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1958 Jeep Vehicles Help Fight Disease Brochure on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

Here’s a brochure I hadn’t seen.

“Jeep 1958 ‘Jeep Vehicles Fight Disease’ Mailer Brochure
Literature type:Non-color folder mailer
Dimensions: 8 1/4 x 5 1/4 inches
Notes: Opens 6x cover size, includes specs and features – Form #MFS-8-57-X
Condition: Very good”

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1940s Photo of Flipped Jeep in Stutgart, Germany on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

If you plant a jeep in a field, will it grow?

“Vintage, original “snapshot” photograph circa 1940s, measures 2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ in very good condition. Photo taken by a member of the “205th Transportation Battalion” which was stationed in “Stuttgart, Germany”.”

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Vic Hickey’s Supercharged Flathead from Car Craft Magazine

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There’s an interesting article about Vic Hickey’s supercharged flat fender in the February 1955 issue of Car Craft Magazine.  The cover shows a great color photo of the supercharger. Using a GMC Supercharger, the Vic made a variety of changes to deal with issues related to the installation.

1955-02-carcraft-pg-cover 1955-02-carcraft-pg22-23 1955-02-carcraft-pg24-25 1955-02-carcraft-pg65

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1950 French Army Prototype Photo on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, International, Old Images

Is this some type of Hotchkiss prototype?

“1950 French Army jeep driving near Paris Press Photo 90
You are bidding on an original press photo See Scan Below ~ Photo is 8 x 10 in size.”

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1944 Canadian Army Photo on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

A good shot of a bad situation.

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January 1954 Imagination Magazine on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Magazine

Having some alien spaceship blasting an old jeep indicates some type of perverse imagination.

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1944 River Crossing by the 45th Infantry on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

I wonder how deep that river was?

“GI’s from the 45th Infantry Division’s 157th Regiment ford the Moselle River in a Willys Jeep, Fall 1944 near Igney, France !!”

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Wagons at the Charlotte Auto Fair

• CATEGORIES: Features

Buz found this beautiful wagon that’s for sale ($30,000). He writes, “Here are some photos I took today at the Charlotte (NC) Autofair at Charlotte Motor Speedway, the show runs through Sunday. I got out there for a couple hours this afternoon and the place was part ghost town, guess the main days are Friday and Saturday.”

9-19-2013 013

9-19-2013 014

9-19-2013 015

9-19-2013 016

9-19-2013 017

Here’s another wagon:

9-19-2013 018

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No Updates Thursday

• CATEGORIES: Features

I spent too much time cooking tamales Wednesday night and ran out of energy to do updates. I made some roasted corn tamales with a mole sauce and layered black bean puree and banana puree tamales with a coconut sauce. Ann was very pleased with the results.


These have just been steamed.


The tamale on the left is the roasted corn and the one on the right is the layered blackbean/banana tamale (slightly sweet).

On another note, I was answering a reader’s question when I ran across this really cool car for sale, a former Texaco Courtesy car. I thought it was so neat that I wanted to share it. I don’t know anything about these or if the price is reasonable or not ($3750). It’s in Glyndon, MN.





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Photo’s from Claus’ Trip to Namibia

• CATEGORIES: Features, International

Claus recently moved from South Africa to Namibia. As part of the move, he drove his restored CJ-2A to his new home. Reminds me of the Southwest.

He writes, “I drove my 48 all the way from Cape Town to my home town of Windhoek along dirt and gravel roads for a total of 1822km (about 1100 miles). Stunning adventure. The first 600km odd km’s up to the border was on tar road and mostly at night. I did that stretch, 589km to be exact in 11 hours with plenty of night driving, but I had to push it to escape bad weather which was following us from the south. The other 1200km odd km were just gravel road and I have a lot of pics. A friend joined me on the trip, didn’t think she would survive as it was wet and very cold at times but we had a blast. My jeep performed so well and I was so proud of her. Went at a slow pace no rush generally we were doing 100miles a day, find a farm were would could camp and off we went again – trip took 7 days.”

claus-namibia-trip1 claus-namibia-trip2 claus-namibia-trip3 claus-namibia-trip4

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1942 Aberdeen Proving Grounds Bantam BRC-40s Photo on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Bantam-FordGP-WillysMA-EarlyJPs, Features, Postcards

Here are a line up of Bantam BRC-40s

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1946 Photo of Jack Price in a Jeep on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

Marc spotted this unique press photo of Jack Price.

“This is an original press photo. Credit-Cleveland PressPhoto measures 8 x 10inches. Photo is dated 08-03-1946.”

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1965 Jeep and Rhino Ad on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

I’m not sure I want to be in a jeep when I Rhino comes my direction . . .

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Ron Dennis’ Trip to Southern Colorado

• CATEGORIES: Features • TAGS: .

