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Ted’s Plow Jeeps and some PTO stuff for sale

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Ted wanted to share a picture of his plow jeeps. Having back up plow jeeps is a necessity if you get a lot of snow.

He writes, “Anyone who has ever plowed over two and three feet of snow up and down a long dirt driveway with a flat fender can surely appreciate the beauty of 5:38 gears, military weed and ice chains all around and a ton of weight in back of the jeep.They all break every now and again; that’s why I have back ups, but when there going good they are unstoppable!!! The green 2a has made a lot of big dollar rigs look silly (some of the time). Its short list is original 60 horse flatty w/ supersonic head ,T98 four speed ,overdrive w/adapter and rear PTO wrecker option winch, front warn, rear 44 flanged, power steering, bigger brakes, full cage and so on.The overall crawl ratio is 95 to 1 with the 5:38’s and 1st gear in t98.”


Also, here is a list of PTO items Ted has for sale:

Drum Pulley: http://newlondon.craigslist.org/cto/3847053966.html
Warn Overdrive: http://newlondon.craigslist.org/pts/3847174342.html
PTO Shifter: http://newlondon.craigslist.org/pts/3847128944.html
Truck Bumper: http://newlondon.craigslist.org/pts/3846967085.html

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1968 Photo of DJ-3A Gala(?) **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay

“You are bidding on an original press photo from 1968 featuring Sylvia Porter . Photo is 8” x 5” in size.”


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Mon. June 3rd: Through Russia With Love

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<– Day 30 – Sun. June 2nd: State #49 Was Exciting!  | Trip Overview | Day 32 & 33 – Tues. June 4th & Wed. June 5th: Rudeness at the Parkside Diner –>


The Shelburne Museum was a fun place to visit!

On Monday we traveled from Burlington, Vermont, to Pulaski, New York, via Rome, Poland and Russia!


On Monday we traveled from Burlington, Vermont, to Pulaski, New York.

Ann and I started the day in Burlington, Vermont. As we left our hotel, we decided to wander the streets of Burlington and find some iced black tea. So, we walked over to the nearby walking-mall in downtown Burlington that we’d spotted when we arrived on Sunday evening.

As soon as we stepped onto the plaza, we loved the place. Even on a monday morning with temperatures in the mid-60s, people were milling about. Many restaurants had sitting areas arranged in such a way that it reminded me of the small towns in Eastern Europe I’d visited back in 2003.


This shows the southern half of the outdoor mall.



I spotted this jeep in this long, cool mural on a wall in Burlington, VT.


The mural from one side.


A detail shot.


The mural from the other side.


I guess Burlington fancies itself a ski town?


Outdoor seating for a restaurant.


And what trip to Vermont would be complete without checking out Ben & Jerry’s?

After exploring the city, we eventually found some black tea at a dark, cool coffee shop called Muddy Waters. The tea was good and the atmosphere unique. We followed up the tea with some bagels.

After our walk through Burlington, we were intent on getting into the jeep and driving, because we had about five hours to go. We made it all of fifteen minutes when we spotted a beautiful covered wooden bridge.. Ann immediately wanted to take a picture of it, but we had to figure out how to reach it. As we drove, we discovered several more buildings separated by beautiful landscaping. All were behind a big fence. Eventually it dawned on us we were looking at a museum of some kind.

So, our drive plans immediately changed!


This is the covered bridge we’d spotted from the road.

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Astronaut Chris Cassidy in a 1944 MB

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When Ann and I were visiting with Bob in York, Maine, he shared a photo of him and Heck Bardsley next to NASA Astronaut Chris Cassidy, who is floating far above us in the International Space Station right now (see the whole crew here).

My theory is that NASA uses jeeps with stock brakes for physiological tests. If an astronaut can stop a vintage jeep going 60mph with stock brakes, they can handle just about anything! Chris won’t get to ride in another jeep until he and his crew land in September, 2013. (And I thought our eight week trip was long!)


From left to right: NASA Astronaut Chris Cassidy (seated), Bob O’Brien, Heck Bardsley

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Fairmont Hy-Rail Platform Truck

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I spotted the photo of this unusual truck here:



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Sun. June 2nd: State #49 Was Exciting!

