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1961 Photo of Chicago FC Fire Jeep on eBay

Marc spotted this photo.

“8×10 photo, hand-printed in a home darkroom by the seller.
Chicago, Illinois Fire Department Little John – 674.
1961 Willy’s Jeep – CFD Shop high pressure deluge unit. No other information available.
Richard M. Adelman collection. Negative #5084.
Prints are shipped in a durable photo mailer within 12 hours of receipt of payment.”

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Charles Shared These photos from Belgium

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

Charles writes, “Here are some photo’s from the belgian army and one of the famous dutch mareechaussee ( dutch police force — bottom pic)”

1 1er_guides_jeep_1_-_copie 0007ft3t


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1984 Photos of CJ-7 Jeep Train on eBay

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The Lincoln Road Mall appears to be in Miami.

1. View all the information on ebay

Lincoln Road Mall

2. View all the information on ebay

Lincoln Road Mall


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Man, a Jeep and his Dog Photo

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay

“You are bidding on an Authentic Original Press Photograph used by a Published Newspaper. Man poses with his dog and Jeep Press Photo 70. You are bidding on an original press photo See Scan Below ~ Photo is 8 x 10 in size.”

1953-dog-man-cj3a-1 1953-dog-man-cj3a-2

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Truck Hy Rail Photo on eBay

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Marc found this photo.

“You are bidding on an Authentic Original Press Photograph used by a Published Newspaper. 1953 Jeep equipped with flanged guide wheels,cab & caboose Press Photo 64. You are bidding on an original press photo See Scan Below ~ Photo is 8 x 10 in size.”

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Ramsey’s Heavy Duty Double Winch

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Anyone ever seen one of these in person? I found this in a 1957 Ramsey brochure I bought.

1957-ramsey-heavy-duty-double-winch1 1957-ramsey-heavy-duty-double-winch2

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1953 Yakima Ridge Runners Photo

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This photo was formerly on eBay and shows a couple of drivers from  Yakima Ridge Runners jeep club racing across the desert.

“You are bidding on an Authentic Original Press Photograph used by a Published Newspaper. 1953 Jack Nettleship airborne in jeep Press Photo 72. You are bidding on an original press photo See Scan Below ~ Photo is 8 x 10 in size.”


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1953 Wally Klingele Photo on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

Here’s a second photo that show Wally Klingele racing up a hill in Yakima.

“You are bidding on an Authentic Original Press Photograph used by a Published Newspaper. Wally Klingele climbs up The Hill at Jeep Roadeo Press Photo 73. You are bidding on an original press photo See Scan Below ~ Photo is 8 x 10 in size.”

View all the information on ebay

1953-ridge-runners-photo12 1953-ridge-runners-photo11

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1942 Willys Overland Photos on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

Marc spotted a bunch of these. View rfleetjr’s historic Willys photos

“You are bidding on an original 4 x 5 press photo of Toledo OH Willys-Overland Motor Co Military Jeep coming off assembly line. Photographer Unknown. Dated 6/26/1942. The following stamps are on the back of the photo: NEA”

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FJ-3, FJ-6, and Forward Control Original Manuals **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Books, Features, FJ

All these are sold. I’ll keep this here for historical purposes.


fj3-manuals fj6-fj3-manuals fj6-manuals

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1946 How Light is Light Pamphlet on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Documents, Features

Steve pointed out this engineering report from Willys Overland.

“original SAE engineering report , 8.5 x 11 , 12 pages , last two pages are torn with small piece of paper missing at edge , this report was presented by Willys Overland in January 1946 and describes light cars in the US and compares various light cars . The Jeep was not mentioned but it was the only “light car” being produced by Willys Overland at this time .”

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Baltimore Sun Wire Photo on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

This is labeled the “Relunctant Turtle”. Marc spotted this on eBay.

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East Coast Willys Carb Raffle

• CATEGORIES: Features

East Cost Willys is raffling off a Carter Carb.

“We are starting our new raffle till the cj5one starts. As of today we are please to announce the East Coast Willys Association will be raffling off a rebuilt Carter WO carburetor, AC-572 Single Action mechanical fuel pump, and a carter glass bowl fuel filter. These were all original and professionally rebuilt by Rick’s carburetor, fuel pump and filter service. This is a great kit for those who are rebuilding a willys jeep. We will raffle off 500 tickets at $1.00 each. All proceeds go to club upkeep and expenses. Tickets can be purchased through paypal at info@eastcoastwillys.org, our
online store at www.eastcoastwillys.org, or contact for address or phone number to send check/money order or over the phone credit card payment.”

