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Kissing in a Jeep

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I ran across a couple of kisses in/on a jeep.  So, here they are:

This image isn’t in great shape, but captures the awkwardness of kissing in a jeep.   I think this photo is from 1949?  But could be 1944.

This picture comes from a post by Ransom Rings at Mentalfloss.com.

From the G503 site comes this image:

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Swamp Jeeps

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Tim Dolan from Willysjeep.com forwarded these great videos of Swamp Racing in Florida.

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Some Ford GP videos at Criticalpast.com

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Mark’s brother spotted some jeep videos at Criticalpast.com.

I’ve never seen this rollover:  http://www.criticalpast.com/video/65675030113_army-jeep_test-driving_Ford-model-jeep_jeep-flips-over

Here is another video.  I’ve seen just a small clip of this much longer version.


Here’s  a good video of a Ford GP going up and down a hill:


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Nate’s Newest CJ-3A

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NOTE:  Nate needs NOS Amp and Temp Gauge for his new CJ-3A (or ones in good shape.  If you have them, you can email him at bolducn20 [at] aol.com).

You might remember Nate’s last two rebuilds.  Well, he managed to find a stock, solid CJ-3A in the Northeast.  Kudos to him for that find.  It looks great.

Nate’s Custom suspension Build
Nate’s Ideas
Nate’s Stock Build

(See all three of his jeeps in the bottom picture)

Nate writes, “Anyways, the one I picked up a month or so ago is truly a rare jeep for the northeast and one that I have been searching for. The body has very little rot, all the original wiring is intact and every thing works, lights, brake light, horn, and vacuum wiper. It runs great also. I had to do a little tinkering with it to get it running good, just as good as my ’53. It also has decent breaks now too. It was missing some parts that I located like a passenger hand wiper, battery hold down, matching ’49 license plates, one seat pan and a spare tire/carrier. I added the dualmatics.

Only things I need for it are two original gauges and it is back to 100% original. The ones I need are an amp and temp gauge. If anyone has both, please let me know.

We think it came from Tennesee. On the tailgate, very faintly it says “DAVIS HOLLOW SECURITY PATROL”. We researched that and there is a seasonal campground in Tennessee by that name. There were other places too, all down south. Someone at one time painted the entire thing, and I mean everything (even the grease) with the red primer. The original color was Luzon red which can be seen in many places. Makes me want to remove the primer to bring out the original paint. Even the frame is still black in a few places!”

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John Barton’s Fleamarket Guide To MB and GPW Tools . . . by John Barton

• CATEGORIES: Books, Features

John Barton’s book “John Barton’s Fleamarket Guide To MB and GPW Tools And Accesories” is now for sale at Lulu.com.  The price of the book is $25.  Proceeds from the book are going to John’s daughter’s college fund.   If you have any questions about it, you can contact Merlin at merlin [at] HANSONMECHANICAL.COM.

Merlin writes, “This book was first written by John Barton in 2006. It is a review of all tools carried on the WW2 Jeeps and their varieties. This should be a great help while hunting for the correct tools for your WW2 MB or GPW.”


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Old Images

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Buz forwarded a couple different images the other day.

This one is from the Los Angeles Times (pic #8) and shows a jeep among the auto train towards the internment camps in 1942.  The caption to this picture indicates the trucks were stopped in the Mojave Desert on the way to the Manzanar Camp.

Driving this jeep is Earle Stanley Gardner, who was the writer of 80 Perry Mason Novels.  Learn more about him here in this biography written by Jeff Marks.

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Ann and I Visit the WAAAM at Hood River, Or

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While driving to Vancouver on Monday, Ann and I decided to visit the five year old Western Antique Aeroplane and Automobile Museum (WAAAM).   So, about noon we pulled off I-84 and drove into downtown Hood River expecting to locate the museum quickly.  However, it turns out the museum is located a few miles away from town near the airport.  As soon as we realized we didn’t know where we were going, we cranked up the GPS and that guided us up the hill and over a dale or two.  We even passed a FC-170 off to our right.  Finally, we arrived at Air Museum Road.

Since it was Monday at noon, there wasn’t a flood of visitors, which worked out great for us because the staff could take the time to explain and answer all of our questions.  In fact, everyone was noticeably friendly and knowledgeable.

The first thing we learned is that WAAAM has one of the largest collection of working antique planes and vehicles in the country.  All the different planes, tractors, jeeps, automobiles, trucks, motorcycles are housed in two giant hangars with multiple exits.  In fact, some of the planes and vehicles are privately owned, but stored free of charge at the museum.  Owners can come in most any time and take their property out to fly or drive them.

Every month the museum holds a “Second Saturday” event.  That’s when volunteers arrive to give rides and show off the vehicles.  In May of 2012, a special Military Day will be held on the Second Saturday. That date is May 12th and I’ve been invited to talk a little about jeeps and sign books (and maybe ride in a jeep or two???).  It should be fun!