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<– Day 29 – Fri. June 1: Acadia National Park | Trip Overview | Day 31 – Mon. June 3rd: Through Russia With Love –>


Upon stepping foot onto the last of the lower 49 states I hadn’t visited, I gave the welcome sign a hug. Truth be told, the grass was too wet for me to venture into it.

On Monday we drove from Bangor, Maine, to Burlington, Vermont.


Monday’s drive took us from Bangor, Maine, to Burlington, Vermont.

We started out the day with Ann sneezing. It ended with her sneezing. In the middle, there was lots of sneezing. Either she has a cold or she’s got some terrible allergies (the grass pollen is particularly high she says). Poor thing!

In between the sneezes we navigated down I-95 from Bangor, Maine, to Hollis Center, Maine, where Brendan, the operator of This-Old-Jeep, lives. He and I have exchanged many emails over the past few years. Because we both run websites using WordPress about old jeeps, we have plenty to talk about. So, it was great to finally meet him in person. We also met his wife Melissa and their two boys, Walter and Bryon. Water even drew me a picture of a jeep, which is downstairs in our jeep, so posting that will have to wait.


Brendan and Melissa fixed us a nice lunch, which included Brendan’s freshly made bread. We both throughly enjoyed the home cooked meal and greatly appreciated it!

After lunch we headed out to check out Brendan’s CJ-3B project. As we were discussing his recently disassembled transmission, Byron decided to distract my camera person: He’s a bit of a ham 🙂  Many thanks to the entire family for making our visit enjoyable!


Not too long after we left Brendan’s place, we crossed into New Hampshire. Soon, we stumbled upon the cute town of Conway. As we entered town, a Bavarian Chocolate Shop cast a spell over us,  forcing us to pull over and enter into the shop. We had no choice. Twenty dollars and two pairs of chocolatey hands later, the spell finally lifted.


The dark chocolate hazelnuts were awesome!

As we drove away from Conway, all hell broke loose.

An enormous gust of wind blew past the jeep. Branches began falling, rain was pouring, and cats and dogs were dropping from the sky. There was thunder. There was lightening. We began to wonder if we’d committed some sin for giving into our chocolate lust . . .

But, no, we later learned the storm was a left over ripple from a storm that hit Oklahoma. Given the enormity of the ripple, I’d hated to have been in the middle of the central splash! Speaking of Oklahoma, Karson’s on his way there with FEMA to help coordinate the relief effort.

After the storm hit in Conway, we drove under and ran over multiple downed power lines. The power was out through the remainder of our drive through New Hampshire and into Vermont. Trees were down, branches covered the road, and rain continued to fall.


This was along the road. The tree fell onto a building, narrowly missing the house. In other locations, people were cleaning up the mess as we drove by. Unfortunately, most of our pictures of the storm came out blurry.


This tree landed on this shack.


More debris.

Speaking of Vermont, passing into it meant I’ve visited all of the ‘lower’ US states. All that’s left is Alaska (ed. note: which I later checked off in 2017).

Once the storm passed, the lack of electricity from New Hampshire through a good chunk of Vermont meant that there wasn’t much to photograph, as there were few places to stop. Fortunately, by the time we reached the capital of Vermont, Montpelier, the clouds had mostly vanished, the sun reappeared, and the electricity returned.

We were pleasantly surprised by Vermont’s quaint Capital. The town’s capital building was welcoming.

2013-06-02-montpelier1 2013-06-02-montpelier2


Montpelier hummed with activity as families and individuals toured its streets. We eventually made our way to the local Hungry Mountain Coop, which was a first class treat. Lots of great breads and interesting foods!


PHOTO CREDIT: Hungry Mountain Coop

After Montpelier, we made our way to Burlington, which was another beautiful city. We plan to explore some before we leave on Monday for Oswego. Here’s a view from our hotel (another great Priceline find at $51).


That’s the view looking west over Lake Champlain.

On Monday we head to New York State.

<– Day 29 – Fri. June 1: Acadia National Park | Trip Overview | Day 31 – Mon. June 3rd: Through Russia With Love –>

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Museum of Alaska Transportation & Industry

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The Museum of Alaska Transportation & Industry is located in Wasilla, Alaska. It’s a far drive for most people to see the museum, but it does have a rare CJ-3B Fire Jeep. I think that’s as good of a reason to visit Alaska as any other!

