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Fall Willys Jeep Reunion This Weekend

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The Fall Willys Jeep Reunion will be this weekend. There’s a good story in the Fulton Sun about the upcoming 24th Annual event.



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Bill Barriere’s 1978 Pan American Trip

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UPDATE II: There’s an additional photo of Bill on eBay, this time with him on top of the jeep.

View all the information on eBay



Original Post January of 2019 …. UPDATE: I discovered another photo of Bill Barriere and his jeep on eBay (see below). That find sent me once again on the pursuit of the question, “What happened to Bill Barriere’s jeep trip?”. It turns out, he didn’t make it very far. During the early portion of his trip, he crashed into a bridge in the Yukon, which left him with a $7000 repair bill and $1700 tow bill (Yukon to Fairbanks). He decided to abandon the trip idea and, instead, become a mercenary fighter in Nicaragua (and drive his jeep there). Maybe some day I’ll figure out how his life as a mercenary fighter panned out. 

View all the information on eBay

“1978 Press Photo William Barriere wipes down Jeep in California. This is an original press photo. California – William Barriere will attempt to drive solo from the Arctic Ocean to the Antarctic Ocean. Photo measures 7 x 10.25inches. Photo is dated 11-25-1978.”

1978-11-25-william-barriere-cj5-1 1978-11-25-william-barriere-cj5-2

This is a January 4, 1979, article from the Palm Spring’s Desert Sun newspaper that explains why he cancelled his trip.




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Jeeps in the Detroit Salt Mines

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I saw a reference to jeeps in Detroit’s salt mines on Facebook. After a some research, I found a few more images. The salt is used exclusively as road de-icer.

detroit-salt-mines-truck detroit-salt-mines4 detroit-salt-mines3 detroit-salt-mines2



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Popular Science: Alaska Fire Jeeps & M-170

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The May 1953 issue of Popular Science including the following 2 jeep-related short blurbs:

Cold Alaska has so much warm water (from volcanic springs) that 17 new Jeep fire engines being sent there for civil-defense duty are equipped with special “heat exchangers.” They’ll cool the water sprayed on fires — cold water put out fires faster.


The same issue also includes an unrelated mention of the new M-170:


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1952 CJ-3A Smoker/BBQ Standwood, WA $1500

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For $1500 you can buy a pretty good smoker and a bbq.


“1952 Willy’s Jeep BBQ/Smoker. This smoker is tow-able and works great. Has built in fold down table in back with storage in cab area. We’ve used it for many years.

$1500 obo or trades (dirt bikes or boat)”

1952-cj3a-smoker-standwood-wa1 1952-cj3a-smoker-standwood-wa2 1952-cj3a-smoker-standwood-wa3 1952-cj3a-smoker-standwood-wa4


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Time for a Biscuit

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As I may have mentioned, I’m in Renton for the next week at my mom’s place while she’s away. As part of rearranging the garage, I’ve finally pulled Biscuit out of his corner.  My goal is to have him running by February, in part because my mom plans on moving!


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FC Jamboree Sept 13-14 2019

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Just one update tonight.

Dan Devires plans to hold his FC Jamboree again this year on September 13-14 in Lake Mills, Iowa. It should be a great time! I wish I could be there; instead I’m cleaning out my mother’s basement for the next few days.



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Newgren Porto-Mill Feed Grinder Brochure

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I published the green version of these (seen below) of this brochure, but not the red/black/white version. This red version really pops.

newgren-porto-mill-brochure-red1-lores newgren-porto-mill-brochure-red2-lores

7-porto-mill-feen-grinder-front-lores 7.1-porto-mill-feen-grinder-back-lores

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1944 Photo Henry Larsen Talks to Alexander Vandegrift on eBay

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This might interest someone.

View all the information on eBay



“1944 Press Photo Henry L Larsen talks to Alexander A Vandegrift in jeep, NC. This is an original press photo. Vandegrift, Alexander A. (Lieutenant General). Lieutenant General Alexander A. Vandegrift, Commandant of the United States Marine Corps, recently made a four-day inspection tour of the Marine Corps training base at Camp Lejeune, New River, North Carolina. It was his first visit since he became commandant and the first trip back there since he left it in the Spring of 1942 to lead the Marine assault forces that drove the Japanese out of the Solomon Islands.

