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Set of 10 Brazilian Jeep ads on eBay

This auction includes a set of 10 ads for the Brazilian Jeep Pickup.  Looks like they have been ripped from a magazine.

“They are original AD’s (not copy).
All different ADs (not repeated ADs).
ADs from 60’s / 70’s
Brazilian rare ADs.
The pages are in big size. Size of each AD: about 35 cm X 25 cm. Can be changed in poster.”

View all the pics and info on eBay

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Newspaper Ad for a Mustang Trailer

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

This ad for a Mustang Trailer was originally published by a company out of Bangor, Maine.  Though attached to a jeep in the ad, the ad notes you can attach it to a truck, too.

View all the pics and info on eBay

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CJ-2 PR Photo on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

Here’s a reproduction of a PR photo of an experimental CJ-2 jeep pulling a wagon.

View the photo on eBay

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A Model WW2 Jeep Built From Scratch in Macedonia

• CATEGORIES: Features, Models

This well done jeep model was built by a Macedonian who wants to own a real jeep some day.  I believe he has the skills to take care of one!

He writes on youtube, “Model Jeep I spent 3 months on. I know it’s not perfect, but it’s better than nothing. Real WWII Jeeps in Macedonia are extremely rare, if not impossible to find. Also I thought it would be far more fun to built rather than buy a model Jeep. Work was done during the summer of 2009, 2-3 hours a day, often late into the night.”


Here’s a pic of the finished product:

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Shortened Wagons in Brazil

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After seeing this ad about the shortened wagon, a reader named Or forwarded me the following links that show these shortened wagons aren’t as rare as we thought.  Thanks for finding these!


From this link comes this picture:

Here’s this one with a slightly different front end from this link:

Or, if you like red:

Here are a few more links, too:


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Soviet Russia WW2 Photo2 on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, International, Old Images

No details on when this photo was taken.  It is sold out of Kiev, Ukraine.


The auction on this photo by the same seller fetched a bid of $18.50. I was surprised it went that high.

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1945 GAZ Estonia eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, International, Other 4x4s • TAGS: .

Here’s a rare GAZ out of Estonia. Might be good for a European collector.

“GAZ 67, Jeep, Militaria (Willys Jeep) 1945 ,

The vehicle is moving under its own power.
the car is not restored.
Still retains the original factory work. (80 %)
The car has been standing on the tenth garage.

EU Member States do not have customs and logistics companies to be transported. Transportation Estonia to Germany pays 400 – 500 EUR. –

Shipping will be paid by the buyer. Shipping outside the EU to clarify before you buy. I will help the buyer in dealings.”

View all the info and pics on eBay

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The Package Delivery Van Starts its Journey

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You might remember that we spotted this rare 1948 Willys Overland Package Delivery van a while back.  The buyer decided he had to let it go, so Jesse volunteered to take on the project of restoring it.   To get to Phoenix, the van has made its first stop in Missouri at Craig’s place.

Craig writes, “The 1948 Willys Overland Urban Package Delivery is 430 miles closer to it’s new home in Phoenix, Arizona.  It’s resting at my place in Defiance, Missouri right now before I make the pilgrimage out there to Phoenix and back in a few weeks.  Since the ’48 got its start on eWillys I thought it could use an update there as well.  The pictures were taken just a stones throw south of Roxanna, Ohio where Roger Martin (pictured with me) brought it from its home in Lake Geneva, Ohio.  It looks a little better with some rubber on the wheels! Craig @ thefcconnection

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The Story of the Jeepy Pedal Car

• CATEGORIES: Features, International, toys

Even contacted me from Norway with a nice bit of history about the Jeepy Pedal Car.  Thanks Even!

He writes, “As world war 2 came to a close a Norwegian engineer name Sigurd W. Ødegaard was looking for products he could produce in his mecanical workshop.  One day during the summer of 1945 he was watching a military parade with a lot of jeeps when he got the idea to produce a small version of a jeep as a pedal car. A year later he produced his first pedal car, manufacturing them from 1946 until 1952.  During this time his company made about 3000 units of this popular car .  I was told they cost almost 100$ back then.