Ron alerted me to the museum and shared these photos he took. Note the CJ-7 Mail Jeep CJ-8 Scrambler, which I think looks pretty good. Thanks Ron!

See all the pictures Ron took here




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Jeep Tailgate Bench Bushland, TX **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $475.

Here’s something different.

“Jeep tailgate porch bench. Frame made from treated lumber and the rest made from cedar.”


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Trade your Jeep for 1923 Model T Masonville, CO $7900

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I don’t know what Model T’s go for price wise, but this seller is willing to do some type of jeep trade.

“For your consideration is a very nice 1923 Model T coupe fully road worthy and titled. It is not a trailer queen, so the paint is not perfect, but there is no exposed rust and what rust there is is minimal. The body is very straight and the roof has been recovered. It looks like a 1923 should look like . . .

I am negotiable on the price if I don’t have to refinish the wheels. I would also consider interesting trade trades i.e. early model pickups, Willy’s Pickup, Jeep CJ or similar. Serious inquiries only please. Please reply by email with “Classic” in the subject line so I can weed out scammers and I will get back to you to answer any questions or to set up a time to look at it. Thanks for lookin!!!”



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Funny Ad

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Having felt this way myself, I enjoyed this poster’s response to some cj5 ad he’d seen on Craigslist.

“Just a friendly reminder from a Jeep historian, the oldest possible “jeep” was the 1940 MB prototype from the Bantam motor company


The following years 56 66 76 are all possible for the cj5 see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeep_CJ#CJ-5

So please for the love of the GP gods, put the right year on it

Sgt T Stone USA (retired)”


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Fri. May 31st: The Breakfast Club and Vintage Wiring

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<– Day 27 – Thur. May 30th: A Submarine, A Lighthouse, and Lobsters | Trip Overview | Day 29 – Sat. June 1st: Acadia National Park –>


Glenn driving his DJ-3A with Ann riding shotgun.

On Friday May 31st Ann and I would drive to Smithfield, Maine, then on to Acadia National Park.


On Friday we drove from Portland, Maine, to Acadia National Park via Smithfield.

We arrived at Glenn Byron’s house to find Smithfield’s ‘Breakfast Club’ waiting for us. They are a group of vintage car lovers from Maine who join each other for breakfast once a week.


2013-05-31-breakfast-club3 2013-05-31-breakfast-club2

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Sat. June 1st: Acadia National Park

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<– Day 28 – Fri. May 31st: The Breakfast Club and Vintage Wiring  | Trip Overview | Day 30 – Sun. June 2nd: State #49 Was Exciting! –>


Who knew lobsters were such ice cream fans!

Yesterday, Friday May 31st, Ann and I planned to stop by the Acadia National Park Visitors Center before setting up camp for our two night stay in the Park.

Acadia National Park covers about half of Mount Desert Island. As we drove over the bridge and onto the island, I told Ann that I was having difficulty locating the Visitor Center online. But, it wasn’t something I was too worried about, since there are always signs in National Parks to help guide visitors.

However, not this time. In fact, we quickly found ourselves lost. We didn’t know where we were, we lost all cell reception, and our Atlas didn’t help.

We nearly had to resort to asking for directions when a sliver of bandwidth sneaked onto our phone, which allowed us locate the Blackwoods Campground. So, at least we found home. But, where was the visitor center or at least an entrance station? That remained a mystery …

Upon our arrival, we found a sparsely populated campground. We were thankful for that, because the area has more than 300 camping spots! On the downside, there was no cell reception, so my hotspot wouldn’t work to manage eWillys.


Camp setup complete.

As we relaxed at our camp, we met a couple who was camping near us. Jake and his wife (whose name I cannot recall) were from Maine. When I explained what I did and why we were so far from home, Jake told me his Uncle had a couple of old Willys jeeps in Montana that they’d refurbished. Seems there are Willys everywhere I go!

By the time we finished talking, it was dusk. So, we climbed into our tent and quickly fells asleep.

Saturday June 1st:

When I awoke in the morning, I put on my gray hoodie. In the pocket I discovered a present left by my wife. It was wrapped in tissue and was the shape of two AA batteries side-by-side. I thought, “Oh, what could it be?”

