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Given it is Hunting Season . . .

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. . . this photograph seemed appropriate.  Boy, that jeep is has got some mud on the underside.  The photo itself is from a 2×2 Negative and was a press photo of some kind.

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Book: Jezebel the Jeep by Fairfax Downey

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UPDATE: Downey also wrote this 1944 article.

I finished reading “Jezebel The Jeep” last month, a fun, quick read written by Fairfax Downey.  Mr. Downey was a writer and military historian who served in both World War I and II.  During World War II he went to North Africa, the same place he sends the book’s protagonist.  The book, only 150 pages, tells a story about a soldier, his jeep, and the difficulties the soldier faces, both personal and professional.

The book’s prose is accompanied by sketches from Paul Brown.  I’ve included a few below, scanned courtesy of John. He enjoyed Paul’s work so much he digitized all the drawings, many including jeeps. You can see all of them at John’s Google+ page. Also on the page is a piece of  ‘Jezebel’ jeep art featured on the cover of Adventure magazine in 1944, an issue that included Mr. Downey’s story.


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2 1947 Willys Ads out of Quebec, Canada on eBay

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Here are two separate listings for jeeps in French.

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Ad 2View all the information on eBay

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Dale Model Company WWII Recognition Model **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

This looks interesting. I have no idea what the value is.

“This is an absolute amazing find! Pot-metal coaster made by Dale Model Company; 1:25 scale. Rear spare tire has “Dale Model Co Chicago” cast into sidewall. Underneath rear has “JEEP” cast. Star on hood. Paint has chips (see pictures), but appears to be original. Wheels roll; and steering wheel turns. Measures roughly 5.25″ x2.5 and heavy – weighing roughly 14oz.

During WWII, similar models were used for training spotters. At the end of WWII, Dale purchased the molds, and converted to the toy (recognition models). These models are difficult to find, especially in this condition.”

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Tonka Tow Truck Wrecker BOX ONLY on eBay

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The box is priced at $24.95, but priceless for the right collector.

“This auction is for VINTAGE ORIGINAL 1970 TONKA JEEP WRECKER & PLOW No.2435 EMPTY BOX. The box is in very good condition considering her age (see pic and judge yourself). All complete no missing flap. Perfect for display.”

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1955 Willys Globe Trotter Magazine on eBay

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Steve alerted me to this magazine.  Has anyone else seen other copies of this magazine?

“original factory magazine , 8.5 x 11 , 16 pages , this is the July August 1955 issue of Willys Globe Trotter factory magazine . It was printed by the Willys Jeep Export Division , it shows dozens of Jeep vehicles around the world and has an interesting 2 page article on the atomic test in Nevada in 1955 and the many Jeeps that were used after the test .”

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Disston Saws: Tools to Build Jeeps Ad on eBay

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This mid-WWII ad touts the involvement of Disston saws and wood with the production of the jeep.

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Keep on Jeeping Hat from the 80s on eBay

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This is a deadstock hat that was never worn.  It was a sales promotional cap for a Langley BC Jeep Dealer.

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Approved Willys Service Sign on eBay

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Here’s a vintage sign that is only at $9.99 with less than a day left.

“Great porcelain sign from Willys…measures 13 1/2″ across and in pretty nice condition, considering……take a look and see if you need this one for the garage wall! Sold with no reserve. $14.85 priority mail shipping on this heavy sign.”

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Photograph of Man Spraying Tree in an Experimental CJ-2 on eBay

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This 8×10 photograph shows an early CJ-2.  Note the “JEEP” on the hood in place of the later “WILLYS”.  Also note the position of the spare tire.

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Popular Science Article about the Underground Team’s 1962 Wagon

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Popular Science published an article on September 25th about this 1962 Wagon, updated on the inside, but stock on the outside.  Below is a picture of the same wagon with Gerald and his kids in front of it at this year’s Bantam Festival.


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Steve’s Ceramic Wagon Model

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Yesterday Steve shared a photo of this ceramic wagon model of his ’57 Sedan Delivery Wagon that he created when he was 18.  It is 12″ in length.

He wrote, “I made the wagon the first year at Jr. College.   There was a ’57 Chevy I though was pretty cool made in a previous class.  So, I did a “self portrait”, sort of…..    My Willys Wagon was my “wheels” until I got a real job, as opposed to summer jobs.   The engine when bad, so I parked it and bought my first FC-170 in ’82.  I drove that through my University days.  Everyone called it the “garbage truck”.   I was in the sailing club and very few had a vehicle that could tow the boats on weekend saildays.  So, the garbage truck was one of the tow vehicles on the weekends, and on the two campouts each year.  I’m sure everyone has fond memories of that ugly thing.