Lieutenant General Alexander A. Vandegrift (front seat of Jeep), listens to Major General Henry L. Larsen (right), describe a re-enforced rifle company’s field problem on a musketry range Camp Lejeune, New River, North Carolina, during his inspection tour. General Larsen, Commanding General of Camp Lejeune, and Colonel William N. McKelvy (rear seat), of Washington, District of Columbia, Commanding Officer of the Instructors’ Group, Replacement Battalions, accompanied General Vandegrift during the field problem. Photo measures 10 x 8.25 inches. Photo is dated 3-2-1944. “

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BCA Film Services, Jeeps and More

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Need military items for a film shoot? Are you near Toronto? Look no further than BCA Film Services, a company spotted by Gary that provides military set dressings, props, and vehicles.



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Farm Jeep Bio on Me

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Barry Thomas and his son Evan have been working hard to expand Farmjeep.com, a resource for early farm implements and other jeep information. As they note in the “about us” section, they are a “father and son documenting that we don’t know what we are doing since 2002” … I can relate to that as well.

If you haven’t been there in a while (or never), check it out, as the father and son duo have rebuilt the earlier site into a larger one with lots of information. The jeep lift research area is especially valuable. You can even learn a little bit about me, as Barry generously asked me to contribute a short bio for the site.

Visit farmjeep here: https://www.farmjeep.com


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Bernd’s Bad Day at the Gas Pump

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Some days you wish you could do over. Bernd had one of those days recently. His goal was to transport a ride-on lawyer mower to the Austrian workshop to repair an oil leak.  After loading the lawnmower, he discovered his CJ-5 needed gas, so he drove to the local gas station and put in about a half tank, then proceeded on his way.

Soon, his jeep wasn’t quite running correctly. Remembering he still had his receipt from the gas station, he pulled it out only to discover that he filled up with diesel instead of standard gas.

So, Bernd sent the CJ-5 to a ‘spa’ for some cleaning and reinvigorating. We hope it recovers soon!

20190830_160423_low 20190830_164638_low 20190830_200111_low


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Surrey Postcard From Hawaii on eBay

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I don’t believe I’ve seen this postcard.

View all the information on eBay

dj3a-hawaii-postcard1 dj3a-hawaii-postcard2

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2 Smokey the Bear Table Cloths **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Price was $16 for the pair.

(02/18/2019) Not one, but two 54″ x 96″ tablecloths.


“TWO Vintage Smokey the Bear
Prevent Forest Fires Paper Tablecloths-
Both New Old Stock-
Hard to Find Collectible Items

Up for sale in this auction are TWO vintage paper tablecloths featuring Smokey the Bear. A hard to find item that will make a great addition to any Smokey the Bear collection….also great to use if you like. Definitely never opened or removed from the package.

I believe that both tablecloths are the same design…..they just look different due to the way they are folded within the plastic wrap. Made by the C.A. Reed Company….featuring “Futura Stylized Designs”. Only one tablecloth has the label on the back. The tablecloths measure 54 x 96 inches in size.
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Early Newgren/Love Lift **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

Maury shared this rare lift for auction on eBay.

“You are bidding on a vintage NEWGREN (LOVE) under body rear hitch for Willys Jeep CJ Models. It was removed from a 1946 cj2a with column shift, so I know it is an early version of this lift. A little rusty and crusty, but still there for restoration or duplication. These are very rare to find so this may be once in a lifetime find for the avid collector. Listing is for local pickup, but I will aid in shipping and banding to pallet if you are handling a truck freight option. Feel free to email any questions. Watch my other auctions for some other vintage accessories”

newgren-love-lift1 newgren-love-lift2 newgren-love-lift3 newgren-love-lift4

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A Good Laugh … $35,000 Jeep Brochure

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Thanks to Maury, we can have a good laugh. He spotted this auction. Someone is trying to sell this brochure on eBay for $35,000, with bids starting at $25,000. I have this same brochure, but mine says “Willys Overland Export Company” instead of “Willys of Canada Limited Windsor Ontario” and costed me only $25.

