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Jeep Sling from the 881st Ordnance

I spotted this article about slinging a jeep on LoanSentry.com.  Apparently, during WW2 the folks in the 881st Ordnance were slinging plenty of jeeps, enough that they created a system for it and published the results in

You can view a variety of the ordnance documents at vmpa.ordnanacereproductions.com. It looks like a cool resource.


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1970s Van Go FJ Model on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Models

Craig spotted this unusual model. This has got to be rare.

“Up for bid is a mini lindy Gypsy Van new and factory sealed.”

View all the information on eBay


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March 22, 1945 India-Burma Theatre Roundup Photo

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images, Old News Articles

From page 1 of the India-Burma Theatre Roundup Newspaper comes this unusual photo featuring a jeep and men loading and testing rockets juxtaposed with a picture of a jeep as ambulance.



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1957 FC-170 Brochure on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, FC150-FC170-M677, Features

This is a neat brochure that I didn’t have in my records.

View all the information on eBay




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Wire Photo of Training on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images, Old News Articles

John spotted this photograph.  It includes a newspaper clipping to show that it was published.

“You are bidding on an original 8 X 10 Wire Photo of US Military Jeep & Cadets At Florida Military Academy St Pete. Photo is dated 3/6/49. Photo has slight wrinkles right edge. Jeep..”

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Jeep Industrial Engine Book on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Books, Features, Industrial-Welder-Generator

Here’s an unusual jeep engine manual.

“‘Jeep’ Industrial Engine Manual and Parts List 4&6 Cylinder
4&6 Cylinder Industrial Engines – Copyright 1965
8-1/2-inch wide x 11-inch high format, paper covers, 218 pages of photos, illustrations, exploded views and parts lists covering: Preventive Maintenance; The Four Cylinder L-Head Type Engine; The Four Cylinder F-Head Type Engine; The Six Cylinder Overhead Cam Engine (Tornado); Fuel System; Electrical System; Specifications And Parts List. Industrial Engine Sales Kaiser Engine Sales, Toledo, Ohio. The covers are lightly soiled from handling; minor age and wear. The interior pages are excellent.”

View all the information on eBay


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June 1943 Popular Science “This Jeep Can Swim” Article

• CATEGORIES: Features, GPA (SEEP), Magazine • TAGS: .

Popular Science published a January 1943 article with a variety of GPA / SEEP pictures, including a nice breakdown of the dashboard (handy for my description of a seep dashboard in my upcoming book).

You can also find this issue for sale on eBay




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Carolina Safari Jeep Tours in a CJ-7(?) Tour Jeep

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Event, Features • TAGS: .

I ran across an ad from the 1990s on eBay.  A little investigation revealed that the Jeep Tour company still provides tours and is located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.



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2 Different 1970 Jeep GPV Volkswagen Brochures on eBay

UPDATE:  I found a second brochure that identifies this as a Sandman GPV

Has anyone ever heard of this Volkswagen/jeep model?  It doesn’t seem to be a VEEP.  Other searches yielded nothing about this unusual rig.

View all the information on eBay





“original non color folder 8.5 x 5.5 folded , 17 x 5.5 unfolded . This Jeep replica used a Volkswagen chassis . Produced by General Purpose Vehicles , Sandman Sales , Fortworth Texas.”

View all the information on eBay



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1965 Showroom Gifts Promo Sheet on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features • TAGS: , .

We’ve seen a few of these promos sold on eBay.  This is a nice reference piece.

“original salesman’s non color folder , 8.5 x 11 folded , 17 x 11 unfolded , shows Jeep and Gladiator Promo Models , Jeep jewelry , pen , playing cards , key chain , ashtray , windshield scraper, etc. Also includes order price information . This was printed by the Jeep factory and sent to the dealers.”

View all the information on eBay



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Vintage Armed Forces Action Set w/ Jeeps on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, toys

I can’t tell how large/small the vehicles are.

