochure-lores2 dualmatic-hub-brochure-lores3 dualmatic-hub-brochure-lores4

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A Few Pics from Charles

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Charles is currently vacationing along the Belgian coast. During his trip he spotted these photos on the window of a shop. He noted that “the advertisment NESCAFE on the jeep is belgian coffee – first one liberation of Belgium.”




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Mounting a Hi-Lift Jack

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Running out of room to store your Hi-Lift jack? Tom spotted this creative solution.


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Saturday @ The Willys Jeep Rally

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(Ooops … I meant this to appear on Sunday morning)
Tom Payne and Roger Martin both share some pics from Saturday’s Willys Jeep Rally at Heuston Woods in Ohio.

The first two are from Tom. This one is John Ittel’s CJ-3B:

And this CJ-6 has a Willys industrial powered air compressor in the back:


Roger sent these pictures. According to Rick Riley (the owner), this cool vehicle is a “1979” C-o-m-a-n-d-o (one M) manufactured in Spain. He purchased it from an ex-military gentleman who was stationed in Sicily. When his tour of duty was up in 2006, he had the Comando shipped to the Norfolk VA. The vehicle was stored and not in service from then until Rick purchased it in 2019. The engine is a four-cylinder Perkins, four-speed transmission, full floating rear differential, Model 30 closed knuckle front and 488 gears. It is similar to the U.S. version of this body style Commando which ended in 1971, but there are many large and small differences between the two versions.

willys-rally-hueston-woods-day2-22 willys-rally-hueston-woods-day2-26

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Willys Am Tegernsee’s

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This year’s Willys Am Tegernsee convention in Bavaria will be July 13, 2019, I’m still hoping to attend this some day.



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1950 Ad Promoting a New Willys-Overland Dealer

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This December 29, 1950, ad in the Evening Star promoted Sligo Motors, Inc, a new Willys-Overland dealer. Note the Willys-Overland service sign in the lower left corner. I don’t think I’ve seen that one.


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Jerry Can Holder Patent

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J.F. Evans filed a patent for holding and locking Jerry cans on October 27, 1959. The objectives were to create a simple, accessible, yet secure manner of carrying a water or gas container.


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Some Assembly Required

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Over the last couple of days I’ve been sorting through Rusty’s parts and putting it back together so its easier to ship (It sold this week). It almost looks like a real jeep again. I started with the bare frame that Ann and I cleaned up prior to the Alaska trip in 2017.


I thought it would be easiest if I reinstalled the engine and tranny and gas tank for transport.IMG_9633

With the powertrain installed, the body and front clip went together pretty easily. The parts have been sorted and boxed. It’s just about ready to go. IMG_9635

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‘Jeep’ Badge T-Shirts

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Tom wanted to have some t-shirts made with the design below on it. He’s wondering if anyone else would like some as well?

The price is $20 per shirt plus USPS priority shipping of $7.35 (shipping is the same for one or two shirts $27.35 or $47.35 for two shirts). If you are interested, you can either comment below or email Tom at Lsi24 @ msn.com (remove the spaces around the @). He expects to have about 40 available for sale.

The t-shirts would be a white Hanes Beefy shirt that is 100% cotton with a pocket. The vintage logos are based on the 1950 ‘jeep badge’ logo seen in a few ads. He’s only making a few and doesn’t plan on selling them anywhere else. The below are mock ups, so they aren’t quite exactly what you’ll get.


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1949 Ad for the ‘Jeep’ Panel Delivery Wagon

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This ad appeared in the Marion Progress out of North Carolina on February 10, 1949.


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CJ-5 VIN Sticker Reproductions $50

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Bear Creek has now stopped producing reproduction Jeep VIN stickers for jeeps 1969-1975. To fill that gap, Maury has developed templates and a printing process capable of reproducing them. If you’d have questions or would like to order a VIN sticker, you can contact Maury through early CJ-5 site or contact him directly at snoopy2x @ gmail.com (there are spaces around the @ to reduce spamming).

You can learn more about what he’s doing and how the pricing works here:


Here’s an example of a new sticker (on the left) overlaid with the original sticker (on the right).


Here’s another example of an old sticker (top) and a new sticker (bottom). cj5-vin-stickers-reproductions

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Willys Makes Sense Campaign

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

UPDATE: I ran across another large Willys Makes Sense ad in the February 13, 1951, issue of the Evening Star newspaper that differed from the others.



Original Post: May 21, 2019:


In 1950, Willys-Overland launched a Willys Makes Sense advertising campaign. Unlike past campaigns, such as the 1948 City and City ads, which were about encouraging the sales of wagons and positioning the wagon as a luxury vehicle, the Willys Makes Sense appears to have been organized to re-imagine how the public should view the brand.

Before I get too deeply into this, I’d like to note that the way I’d prefer to write this article is to document specific reasons behind Willys-Overland’s decision to make such a big change. Unfortunately, I don’t have access to enough financial material as I’d like (especially annual reports). So, conjecture and theory will have to do for now.

