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Late 1960s Video of Robot Pushing VEC CJ-2A

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Carl shared this video of a General Electric test robot (seems like a forerunner of the Boston Dynamics robots) pushing a VEC CJ-2A (which had seen better days — has the f-head bump, side damage, etc) out of a ‘ditch’. The Jeep portion begins at the 6:07 mark.

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Photo of a Ford Vanette Pulling CJ-2A

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Blaine shared this classic photo of a Ford Vanette pulling a CJ-2A. The photo appeared at the end of this post with a series of photos:



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1964 Gladiator Camper Poster on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

This 1964 2’x3′ poster might interest a Gladiator collector. It is form number 64-05.

View all the information on ebay


“Item: Very Rare, Vintage, Original “Jeep Gladiator Camper” Automobile Dealer Sales Brochures Window/Wall Poster. 24″ x 36″ in Size. Rare Saved Paper History… Must have for the Serious Car Collectors! Does have some Fold/Edge Separations.

Year: 1960s Era

Condition: Vintage, Original, Used with Signs of Age and Wear, Please Review Photos for more Details. Lot Rated 8/10 for Condition. See Photos.”

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1967 Photo of a 1943 Ford GPA

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

This photo of an unusual Ford GPA/jeep build has appeared in several places on Facebook, but appears to have been originally posted to the Forgotten Oregon Facebook Group. The photo was taken in Vernonia, Oregon, in 1967. The 1943 Ford GPA was modified by Brad Garner’s father. The shop next to The Jeep is the Vernonia Eagle newspaper office.


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Watson Hub Variant or Modified?

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This hub appeared in a Facebook photo posted by Josh. It appears to be a Watson hub (may have been private labeled through Sears), but part of its case was either 1) cast differently or 2) modified. Given The Jeep has spent its life in California, it’s likely some form of the Watson hub, but I’ve not seen one quite like this.


The odd hub is on the left and the Watson hub is on the right, itself a derivation of a Dualmatic hub (and having the same patent number as a Dualmatic).

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Willys-Overland Ads in Collier’s Magazine 1941-1946

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

UPDATE: This ad shows one of those odd instances when an ad appears in Collier’s that I have yet to find in the Saturday Evening Post. This happened a few times during the 1940s. Here’s a color version fo the ad, published May 04, 1946 (note that the ad continues the ‘Get a Jeep’ Campaign):



Originally Published 03/10/2019: I spent some time searching for and assembling these Collier ads into two directory graphics, similar to the Saturday Evening Post graphics (updated in the post below). Unfortunately, the only archive I could find scanned them in black and white. And, the archive was missing some issues, so I suspect there were a few more published than shown below. Still, there are some differences between the ads, sometimes as small as changes in a few words of text, make these images useful for research.



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1968 Article on Baja Race Jeep

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old News Articles, Racing

This race jeep was modified with one-ton axles. Note the wider rear axle with an added fender well. The racers note the Jeep has 24-forward speeds. Maybe that means a six speed with an overdrive and transfercase? The article appeared in Roseville’s (CA) Press Tribune on October 23, 1968.



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Lost Biscuit Is Finally Here

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Biscuit on its way home

Lost biscuit finally arrived in Prosser, though The Jeep is a shadow of its former self. The original 3.8L V-6 was burning oil badly out of cylinder one, so while replacing the engine I also replaced the transmission, switching from an TH350 automatic to a T-18 with a low first. But, I could never find the time to complete that transition. Engine placement, driveline angle, and  header angles seemed to fight me the entire transition. However, now that Biscuit is here, I’ll eventually have some time to devote to it (first, the race jeep’s seat will get adjusted for my height, then I will deal with Patterson’s generator and with the brake-clutch pedals, then Lost Biscuit).

To get Biscuit home, first I had to install a winch onto the tilt bed. After thinking through various ideas, I came up with a trial system that secured a winch frame to the tilt deck, but used a vertical angle against the from of the tilt deck as added leverage for the winch.

Here are some of the pieces I started with:


This shows the underside of the tilt deck. The square tubing in the pic above this one was drilled and bolted to the deck, with the bolts going through the wood and into angled pieces on either side of the hydraulic arm. I figured that was the least invasive way of mounting a winch (for now).


This shows the completed platform bolted onto the deck. Note how the front angle piece on the left sits down in front of the tilt bed. This allows the tilt bed to open and shut:


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1946 CJ-2A Prineville, OR $15,000

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UPDATE: Thanks to Claus and his brilliant memory, we have another example of a Capstan winch on the back of a Raymond Concrete Jeep. In this case, I had posted it back in 2010.  Raymond Concrete was formed in 1897, but went bankrupt in 1989.

Here’s the image:

A seller on eBay recently had one of these rear mounted PTO winches for sale. It, too, was from the Raymond Concrete company.



