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1961 Photo of an M-38A1 Crocket Launcher on eBay

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Great angle on the photo.

View all the information on eBay

“1961 Press Photo Army’s New Davy Crockett Atomic Warhead on Jeep Launcher. This is an original press photo. Washington, January 1 – New atomic weapon displayed – The Army tonight released this first picture of the warhead of its new atomic Davy Crockett weapon and said it would be carried by one man. Here the bulbous shaped warhead is on a launcher mounted on a jeep. The Army declined to give the weight of the device, which is intended t give a small unit of troops the fire power usually possible only from massed heavy artillery. Photo measures 8 x 10.25 inches. Photo is dated 01-01-1961.”


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Jeep Parts Themed Toy Wagon

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features, toys

Maury and I thought this jeep bank was interesting. It is a Willys-Motors-parts-department-themed wagon that is listed as a ‘1953’. It was sold on eBay and now documented at WorthPoint. Anyone seen others of these?



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1994 Le Journal de Spirou Christmas Cover

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TJ shared this wonderful illustration shared by the French company of Jeepstock.


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Willys/Jeep Logos, Badges & Slogans Between 1941-1953

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

Maury suggested we organize and go through the various Willys-Overland and Willys Motors logos, badges and slogans seen in brochures and ads during the years between 1941-1963. I thought that a good idea as well, so here’s what we found for the pre-Kaiser period between 1941-1953.

Before we begin, when is a slogan ‘a slogan’ and when not? It is totally arbitrary on our part, but we think we’ve covered quite a few (and welcome other suggestions). Much of Part I is a synopsis of advertising-related posts published over the last year. We hope to publish part II in the next few days.

1941-1945: (A deeper dive into the ads of this time period can be found here).

As a 1951 advertising review noted, the challenge facing Willys-Overland, once winning the jeep contract, was to convince consumers that the jeep was a Willys product (even though, as Ford argued, it was a joint project). To this end. Willys-Overland’s very first ad in December of 1941 emphasized WILLYS.

Willys-Overland continued this theme with their famous war-time color ads, a list of which you can view here (1942-1946). In the Hell Bent ad, the first of the war-time ads, Willys-Overland continued to emphasize WILLYS. The company also added “JEEPS” as a third category of vehicles for the first time.


From the June 27, 1942, ad in the Saturday Evening Post.

In 1943, while emphasizing WILLYS, the company introduced a new badge, “The Sun Never Sets on the Fighting Jeep”


This ad, AVENGING JEEPS BLAST JAPS FROM CHINESE VILLAGE, was published in the February 06, 1943, issue of the Saturday Evening Post, page 85.

The “Fighting Jeep” phrase lasted through May of 1943. Then, was left off of a few ads, before returning on July of 1943 with the replacement of Fighting with MightyTHE SUN NEVER SETS ON THE MIGHTY JEEP.


This ad, HEROIC OFFICERS DARE DEATH FOR MEN, was published in the July 17, 1943, issue of the Saturday Evening Post, page 97.

Willys-Overland continued to emphasize WILLYS until February of 1944, when the company abruptly switched the emphasis to JEEPS.

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1947 Twas the Night Before Christmas Card

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Michael shared this neat post(?) card.


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A Few Presents

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Thanks to a couple readers who sent me some surprise presents! Both were a big surprise and much appreciated.

This Scrambler Christmas ornament arrived in the mail on Monday, sent by Blaine . We only have two ornaments on the tree this year and this Scrambler is one of them (we are having a very low-key Christmas this year).


Chris sent me these five post cards and, amazingly, I don’t have any of them! I’ll do some better scans of them in the near future.


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1952 Carter Products Ad

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

This Carter Products Ad appeared in the January 19, 1952, issue of the Saturday Evening Post. It’s an interesting throwback ad to the WWII concept of the jeep (arguably, it’s a Ford GPish illustration).


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Jeep Cooperative Advertising Radio Spots Record

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

Maury spotted this Jeep Radio Ad record on Worthpoint. It turns out that the CJ-3B page has published some of the recordings from the record. So, on this Christmas morning, you can test out the sound of your new computer/tablet/phone/Internet-of-thing.



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1963 Kaiser Jeep “DRIVEPOWER” Ads on ebay

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

1. This 1963 magazine ad for the new ‘Jeep’ Wagoneer prominently claimed the wagon had “DRIVEPOWER”, a slogan for the Wagoneer’s new and improved and exclusive 4-Wheel Drive system. I looked to see if Kaiser Jeep attempted to trademark the term, but there’s no evidence of that at the US Patent and Trademark site. So, the use of the drivepower concept seems to have been brief.

View all the information on eBay


2. This other 1963 Ad also uses the term “DRIVEPOWER”, but in a smaller font.

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3. This early 1964 Wagoneer Ad defines “DRIVEPOWER” as “Wagoneer station wagon’s new, improved and exclusive 4-wheel drive system” (also published in Popular Science).