View all the information on eBay



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1963 Panel Delivery Brochure on eBay

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I am surprised there’s no reference to it being a Jeep Wagoneer, just a ‘Jeep’ Delivery Wagon.

View all the information on eBay

“1963 Willys Jeep Panel Delivery Sales Brochure. The full fold out has another illustration of the Panel Delivery along with information on features.
Pages: Folds out to 17 x 8
Details: W 8.5 x H 4 x D 0.1″

1963-delivery-wagon-brochure1 1963-delivery-wagon-brochure2 1963-delivery-wagon-brochure3 1963-delivery-wagon-brochure4

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1945 Postcard From Camp Butner on eBay

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This postcard shows a bunch of jeeps at Camp Butner all lined up.

View all the information on eBay

“Camp Butner N.C. Jeeps At The Motor Pool Postcard Vintage view old card. Condition is Used. Shipped with USPS First Class Package.”

camp-butler-jeeps-postcard1 camp-butler-jeeps-postcard2

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Krause “9” Plow For the Jeep

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

This late 1940s brochure was produced by the Krause Plow Corporation out of Hutchinson, Kansas. The Company has a long history and is still in business today.

krause-plow-direct-mounted-9-plow-brochure1-lores krause-plow-direct-mounted-9-plow-brochure2-lores

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Aeroquip Special Equipment Brochure

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

This rare brochure probably doesn’t mean much to most folks, but hopefully it’s important to someone.

aeroquip-hydraulic-fittings-brochure1-lores aeroquip-hydraulic-fittings-brochure2-lores


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Monroe Fire Lane Plow and Pumper Unit Brochure

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

UPDATE: Barry shared this image from April 1951 Popular Science article. Per the article, at a minimum, twenty-four of these truck packages were sold.



This early Monroe brochure advertises a plow (and pumper unit) specially designed for plowing fire lanes.



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Ed Pranger’s Artworks

• CATEGORIES: Artists/Drawings, Features

Jeff Pranger shared the following two wonderful paintings by his father, Ed. Ed Pranger was a WWII US Navy artist and cartoonist for The Hoist in San Diego. According to Jeff, after the war, when surplus Jeeps were plentiful (and Ed was single), his father and his buddies would go hunting and drinking in their Jeeps in the Yakima, Washington, area. Ed produced many paintings and some had Jeeps.

Both of these paintings appeared to have been painted in Anacortes, Washington, one year a part (each has Ed’s name, the year, and the location it was painted on it). The first was completed in 1988 and the second in 1989.

It being a small world, I traveled through Anacortes (to catch the ferry) both of those years, as I was working in the San Juans in 1988 and then got married in the San Juans in 1989.

1988-ed-pranger-jeep-images2-lores 1989-ed-pranger-jeep-images1-lores


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Willys MB/GPW From Transformers “Bumblebee” Movie @ Auction

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UPDATE: Tim discovered that this is back up for sale. The auction is set for August 31, 2019. Starting price is $20,000.



Previous post from August 2018 with updates:

On August 25th, the jeep (GPW frame with MB body?) used in the upcoming Transformers was up for auction. It’s unclear whether it sold or not (I suspect not). The starting bid at that time was $19,000.

As you can see in the pics, this MB isn’t all stock. It appears to have a GPW front crossmember. Another pic, from the top rear, suggests it has MB toolboxes.

In the movie, the Bumblebee character starts off as a jeep, but soon becomes a VW, remaining a VW for the remainder of the movie.




Clip (probably from early in the movie, showing Bumblebee with a jeep grille on his chest.


Movie Trailer for “Bumblebee”:

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Newgren All-Purpose Earth Mover Brochure

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Any one know if any of these machines survived?

20-Newgren-all-purpose-earth-mover-front-lores 20.1-Newgren-all-purpose-earth-mover-back-lores

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Ventura Bean Planter Brochure

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

This brochure was part of a late 1940s Willys Overland Special Equipment booklet.

23-ventura-bean-planter-front-lores 23.1-ventura-bean-planter-back-lores