Originally Posted October 7, 2021: David shared this CJ-2A for sale in Prineville. He asked if I had ever seen a capstan winch mounted on a rear PTO gearbox like this one. I said I hadn’t. Moreover, the special equipment brochure for the capstan only shows it being used on the front (see brochure below). So, does anyone know whether the capstan was marketed for the rear PTO gearbox? Or was this more likely a custom setup?



Anyway, here’s the jeep in Prineville:


“Paint original(faded) No rust, No dents, No body repairs. Good top and doors. Runs and drives good. PTO winch, PTO rear capistan(very rare) Tow bar & hubs. All running gear original and operational.”

1946-cj2a-prineville-or44 1946-cj2a-prineville-or55 1946-cj2a-prineville-or66

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1950 Photo of a Holden(?) Ambulance Jeep in Korea on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

This 1950 photo shows what appears to be a Holden Ambulance used during the Korean War. Anyone know widely used (or not) these were during the Korean War?

View all the information on eBay


“1950 Press Photo Wounded Marines are loaded on an ambulance jeep, Naktong River. This is an original press photo. South Korea: Wounded US Marines are loaded aboard double decker ambulance jeeps for evacuation to a hospital after being wounded in the fighting on the Naktong River bulge.Photo measures 9 x 7inches. Photo is dated 08-24-1950.”

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1947 Photo of Dorothy Lamb in a CJ-2A on eBay

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The point of this photo was to get this point across: “People, return your milk bottles!” … newspaper reports of the time indicate there was a shortage of bottles throughout North America.

View all the information on eBay

“January 24th, 1947, Original Press Photo.
Mrs. Dorothy Lamb of Scarsdale, New York, goes to market in the modern manner, with a basketful of empty milk and beverage bottles. She is answering the plea for return of the 35 Million bottles that have gone “truant” in American homes. Every one must be returned to circulation if a shortage milk and beverages is to be avoided because raw-material shortages ins curtailing bottle production.”


As you can see in this ad published the January 04, 1947, issue of the Bradford Era (Bradford, Pennsylvania), the shortage was serious and ‘dangerous’!

This article from The Province, dated January 16th, 1947, out of Vanouver, B.C., provides more information about the crisis:


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Chris’ Unusual 1960(?) Jeep Calendar Find

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

UPDATE II: Here’s the YouTube version. There’s background music that might offend the DCMA, so not sure if YouTube will keep the video live or not (They’ve taken down another video of mine for background music — music that happened to be playing in the car at that time of the video).

UPDATE: I’m not sure if this will work for everyone or not. I worked on my MacBook Pro and on my iPhone. I can upload to YouTube later today, which should make it more speedy to load (it takes a short time to load before playing.

Check out this unusual hanging and spinning jeep calendar that Chris found on Facebook. It’s not an easy calendar to read, nor is it all that practical, but it’s certainly a rare jeep item! Given it shows that January 1st fell on a Friday, this appears to be from 1960.

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Photo of a CJ-2A Fire Jeep **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Features, Fire/Police/Industry Vehicles, Old Images

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

This black and white photo (free shipping) appears to show this CJ-2A fire jeep in a parade (based on the folks sitting in the background).


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1954? Video /Commerical for the Willys Wagon Line

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Here’s a neat video published on Facebook. It shows several models from the Willys Motors Wagon line.

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Frank’s Engine Stand

• CATEGORIES: Features

I dropped the ball on this one. Frank sent me this photo of the engine stand he constructed last month, but it got lost in all my busy-ness. Thankfully, he circled around and reminded me so we can all enjoy it. It looks great Frank!

Frank wrote, “I wanted to send a picture of my spare 226 and the test stand. I got the engine back from the machine shop 3 years ago and didn’t want to leave it without running any longer. I put together this stand so I could break in the engine,tune it and check for any leaks. I have pumped up the oil pressure with a remote pump and filled the crank case that way. Tried to use what I had around to build it and used some parts that I got from my Willys friend Ken. All I need now is a YF carter and put gas in the tank. Doubt it will ever see my wagon but it has been fun playing with it.”


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Year? Photo of Jeep/Trailer Build on eBay

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This photo is currently for sale on eBay. It shows a WWII jeep combined with a WWII trailer. Looks like it was a practical rig.

View all the information on eBay


“You are bidding on a Nice Vintage WWII US Army Late 1940s Willys-Overland Jeep Pickup Truck with Box Bed Photograph.
Very nice condition with light discoloration spots on back, from album mounting.

Great photo view showing WWII era U.S. Army late 1940s Willys-Overland Jeep pickup truck with box style bed.
Jeep hood shows # 37829

Measures 4″ x 2 5/8″.”

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When Packages aren’t Packed Properly ….

• CATEGORIES: Features

I bought this Yipao-themed jeep off of eBay. It included $15 for shipping. Given it is ceramic and given the shipping cost, I assumed the seller would properly package it. I was wrong. It arrived broken, wrapped in some bubble wrap, inside a flimsy plastic USPS mailer. Worse, nothing indicated it was fragile … Ugggghhh …. Based on the postage stamp of $8.55, I can see the seller went cheap and didn’t spend all the postage money I’d provided. Had he used a “if it fits, it ships box”, it likely would have arrived safely.