Click here for all the information:




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Wed. June 19th: House on the Rock & Steve

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<– Day 46 – Tues. June 18th: Shabu Shabu and Pipes | Trip Overview | Day 48 – Thurs. June 20th: Meeting Karson’s Team –>


Steve and I in front of this CJ-2A on a beautiful midwest afternoon.

On Wednesday we drove from Dodgeville, Wisconsin, to Kearney, Nebraska.


On Wednesday June 19th we drove from Dodgeville, Wisconsin, to Kearney, Nebraska.

In 1993, I visited the House on the Rock near Dodgeville, Wisconsin, for the first time. Mom, my sister, and my then ex-wife and I. We’d heard it was a popular place to visit, but no one could really describe why. After our visit, I could see why people couldn’t explain it. All I knew is that some day I hoped to experience it again.

On Wednesday (20 years after the first visit) I returned. I told Ann that you have to see the place to believe it. It starts with an unusual house built on a rock (actually part of it is cantilevered over the rock) and then becomes a series of collections and spaces ands spectacles. I told here there would be music, a giant whale, and the world’s largest carousel.

I felt beating the large crowds would make the experience even more enjoyable, so we arrived at their 9am opening time. The cost is $28 per person and the fact that I didn’t balk at that must have surprised Ann. Arriving early worked well. We spent most of our time wandering through the maze of paved streets and hallways by ourselves, armed with tokens to play all the different music machines (I’d advise getting at least $5 dollars worth of tokens.)

I won’t go into the history of how Alex Jordan created this amazing spectacle, but it seems a meeting with Frank Lloyd Wright and some subsequent spite played a huge role on why Jordan landed atop a rock. Just enjoy the pictures.


Here’s the entrance.

The house is made up of two parts. A long walkway connects the two. All of it has a Japanese theme. There’s lots of limestone, small spaces and neat angles. The infinity room is the most spectacular spot.

2013-06-19-house-on-rock15 2013-06-19-house-on-rock20

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Tues. June 18th: Shabu Shabu and Pipes

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<– Day 45 – Mon. June 17th: Three Museums & Steve | Trip Overview | Day 47 – Wed. June 19th: House on the Rock & Steve –>


Jeff and I in his shop’s showroom. The large brown book in my hand is the ‘bible’ on Wurlitzer Organs written and given to me by Jeff.

On Tuesday we started out in Chicago, then drove to Dodgeville, Wisconsin.


On Tuesday afternoon we drove from Chicago, Illinois, to Dodgeville, Wisconsin.

After a long night’s sleep, Tuesday we drove into Chicago to visit with Jeff Weiler, owner of JL Weiler, Inc. Jeff’s company specializes in the restoration and conservation of high pressure pipe organs. He wanted to show us his shop and the work he was doing on a Wurlitzer Organ from Sydney Australia and a second one that is being installed in downtown Chicago at St. John Cantius Church.


This series of binary relays represents the Wurlitzer Pipe Organ’s ‘computer’. It is complex and requires a great deal of wiring.


Of course, on this trip we’ve learned a thing or two about wiring! Here is the third harness weaver we’ve seen during our journey!


All the pipes and instruments have to be tuned. Here’s the contraption jeff uses to insure the completed organ sounds the way it should.


To properly rebuild the organs, Jeff has saved many documents. Here is just some of the Wurlitzer documents he has to reference. Here Tom and Jeff show me some of the blueprints they own.

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Formerly Top Secret “Jumping Jeep”

• CATEGORIES: Features

Dan spotted this article about an unusual ‘jeep’ idea. Make sure to check out the video of it in action.

“It was designed to leap over small buildings in a single bound, but it never got off the ground.
Military contractor BAE Systems has unveiled a once-top secret “Jumping Jeep” that was under development in the 1960’s.
Designed by the British Aerospace Corporation, one of BAE’s predecessors, the off and above-roader was envisioned to be used as a go-anywhere reconnaissance vehicle.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/leisure/2013/06/18/top-secret-jumping-jeep-uncovered/#ixzz2WdFDirJI


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2006 MB Clock on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Artists/Drawings, Features

Marc forwarded this clock on eBay.