These small Jeeps are popular among collectors here in Norway and since Sigurd made them very solid there are still some around.  The car is 1/3 scale from the GPW and  are all steel with air filled wheels.

I have also heard that Sigurd W. Ødegaard was educated in the US  and worked for Mack International Motor Company. At some point he travelled to the US to start production of this pedalcar over there, but returned to Norway after failing to get production going because the Korean War made it complicated to get enough steel for the pedal cars.”

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Old Photos from the High Desert

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images, Women & Jeeps

Here are a couple of old photos listed on eBay from a trip into the high desert in a CJ-2A.

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Conner Supermarket Willys Wagon

• CATEGORIES: Features, Willys Wagons • TAGS: , .

UPDATE:  Buz shot this picture while visiting Ocracoke Island in South Carolina last year.  This year he discovered the history behind the wagon.  Thanks Buz!  I like the way you vacation 🙂

Read about the station wagon,, John Conner, Sr., and the history of the super market here:


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2012 Great Willys Picnic in Kempton, Pa June 10th

• CATEGORIES: Event, Features

The Great Willys Picnic Show and Swap Meet:  learn more here http://www.cj3a.info/picnic/

June 10, 2012 from 9 am – 4 pm at the Wanamaker, Kempton & Southern Railroad, located in Kempton, Pennsylvania

It’s time to plan for the 13th annual Great Willys Picnic, Car Show and Swap Meet. All vehicles are welcome: stock, modified, projects, CJs, Wagons, Trucks, Jeepsters, Military, Cars and even GPWs! Every pre-1970 Willys vehicle is eligible to win door prizes. This show has grown into the largest Northeast Willys event. Over 45 vehicles and hundreds of enthusiasts were present at last year’s picnic. There is plenty of space for selling your spare parts in the swap meet area. Bring your Willys memorabilia and interesting parts for show and tell. Be sure to arrive early because at 3:00 PM the door prize winners are announced and awarded. Bring your own picnic lunch or purchase food at the refreshment stand.

The Picnic will be held on the grounds of the Wanamaker, Kempton & Southern Railroad located in the scenic village of Kempton, Pennsylvania. This is a great setting to display our classic Willys vehicles, as well as entertainment for the entire family. Also on-site is the Schuykill & Lehigh Model Railroad Club’s HO model train display.

As always the Willys Picnic, Show and Swap is free. Plan to take the optional train ride for a very reasonable fee.

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More Food at this Year’s Bantam Festival

• CATEGORIES: Event, Features

One of the updates in the May newsletter from the Bantam Festival folks is that there will be more food.  Since I like food, I have to say I’m all in favor of that!

You can read more on the latest at the Bantam Jeep Festival Site

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June 16th Estate Auction in Arlington, Oh … CJ-2As & CJ-3As and More

• CATEGORIES: Auctions, CJ-2A, CJ-3A, Features, Unusual, Willys Wagons

Rob forwarded me the jeep below.  It’s an odd melding of a CJ-2A and a Wagon.  I’d love to get a closer look to see how various problems were solved.

This jeep is one of several jeeps in different conditions being auctioned, though nothing is in amazing condition.  Tools and other vehicles will also be auctioned, including a deuce and a half that looks to me (not being an expert) in very good condition.

The auction takes place on June 16th, 2012, at a place tbd.  You can learn more about the auction by Fenbert Auction Services and see the other vehicles at here.

Here’s the oddball CJ-2A/Panel Wagon hybrid:

A few other jeeps at the auction.  A couple CJ-2As:

A couple CJ-3As:

Other Stuff:


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Tennessee Flat Fender Club

• CATEGORIES: Builds, Features, Women & Jeeps

William, the President of the Tennessee Flat Fender Club, recently contacted me with some kind notes about my book.  I told him I had been planning to do a post about the club, so he provided me some information.

