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1957 CJ-3B Mailer **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay

I don’t remember featuring this CJ-3B Ad.

“Available here is this sharp vintage original brochure promoting Willys Universal 4-Wheel Drive “Jeep” with the Hurricane F-Head “4” Engine. Includes photos, with facts, features, specifications, & options. Measures 3-5/8″ x 8-1/2″. Bright and vivid with light handling. Has red tape to seal brochure. Binding is tight.”



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Schneider Matchbook on eBay

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Marc spotted this Schneider matchbook on ebay.

View all the information on eBay



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10 Brochures on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

This collection starts at $20.

1) 1960 Jeep “Special Equipment” 12p all-model 5 1/2 x 8 1/2″ part color catalog. FCs, CJs, FCs and Pickups shown with Snow Plows, Trenchers, Accessory Cabs etc. Form OM-1030.
2) Watson Towboy Wrecker 4p folder: Wreckers shown installed on FCs & Pickups.
3) Ottawa Backhoe for FC-170: B&W 2-sided sheet.
4) Ramsey Winches 12p catalog # J-1-59: shows installations on CJs, FCs, Wagons/Pickups.
5) Power-Lock Hubs 6p folder: 4×6″ opens to 8 x 18″, great photos of all of Jeep models.
6) King Winches (by Koenig) 8p brochure: shows all Jeep models, light wrinkle on left side.
7) Stahl Service Bodies for FCs & Pickups: 4p folder. Light stain & wrinkle on top edge.
8) Koenig PTOs 2-sided B&W sheet: shows all Jeep models.
9) Canfield Overload Springs 1-sided B&W sheet: for all Jeeps.
10) “Custom Accessory Sales” step bumpers for FC & Jeep Pickups: 2-sided part color sheet.

View all the information on eBay



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Economy Delivery Truck Brochure

• CATEGORIES: Features, Fire/Police/Industry Vehicles, Willys Wagons • TAGS: .

This brochure is from 1959, which includes some specs.  This website has drawings of it and an ambulance version, too.

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Pasco to Randle on Friday, August 31

• CATEGORIES: Features

2013-08-31-highway-mtadamsAs mentioned, on Friday we decided to forgo the 3 1/2 hour trip from Pasco to Seattle for a much longer route (which turned out to be about 12 hours). As you can see in the pictures, the weather was optimal!


We left at 9am. Our first stop was the remote farming town of Bickleton (it doesn’t even have a gas station). However, the town wasn’t always remote. For years travelers past through it as part of their trek from Portland, Oregon, to the Yellowstone Trail and Yakima.  After the creation of Highway 97 over Satus Pass, the town’s traffic dwindled (sounds like a Cars movie).


We arrived in Bickleton to find the entire main street blocked off for a car show. We toured the cars, hoping to see a jeep. After looking, we spotted one hidden next to a building. I don’t think it was part of the show though, but we photographed it anyway.


The side of this truck faintly indicated it came from Texas.

And now for the car show . . .


Between you and me, I knew the car show was here. Ann was surprised though :-)

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Jeep Over Entrance at Barbary Coast

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

UPDATE: Dennis had a good idea: check Google maps. Sure enough it shows the restaurant gone, but the jeep still hanging.


The jeep looks more worn and the pink flamingos appear gone.

Buz forwarded this jalopy journal thread that includes a picture of a CJ-2A over the entrance of a restaurant called the Barbary Coast in Mexico, Missouri.



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1948 Willys Overland Photograph of Models on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

Did it rotate in circles?

“Newly printed photo poster on the highest quality photographic paper . Photo poster size is 16 inches x 20 inches , image size may be slightly smaller . Please see scan for exact image . This beautiful poster is a great item to frame and display on your wall! It will fit in a commonly available 16 inch x 20 inch frame . You may buy as many posters as you want for the one shipping charge listed .”

View all the information on eBay


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Unusual Stainless Flattie Knoxville, TN **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: CJ-3A, Features, stainless/jewels • TAGS: , , , .

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay

(08/19/2013) I’ve never seen a front end like that. Anyone else?




1976-stainless-flattie-knoxville-tn1 1976-stainless-flattie-knoxville-tn2 1976-stainless-flattie-knoxville-tn3 1976-stainless-flattie-knoxville-tn4 1976-stainless-flattie-knoxville-tn5

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No Updates for Sunday

• CATEGORIES: Features

I’m taking the sunday off. We had a long, but beautiful drive Friday. We found jeeps, great food, and beautiful scenery. If you ever have the time, I highly recommend the trip from Randle to Trout Lake and Beyond.