Here’s an introduction to the museum:


While I had fun looking at all the cars and planes, it was the jeeps I was there to see.  We saw the following jeeps:

1941 MB Slat Grille

Undated MB

Close up of the Poster:

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Roberto’s Newest Illustration

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Roberto forwarded his latest illustration.  He writes, “This was offered as a birthday´s present, for a friend of mine. He actually owns the WW2 Willys MB jeep which appears drawn with him. I found it casually some years ago at French-Basque country and he bought it. After some resto (mainly at paint or canvas), he decored it markings of famous WW2 2nd Armored Division “Leclerc”, a legendary unit of Free French army, which liberated Paris at August 1944 with the support of the US 4th Infantry Division. In fact, he´s dressed as an officer of this Free French unit. It is 16.4″ x  11.6″

He also showed how he created it: http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v82/Roberto67/Division%20Leclerc%20Willys%20MB%20jeep%20caricature/?albumview=slideshow

Robert also still has CJ-3B  t-shirts available

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Red River Offroad Tour’s Newest CJ-6

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James and Tish run Red River Offroad Tours in New Mexico.  You might remember the post I did about their CJ-6s here.   They are now on Facebook, too.

James emailed me recently about his recently completed Recovery CJ-6.  The CJ6 is set up to be used as a ATV/UTV/Jeep Recovery vehicle in the mountains of Red River and Taos, New Mexico.

It’s a 1973 CJ-6 with a stock 304 3-speed and a D20 with Terra Low.  It has a 4’lift 35’s.  The bed winch is a Ramsey 10,000 pounder.  On the bumper is a Smitty Built 10,000# winch mounted on the ARB bumper.

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2 Women standing in front of a Ford GP

UPDATE:  John decided to take on the challenge of restoring this photo.  He did a fabulous job.

I found this on the Genealogy Guys Podcast site.  I can almost, but not quite, make out the serial number on the hood.

Here is the Before Pic:


Here is the After Pic: https://picasaweb.google.com/104219391648738472802/ILovePhotoShop#5722193307032376162

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Moonshiner’s Swapmeet Pics

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I was a little delayed in posting these pics from the swapmeet a week and a half ago, so I will push the pics of the WAAAM visit off until tomorrow.  At the swapmeet there were a few pics of jeeps and racers I wanted to include in this post.  But, I couldn’t leave the booth because the two times I did leave readers dropped by to say “hi”.  My faithful photographer did make it out to snap some pictures, getting wet in the process, but couldn’t quite read my mind as to which pictures I wanted;  Of course, my mind, like the rest of me, was cold that day, so I doubt there was much going on inside my mind for Ann to read.

As you can see, the booth design was compact, but efficient.  Herm was nice enough to give me some front space.  In exchange I even managed to sell something for him while he and his kids were off purchasing all kinds of deals (and he found a couple of astonishing deals on parts).  I have books, tshirts, signage and, most importantly, warm liquids.

In this picture you can see Herm wheeling and dealing on the phone, with his son Richard to his right, and their friend Dan to Richard’s right.

Here is a good example of the type of trailers that are brought in by sellers.  Trailers are piled with as many parts and pieces as they can put on them.  The building in the background is full of sellers and is only one of several buildings.  Many more sellers were outside.

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Dan Routh’s Photos of a CJ-2A & it’s Owner

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Here are some great photos taken by Dan Routh.  You can see the other two photos at his website: http://danrouthphotography.blogspot.com/2009/06/willys-jeep.html


Here is  1952 Willys Truck: http://danrouthphotography.blogspot.com/2011/03/52-willys.html

Here is a 1948 Truck: http://danrouthphotography.blogspot.com/2010/08/1948-willys-pickup.html

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Jeep Comics

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Here are the first three issues of Jeep Comics from 1944.  As far as I can tell, only three issues were created with jeeps on the front (at least, I can’t find any others).  You can these covers here: http://superitch.com/?p=14130

Jeep Comics Issue 1

Jeep Comics Issue 2

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CJ-2A in the Desert with a Cactus

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From the postcardcollectors website comes this car.

According to the website, “This card is about the Giant Ocotillo Cactus that “grow profusely in the Southern California and Arizona Deserts.” It is a “Union Pacific Railroad Color Photo” but doesn’t seem to be a Union Pacific card.”

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Kids Race at the 2006 Autoshow

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I never thought of an Autoshow as a good place for kids, but apparently in 2006 DaimlerChrysler was all prepared for them.


“Kids had the opportunity to drive battery-powered mini Jeep Wranglers around a circular track on the show floor, situated next to the full-size vehicle driving courses in the DaimlerChrysler exhibit.”

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Tonka Toy Jeep Tempe, Az eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, toys

I had one of these that towed with a string all over the place.

“This is a vintage Tonka DUNE BUGGY WILLY’S CJ-2 style JEEP. This is a nicely engineered rig that has been lifted and has the large Tonka off road tires added.