It was pretty light, so I figured it was fragile. I carefully unrolled it from the tissue, but still couldn’t determine what it was. So, I attempted to separate the battery-sized objects. That’s when it dawned on me. It was a pair of tampons. So, it wasn’t a gift for me after all . . .

Minutes later, Ann discovered the cooler had been leaking and the back seat area was damp.  So, we threw most of our stuff into our tent and unzipped all the windows. Thank goodness the weather would be warm and sunny (We’ll be buying a new cooler very soon).

Soon after breakfast, we hit the road for an early morning visit to Bar Harbor.


Here we are at a downtown park.


This was taken near the harbor. We enjoyed the seaside town and it’s relaxed flavor.

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Thur. May 30th: A Submarine, A Lighthouse, and Lobsters

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<– Day 26 – Wed. May 29th: Exploring Mystic  | Trip Overview | Day 28 – Fri. May 31st: The Breakfast Club and Vintage Wiring –>


Bob, Ann and I at the Nubble Lighthouse near York, Maine.


Thursday’s drive from Warwick, Rhode Island, to Portland, Maine.

On Thursday spent some time in Rhode Island, then headed to Maine.


Downtown Providence, RI

We started in Providence, Rhode Island, walking the Green Mile. Actually, it was more like two and a half miles. The Green Mile is a downtown loop marked by a green line called the Independence Trail that weaves visitors through the cities history as they stroll through the buildings.

Every so often a painted marker on the ground appears with a phone number and an extension. You are told to dial the phone number, enter the extension, and (theoretically) a voice describes the significance of the location. However, due to some winter storm damage (not sure how the winter weather caused problems with the phone system . . .) the system needed updating. So, it didn’t work well for us.


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Jeep Parts Depot Sun Valley, CA

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I’ve shared a link to this in the past. Mostly newer parts, but still interesting.







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Wed. May 29th: Exploring Mystic

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<– Day 25 – Tues. May 28th: Some Family History | Trip Overview | Day 27 – Thur. May 30th: A Submarine, A Lighthouse, and Lobsters –>


Another “if built for a movie, then built for real, people will come” story … Mystic Pizza.

On Wednesday we drove from Darien, Connecticut, to Warwick, Rhode Island.


Wednesday’s drive from Darien to Warwick.

Wednesday morning we left my cousin-by-marriage George’s place. It was a beautiful day for a drive along the coast.


We traveled east along the Connecticut shoreline until we stumbled on the town of Mystic. Being young adults of the 1980s, we immediately recognized that it was the town used during the filming of Mystic Pizza, a movie which greatly helped Julia Roberts’ career.

Our first stop was at the Mystic Seaport.


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Tues. May 28th: Some Family History

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<– Day 24 – Mon. May 27th: Peter Debella Jeep Parts  | Trip Overview | Day 26 – Wed. May 29th: Exploring Mystic –>


I undiscovered some gems for my upcoming book on my family’s history.

Over Memorial Day Weekend we stayed  in Sea Cliff, New York, at the Guerci’s house. My relationship with the Guerci’s is another internet-sent miracle. The Guerci’s live in my great aunt Emma’s painting studio, one built on the former Eilers’ Estate.

A few years ago, Leslie contacted me and told me they were living there and were looking for a Emma Eilers‘ painting for their house. Mom and I gave them one for free that needed a little restoration work. Since then, we’ve built a very warm relationship and they have opened their home to Ann and I any time our weary traveling feet climb their stairs. Last weekend they welcomed Karson as well, which gave me a wonderful opportunity to explain some of the family history to him and show him the remaining family homes in the area. I never expected to have that opportunity.

After we said our goodbyes to Sea Cliff, we drove a short distance to Darien, CT, for a dose of family history from a man named George who married one of my father’s cousins.


Tuesday’s drive from Sea Cliff, New York. to Darien, CT.

I’d never met George and barely knew of him before we exchanged a few emails prior to our trip out here. I told him we were traveling east and he invited us to stay right away.