“You are bidding on a vintage U.S. Armed Forces Battle Front Giant Set. This set is in the original box. All the items in the set are plastic and are in very good condition. I am noting items that are broken or things that I see, but I am not an expert on these toys. So, please take a close look at the pictures that I have posted. Manufactured by Multiple Products Corporation, New York, NY. Made in the USA. The set includes tank, weasel, exploding bridge, missile carrier, shooting cannon, personnel carrier, 2 jeeps, one with a canapy, army truck, 3 tents (one says U.S. Army N.Q. 351st Infantry), 5 pieces of barbed wire fences, 5 drivers (blue men that are sitting), 30 soldiers, and accessories.

The bridge does not explode. There is a spring on the bottom, and what appears to be a broken part in the box, so it does not work. There is a white missile with a red base (not pictured), but I don’t know what vehicle it goes with, or even if it goes with the set. It is possible that there is a part missing from one of the vehicles that holds this missile. The cannon has the spring, and it pulls back to shoot something, but I don’t know what. The canapy on the army truck does not appear to sit properly and stay on. One of the tents is missing 2 legs. It is possible that there were more than 5 pieces of barbed wire fence. Accessories: There are 6 rifles, some of the soldiers have helmets which can be removed and put on other soldiers. There are a few belts and bullet proof vests, but there were probably more accessories in the original set. The items are clean except for some dust on some of the vehicles. The vehicles appear to have all their wheels and they do not look broken.”

usarmed-armed-forces-battle-front-actionset1View all the information on eBay

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1960s Official Jeep Stationary Order Form on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features • TAGS: .

This is an interesting reference document.

“original non color folder , 8.5 x 11 folded , 17 x 11 unfolded , also order form sheet , 8.5 x 11 . Includes Jeep stationery , business cards , car invoices , new car order forms etc. Auction is for both items.”


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‘Grandpa’ Craig’s Pic of the Week: Jeep ‘Wagon’ Train

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On the evening (2 nights ago) that Craig became a grandpa, instead of doing whatever grandpas should do to celebrate, he was busily scanning stuff for us!  It’s clear his Willys Sickness is far more advanced than I thought!  However, to his credit, this really is a cool picture. In fact, it’s so cool, that I managed to skip over the part where he said he became a grandpa! It wasn’t until I re-read it tonight that I felt like a total doof.”

This photo comes from the March 1957 issue of Willys News.  The jeep wagon train operated at the Stephen Foster State Folk Culture Center – White Springs, Florida.


Floridamemory.com has a variety of photos related to the wagons.  Below are a few of them.

State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory, http://floridamemory.com/items/show/41660


State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory, http://floridamemory.com/items/show/73660


This photo looks like the jeep is a CJ-5 rather than a CJ-3B.  State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory, http://floridamemory.com/items/show/87462


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Wayne’s Auto and Truck Repair (& Old Jeeps) in Townshend, VT

• CATEGORIES: Features, Parts

Abe shared with me the following story:  “While driving thru Vermont this past summer I ran across these jeeps sitting in some very tall grass. Asked for permission to take the pics on cell phone. Ergo lousy quality.”

Not only did Abe take pictures, but he got the owner’s business card, too.  And, on the card, is a website:  http://www.nejeeps.com  So, thanks to Abe, maybe the folks in the Northeast have another resource for old jeeps and parts.

Here are Abe’s pics:





The CJ-2A below was built by a student from the local High School under Wayne’s supervision:



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Aug 1961 Jeep Merchandiser Newsletter **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features, Old News Articles • TAGS: .

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

“original non color folder , 8.5 x 11 folded , 17 x 11 unfolded , this is volume 1 #3 of “Jeep Merchandiser” . Published by the merchandising and advertising department for Jeep salesman.”


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Oct 1961 Jeep Merchandiser Newsletter **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features, Old News Articles • TAGS: .

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

“original non color folder , 8.5 x 11 folded , 17 x 11 unfolded , this is volume 1 #4 of “Jeep Merchandiser” . Published by the merchandising and advertising department for Jeep salesman.”


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Bud LIght Bottle with Willys Jeepster Frost on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Artists/Drawings, Features

Whatever it is, it wasn’t done that well. But, since it’s odd, it is here.