Ron Dennis spent a few days exploring southern Colorado in his M-38. Sounds like he had a great time and had some beautiful weather. Sebastian compiled Ron’s photos and descriptions into a post at the Flat Fender Club of Butler’s website. go there to see all the pictures and Ron’s thoughts:


Here’s a photo of Ron at Black Bear Pass:


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More Pics from Charles

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images


pp-comm-jeep1 162514416_84f2daafb4 chuffie

Note the jeep is a Willys MAColumbiaHawaiiWW2-willlysma

Here is are a couple photos of a jeep building over time:



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Police Department Testimonials from Toledo & NY

Here are some more testimonials and photos from sales book.Scan10033-lores

  1. Scan10030-toledo-police-lores



And from New York City:


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Hugh Playing in the Snow

• CATEGORIES: Features

Last January Hugh had this picture snapped of him driving his fiberglass bodied CJ-2A in the snow.  Looks like he was having some fun!


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More Pics from Charles

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images • TAGS: .

This first jeep looks like some kind of customized fire/crash wagon.





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Jeep Pewter Earrings **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Features

UPDATE: These were on eBay. **SOLD**

For jeep and earring loving women, does it get better? Well, maybe if they were in gold . . .



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Nebraska Car Auction

• CATEGORIES: Features

Check out this auto auction happening on Sept 28-29 in Nebraska. 500 plus cars. http://mobile.nytimes.com/2013/09/15/automobiles/collectibles/in-nebraska-a-field-of-low-mileage-dreams.html?pagewanted=all&

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Poster From Chrysler HQ Chicago, IL $29

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

Here’s an unusual poster (at least I haven’t seen one).

“Must see huge 36 X 48 in. poster that was on display at the factory Chrysler Jeep HDQ Detroit until Daimler Benz bought them.
Post the German auto manufacturer’s purchase, the interior at Chrysler Jeep HDQ was updated. Employees like my father-in-law were allowed to take select items that would not be used or archived.
He brought home this poster that is on very heavy card-stock and I have never seen for purchase anywhere (!!) in the public domain.
Listing a lot of items at prices to sell fast for a pre-season snowmobile purchase. Don’t miss out on these sales!
Minimal wear and the pictures here do not do it justice. First $29 cash takes it.
Selling at eBay with a perfect record since 1998 – references are available!
Thanks for shopping my listing. Rick Hill”



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1945 Poster Stamp from Norway on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

It’s called a poster stamp.

“SIZE: 7 X 4.5 CM”

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Marc’s 1/2-Size CJ-2A

• CATEGORIES: Features, Models • TAGS: .

Marc’s from South Africa and forwarded a link to the latest photos of his 1/2-Size CJ-2A project. As you can see, he does some beautiful work. He hopes at some point to tackle a full-size jeep, but for several reasons he’s starting with this project.

You can view all the photos here:

Marc writes, “A quick history. I started the drawings last December to make this, spent months, give or take 6 just doing research for all the related stuff. All the drawings were done the old fashioned way on a drawing board with pencil and set squares. Umpteen trips to a local CJ-2A to measure up. Also got info from all the various jeep sites but I met some if not very harsh or if I may use the word unwelcome altitudes (attitudes) with regard to help for dimensions or tech info to make this from scratch.


Almost all of the structure will be constructed from 0.6 mm cold rolled mild steel, welded where required but most of the assembly will be using airplane fasteners for the ease of assembly thus eliminating the use of any facilities other than my workshop at home. Everything made thus far has been built here at home with forming tools, blocks, press tolls, tuck shrinking and good old fashioned sheet metal work (I am a airplane structures engineer/technician by trade). All joints are primed and wet assembled to eliminate corrosion/rust.


The chassis/frame I have drawn up but will only start once the body/tub has been completed. Wheels will be either 8-inch or 10-inch, I would prefer 8-inch though. As for the power plant a 13Hp Briggs & Stratton will do just fine. All the rest as when I get to them as well.

I painted some internal parts (top hat sections in the tub attached to wheel well) before assembly yesterday in a colour, which is a local colour from the 80″s made by Plascon Paints called Karoo (which is similar to British BS 381 dessert camouflage sand x 2 off & FS 20313, for  “Jam” (her name, Jarred and Marc). Trying to get Harvest Tan here in South Africa or a sample to mix to here  is near impossible, I would have liked Harvest Tan but looking at historical images and current restorations there is no real “this is what it should be”. But the colour as I now call it ‘dessert pink’ looks good.I will take some pics of the ‘dessert pink’ in natural light and artificial light today or tomorrow. Opinions will certainly vary on this one.

Also I have drawn up the plans for a 1/2 scale Bantam trailer to go with this.

1/2 or full size the memory and history behind this great (if I may say) little vehicle must be kept alive for all to enjoy.”

marc-half-cj3 marc-half-cj4

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How-To Auxiliary Gauge Restoration

• CATEGORIES: Features, How To

dan-gauge-restorationDan’s had some extra time lately due to a recent foot surgery. He’s used some of that time to put together a “how-to” on auxiliary gauge restoration for the 1950-56 Wagon, Delivery, and Truck and the 1950-1951 Jeepster. He notes they aren’t ‘perfect’, but are a big improvement.



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1960 Willys of Canada Newspaper Ad on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, DJ-3A, FC150-FC170-M677, Features

How about this great, rare ad from Willys of Canada.

“This is an original 1960 Canadian print ad for Willys Jeep! It measures approximately 13″ x 6.25″ overall, has no stains, with a 1/4″ tear in the right edge; comes from a dry, high-altitude, smoke-free environment, and is strictly graded”

View all the information on ebay