Please review the photos as this is the exact item that will be shipped.

Excellent overall original condition; no cracks in the plastic exterior/exterior or wheels/rims; Paint is in excellent condition with minor wear and NO rust. Decals are nice but do show slight wear.

Measures 11″ long pressed tin;

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for looking!”

View all the pics and info on eBay

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Bunny from Bunnyland Riding in a CJ-2A on eBay

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There are two of these image for sale on eBay.

Black & White glossy is about  8″X10″.  Easter Bunny from 1948 in Pennsylvania at Lazarus Department store in a Willys Jeep”

View the pic and info on eBay


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Wagon at Nick’s Cove in Marshall, Ca

• CATEGORIES: Features, Willys Wagons

Yesterday Ron contacted me, asking if I had see the wagon on the Can-Am commercial.  Well, I couldn’t remember seeing a Can Am commercial.

Then, last night I was watching the Temple/USF game and updating eWillys when I looked up to see Can-Am flash across the screen.  I thought to myself, I wonder if that was the commercial Ron mentioned.  So, I rewinded it and spotted the wagon.  There it was, very briefly shown in the background.  A red wagon with white trim sporting the name Nick’s Cove.  After a quick search that focused on Nick’s Cove only.  I found the pic below.  Thanks Nick!

Nick’s cove is a small town in Marshall, Ca, along highway 1 near the Point Reyes’ National Seashore in Calfornia.

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Jeep Cake from Sweet Cakes by Rebecca

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Now I’m hungry for some cake.  This jeep cake was part of a ‘green army man’ birthday party theme for a boy’s birthday party.

If you missed it, there are more cakes here:  http://www.ewillys.com/?p=34743

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6000 Miles: From Maine to Hawaii with Love (For Jeepsters)

• CATEGORIES: Features, Jeepster, Reader Stories

Glenn wrote this nice story which was published in the June 2010 issue of Jeepster News.

(ABOVE:) At The Pearl Harbor Memorial- ’50 Willys Jeepster, Left- Randy Spangler,  Middle- Glenn  Byron, Right- Maurice Goguen.


Sometimes we take for granted the many benefits our membership in WOJC [Willys Overland Jeepster Club] pro- vides. For example, that booklet you received titled “ WOJC 2010 ROSTER” is just something that arrives. Larry & Shirley Wozniak volunteered a bunch of time and effort to get this quality product to club members. Using it as a tool is a bonus for paying our meager dues. Let’s look at where this can take us. Recently, in planning for a cruise to visit our 50th state, Hawaii, I noticed a scheduled one day port call in Honolulu.

Just for kicks, I grabbed that Roster to see if we had members there. Garage tours and visits with other enthusiasts are always great sidelines to get away from usual tourist activities. Sure enough, all of Hawaii has one lonely WOJC member, Randy Spangler, right there in Honolulu. A quick email to Randy to intro- duce myself and inform him of my visit, yielded a friendly response with encourage- ment to see what we could put together. Nothing concrete, just loose parameters to keep both of us available as all the unknowns could allow. Our first port was Hilo, on the big island of Hawaii, with Honolulu, on Oahu, the following day. “Call me from Hilo and we’ll see what the cards hold” was Randy’s invitation. Here’s how it came down.

ABOVE: Randy Spangler’s Island Cruiser, a ’50 Willys Jeepster mounted on a Chevy Blazer chassis- A great performing unit for Boulevard or Beach. 

Three couples on a cruise ship make too large a load for a Willys Jeepster, so careful strategy had to happen to be sure no one felt compromised. The girls were anxious to see Waikiki Beach, and with great personal sacrifice, I crossed that off my list. The other two guys, though not car oriented, agreed to back seat status and a full load resulted. Contact with Randy was made from Hilo and plans laid down for Willys Jeepster to meet Golden Princess at the dock in Honolulu. How’s that for a welcoming committee? Heads turn when ever we put our Jeepsters on display, but this may be a first! Randy’s 1950 Jeepster is especially suited to the hustle and bustle of Oahu gridlock traffic.

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Wooden Jeep Project @ Woodworking.com

• CATEGORIES: Features, toys, Wood bodies

Here’s a ‘from scratch’ wooden jeep beautifully assembled.  Lots of nice detail work.


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Lars’ Jeep Service in Sweden

• CATEGORIES: Features, International, Website

DC forwarded Lars’ website.   Lars runs “Willys Service” in Sweden and has been working with Willys for over fifty years.  He has some beautiful jeeps, too.

Willys Service Lars Svensson

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FC-150 Photo on eBay

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Here’s a photo of a narrow track FC.  The ebay auction has ended.

“Photo size is 5×4″ inches”


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Bob’s CJ-2A

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Blaine took these pictures of Bob’s CJ-2A at last year’s FC Roundup.   Looks great!  He says the details are very nice.

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Girl Riding Fire Jeep at Amusement Park

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

These three photos of a girl riding an amusement park carousel were for sale on eBay at different times.