The Tennessee Flat Fender Club is an unofficial association with no dues, no rules, no mandatory meetings or rites of passage. You don’t even need to own a flat fender ‘jeep’ to call yourself a member. Only need to have an interest in these classic vehicles.
The Club is an affiliate of the International Flat Fender Club.  There is a club for most states and the ones where there isn’t a club they are looking for people to lead one.
You can learn more about the club at these websites:
If you are curious about William’s build, you can read all about it at the CJ-2A page.  The very first picture is an image of the engine sitting in the house next to an open tool box.  This picture underscores the support of Wiliam’s family; so, it only seems natural that his mother, wife, and grandmother should have their pictures taken in front of it (shown below).
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Pima Air and Space Museum MBs in Tucson, Az

• CATEGORIES: Features, MB, Museums • TAGS: , .

Jim forwarded me the following images he took of the MBs at the Pima Air and Space Museum in Tucson, Az.

Jim writes, “The 390th Bomb Group Museum has a B-17 flying fortress on display, a long with a MB that has been restored and donated to the museum. It needs a fuel tank flush, new radiator hoses, and I bet a carb rebuild. I hope to assist them on this the next time I make it home. There is also a MB on display in another hanger that is part of a display dedicated to the Red Tails fighter group. I am sending a few pics of them. They have one of the largest aircraft display’s around!”

Here’s the 390th Bomb Group MB:

And this is the Red Tails fighter group MB:

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James Breaks the Oil Line Fitting — Could use some suggestions . . .

• CATEGORIES: Builds, Features, How To

Well, we all eventually arrive at one of these places where the unexpected happens, inevitably followed by the ‘what do I do now’ question.  That’s where James is at and he needs a few suggestions.  You might remember James from when I visited his father and him in Denver back in October.

“I was replacing the old inlet oil line into the engine (below the fuel pump). I was loosening the oil line that went into the 90 degree brass fitting oil line bracket (Walck4wd part number 384569) and accidently torqued the bracket. The fuel line came off, but the thread from the 90 degree brass fitting oil line bracket broke off inside the engine in the oil inlet. Great.. So, I bought an extractor from Sears and have been trying to extract the remaining thread left inside the oil inlet (below the fuel pump) with no luck. There is hardly any room to hammer the extractor into the block. So now here I am, stuck. Any idea how to remove the remaining thread? Thanks, James DeBartolomeis”

Here’s a pic:

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“JEEP” means WILLYS Ads

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

Paul forwarded this.  I have a variety of brochures & Ads, but not this one.  The slogan “JEEP” means WILLYS is an interesting intellectual property strategy.  Just another way to intertwine the two meanings.

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Year? Mitsubishi Annapolis, MD **Status Unknown**

• CATEGORIES: Features, Other 4x4s • TAGS: , , , .

UPDATE: Status Unknown. Was $5700.

“I purchased this jeep 5 years ago in Washington State where I restored it and used it on mountain trails, hunting/fishing while based at Fairchild AFB near Spokane. After being transferred to Andrews AFB it’s spent most of its time in my garage, other than trips into town, etc. It has a very efficient low mileage (under 45,000 miles) 4DR6 2.7L diesel engine mated to an iron 4speed manual transmission and transfer case. The steering is right hand drive as is typical for these late model willy’s from Japan. It’s been well maintained but shows some wear for its age such as repairs in the soft top, worn seats, etc. I also have the driver, passenger, and rear doors that are included in the sale. About 3 years ago the windshield wiper motor stopped working, so I’ve relied on the back up manual wiper in its place. I don’t have the time to research a new wiper motor or have it rebuilt, which is why I’m letting my jeep go at such a low price… While doing some research on this vehicle I discovered through discussion boards that individuals are paying up to $14K for these jeeps by the time the import cost, taxes, and all other expenses are calculated. It’s never been driven in the rain/snow here in Maryland due to rust concerns. This jeep has proven extremely reliable to me and capable of anything I’ve put in its path, you won’t be dissapointed.