“This 1:32 scale model of the classic Willys Jeep was issued by Daimler Chrysler in 2005. It was a limited edition and the only model of the Jeep that featured a fully-functional alarm clock.”


mb-clock2 mb-clock1

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FC-150 T-Shirt $20

• CATEGORIES: Features

Kel is a visiting artist at gearheartshirts.com. He contacted me about some FC-150 shirts he has created for sale. I’ve never seen them in person.

“Forward Control. From the helm of this cab over 4×4 a driver can not only look incredibly cool but also roll over just about anything they want. This shirt features art inspired by a vintage brochure.”



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June 17th: Escaping Indiana

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We hit our goal on Monday of seeing three car museums in Indiana and enjoying lunch with Steve at an old fashioned diner called Schoops. The downside was . . .  when we tried to leave Indiana, we encountered road construction and blocked traffic (I-80 westbound was standstill). What should have taken an hour and a half took three hours. We went right to bed and just woke up a little bit ago. So, there will likely be no updates today.

However, I do have this neat photo Randy shared. The wagon below may have been one of several (exactly how many we haven’t determined) built by Kaiser for touring Hawaii. Note the four doors, extended bodies, and sun roofs. kaiser-extended-wagon-hawaii-randy-colin

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Mon. June 17th: Three Museums & Steve

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<– Day 44 – Sun. June 16th: Escaping the Rain to Packard-ville | Trip Overview | Day 46 – Tues. June 18th: Shabu Shabu and Pipes –>


Steve and I outside Schoops for lunch in Warsaw, Indiana

On Monday June 17th, we decided to attempt three car museums in Indian within a single day. I’m happy to report that my wife was receptive to the idea and our adventure did not end in divorce!


On Monday June 17th we drove from Auburn, Indiana, to Chicago, Illinois.

The first two museums, the National Automobile and Truck Museum of the United States, also known as NATMUS, and the Auburn, Cord, Deusenberg Museum, were started by the same person in Auburn, Indiana.

Given they are essentially on the same campus, at least it seemed that way to me, you might think the two would offer a joint ticket package or jointly advertise. Instead, each barely mentioned the other on their respective websites. In fact, we only discovered the NATMUS after arriving to see the Auburn Cord museum on Sunday evening (but we arrived too late to get in).


The NATMUS building is in the distance, while the ACD museum is to the right.

Having mapped out our strategy, on Monday morning we began with the NATMUS, because it opens at 9am (the Auburn, Cord doesn’t open until 10am). Active Military get in free, which saved us some dollars.

The collection can be roughly divided into three sections. The first area is filled with toys of different sizes. While they were neat, we’d certainly seen more at the Antique toy and Fire Truck Museum.


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Sun. June 16th: Escaping the Rain to Packard-ville

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<– Day 43 – Sat. June 15th: The Crowds Arrive; As Does a Storm | Trip Overview | Day 45 – Mon. June 17th: Three Museums & Steve –>


Me and Mr. Packard @ the Packard Museum.

On Saturday night, June 16th, we drove to Niles Ohio to spend the night. On Sunday we’d eventually reach Auburn, Indiana.


On Saturday night we drove from Cooper’s Lake, Pennsylvania, to Niles, Ohio. Sunday we drove from Niles to Auburn, Indiana.

We began with a leisurely morning, as the National Packard Museum in Warren, Ohio, didn’t open until 1pm on Sundays. Once ready to go, it was a short drive to the museum. It’s located in Warren because that’s where the first Packards were produced. In 1903, the company moved to Detroit.

Upon our arrival, one of the docents at the museum explained its history. The museum was started by a man (who’s name slipped into and right out of my memory) in Warren who couldn’t fit his Packard into a place he owned in Warren. He was a friend of the mayor, who managed to find a run-down building for the man in 1990 and arranged to have it leased to the man for $1 for 40 years. That’s not a bad price!

The man was able to fix up the place on the cheap, but it was more of a storage space than a museum space. Then, in 1999, the Packard Automobile Club descended upon the space to celebrate the 100th year of the Packard. A great party took place for a week. By the time the revelers left, 5 more Packards filled the building. Afterwards, steps were taken to turn the space into a formal museum.

Here are some pictures from the museum:


The outside of the Packard Museum.