Below, I’m learning about the finer points of barbed wire. Yes, those are all different strands of barbed wire. A complete report (and more jeeps) tomorrow.


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Bickleton, Trout Lake, and Beyond to Seattle

• CATEGORIES: Features, News

UPDATE: Steve noted that we passed Trout Lake, not Troutdale. Given our successful drive, I can verify his correction 🙂

Ann and I are traveling to Seattle today, but instead of taking our usual route over Snoqualmie Pass, we decided to do some exploring while the weather is nice.

So, we plan to go along the southern area of the state through some towns (Bickleton, Glenwood, and Troutdale) where neither of us has explored. From Troutdale we plan take forest road 23, which winds through the Cascade Mountains, to Randle. We thought this would be a good opportunity to explore the area for future camping trips.

To give some perspective, normally it is a three hour, 173 mile, trip from Pasco to Randle. Given we’ll be stopping, driving slowly, etc, we be much longer.

Here’s our expected path. The dotted lines from Bickleton, where there is a carousel museum of some kind, indicates a cutoff we hope to make to Highway 97 and Satus Pass. There we want to have lunch at St. Johns Bakery. It’s a well regarded food stop in the middle of nowhere that’s part of the St. John Monastery.

I’ll report on Saturday night if we made it (or not report if we didn’t make it out . . . lol)


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1954 Wafarm / Cedar Brook Farms Ad on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

Here’s a 1954 ad that features a couple of Willys vehicles.

“1954 Wafarm Murrayville IL Willys Truck Cedar Brook Farms Prospect KY Jeep Print Ad
Original vintage magazine advertisement. Page size approx 7 3/4″ x 10 3/4″.”

View all the information on eBay


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Trike Jeep De Pere, WI **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: CJ-2A, Features, Unusual • TAGS: , .

UPDATE:  **SOLD** Was $7200.

(03/14/2012)  “2007 Willys CJ2A Trike w/ Chevy 4.3l TBI fuel injected V6 and 4sp auto Transmission. It is sitting on a Ford Thunderbird independent rear suspension and custom made frame and front end.The Willys body has been stretched 17″ in the rear section.Newer style roll bar with a new Softopper soft top/bikini top. Chevy Tahoe front seats Jeep CJ rear seat, custom 17 Gal aluminum tank. This is a 4 seater and in WI it does not have to conform to helmet laws, BUT it does to seat belt laws. so it works with little ones and car seats. I would be interested in trading for a 4door pickup, convertible, suv or newer big cycle. Let me know what you have”


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Book Launch Wednesday September 4th

• CATEGORIES: Event, Features

Yes, finally, the book will arrive! The Amber Panels of Konigisberg will go on sale next Wednesday. Since the pre-release version, I’ve reduced the number of words, made numerous corrections, changed the font, smoothed out rough patches, cut portions of the book, and added a slight twist to the ending. Even the cover has been altered.

For those wanting signed copies, it will take a few weeks for me to receive my order of books, sign them, then forward them to you (this includes the pre-release readers as well). So, stay tuned for updates.

For the launch and the ongoing sales campaign I’ve created a special website as well which I’ll share Wednesday.

Here’s the newest cover:


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Quincy Compressor for Jeeps

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

Here’s a brochure for the rarely, if ever, seen Quincy Compressor. This was part of an early Willys Overland Equipment Book.

1946-quincy-compressor-brochure1 1946-quincy-compressor-brochure2

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Norbert’s Luaz 969M and his father’s Campagnola

• CATEGORIES: Features, International

A few days ago I featured Norbert’s Campagnola. Norbert forwarded these photos of his Luaz 969, which he restored, and his father’s Campagnola.

The Luaz before its restoration:



100_1268And after the restoration:


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1949 United Nations Press Photo on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

Marc forwarded this one. It is a good shot of the United Nations logo in case someone wanted to recreate a UN jeep.

“U.N. Observer– ENROUTE TO THE “FRONT” in their white-painted U.N. jeep, the two U.N. Observers encounter local inhabitants whose stories may help to clarify the situation.
Photo measures 10 x 8.”

