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1951 Ad for the Dozerette **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay

Here’s a neat ad for the Scheneker Iron Works Dozerette.

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1960 FJ3 Bossier City, LA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: Was on eBay. **SOLD**

Bill unearthed this from eBay.  The Genius Sno Balls FJ-3 Truck is for sale.  It lacks a motor.  It also doesn’t steer.

“Custom built snow cone truck with Southern Snow shaved ice machine, freezer, roof a/c, custom 20″ wheels & tires. This truck does not have an engine nor does is steer. It is an enclosed snow cone trailer that needs to be trailered to events. Very light weight. Plugs into 30 amp 110v electrical plug. Turns heads at all events!!! $9995 FIRM! ”

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Roberto’s Newest Illustration

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This Roberto Flores illustration was commissioned by Mike Hardesty, for http://www.jeepchasm.com/

See the entire process at Roberto’s website.

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Photographs of Flight Attendants 1943-44 on eBay

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These two photos are a part of a package of photos.

” Group of nine photographs of American Airlines stewardesses date from 1943 and 1944. The lot consists of a 7  x  9″ photograph, six 3 1/2  x  5″ photographs and two 3 1/4  x  4 1/2″ snapshots. The top photograph is signed Frances Howley and dated June, 1943, on the reverse. The large photograph is dated 3 – 8 – 44 on the reverse. There is no identification on the backs of the remaining photos. An early Willys Jeep is seen in two of the photographs, most likely taken in front of an American Airlines terminal.
The overall condition of the lot is good. Only the large photograph is damaged, with a tear at the top, right corner as shown in the scan.  The smaller photographs are in very good, clean condition. The large photograph is shown actual size in the scan. The smaller photographs are shown enlarged.”

View all the information on eBay

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CJ-4 Registration from 1955

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Colin writes, “This week, I received from Miguel Ordorica Jr.,  another Willys friend of mine in Michigan, a copy of the 1955 Ohio Registration form made out to his father, Miguel Ordorica for the 1951 Jeep, Model # CJ-4, Serial Number 01, having engine number 4J 49624.  Miguel’s father owned this vehicle from April 13, 1955 until his passing in 1967, at which time Miguel’s mother sold it and a trailer to a man in Michigan. From another source, Derek Redmond’s CJ3B page, I found information that  Miguel’s father bought the CJ-4 directly from Willys Overland for $300 and a photocopy of the title was in that info.  See the attached scan0011.  Miguel’s father was in charge of Willys Chassis Development for many years.”


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Found on the cowl of a M-38A1

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Paul discovered this plate on the driver’s side cowl of his M-38A1.  Anyone know what it does?

Paul writes, “1952 m38a1-thought this was some sort of id plate at first. Looked inside glove box, has a backing plate and bondo fills the holes. any idea what was mounted? thank you.”

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Dealer Ad for 1948 Wagon on eBay

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Unlike the advertising by Willys Overland, this ad by New York City based A.W. Pickett is sedate and forgettable.

View all the information on eBay

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Unusual Gravelrama Jeep

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The auction for this has expired, however this is still an interesting vehicle that made the cover of the 1976 Four Wheeler Magazine.  Looks like it is part jeep and part truck.

View all the information on eBay

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1955 CJ-5 AD **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

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Just a Squirrel — A George Barris T-Buggy

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If you have seen Pixar’s UP movie, then you know what a ‘squirrel’ is, something that distracts you from what you planned or should be doing.  Well, at least that is the terminology Ann and I use.

Obviously, the internet is notoriously full of squirrels.  Today’s squirrel relates to a search I was doing this morning, something I do in the normal course of producing (and by producing I mean borrowing) the incredibly high quality, unparalleled content published herein.  That’s when I spotted this (http://lascruces.en.craigslist.org/cto/3151068039.html only $800!) fiberglass flat fender dung buggy body.  I instantly recognized it as the body style of the dune buggy the my neighbor Bud across the street used to build his dune buggy when I was a kid.  The distinguishing feature were those flat fenders in the front, which for obvious reasons seemed comfortably familiar to a lover of flat fenders like myself.  After spotting this ad,  I spent about an hour this morning, chasing this squirrel of a buggy to learn more about it.  It turns out it is a Barris designed T-Buggy kit that Barris had hoped to sell through dealers in every state (I don’t’ know how far he got creating the dealer network).