George Ratcliff and I

A former president of a reinsurance company, the eighty-five year old had plenty of interesting family stories from the ‘eastern Eilers’ clan, as well as pictures and information. One of the most fascinating tidbits of information was the reason behind my grandfather’s 1924 trip with his brother through Europe. His mother (my great grandmother) made him take his brother to Europe so that he wouldn’t marry the ‘wrong’ girl. That scheme didn’t work and the man returned from Europe to marry the ‘wrong’ girl anyway and have a happy long life with her.

George enjoyed painting for much of his life. He said that he couldn’t wait to retire so he could paint all the time. However, when he retired, he stopped painting altogether, something he never understood.

George told us about a house on Martha’s Vineyard he and his wife purchased (and later sold – then, it was torn down and replaced). He painted their island house and allowed us to take a picture of it. The painting is full of specific references to family members and life at the vineyard. You might recognize the house as the location used as ‘Brody’s house’ for the first Jaws movie.


George’s wife Jean Eilers passed away a few years ago. In a sweet gesture, he still kept her recipe holder on the counter that held a recipe she’d placed there before she died. The funny thing is, he never liked that particular recipe. He likened his marriage to baseball. Some batters walk up to the bases and strike out a few times. If they are lucky, they might hit a home run. With his wife, he walked up to the plate and hit a home run on the first pitch. With a batting average of 1000, he explained, he has no desire to step up to the plate again. Very romantic.

A little family history:

Below is the first page of an 1859 story that was originally written in French by my great great grandmother’s brother, Eugene Farny. In it he describes the Farny family’s move in 1959 (along with all their possessions, including horses and chickens) on a 30-foot raft from Tionesta, Pennsylvania, down the Allegheny River to Cincinnati. It was quite the journey!


Here’s a photo of my great grand parents, circa 1913, sitting at a desk. It may have been part of a photo shoot for their 50th wedding anniversary. I can’t think of another reason to create such a casual photo.



This photo of the family hiking in the Alps was likely taken in 1914, just prior to the start of the war. My family got stuck in Germany as WWI engulfed Europe.


My great grandfather Karl is far right. Next to him is my great grandmother Leonie. Their daughter Leonie is behind them, followed by their youngest son Farny and their oldest son, my grandfather, Fritz.

Another interesting piece of art was this painting by Emma Eilers showing Farny Eilers, my grandfather’s brother, riding a bike around his parents house (my great grandparents place). The house still stands in Sea Cliff.


Not the best photo of it, but it’s an unusual painting, as I believe it is one of only two paintings Emma did that included a male. She preferred painting landscapes and women.

We had a great time with George, as he was full of stories. On Wednesday, we drive to Rhode Island.

<– Day 24 – Mon. May 27th: Peter Debella Jeep Parts  | Trip Overview | Day 26 – Wed. May 29th: Exploring Mystic –>

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Factory Photo from Flickr

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Marc spotted this great factory photo.



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Larry’s Jeep Dressed for Memorial Day

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Larry dressed up his jeep for memorial day. He’s on the hunt for a MB, but until then you can see he’s having fun!

937 940

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Bantam BRC-40 Postcard

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Marc spotted this Bantam BRC-40 Postcard that sold on eBay.

1943-bantam-brc40-postcard1 1943-bantam-brc40-postcard2

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Sat. May 25th & Sun. May 26th: NYC & Family With Karson

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<– Day 21 – Fri. May 24th: Jeeps, Meats, and Beeps  | Trip Overview | Day 24 – Mon. May 27th: Peter Debella Jeep Parts –>


Karson, Ann, and I on the Long Island Train heading into the city.

SATURDAY MAY 25TH: On Saturday, went to Manhattan for the day, then drove to a relative’s place in Quogue. New York.


Our Saturday travels to Manhattan, then to Quogue.

First, we joined the rest of Manhattan and half of Connecticut when we went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It has been almost exactly thirty years since I’d last seen the museum at age 17. I’m pretty sure in the past thirty years the museum has doubled in size. Well, that or my 47 year old legs are a little more tired than they should be. I guess that’s the downside of spending the last three months either traveling or writing. I look forward to getting back into shape when we return to Pasco.