View all the information on eBay


4. This 1963 or early 1964 ad promoted a variety of ideas, include “DRIVEPOWER”. The ad also promoted ABC’s “The Greatest Show on Earth”, which was sponsored, at least in part, by Kaiser Jeep (see Jeep rare brochure promoting that show here).


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Greatest Show on Earth

• CATEGORIES: Features, videos

Since the last ad in the post above promoted “The Greatest Show on Earth”, I figured it would be neat to see some video footage of an ad from that show. Here is one:

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1953 Brochure “Your Sales Job for 1953”

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

Spotted by Maury, and according to the blurb from this page, this brochure/booklet was apparently released to some Willys-Overland employees following the purchase of Willys-Overland Motors by Kaiser-Jeep in 1953. I could only find a pic of the cover.


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1943 Photo of Kids Riding in a Slat Grille

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images, Old News Articles

These kids earned their way to a jeep ride. as described in the January 1, 1943, article in the Healdsburg Tribune, Enterprise and Scimitar (what a name!?!).

According to the Caption: “Up the steps of the 24th Street school, Los Angeles, goes an army Jeep loaded with thrilled children. The Jeep was their present to Uncle Sam, a present bought with war stamps from their savings. At the wheel Is Sergt. Virgil Yewell, Stamp sales totaled $11,190.35—a lot of nickels and dimes —and they’re buying more.”


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1959 Photo of Lifeguard in new CJ-5

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

This photo was shared by the Coronado Eagle and Journal on August 27,1959. It shows Lee Tompkins in the driver’s seat demonstrating how the jeep is used by lifeguards.


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South American Gaucho Fast Attack Vehicle

• CATEGORIES: Features

Maury shared this vehicle, named the Gaucho after a South American Tribe. It was jointly developed by Argentina and Brazil, however the Gaucho is only used by the Argentinians at the point.



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1941 Photo of a Ford GP in the Dirt

UPDATE: Joshua notes this is a Ford GP.

The photo was published in the June 12, 1941, issue of the Madera Tribune.

U. S. Army’s celebrated little “jeep” or “blitz buggy* technique, as shown here. Camouflage removed to into a hole under camouflage to provide new fightin ” which seems to go everywhere these days, now goes take picture, during maneuvers at California’s Ft. Ord. Captain William A. Dodds designed mount for .50-caliber gun.


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1944 Article About Soldiers Playing Santa in Alaska

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

This story reported on May 29, 1944, in the Madera Tribune shares the story of how some soldiers played Santa using a jeep.


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The Kia “M-715”

• CATEGORIES: Features

Craig spotted this article in Autoweek about the descendent of the Kaiser M-715, the Kia KM450. It’s still been built, albeit with an updated power train. Still, comparing the pics, it’s amazing they still look as close as they do.


PIc of M-715 with similar stake bed setup:


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1943 Article About Cabrillo School Jeep War Bond Pruchase

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old News Articles

This March 27, 1943, photo and article in the San Pedro News Pilot describe a big event at a Cabrillo Avenue School in San Pedro. Enough money was raised to warrant jeep rides at the school. I can imagine that must have left some memories with those kids!

1943-03-27-sanpedronewspilot-cabrillo-schools-jeep1 1943-03-27-sanpedronewspilot-cabrillo-schools-jeep2

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1942 Photo of Radio-Equipped Search Jeep

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

This September 23, 1942, photo and caption in the Madera Tribune describe the new way of using a jeep with a radio to communicate with a search plane so that crashes can be more easily located.


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1946 Ad for the Mighty Jeep

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

This September 25, 1946, ad was published in the Palos Verdes Peninsula News.


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1943 Photo of Lena Horne Exiting a Jeep

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old News Articles

This photo and caption from August 27, 1943, described Lena Horne’s visit to a local baseball game between SCU and players from the 92nd Infantry Division.


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Happy Holidays From Army Jeep Parts

• CATEGORIES: Features

George Baxter shared a bit of cheer from everyone at Army Jeep Parts.


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Interactive “Jeep Experience” Coming to Toledo

• CATEGORIES: Features

Jerry Huber shared this news: The “Jeep Experience” is expected to open in 2022. Per WTOL, a station out of Toledo, “A $40 million project is coming to Toledo that promises an immersive, interactive experience in all things Jeep. The Jeep Experience will be 56,000 square feet, with an outdoor test track and aims to reach Jeep lovers worldwide.”


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Thanks for the Cards!

• CATEGORIES: Features

I’ve had a couple Willys-oriented Christmas cards come my way, thanks to Bob and Tim, so I thought I’d share them. I can’t believe it is already the 18th!


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1947 Ad for the Willys Caravan in NC

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

On November 4th, 1947, the Wilmington Morning Star published an ad highlighting a Willys-Overland Caravan visit at Bellamy Farm. The ad was sponsored by the Fleming Company (Or it may have been the Fleming Willys Company).