Now, my neighbor Bud was quite a character.  He was a machinist for Boeing until he retired and machined a couple parts for me that really helped when I was building my first jeep.  During the 1970s he purchased an electric wedge car like this, which on a full charge had just enough power to allow him to drive down Renton’s South Hill into Kent in the morning and return up the hill in the evening.  When Bud’s son Tim, who was my age, turned 16, we’d go for a drive occasionally.  Thank goodness we never got in a wreck, because that vehicle was a coffin waiting for bodies.

At some point before he purchased the ‘cheese wedge’, Bud built a dune buggy.  Every so often we would go for a ride in it, sometimes on the roads and sometime down a power line trail (that was the good old days when you could still go down a power line trail).  One day, we drove into downtown Renton to the former Sears outdoor shopping mall off of Rainier Avenue.  However, instead of parking in a parking spot, Bud drove onto the sidewalk, between a couple stores, and into the middle of the walking mall.  We drove by a few stores until he got right in front of the store he wanted to enter, where he came to a stop as if he belonged there.  We got out and people walked by checking out the cool dune buggy as if it belonged there.  When we were done at the store, we just hopped in and drove back out.

I never knew what type of dune buggy he had, until today’s search.  Based on what I’ve read below, he must have purchased a Barris T-Buggy kit.  The dune buggy he built had all the Model-T elements you see below.  His body was painted a metallic dark red.  It had the faux leather straps across the hood, the chrome roll bar, and a small soft top.  Bud ended up selling that in the 1980s I believe.  I’ve never seen it since.

If you want to chase some dune buggy squirrels of your own, check out the Dune Buggy Archives or Samba.

Here’s an example that is as close as I’ve found to Bud’s:

This is example the way I remember Bud’s, only it was red and didn’t have the stripe around the edges.  Bud had wider, more aggressive slicks that improved the ‘hot wheel’ look, too.

Here’s an example of a kit.


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Two Ads from a few years ago on Advertolog

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I”m not sure what these ads were used for, but I found them on Advertolog.com.  They were released during 2001 by Ogilvy & Mather Frankfurt for the Chrysler company in Germany.



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The King of Jeeps: Berg’s Truck and Parts Co., Inc

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UPDATE: Brochure sold on eBay.

I spotted this 1960 Catalog from Berg’s Truck and Parts Company tonight.  Hyman Berg, a Ukrainian by emigre,  was possibly the first distributor of Willys Parts (though I have no information that definitively backs this claim).  Mr. Berg founded the international truck and jeep parts company in the 1940s. In the 1950s, he founded Amsco Parts Co. Both were at 1608 S. Wabash, Chicago, Illinois.  Apparently, JC Whitneys was right down the street from Bergs for some period of time.  According to Berg’s grandson, the family was immersed in Marketing for decades, hence the decision by Hy to be known as the “King of Jeeps”.

In addition, as suggested by this G503 thread, Hy sold Sears Jeep parts and also sold Jeep parts to the Phillipines.  He bought some early prototype jeeps and housed them at this same location, which is where this photograph was taken.  There is more information about Berg here, too, from G503.

Hyman Berg died in 1986 at the age of 75.

The CJ-3B Page has a cover of a 1958 Catalog.

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1st Annual NCFFC Southern Jeep Meet October 27th, 2012

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The President of the Tennessee Flat Fender Club William Dabney just dropped me an email saying the North Carolina Flat Fenders Club (NCFFC) has announced the 1st Annual NCFFC Southern Jeep Meet October 27th, 2012 at Freeborne’s Eatery and Lodge: 14300 Nc Highway 18 S, Laurel Springs, NC.  It’s great to see the growth of Jeep meets!