I’ve asked for my money back and he’s agreed.

I am hoping to be able to glue it back together, but we’ll see.

jeep-yipao-ceramic-broken2 jeep-yipao-ceramic-broken1


Here’s how it should have looked:


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1943 Ad Highlighting the Go-Devil Engine

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

UPDATE: The eBay seller sent me the wrong ad and doesn’t know what happened to the ad shown below. So, we may never know the dates or publisher of this ad.

I can’t remember running across this two page magazine ad highlighting the Go-Devil engine. I bought it off of eBay.


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Rosemary’s Obit

• CATEGORIES: Features

Rosemary, the queen of Halloween in her natural habitat (part of the garage converted to a dungeon the night of Halloween, 2015).

My mother-in-law passed away on Tuesday afternoon at the age of 76. She was a complicated woman. As I’ve alluded to in the past, her declining health was a factor in the summer-long hiatus of eWillys.

Between the pandemic, her cancer and her COPD, the last two years have been full of medical appointments, oxygen machines, 911 calls, drug management, and patient management. Two Christmas’s in a row have been interrupted with Emergency Room visits.

Much of the work (and frustrating grief) fell into the hands of my wife, Ann, who, through the deaths of her sister and father (both from Huntington’s disease years ago …. a terrible way to go), along with the deaths of several other relatives, has become someone of an expert in palliative (end of life) care, especially related to COPD and/or congestive heart failure. She was a huge asset to my father during his last years and I’ve learned a great deal from her about end of life issues.

My MIL was both grateful for our help and critical of our help during her ill years, because she could be critical of most anything. One of her favorite statements was, “whoever designed this [whatever it was] should be dragged out and shot.” We heard this more and more as she got more and more confused about technology and life; but she was certain she was right and the designer of said service/item was wrong. In fact, she was usually right about everything, whether she was actually right or not.

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Authenticast Surrey Jeeps

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I’ve had a little more time lately to spend sometime on eBay. One of the things I stumbled upon last week was an authenticast Surrey in Cerulean Blue for only $30 (including shipping)!! Now that was a score! I then made an offer on a pink one that I found and that got accepted, too. Here are pics of both.

I was surprised that these have such good weight to them; they are about 1.5lbs. The one moving piece on both is the hood, which lifts (tilting up while the windshield tips back), but the straps must be removed from one side for this to happen.

The Blue one still has some fringe on one side, but a piece of the bumper is missing and a strap is broke:

cerulean-blue-surrey2 cerulean-blue-surrey3 cerulean-blue-surrey4 cerulean-blue-surrey5

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1973 Slide of Las Brisas Surreys/Galas

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

This 1973 slide that was on eBay is taken from behind two DJ-3A Galas/Surreys. In the background are some DJ-5 Galas/Surreys.


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San Angelo Die Casting and Manufacturing Products For the Jeep

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

Texas’ San Angelo Die Casting and Manufacturing company was founded by Raymond V. Hart, according to a May 23, 1998, obituary in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. The company manufactured a wide range of inventions, from nut shellers used as far south as Brazil to jeep products as evident below.

One of the more unusual products was this jeep trailer. Somewhere in the eWillys archives is an actual example of one of these trailers. I thought it was a custom concoction, but clearly it wasn’t.

san-angelo-tex-trailer-gun-holster1 san-angelo-tex-trailer-gun-holster2

The company’s main jeep-oriented product was gun racks (the firm produced both jeep and non-jeep gun racks). This hard-to-find brochure from the San Angelo Die Casting and Machine Company explains why there are a number of jeeps with similar gun racks in them. That “No. 20” model is particularly prevalent in jeeps.


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1954 “Harvest Your Sales Crop” Brochure

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

This literature was on eBay (and bought by me). Given this unusual document is dated October 1954, I wonder how many other docs like this were distributed to dealers and distributors. This is the first item like this that I’ve run across. I’ll get a better scan of it at some point in the future.



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Allstate Hubs of CJ-2A Lebanon, OR $65

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They look like a good price for a vintage set of Husky produced and Allstate branded hubs.


“Surplus to my needs are a set of 2 matching Allstate locking hubs that came off of a 1947 Willys jeep flat fender. I do not know much about them other than the brand shown on them. They appear to need some cleaning, but I assume they work as they are supposed to. You be the judge of that.”

allstate-hubs-oregon2 allstate-hubs-oregon1

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Photo of 2 Early Wagons at a NC Drive-In Theatre

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

Blaine shared this vintage photo. It’s undated, but the Jeep wagons are early enough that I would guess it’s a late 1940s or early 1950s photo? It was posted to the Our State website. The article is about early North Carolina drive-in culture.


The wagon on the right is obvious, but the one forward and to the left is kind of hidden.