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Getting Winched

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A reader sent me this old photo, writing “This is a old photo of mark vansciver and his dad Steve (friends of our family )trying to winch their Jeep up a embankment (side of the mountain) on vacation in western NC ……..Jeep survived……marks pride hurt”

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Full-Size Tamiya Wild Willys

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Matt spotted this gem.  Not satisfied with the toy-sized, remote control version of the Tamiya Wild Willys Jeep, the people over at The Bug Box, a German company, decided to build a life size version.  They documented the process.  Very cool.

See all the images here:  https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.307694835915312.80520.187259324625531&type=3

Here are a few selected pics:


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1949 Ad from Argentina eBay

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features, International

Here’s a neat little ad that’s up for auction on eBay. I couldn’t say how rare it really is or if many people collect them though.


1949 – JEEP WILLYS-OVERLAND #1 !!!.-

MEASURES APPROX: 7.5” X 5.5” / 19 CM X 14 CM.-



View all the information on eBay

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Lori’s Jeep at Amazon

• CATEGORIES: Books, Features, Women & Jeeps

This is a fiction book.  It’s rare to see a book about a jeep, but even rarer to find a tale about a postal jeep!

You can learn more about that book at Amazon.

From Amazon.com comes this description:

“LORIS JEEPApril 2000This is a story about a thirtyish woman, Lori Bearden, and her eight year old son. They live in a town south of Denver, Colorado that has been engulfed by the population that continues to pour into the Rocky Mountains Front Range every year from the West and East Coasts. Better employment is the name of her game, and she lands a job in the U. S. Postal Service delivering mail to the farmers and landed gentry on the eastern plains of Colorado. She buys an old, forlorn postal jeep to make her appointed rounds on the plains, and later meets a man who makes his living repairing these ancient jeeps. They soon discover that they need one-another.Then Lori discovers that her jeep repairman, Rafael Hernandez, has a second occupation much different from his first occupation, and she learns to understand and cherish a man who lives two lives.”

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Gus and the Model Garage: Gus Sparks a Uranium Hunt

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This is another story about  a jeep from the Gus and the Model Garage series published in Popular Science Monthly.  This particular article was published in June of 1955.  In this story Gus learns about the oil float in the old Willys motors.



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WWII US Field Phonograph Record Player on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features

Here’s an unusual item.  The auction ends in a few hours.

“This auction is for a Original US Field Phonograph from the WWII era. It has typical damage on the outside from use in the field. Since condition is relative please look at the pictures provided. It is complete and plays. Great sound! The arm is a little sticky as it goes across the record but could be easily fixed, Probably just needs lubed. These were issued to combat units by the Special Services Division to build morale amongest the troops. This look great in a Living History or Reenactment.”

View all the info and pics on eBay

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A Man, His Dog, and Lizzy

• CATEGORIES: CJ-2A, Features

This picture comes from Elizabeth, Colorado.  Conrad is checking out the beautiful scenery and, perhaps, contemplating the sale of his jeep, because “Lizzy” was sold a few days ago to her new owner Mark.   This CJ-2A is very stock and even has its original black paint (quite rare).

Mark plans to take good care of it and preserve it as is. So, despite being sad it had to go, Conrad is happy it is going to Mark and Mark is thrilled to get it.   Even better, Mark and Conrad have become friends.

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Heinrich Bole’s The End of a Mission

• CATEGORIES: Books, Features

This isn’t a book so much about a jeep as it is about the burning of a jeep.  The story centers around a court case, in which a man and his father are being tried for burning an army jeep.

I have yet to read it, but it’s on my list.

You can learn more about this book at Amazon.com.


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Gus and the Model Garage: Gus Goes Hunting … For Trouble!

• CATEGORIES: Artists/Drawings, Books, Features, How To

In this story from Gus and the Model Garage, Gus explains what happens when synthetic rubber gets old.  The story is called “Gus Goes Hunting … For Trouble” and was published in November of 1953.


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Topps World on Wheels – Willys Jeep on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Artists/Drawings, CJ-3B, Features

This is a Topps chewing gum card that shows a CJ-3B.  At Dean’s Cards, this is only $5.00.  I looked for some other Topps cards with jeeps, but couldn’t find any more.

“1954/55, I would grade very good with light wear. Please see scans to make your own evaluation. E-mail with any questions. Thanks for looking!”

View all the info and pics on eBay

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Year? M-718 Medina, Oh **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

“Your buying a M-718 Ambulance with a bill of sale. vehicle starts, runs, drives well but needs some brake work. It will need the usual undercarraige kit. Correct canvas top and right rear curtain are N.O.S. Missing left right curtain.”

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Johnny Cash in a rare 462 CJ-5

• CATEGORIES: CJ5, Features

UPDATE:  Jim notes that this CJ-5 is a very rare example of a 462 model CJ-5.  You can see his comment about it below.  I tried to find some pictures online of a closeup of the decal, but couldn’t find any. 

Also, here’s a picture of Johnny Cash from a 1975 Christmas Album.  It looks like it could be the same jeep.

I stumbled upon these neat old pics of Johnny Cash from the johnny–cash-infocenter.com website.

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M-38A1 at Fort Lewis Circa 1958

• CATEGORIES: Features, M-38A1, Old Images

UPDATE:  This has been relished on eBay.

Though it appears stuck in thick Tacoma area mud, there is an explicit declaration on the back of the photo stating that the jeep is NOT stuck.