Now the ’57 wagon has it’s first paint job, and waiting to be assembled.  The body is on the frame, but it not bolted down yet.  The engine and transmission will be next….some day.  I have too many projects in line at the moment.”

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Grrrumbler: Custom Flatfender Model

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UPDATE: Was on eBay. **SOLD**. It is similar to the Trailblazer

Where was this when I was building models?  This has desert dog-like tires, a stainless look, and some turbine rims!

“GRRRUMBLER 4×4 Jeep Off Road Custom MPC 1:25 OPENED Vtg Model Kit 70’s”

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1972 Raleigh Cigarette Ad with a MB/GPW on eBay

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I suppose using the license plate on the jeep a person could track down whose jeep this was and what happened to it.


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1948 CJ-2A Ad for a Hydraulic Control Lift on eBay

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I wish this were in better focus.  Neat ad.

“Up for Auction we have this ORIGINAL 1948 UNIVERSAL ‘JEEP’ AD. Approx. 10 1/4X13 1/2″. A nice clean ad, in excellent condition, suitable for framing. Carefully shipped with backer board”

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Model Kit in Box by E.Z.KRAFT on eBay

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This is neat.

“From 1950’s ??? ….. Excellent Condition (see picture) …… U.S. Army JEEP …. Wood Model Kit by E.Z. KRAFT ……….. See MY STORE for other Model Kits > War Tank, Army Tank, and another Jeep with AntiAircraft Gun …. ALL VINTAGE > UNUSED and in the ORIGINAL BOX !!!!!!”

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Tin ‘Safari’ Jeep out of Japan on eBay

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I looks for another example of this toy on the web, but couldn’t find one.


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Structo Ride-on Fire Jeep on **SOLD**

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UPDATE: Was on eBay. **SOLD**

More on Structo Ride on Jeeps from the CJ-3B Page.

“Vintage Structo ride on Fire Jeep. Ride on that steers in VG condition , very little surface rust spots and marks. Rare only seen one other one on here. Says Fire Dept #26 on hood and pumper on seat. Shows tools on both fenders. Really nice pressed steel toy. It is missing the cover piece on hood as shown in pictures. Measures 26″ long by 10″ wide.”

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Jeopardy and a Jeep Book by Dorothy Rogers

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I am a bit behind on writing about my impressions of various jeep-related books I have read.  So, I’m going to try to catch up with that.  First on the docket is “Jeopardy and a Jeep: Africa Conquered by Two Women Professors”, written by a College Professor named Dorothy Rogers.

I’ll forgo a complete summarization of the book, as I’ve included a summarization published on inside of the dust cover.  However, I will say that Dorothy and Louise travelled in a Willys Wagon from France all the way down to the southern tip of Africa, before turning around and heading north again.  For that they deserve plenty of kudos!  For most of the trip their wagon, which they named “Jeepie”, was dependable.  One exception to that was the time their brakes went out going down a hill.  At the bottom of the hill was a one lane bridge upon which some road workers had parked their vehicle.  Having no options and no brakes, they were forced to jump Jeepie off a river bank.  They survived, as did Jeepie.  But, they said they hoped they’d never do that again!

While their book was interesting, I never found it as compelling as, for example, Schreiber’s journey in their Seep from Southern California to the Terra del Fuego in South America (which I’ll describe tomorrow).  That said, if you like a good jeep adventure, or Wagons, or Africa, you’ll likely enjoy this book.

Here is the dust jacket summary:

Here are a couple images:

After doing some research on the women, I learned that they wrote a second book in 1966 called “Highways Across the Heaven“.  It describes their twelve month journey Europe and Asia.  You can read a summary of it from the July-August 1967 Issue of Desert Magazine:

Some Links:

Amazon has a few very inexpensive copies

Alibris.com has links to several copies of the book, some as low as $11.00

Here is a first edition copy at old scrolls.com (I have never dealt with them)

This Old Jeep has a reference to the book

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Unusual Jeep Shown in Ad on eBay

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This ad is supposed to be from 1947, probably published in Quebec (as the seller is from Quebec).

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Original Jeep Family Brochure on eBay

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The cover on this mailer (of a pig behind a tiny tree) is unusual.  I am guessing this strategy didn’t work as I haven’t ran into pigs in other willys/jeep brochures.

“Here we have an auction for a nice original factory dealership sales brochure. This is an original print (not a reproduction or later made piece) This is an original piece as handed out at the dealerships when the models were new. It is in great condition with no rips, stains, tears or loose pages.”