2013-05-25-karson-dad-mma-nyc3 2013-05-25-karson-dad-mma-nyc4

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Mon. May 27th: Peter Debella Jeep Parts

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<– Day 22 & 23 – Sat. May 25th & Sun. May 26th: NYC & Family With Karson | Trip Overview | Day 25 – Tues. May 28th: Some Family History –>


Peter Debella and I at Peter Debella Jeep Parts in Riverhead, Long Island

On Monday we drove east on Long Island to Riverhead, New York.


Monday’s drive to visit Peter Debella in Riverhead.

On Monday we dropped off Karson at his ‘home’ (an Extended Stay Inn), exchanged good byes, and headed east to meet with Peter Debella in Riverhead, New York. Peter runs Peter Debella Jeep Parts. He invited Ann and I out to see some of the jeeps and parts he has.


This unlucky parts jeep got hit by a falling tree during a storm.

2013-05-27-peter9 2013-05-27-peter8

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GPA and GPW Photo

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Marc spotted this nice photo.



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The Third Set of Pics — The Southwestern Utah 1961 Trip

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UPDATE: This was originally posted March 28, 2011:

Here is the third set of pictures from Alan that show more of the Four Corners Trip in 1961.  You can see the first set here and the second set here.

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Fri. May 24th: Jeeps, Meats, and Beeps

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<– Day 20 – Thurs. May 23rd: And Then it Started Raining at the Worst Time | Trip Overview | Day 22 & 23 – Sat. May 25th & Sun. May 26th: NYC & Family With Karson –>


The new Great Willys Picnic Banner unfurled!

We started out the morning in Reading, PA. Our first objective was to meet Seth in Kempton. I felt bad about not being around for the Picnic, so meeting up with Seth was the next best thing.


On Friday we drove from Reading, Pennsylvania, to Sea Cliff, New York.

Seth’s place is hidden among some of the endless Pennsylvania hills. It’s east to see how much fun having a jeep would be for cruising all the quiet backgrounds in the area.


Another quiet Pennsylvania road.


This is one of many old barns in excellent condition set against a quaint backdrop.

By the time we arrived, Seth and his wife Heather were waiting for us at their house atop a windy hill. It’s a great vintage looking home that was built only ten years ago. Their son Levi wanted to join us, but had to go to school instead. I signed a poster and told him I’d try to get to the Picnic next year.

Seth volunteered to get his jeeps out of the shed (despite some drizzle) so we could photograph them. We didn’t have to push either of them! He’s got some additional jeeps in back that serve as parts vehicles. Seth also got a few neat signs on the walls.

Ann and I enjoyed their company very much and look forward to more time next year! Thanks for the coffee cake, too! Here are a few pics:


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Thurs. May 23rd: And Then it Started Raining at the Worst Time

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<– Day 19 – Wed. May 22nd: Old Cars and Chocolate Shots  | Trip Overview | Day 21 – Fri. May 24th: Jeeps, Meats, and Beeps –>


Henry performing ‘toppage’ on a Jeepster in a downpour . . .

Today we plan on visit Bill and Henry at Lime Street Carriage in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.


On Thursday we drove from Ronks, Pennsylvania, to Reading, Pennsylvania.

Ann and I awoke to a rainy morning in Ronks, PA. I’m not certain Ronks is a town, but it’s definitely a street. I do know for certain there’s a Waffle House off of Ronks street because we ate a midnight dinner there last night, because I wanted some grits: scrambled eggs, bacon and grits to be exact. Yeah, I know their butter is really hydrogenated oil coupled with other ingredients requiring a chemistry masters to decipher; I enjoyed my grits just the same.

Our goal today was Bill Reiss’ Lime Street Carriage in downtown Lancaster. Ronks is only a short drive away, so it didn’t take long for us to get there. When we arrived at Bill’s, he showed us around his current showroom of jeeps (and other vehicles) for sale. He explained that he’s in the middle of a renovation. His building was formerly a Studebaker dealership and other businesses. He laughed about the seven layers of carpet and three false ceilings he’s torn out of one area of the building. On the plus side, he was able to open up a great deal of space. Even though there’s plenty of work left, it’s easy to see how great the space will be when he’s done.


Here are Bill and I checking out a few of the jeeps in his shop. There are several 2As and a CJ-5 lined up there.


Here are twins Norm (on the left) and Norma. Norma is named Norma, because she’s prettier.


Bill has this vintage truck for sale.

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