BACKGROUND: After WWII, pent up demand meant lots of sales for automakers. That could explain, in part, why post-war sales were pretty good for Willys-Overland. For example, sales increased from almost 79,000 jeeps in 1946 to 159,000 jeeps in 1948. But, in 1949, sales plunged to almost half, coming in at 86,000. I don’t have details into why sales dropped so much, but likely parts or material shortages or labor disputes could have had an impact. Certainly, the recession of late 1948 – late 1949 didn’t help sales at all!

Future sales might not have looked too good for 1950 and beyond either. As of 1950 the US produced 76% of automobiles, but given the post-war rebuilding/resurging of industry world-wide, I expect automakers must have realized that international competition would return soon (by 1955 US market share would drop to 67%). This may have stimulated management to clean up their branding as soon as possible to protect against increasing competition (remember that Willys-Overland had expected to sell 25% of their autos internationally, based on the 1946 Fortunate Magazine article).

Another issue Willys-Overland was facing was that going into 1950 the company still didn’t have a registered trademark for the term JEEP (wouldn’t get it until June of 1950). Added to that, the company was not only producing 4WD 1/4 ton jeeps, trucks, and wagons, but also 2WD trucks, wagons, Jeepsters, and an upcoming automobile. Such a portfolio of non-4WD vehicles must have concerned management that it wasn’t just a “jeep” company; so the challenge of how the company should represent itself to dealers and consumers had to have become an issue.

Finally, in a similar vein, up until 1950, the company had been positioning itself as the ‘Jeep’ company, with ads that emphasized the Universal ‘Jeep’, the ‘Jeep’ Truck and the ‘Jeep’ Wagon. Perhaps with the introduction of the Jeepster (note that the company did not call it the ‘Jeep’ Jeepster nor was there any ‘Jeep’ branding on the introductory brochure), the branding issue must have really came to a head. Because of the entrenched nature of Willys-Overland’s efforts to become ‘Jeep’, management may have felt that a company-wide retooling of the  company’s branding was in order.

Perhaps one, two, or all of these issues resulted in the 1950 rebrand of the company as a WILLYS manufacturer with a wide range of 2WD and 4WD vehicles for sale. (For a look back at 1952, see Derek’s post “When the CJ-3B Was New“).


Willys-Overland began 1950 with an ad that felt similar to past ads, but excluded the ‘Jeep’ brand. For example, in January of 1950 Willys published this ad in the Saturday Evening Post. Note the reference to ‘Jeep’ has been replaced with a small ‘Jeep’ badge.


January 07, 1950, ad in the Saturday Evening Post

As did Colliers Magazine on January 21, 1950:


In March of 1950, Willys-Overland published an issue of Salesbuilder. Like the name indicates, it was a magazine produced to help educate the sales force. There’s no evidence of ‘Jeep’ anywhere on any of the pages (apparently, I haven’t published either of my 1950 Salesbuilder magazines … that will happen in the next few days). 

By April 1950, the ‘Jeep’ badge and brand was gone from magazine ads altogether. This was especially noticeable on the introduction of the Willys Hurricane engine, as that power plant would be installed in upcoming 4WD jeeps as well as the 2WD vehicles.


April 22, 1950, issue of the Saturday Evening Post

Even the truck ads had the ‘Jeep’ Truck branding removed:


May 06, 1950, issue of the Saturday Evening Post

So, even before Willys-Overland launched its Willys Makes Sense campaign, the company had begun shifting its advertising away from ‘Jeep’ and toward WILLYS.


The earliest documents I can find for the Willys Make Sense campaign were dealer-related training documents printed in June of 1950. Throughout these documents you’d have to search to find ‘Jeep” anywhere.This first one


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Postcard of Holland with Soldiers and Jeep on eBay

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This seems like an odd postcard, but maybe I’m missing something?

View all the information on eBay




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Dinky Jeep and Champ Surrey, BC, Canada $75

• CATEGORIES: Features, toys

Jon share this ad of an aspiring music student selling these Dinky toys. This is the closest I want to come to owning an Austin Champ again!


dinky-toys-champ-jeep1 dinky-toys-champ-jeep2 dinky-toys-champ-jeep3 dinky-toys-champ-jeep4

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Salesbuilder Magazines

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Willys-Overland began publishing the Salesbuilder magazines in July of 1948 with the announcement of the Jeepster. The Salesbuilder supplanted the W-O Sales News magazine. According to a small blurb on Google (I can’t read the whole reference), the Salesbuilder was part fo the effort to push the Jeepster.

I own a couple of Salesbuilder magazines, but those are the only ones I’ve seen. Below is a series of covers that I’ve been able to document so far. I’d like to find more.

As far as I know, Salesbuilder issues were published between July of 1948 and as late as August of 1951. By early 1954 (possibly January), Kaiser Willys had shuttered the magazine format for a newspaper format (see the March 1954, volume 1, issue 2 at the bottom of this post).

July 1948:



March 03, 1950:


November 1950:


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Frédéric’s Ma Jeep Toy Collection

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Frédéric shared some pics of his “Ma Jeep” toy collection. He’s even got the original box. That’s a neat set!
ma-jeep-france-collection1 ma-jeep-france-collection2 ma-jeep-france-collection3


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1949 Newspaper Ad for the CJ-3A

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This newspaper was featured in the August 11, 1949, issue of the North Carolina Marion Progress Newspaper. Bristol’s Auto Service published several jeep-related ads, including this one.