Since I’ve owned it I’ve addressed the following:

-New windshield
-5 new 8 ply tubeless tires
-resealed the front and rear axles
-replaced all of the brakes (11″ drum brakes)
-installed new rear driveshaft
-replaced driveline parking brake
-eliminated rust from rear fenders by removing old sheet metal and welding in new
-Water pump was rebuilt 1 month ago
-New fan/alternator belt last month
-replaced thermostat & hoses
-installed inline coolant block heater
-M38 speedometer (replaced old unit that was in kilometers per hr)
***note*** speedometer works great but odometer recently stopped working
-installed turn signal control (unit was missing when it arrived from Japan)
-new pintle hitch with 2″ ball
-new shovel, axe, & jerry can
-installed farm jack on front bumper
-new M38 mirrors
-installed passenger seat from a CJ-5 (seat was missing when it arrived from Japan)
-installed Warn Locking hubs for the Dana 30 front axle
-engine oil & filter have been changed every 3,000 miles or 6 months (which ever comes first)

****the engine is barely broke in at 45-50K miles, burns no oil, and there are absolutely no leaks from the engine or drivetrain components.Yea”

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2012 Memorial Day Parade in Yakima, Wa …. Happy Memorial Day

• CATEGORIES: Event, Features

I hope everyone is enjoying Memorial Day Parade.  A big thanks to all the veterans out there and the ones that have passed.  I shall make sure to give my vet an extra kiss tomorrow, after all, sacrifices must be made 🙂 !

Thanks to Tony for forwarding these pictures of the Memorial Day Parade in Yakima, Wa.  Tony writes, ” The first M38 belongs to Randy Adams. The next 3 are mine and the M38 A1 aim driving.  I am taking it to Dawson Creek and will be doing the Trail of 42 w/converto trailer.”

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1962 FC-140 (?) Livermore, Ca eBay

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677, Features, Jeep Rods, Unusual • TAGS: .

Vince spotted this one.  I’m not sure why this is called a FC-140, but it sure has seen some mods!

“1962 Jeep FC 140  351 Ford Cleveland engine, Automatic trans, Independent rear suspension with disc brakes. New Holley carb. HEI ignition. Front air bags, rear coil overs. Fuel cell, Hydraulic bed and touno cover. Unbelievable amount of power. This cars draws alot of attention. Alarm system. digital gauges, tach. Very rare Jeep. Electic Sun Roof. Power windows. any questions please call Perry at 925-455-6666 must sell while i still have a drivers license. Milage is unknown. I reserve the right to pull car out of auction at any time because car is advertised locally.”

View all the pics and info on eBay

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Marx Surrey Jeep Langhorne, PA **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Features, toys

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $376

Steve spotted this one.

“For sale is a Louis Marx&co. Surrey Jeep battery operated with remote control. In great condition with original box(a bit beat up).”

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Mark Smith’s Jeep Museum in Georgetown, Ca

• CATEGORIES: Features, Museums

I learned today that Mark Smith opened a museum a couple months back in Georgetown, Ca, at what I believe is the Jeep Jamboree Headquarters.  At this point, it isn’t so much a museum as a collection of some rare jeeps, but they are nice looking jeeps.  According to the Jamboree website, Mark organized the first Jeep Jamporee in 1954, traveling across the Sierra Nevada Mountains by way of the Rubicon Trail.  It sounds like he is still going strong!

You can view all of them here:


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Play Jeep at the Illinois State Museum in Springfield, Illinois

• CATEGORIES: Features, Museums, toys

If you visit the Illinois State Museum in Springfield, Illinois, and have kids, make sure to stop by the Mary Ann MacLean Play Museum in the basement of the building.  Here’s a pic of it form the State Journal-Register and a story, too.

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Hesse Hornet Info Wanted

• CATEGORIES: Features, Industrial-Welder-Generator, wanted

The Hesse Hornet was an air compressor manufactured by the Hess Manufacturing Company in the late 1940s(?).  The compressor used a CJ-2A engine to run, but only pistons 1 & 4.  The middle two pistons were used to compress air.  Keith recently bought one of these and was going to part it out, but changed his mind and now wants to restore it.  However, there isn’t much online about it.  Below are the links we know about it so far.  If you know of any additional info, please add it to the comments.


Here is a link to Keith’s pics: