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1960ish Toledo Made ‘Jeep’ Vehicles Brochure on eBay

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The four page brochure on the right is one I haven’t seen previously. Given the vehicle outlines shown in the second pic, I’d put this at around 1960. If I didn’t already own the Jeepster brochure on the left, I’d get this combo.

View all the information on eBay

1958-1959-brochure-willys-toledo-world1 1958-1959-brochure-willys-toledo-world2

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1968 Postcard of Tour Jeep in Virgin Islands

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I just purchased this Tour Jeep postcard off of eBay that shows an FC-170 tour jeep in the Virgin Islands in 1968. I searched for additional information on FC jeeps in the Virgin Islands, without success.

Back in 1987 (like 10 lifetimes ago!) I toured St. Thomas in a tiny Suzuki Samarai and in the back of a taxi. The FC would have been a much cooler way to see the island.


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1978 Hinkle’s Sales Brochure

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

The Clemson 4-Wheeler Center shared this vintage 1978 Hinkle’s brochure. Hinkle’s billed themselves as the world’s largest jeep dealer.

The center seats shown on page 9 for the CJs was something I don’t think I’ve seen. I also thought it was interesting that the company listed X-style and PCV-style Desert Dogs, but not the standard type.

1978-hinkles-jeep-parts-pickens-sc-brochure02 1978-hinkles-jeep-parts-pickens-sc-brochure01 1978-hinkles-jeep-parts-pickens-sc-brochure0 1978-hinkles-jeep-parts-pickens-sc-brochure1

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CJ-3A Fire Jeep Photos on eBay

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UPDATE: These three General Electric Fire Jeep CJ-3A photos are for sale on eBay.

View all the information on eBay

” 8 x10 images and all in very good condition.”


year-cj3a-fire-jeep-general-electric1 year-cj3a-fire-jeep-general-electric2


Originally Posted May 1, 2013: Marc uncovered these two Fire Jeep Photos

1) This photo was in the Allen County Community LIbrary.

General Electric Company’s new fire jeep loaded with women at the GE gate. The talking dummy and a fire prevention display are on the right. Ladies are unknown. Photo is from a Fire Prevention Book made in 1951.


2) This is on Flickr. Apparently, this photo was taken at the Le May Museum, but we never saw it there.


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Driving a CJ-6 to Parsan, Pakistan

• CATEGORIES: Features, International, videos

Bill shared this fascinating video of a CJ-6 owner in Pakistan attempting to find a part to fix his jeep so he can ferry goods and passengers along a dangerous rode towards a land-locked village in the mountains of Pakistan.

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Buy Your 2023 Holy Toledo Calendar Today $15.99

• CATEGORIES: Features

Bill let me know that the 2023 Holy Toledo Calendar is available for purchase! This year’s calendar includes a wide range of jeeps, from early prototype jeeps into the 1970s with a Brazilian pickup.


2023 Holy Toledo COVER

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UPDATE: Dry Camping This Weekend

• CATEGORIES: Features

UPDATES: 1) Moving the propane tank got delayed until today, so no updates until Wednesday.

2) We are back in the 21st century with running water. Woo hoo! The ‘death’ announcement of the pump was premature on my part, as a toasted electrical part was causing it to appear frozen. Repaired for only $48, the mechanic noted that the rest of the pump was still in excellent shape (despite being 20 years old), so no need to replace it! That’s a win! … 

We are dry camping this weekend … at home!

Yep, our booster water pump seemingly died on Saturday morning (cue the sound of Taps), leaving us with irrigation water (via the well pump), but no house water. Thankfully, we can turn the irrigation well water on and fill up buckets. So, it isn’t the worst situation. But, it is annoying. So, Monday morning we’ll be calling a local pump company.

Meanwhile, on Monday morning we are also supposed to get our propane tank moved (1000 gallon tank), so we will be without propane for at least part of Monday. That will be great, because we have been limiting heat so that we can don’t run out of propane (we are at about 7% which should make moving the tank much easier).

Ann did get some shrubs planted around the bunkhouse, so the work there is almost done for winter.


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Pics from the 2022 Mason-Dixon Willys Jeep Gathering

• CATEGORIES: Event, Features

Merliln shared these Jeepsterman photos posted to Facebook from the Mason-Dixon Willys Jeep Gathering this past weekend. It looks like a beautiful day with a great turnout!

See all the pics here: https://www.facebook.com/eshanson/posts/pfbid027mD3R2pXCREFNMe5hzJ3vSD9qjHA3dBevG2LACr2koQgbEpPgiSBGHMPYX1FfoMBl





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2022 Yipao in New York

• CATEGORIES: Event, Features

Marco Marin shared pics from this year’s 2022 Yipao in New York. The jeeps might not be as piled high with stuff as you’ll find in a Colombian Yipao, but the jeeps still looked excellent.





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Unusual Jeep-looking French EV: La Bagnole

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Mike shared this unusual looking electric vehicle that seems to have been inspired by a jeep. It’s called a La Bagnole, which, according to the article, roughly translates to “Jalopy”.

This vehicle is intended to be a fun trail vehicle. It’s batteries are shaped like jerry cans.






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A Russian Flying Tank?

• CATEGORIES: Features

Got to give credit to WWII Russians who had a bold dream of flying a tank. I can’t believe that didn’t work out, lol! Thanks to Bill for sharing this interesting bit of history.



This scale model of the A-40 shows the enormous size of the wings and tail in comparison to the small tank (Credit: The Tank Museum, Bovington)

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1961, 1963, 1965 Jeepers Jamboree Tags

• CATEGORIES: Event, Features

Jason Pall posted a pic to Facebook of some 1960s Jeeper Jamboree dash tags. Even on California jeeps these aren’t seen too often.



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March 1960 Jeep Multi-Stop Truck Brochure

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

UPDATE: This post was originally posted July 29, 2016:

I finally snagged this “Jeep Multi-Stop Truck” brochure off of eBay. It is only seven pages. There are no details provided about the chassis used, but it does use the F-head.

The date on this proposal is March 1960. The first ad I have for the FJ-3 is in 1961. My guess is that this may have been 1) a competing idea for a cheap delivery vehicle or 2) the basis for what was restyled as the FJ-3. That AM General made a version of the Multi-stop right after jeep’s general and Military product division was spun off (1971) into the AM General Corp likely isn’t a coincidence.

According to some magazines of the day, the FJ was considered a Multi-stop van, so the description was used, though I don’t believe it ever appeared in any advertising.  For example, this 1959 article except from Google notes the following, “office requirements for pickup and delivery of mail on multistop routes . The Fleetvan ” Jeeptrucks , equipped with automatic transmissions , will feature compact cargo space , high maneuverability , maximum driver visibility ”

1960-03-jeep-multi-stop-brochure03-lores 1960-03-jeep-multi-stop-brochure04-lores 1960-03-jeep-multi-stop-brochure05-lores1960-03-jeep-multi-stop-brochure06-lores

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Fall Colors Ride at Tar Hollow State Park

• CATEGORIES: Event, Features

Roger Martin shared some pics from this past weekend’s Fall colors ride at Tar Hollow State Park in Ohio.

It’s a great excuse to enjoy the fall colors with fellow jeepers.










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1970s Sears Installation Docs

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This documentation came from a friend. It accompanied a Sears Deluxe hardtop, though for some reason it shows the simpler hardtop instructions. Maybe the owner of this document lost the rest of the instructions? Either way, this might be useful to someone. 

sears-full-cab-instructions1 sears-full-cab-instructions2 sears-full-cab-instructions3 sears-full-cab-instructions4

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Jeep Camper Brochure

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

I bought this brochure off of eBay. I don’t remember seeing this version of a jeep camper brochure. The seller has one more for sale.