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Handbook for Creating Radio Controlled vehicles, Including a Jeep on eBay

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I don’t know how detailed the plans are, but if you have ever wanted to built a radio controlled jeep, this might just work. The starting bid is only $7.

“HANDBOOK OF MODEL PLANES, CARS AND BOATS by Bill Winter. Copyright 1965 by Fawcett Publications, Inc. . Content includes: Sopwith Pup; Wittman Tailwind; R/C Jay; Lightning Bug; R/C Transmitter and Receiver; Fokker D-VII; Javelin; Hawker Hunter; Gull; Sparrow; Cars! Cars! Cars!; Tin Lizzie Fire Engine; Walker Electric; G.I. Jeep; Trailer Truck; White Heat 60; R2 Whalecatcher; Dabchick; Atomic Sub; Air Boat; Flying Saucer; and Powered Kites. 112 pages. Acceptable condition: handling bends; dog-ears; creases; tiny tears; minor soiling, fading and wear; light browning of inside pages; previous owner’s name written in ink on first page.”

View all the information on eBay

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Photos from the 2012 Northern Ohio Flatfender Gathering

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Below are images from Sunday’s event at Bob Christy’s house.  Looks like there was a good variety of jeeps there!

Bob posted lots of  photos at his Facebook page and on Flickr as well

– Sebastian also posted some pictures at the Flatfender Club of Butler’s website

Dennis posted some photos at the CJ-2A page

Here are a few of Bob’s pictures.  This photo below is of the unusual Jeepster.

Here are a few of Sebastian’s photos.  Both Bob and Sebastian took a variety of photos of this chassis, but I can’t tell if there is something special done to this or not.  In fact, you can see Bob with camera in hand.

Here is a link to the earlier post and comments posted before the event.

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The Rare 1945 Christmas Al-Toy: Do you have one?

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Credit Colin and Glenn for uncovering this information.

A rare 1945 Christmas Al-Toy that was on eBay recently

Mr. Stub Cole, at the right, and Harold Bell, Sales Manager for Willys, at the left, seated at a table with an unnamed WGN radio announcer. On the table is an Al-Toy Jeep and on the bookcase behind Mr. Bell is another Al-Toy Jeep and a smaller model of a Jeep towing a trailer.

“About one year ago, Glenn Byron and I became involved in correspondence with Mr. and Mrs. David (Sue) Cole, part time residents here in Arizona and Michigan. The conversations revolved around the story that David Cole’s father, “Stub” Cole had gone to work at Willys in the latter part of 1945 for the purpose of getting the farm implement accessories and documentation then being supplied for Jeeps out to the dealer network. He left his
family in Michigan and lived in a couple of hotels in Toledo during the time he worked at Willys.

During this time, he took home a tan Al-Toy Jeep for David’s brother and at Christmas 1945, he brought two more Al-Toy Jeeps home. One was tan, like the first one, but the third Jeep, which he gave to his wife, was done differently than the others. It was silver, with a red interior and the underside was painted green. The wheels were cream colored and it had a spare tire mounted on the right rear fender. The Cole family always called this the Christmas Jeep due to its Christmas colors. As close as the family can remember, Stub left Willys in about April or May of 1946 and returned to Michigan.

Fast forward to 2011. David and Sue are trying to plot some of their family history and realized that David still had his original Al-Toy Jeep from 1945. They contacted the remaining family and learned that David’s brother’s tan Jeep and the “Christmas Jeep” were still in the family. With that, Sue began searching the internet for anything on Al-Toys and came up with Glenn’s name. She contacted him and he replied, copying me on the correspondence. Photos of the three Jeeps were sent to both of us and we realized the “Christmas Jeep” was indeed special and we made arrangements to meet with the Cole’s at their winter home in Cottonwood, AZ. Glenn and his family were on a vacation out west, to coincide with the FC Roundup here in Phoenix and we also got to meet Dave and Ann at the FC Roundup as well. We arranged to meet the Coles in Cottonwood on March 25th and look at the Al-Toys and share their findings on Willys history where their father was involved.

The  photos below show the 1945 Christmas Al-Toy Jeep and a tan one in their original condition in March, 2012. We talked about the condition of all three Jeeps and possible things to do with them. The two tan Jeeps had been played with and had some pencil markings left over from nearly 70 years ago and there were a couple of items that they would like to have repaired, but wanted to leave the Jeeps as close to their original condition as possible.

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Roberto’s New CJ-3A T-shirts

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Roberto has created some CJ-3A T-shirts.  I’m going to purchase one.  If you are interested in getting one, then lets work out a way of splitting the shipping.  Just add a comment if you are interested in getting one.