” Up for auction One frosted beer bottle ..The bottle is a amber ” BUD LIGHT ” beer bottle. It has ” Willys Jeepster ” frosted into It below ” BUD LIGHT “. Above it on the neck is ” B L “. It is about 9 inchs tall and a screw cap top.”

View all the information on eBay


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Jeep in Industry Brochure on eBay

UPDATE:  I bought one of these from this seller. It was in great shape.

Here is another “Jeep in Industry” Brochure for sale.  The picture below is from a previous auction. (the one for sale does NOT have the writing on it like the pic below).

View all the information on eBay

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Checking out a 1943 MB Barn Find

• CATEGORIES: Features

Brian invited me over to his house to meet Brian and see the a new Barn find: A 1943 MB.  They found just outside the tricities area. It’s got some hat channel issues, but otherwise is pretty solid.  It’s also has an engine that Brian got running today.  It’s a great find and, except for a lot of very cold wasps, will make a great stock MB. Since they live nearby, they’ve promised me a few additional adventures that include hunting for jeeps. I look forward to that.

Here are a couple photos taken by my favorite photographer (Ann of course). In front of the stock MB is Art’s recently purchase M-38, which looks and runs great.  A former Navy Seabee, Art has decorated his jeep to reflect his time in the Navy.  Behind that is the ‘barn find’ and then behind that is Brian’s flattie.



And here is one Brian and Art took early of their jeeps on a hill somewhere in the hills somewhere near Kennewick.



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Roberto’s Newest Illustration

• CATEGORIES: Artists/Drawings, Features • TAGS: .

Roberto shared the following, along with his newest drawing:

“I send you one of the comics drawn for French bimontly magazine “4×4 Story Spécial Jeep”, translated to English, This is the comic published at issue 46. The subject of the comic was the employ of the jeep during the vintage of wine at France. After WW2 many army surplus vehicle were employed by civilians and of course, at the areas devoted to the well known French wines. In fact, there was at least one winery commercialised a product called “Jeep”. One video at “You Tube”:




The magazine website is:



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M-38 on Hawaii Five-0

• CATEGORIES: Features

Guy spotted this M-38 on the January 14th, 2013, episode of Hawaii Five-O. He managed to grab the below picture.  He also found extra links or us too (thanks!).  It looks like someone has smeared dirt in places to give it that ‘rough’ look.

He reports on the right is Steve McGarrett, played by Alex O’Louglin. On the left is Chin Ho Kelly, played by Daniel Dae Kim.Link to info about this new version of Hawaii Five-0:  http://www.cbs.com/shows/hawaii_five_0/about/


Here is some additional Hawaii related links and info he found, too.

 Also, found a vintage Jeep pic at the Hawaii War Records Depository site: http://libweb.hawaii.edu/digicoll/hwrd/HWRD_html/HWRD42b.html
See War Record #494 – Scroll halfway down the tall page.
Upon further looking around the War Records site, I found you can do a search within related sites for Jeep images and Jeeps being mentioned in communications, etc.  I did not have time yet to look through it.

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Vintage CJ-5 Photos

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

David sent over these two images of this vintage CJ-5 with some great extras.

cj5-chrome-david-silberman1 cj5-chrome-david-silberman2

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Willys Overland Standard Accounting Three Ring Binder on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Books, Features

Here’s an unusual binder.  It’s not an industrial equipment book as advertised by the seller, but an Willys Overland Accounting book.

View all the information on eBay


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1984 Jeep Cake Pan on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Unusual

I had no idea there was a jeep cake pan!

“Awesome find! 1984 Wilton rare Jeep cake pan. Love, love, love it. Used, normal wear and tear but great condition! Measures 16” x 9” clean, smoke free home.”

View all the information on eBay


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1964 Vigilante 327 V8 Brochure on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

I thought this was only one sheet, but it is six pages.

“1964 Jeep 327 V8 Vigilante High Performance Engine Brochure. 6 pages. 6.75″ x 8.5.””

View all the information on eBay