“Up for sale is a 1958 Original B&W Glossy 7×5 Photograph taken by an Army Photographer and showing what I believe is a US Army Willys M38A1 (MD) Jeep in a Very Muddy Road with Id’d Soldier, most likely at Fort Lewis or Yakima Training Center in Washington State. Back is hand titled: Lloyd McClelland + jeep in mud. Not stuck. Taken while on hill duty. Year is based on some dated images in this collection. Any serious defects will be noted here [curved ends, light roughness to lower edge, old tape, minor tape? staining on back], but since condition is subjective, please enlarge photos & decide overall condition for yourself. This would make a wonderful addition to your collection.

ALL the images I have by this unknown US Army Photographer were taken in Washington State in 1958. However some of his military views do not give location info, so location is a best guess from what is shown. I also have several other Army / Air Force photos from this photographer on eBay.”

View all the info on eBay

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Gus and the Model Garage: Gus and the Miracle Jeep

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Buz pointed me to this story title “Gus and the Miracle Jeep”, publish in the August 1950 of Popular Science Monthly.  The story is part of the Gus and the Model Garage series.  I’d never read any Gus stories, and Buz didn’t tell me much, other than I should read it.  So, I didn’t know what to expect.

After reading it I suggest you read it too.  It just begs the question, what other things did the Army try?


That is just one of more than 500 stories about Gus and the Model Garage, written by Martin Bunn over the span of three decades.  Who was Martin Bunn?  That was a pen name for a variety of authors who churned out a monthly story designed to describe car problems in ways the average person would understand.  In a way, it’s like Encyclopedia Brown (which I loved reading as a kid) for people interested in automotive mechanics.

Thanks to Mike Hammerberg, there is an entire website devoted to Gus and the Model Garage stories.

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Gus and the Model Garage: Gus Helps Land a Big Catch July 1961

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From Gus and the Model Garage comes this tale.  It is more adventure story than mechanic story, but it does feature a Ford GP.  It is titled “Gus Helps Land a Big Catch” and published in July, 1961.


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Lifted Research Jeep T-Shirt XXL

• CATEGORIES: Features

I’m not sure what to make of this unusual T-shirt. It’s a used XXL t-shirt for or from LRG: LIFTED RESEARCH GROUP WORLD WIDE SURROUND SOUND.

View all the information about this shirt on eBay

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Cover of Colliers Magazine in 1946

• CATEGORIES: Artists/Drawings, Features, Magazine

Spotted this cover from the February 2, 1946 issue of Collier’s Magazine.

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Roberto’s Willys MB T-shirt

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Roberto has created a new t-shirt picturing a Willys MB.  You can see all his T-shirts here:


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Valley Fire Truck Sales Ad on eBay

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The Valley Fire Truck Company, based in Bay City, Michigan, converted basic willys truck chassis’ into Fire Trucks. Below is a rare ad from 1957 for their fire trucks.

View the information on eBay

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Jeepster Assembly Line with CJ-2A in the Background on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Jeepster

I thought these were a neat photos of the Jeepster assembly line with a CJ-2A in the background.

View the information on eBay

View the information on eBay

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Photo of Girls on a MB/GPW

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images, Women & Jeeps

Here’s a nice photo of two women sitting on a military jeep.  I wonder what it says on the hood.

View the information on eBay

Dexter spotted this second picture:

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Get a ‘Jeep’ Ad Quebec, Canada eBay

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Artists/Drawings, Features

I’ve never seen this ad before now.”  This is the actual ad and not a copy of one. It was published in 1947.

View the pic and info on eBay

Also, there are a bunch of other ads currently on ebay

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Arcar.com an Argentina Classified Car Website

• CATEGORIES: Features, International

Buz discovered this website in Argentina.  There are a variety of different jeeps for sale, some familiar and some less so.  Visit the website and check it out.  Here is a Willys MB for $15,000:  http://www.arcar.org/willys-mb-14-ton-46729

You can learn more about these IKA (Industrias Kaiser Argentina) built jeeps at the CJ-3B Page.

Here are some other vehicles I spotted in just a minute of searching:

This appears to be a MB/GPW of some vintage –

This is a CJ-2A with an unusual top –

Here are a couple of 2WD IKA Jeeps modeled on the CJ-5, but with a longer wheelbase

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1948 Truck Ad on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

I thought this was an interesting ad.  The two ‘selling’ points in this 1948 ad for the Willys Trucks are that they save on gas and oil & that they have a tight turning radius.

View all the info on eBay

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Pictures from the 2012 Willys Picnic

• CATEGORIES: Event, Features

Bill, from Lime Street Carriages, posted some pics of last weekend’s 2o12 Willys Picnic on his Face book page.  He wrote, “I think there were 76-77 Jeeps there this year and the weather was great (hot).  My group took 6 Jeeps up from Lancaster (68 mi each way) and next year we’ll have more!

46 VECJ-2A
46 CJ-2A unrestored
46 CJ-2A newly restored
54 CJ-3B
64 CJ-3B
85 CJ-8 Chase Jeep
We all made the whole trip without mechanical issues…. of course we also spent all day Saturday getting them all ready.  Generators, fuel lines, carb fixes, + painting a windshield on the yellow ’46.    We made it with the windshields down the whole way too….  looked pretty cool coming down the road!”
Here are a couple pics.  You can see all the pics on FaceBook:  http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.466258433386204.107776.338546552824060&type=1