View all the information on eBay


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Qualls Road Trip IV: Team Qualls Makes it Home

• CATEGORIES: Features

See Part III | Start at Part I

This is the final summary from Randy and Carson’s coast-to-coast drive. Thanks to both of them for the inspirational journey and for sharing your photos along the way.

Here’s Randy’s summary of the trip:

“We made it😁 18 days and 7055 miles coast to coast and back in two 1951 open Willys jeeps. Average speed 48 mph Why? I don’t know, but it was fun! Sometime I’ll make a slideshow and post it. Thanks Melvin Petiet and Molly from Happy Trails 4×4 in Jacksonville for storing our tow rig while we were gone. They were also overlanding but we didn’t manage to cross paths. We did hook up with Cartotracks, warn, and Factor 55 for a run in Sand Hollow, and Boston Bob put us up for a night in Delta Colorado. Also thanks David Eilers for a great site ewillys.com.”


Back home on the beaches of Florida

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Jeep Plane Illustration

• CATEGORIES: Artists/Drawings, Features

Posted on Facebook by both Mario and Roberto, this WWII illustration pokes fun at the jeep for not making a good plane.


Somewhere on eWillys I had relayed the story I was told about an ex-WWII military mechanic who claimed that a few jeeps were tested as gliders in hopes they could be used to fly across the English Channel. While the experiment barely worked in the Southwest desert, it proved impractical over the channel due to the additional moisture in the air. I have so far been unable to verify these claims.

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Narrow-Bodied Fiberglass Racer Sacramento, CA $8500

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This single seater former mud racer has a variety of mods.


“340 Buick emotor with a muncie 4 speed. Willys jeep not a Cherokee but has 460 rear ended gears and 540 front gear, mud racer. It runs and drives”

1966-flattie-fiberglass-racer-sacramento-ca02 1966-flattie-fiberglass-racer-sacramento-ca01 1966-flattie-fiberglass-racer-sacramento-ca0 1966-flattie-fiberglass-racer-sacramento-ca1

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1951 Unrestored CJ-3A W/ A lot of Fixin’s Auction Oct 14-15

• CATEGORIES: Auctions, CJ-3A, Features

Thanks to John for sharing this one-of-a-kind low-mileage jeep: 1731 miles … just stop what you are doing and check out these pics! Sadly, no engine pics are included. This jeep will be auctioned October 14-15th. Thought it is listed as a 1952 model, the serial number puts this as a 1951 model.

Some of the implements are unused!



1952-cj3a-auction1 1952-cj3a-auction3

“Chassis No. 451GB117583

This four-wheel-drive CJ-3A Jeep was ordered in January 1951 from Wiley Brothers and Lewis Packard-Willys of West Chester, Pennsylvania, by Arthur Knorr. A producer of Milton Berle’s Texaco Star Theater and the Miss US and Miss Universe pageants, Mr. Knorr would occasionally escape to his wife Ruth Gray’s family home on Halfmoon Valley Road near State College, Pennsylvania. The Jeep was ordered to support any and all possible maintenance needs on the Pennsylvania property. Accordingly it was outfitted with all the options, including a Ramsey cable winch, both front and rear tops with side curtains, floor mats, a hood lock, a radiator cover, and a heater/defroster – but also a dump trailer, power take-offs in front and rear, a pulley drive, and a hydraulic implement lift, running attachments that included a Timken buzz saw, grass cutter, ‘bush and bog harrow’, and hydraulic 6-foot snow plow!

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Free-Lock Hub Instructions Dualmatic/Selectro Design

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Later model Dualmatic-style-Free-Lock hubs. The name was originally part of the Free-Lock Hub Corporation

Ann’s longtime friend invited me to look at a jeep yesterday that they just inherited from her uncle. They were confused about the model, so hoped I could identify it.