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Southern Indiana Antique & Machinery Club Show

• CATEGORIES: Event, Features

Mark has liked jeeps ever since he was a kid. When he was 16 a local widow would let him drive her late ’57 CJ-5 to run errands. In 1992 he purchased his current jeep. He adds, “It had a lot of work accomplished but it had a lot to go, Since then, I’ve repainted, reupholstered, built and installed the outboard components (tire carrier, tow bar & jerry can rack), rebuilt the brake system, and rebuilt the engine. I don’t believe it’s perfect because learning and doing it yourself an important part of the Jeep experience. My wife & I enjoy our Jeep as a weekender. Currently it just keeps going with regular maintenance and repairs as needed. However, I have some projects (a hard top restoration) to enhance her.”


The reason Mark wrote was that last week he attended the Southern Indiana Antique & Machinery Club (aka SIAM) annual show held in Evansville, In. The show features antique farm machinery, Gas & steam engines, swap meet, flea market, food and bluegrass music. While walking through the garden tractor displays, he noticed a fabricated flat fender body on a garden tractor frame. The owner was away at the time, so he couldn’t ask about it.


Later, he came across a 1967 Tuxedo Park owned by another visitor (see attachments).

P1010021 P1010022Here are a couple other photos:

P1010012 P1010005

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Photos of a MT-Tug 6×6

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These photos were taken at a military show by Joe. He notes, “I photographed this TUG at the Gilbert, PA military vehicle rally some years ago.  This model is especially significant to me since I first experienced a TUG first-hand at a Boy Scout Camp in the 1950’s when tasked with a work detail to ‘Spring Clean’ the area around and under the camp Mess Hall.  Unbeknownst to us, the oversized crawl space under the building also happened to be the designated storage area for the camp jeep…..  you guessed it, a Willys 6×6 known as an MT-TUG.  It was complete with serial numbers, stars, data plates and other markings. As mere kids, we were fascinated with the 6-wheel jeep and spent the time pretending to drive the beast instead of actually cleaning the space as assigned.  Lucky for us the 6 volt battery was dead.  And, so began, at an early age, a life-long interest in jeeps, especially the olive-drab kind.  It was also common knowledge within the camp that this jeep was experimental and one of only 15 built. (This fact was verified in books and articles on the MT-TUG published some 50 years later.) Anyway, the camp leaders also knew they had a rare vehicle on their hands and the scuttlebutt was that the jeep was going back to the manufacturer in even trade for a NEW Willys CJ5.  I moved on from scouting after that and still don’t know if that deal ever came to fruition.”






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Sat. June 15th: The Crowds Arrive; As Does a Storm

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<– Day 42 – Fri. June 14th: At the Bantam Festival | Trip Overview | Day 44 – Sun. June 16th: Escaping the Rain to Packard-ville –>


Sebastian forwarded this photo of Gerald, Augusto, Sebastian, and myself. That’s Sebastian’s CJ-3B to the right.

On the morning of Saturday June 15th, I fixed some breakfast and enjoyed a leisurely start to the day.2013-06-15-bantam-festival-breakfast

At 10:30am, we left camp to stock up on some drinks at the local store. As we exited the one road into the campground and festival we were surprised to see a lineup of folks entering the festival that was at least 2 miles long!

Here are the lines of cars we passed on Saturday morning:

2013-06-15-bantam-festival-traffic5 2013-06-15-bantam-festival-traffic4 2013-06-15-bantam-festival-traffic3

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Fri. June 14th: At the Bantam Festival

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<– Day 41- Thurs. June 13th: Heinz History Museum | Trip Overview | Day 43 – Sat. June 15th: The Crowds Arrive; As Does a Storm –>


Not everyone was happy to see me. Henry claimed I made a comment that it was too bad someone painted his surrey brown. I couldn’t find any evidence that I said that though. His modified surrey is beautiful!! The windshield is one of the nicest I’ve ever seen. The backside was filled in and the front has been scalloped perfectly.

On Friday morning we had a quick one-hour drive to the Bantam Festival at Coopers Lake, Pennsylvania.


Friday’s drive from Canton, Ohio, to Coopers Lake, Pennsylvania.

Our first task was to set up camp. Much of that duty fell on Ann, as I needed to find out where I’d be giving Friday’s presentation. It was her idea to add the sign marking out encampment. Thankfully, the rains that had fallen all week stopped in time for the festive and we were able to find a dry patch of grass to call home.



Soon, it was time for me to give my presentation. The crowd was light everywhere on Friday and only seven people attended my presentation.


After the presentation, I met folks and handed out some free posters.

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