Drop by the CJ-2A Forum to learn more

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A Jeep Cake off of MySpace

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Apparently, MySpace is still out there!  I found this jeep cake there.  http://www.myspace.com/couturecakesandconfection/photos/230884

There are more jeep cakes here:  http://www.ewillys.com/tag/cakes/

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CJ-3B from Germany on Flickr

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Here a CJ-3B with an unusual dash and steering wheel design.  It’s got kind of an antique feel that I find interesting.  It was photographed and posted by RUD66.





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From a 1947 Racing Program **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

There’s a neat drawing of a dealership on the back of this program.  The Schotts owned a Willys Dealership (more than 1?).  This is the same Schotts that would eventually own the Cincinnati Reds.  There are a few items from their dealership still around, including this altoy jeepster and this ashtray plate.

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1962 CJ-5 with Goodyear Neothane Tires

I spotted this ad with some unusual tires.  Anyone ever seen these?

“VINTAGE MAGAZINE ADVERTISEMENT page measuring approximately10 x 13 inches in very good condition, two separate pages of boys & girls fashions, kids ride in “Willys Jeep with Goodyear’s experimental Neothane tires” the text says.”

View all the info on eBay

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How about this Trailer?

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I’m not sure how this thing folds together, but I like the way it looks setup!


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Robin Hood Popcorn

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I like reading books about the history of odd subjects.  Whether gum, beer , milk or salt, if it is a history about something food related, I want to read it.   A few years ago I read a fun little book about the history of popcorn called Popped Culture: A Social History of Popcorn in America by Andrew Smith.  I was surprised to learn how many different kinds of popcorn there are, having grown up on the basic non-branded yellow variety.  So, when I spotted this article about popcorn trailers that were pulled by Willys Wagons, I thought it was interesting.  Below you can see the trailers built by Clyde Gould, see one of two wagons that pulled them, and learn about his attempt to create a popcorn business.  Unfortunately, the article doesn’t indicate how successful he was or what happened to the trailers.

You can read the entire article here:  http://blog.modernmechanix.com/he-popped-corn-into-a-fortune/

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2012 Bantam Festival Update

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I had hope to get out there for this years festival, but my kids visit has shifted to August.  We’ll try for next year!

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Jeepocalypse @ Leno’s Garage

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UPDATE:  I must sheepishly admit that I should have known which US President drove a Scrambler.  President Reason drove a M-38A1, a CJ-6 and, according to ewillys, a Scrambler, too.  

Mark from jeeptruck.com forwarded this jeep quiz at Jay Leno’s website.  I came in 22nd place with my score, probably because I missed one.  I didn’t know which US President drove a Scrambler.  I also didn’t realize I was being timed on my speed, so read fast or repeat the quiz if you want to do better.

Also, there were no extra points for naming the vehicle on the pic below.  I suspect it was used to avoid paying Jeep/Chrysler any royalties.  I guess who needs a Jeep when you have a GAZ.

Give it a try!

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New Yorker Magazines with Jeeps on the Cover

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Here are two New Yorker Magazines with jeeps on the cover.

The first one is from May 27th, 1944. View the Magazine information on eBay

This picture appeared on the cover of the March 11, 1944, of New Yorker Magazine. View the Magazine information on eBay

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1950 Top Sales Platter Tulsa-Willys on eBay

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Here’s a very unusual Willys piece.


View all the information and pics on eBay

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December 1982 Offroad Magazine on eBay

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Here’s a nice looking race flattie that appears on the cover of Offroad Magazine and taken at Gravelrama.  Gravelrama is held in Ohio and has been since its inception in 1971.  The Magazine is currently listed on eBay for $15.

Here’s a nice looking CJ-3B Hill Climber and Drag Jeep.  You can see more vintage photos here.

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Remote Control Jeep from 1952

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This ad was featured in a 1952 Modern Mechanix Magazine advertisement.  It advertises a remote control jeep that “goes forward . . reverse . . left . . right.  It’s called a “electra-JEEP”.