From the front, the jeep was clearly an early M-38A1 (turned out to be a 1953), with the hinged grille and early fenders. The dash was also correct, the correct large hole fuel inlet, and it had the early M-38A1 cowl with screws. However, it also had a tail gate that didn’t appear added. The body itself was in great shape, yet the body wasn’t mounted using all the holes, in fact some holes were missing. The cowl also lacked both the “JEEP” stamps along the side of the cowl AND the passenger side indent common for M-38A1 bodies.

Thankfully, the uncle had kept receipts, one of which was an invoice for a replacement body. Aha, that’s why it did not have JEEP or WILLYs stamped anywhere.

But, more interesting to me than the jeep, was that another document they had was an original set of instructions for Free-Lock hubs (more on Free-Lock Hubs), the style that looks just like the Dualmatic hubs. This is the first time I’ve been able to document that at some point Free Lock branded hubs were made exactly the same as Dualmatic hubs.

As you can see in the two images below, we have basically the same set of instructions for both hubs, with one that is labeled Free-Lock and the other Dualmatic. The Dualmatic is dated “8-28-74”, which the Free-Lock has hand written instructions, which I believe indicates the Free-Lock hub instructions were from an earlier date.

Free-Lock document:


Dualmatic document:


These two pics show a few more details, including that there are two sets of screws on opposite sides of the hub.

free-lock-dualmatic-hubs-christina2 free-lock-dualmatic-hubs-christina4


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1940s? Willys Overland Watch $155 on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features

Maury shared this pretty rare Willys-Overland watch. Base don the design, I’d guess this is from the late 1940s. The seller describes this as a “dash clock”. He does listed other models of watches that look to be “dash clocks”, but to me this looks more like a pocket watch. Anyone know more about this item?

View all the information on eBay

“Up for auction is this vintage Willys automobile dash mounting clock. It is in great working condition! Wind up mechanism. I do not have the mounting bracket.
Measures 2 1/4″. Selling as shown”



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Ceramic Willys Wagon Model on eBay $17.99

• CATEGORIES: Features, Models

I’ve never seen one of these. Is it a vintage item or was it produced more recently?

View all the information on eBay
willys-wagon-ceramic-model6 willys-wagon-ceramic-model7 willys-wagon-ceramic-model8 willys-wagon-ceramic-model9


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Added Walkways to the Property

• CATEGORIES: Features

As part of the continuing updates to our property, we’ve added some additional walkways. These serve three purposes. 1) We found that lots of dirt was being tracked into the bunkhouse, so that needed to be addressed; 2) the bunkhouse felt separate from the rest of the buildings and 3) we expect to replace the lean-to ‘barn’ to be replaced with an actual barn, so these walkways will help link everything together. So, we hoped extending the walkway would help incorporate the buildings.

This is one of the few tasks that we decided to hire a contractor to complete. Unfortunately, our calls to local contractors proved frustrating. We couldn’t get local folks to respond. Finally, Ann reached out to Wine Country Landscaping in Milton-Freewater, about an hour away. They gave us a free estimate and had great reviews. It’s a young company, but they are eager to grow, easy to work with, and did a great job. In fact, the guys repaired some concrete for free just to make everything look better, something they were not required to do.

At this rate, I see no reason we can’t hold some kind of jeep event next year. I’ll announce something  by January.

Here are some pre-concrete photos. This first one shows the gravel in front of the shop, an annoyance when moving something with smaller wheels from the concrete to the asphalt. To the right of the shop is a form for the new propane tank pad.




After: The concrete now runs the northern side of the shop. The white building in back is a series of lean-tos that are super inefficient space wise. We will repurpose the lean-to materials in to a hay barn and shelter for the cows and a barn will replace the existing structure. To the right is the guesthouse.


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Another Willys Electric Light Plant

• CATEGORIES: Features

A reader shared a rare look at a Willys Electric Light Plant, including the sleeves during cranking. In the pic below, the Willys Electric Light Plant is on the left and a rare Alamo (electric light plant?) is on the right.



Here is a video of the sleeve functioning:

Some more pics:



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