View all the information on eBay



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Photos From the Half Century of Progress Show

• CATEGORIES: Event, Features

The Half Century of Progress Show happened this past weekend in Rantoul, IL. The show takes place every other year. Bob Christy reports there were 13 jeeps or so this year and two empire tractors.

Bob took the photo below. Here’s link to the CJ-2A Page with more photos

BOB_4011 BOB_4103


Kate Goelzhauser, editor for Lawn and Garden Collector Magazine, was also there. She posted a variety of pictures to her Facebook Page. You can see them all here.

kate-goelzhauser-half-century-mag0 kate-goelzhauser-half-century-mag1 kate-goelzhauser-half-century-mag2

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Ann Chases a local CJ-2A

• CATEGORIES: Features

Ann and her mother were at the local Kennewick Mall when Ann heard a funny sound, then spotted a CJ-2A. Being a great mate, she went into action, chasing the driver down until she could get permission to photograph his jeep. I asked if she got his name, but she didn’t. Well, at least she got a couple pics. It isn’t often you see a flatfender parked at the local mall!

2013-08-26-cj2a-kennewick-mall2 2013-08-26-cj2a-kennewick-mall1

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Pedal Jeep Media, PA $325

• CATEGORIES: Features, toys

I tried to identify this pedal jeep, but didn’t have any luck. It has some unusual wheels.

“Cleaning out the garage and came across this beautiful peddle car. I am willing to accept offers. Call or text Ian with any questions. 610-306-088 seven”


pedal-jeep-wire-wheels5 pedal-jeep-wire-wheels4 pedal-jeep-wire-wheels3 pedal-jeep-wire-wheels2 pedal-jeep-wire-wheels1

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Norbert’s Campagnola

• CATEGORIES: Features, International • TAGS: .

UPDATE: You can see more at Norbert’s site: http://campagnolaar59.jimdo.com

Norbert wrote me from Germany yesterday. He wanted to share pictures of his Campagnola. It’s a great looking vehicle!





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Two Photos from Alex

• CATEGORIES: Features, GPA (SEEP), International, Old Images

Alex, who directs Tahiti-Pacifique Magazine, forwarded these two photos.

For unknown reasons, the driver of this DUKW (thanks Bob) must have had quite a drive!

indochine commandos jeep 1953

Alex writes, “Photo of 1954 peace treaty delegation between the French and the Vietminh. The French army used mostly US WW2 surplus equipment in that war. The US took over after the 1954 defeat, Indochina became Vietnam, the Vietminh became Vietcong and the issue was the same 20 years later. “

indochine traite? de paix 1954

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Old Photos from the Netherlands

• CATEGORIES: Features, International, Old Images

Charles forwarded these photos.

These two photos are from a Venlo training school in the Netherlands.

106-42ea9800601ef55daba8fe51d009dc27 106-a8f40814eccd52ff6c2a184017101756

This is an old dutch army photo



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Another Usual Jeep from the Big Island

• CATEGORIES: Features, MB • TAGS: , .

Bill from Lime Street Carriage spotted this jeep siting on the side of the road south of Kona in the Captain Cook area of the Big Island of Hawaii. This is similar to several other oddly shaped jeeps near Captain Cook, HI,  (here and here) that have been for sale. There was no for sale sign on the one below.

It sure seems likely that someone built all of these.

bill-captaincook-hawaii-boat-body1 bill-captaincook-hawaii-boat-body2 bill-captaincook-hawaii-boat-body3


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1973 Big Cypress Swamp Photo **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay

Here’s a cool photo Marc forwarded.

“You are bidding on an original press photo from 1973 featuring “Road” into Big Cypress Swamp resembles a creek. Percy Brown in front Jeep. This road was a pre-Columbian Indian foot trail . Photo is 8.5” x 6.5” in size.”

Big Cypress Swamp

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1943 GPA/Seep Model Kit **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Features, GPA (SEEP), Models

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay

Here’s a rare kit that looks complete.

“U.S. Army Amphibian Jeep (Quack)
MOD-AC Manufacturing Co
Los Angeles, Calif.
1/2 Inch Scale Wooden Model
I believe it is from 1943.
Very hard to find in used good condition.
Please examine all pictures carefully as I do not know if all the pieces are there.
The body of the Jeep is in very good condition as are the pieces and parts I do have.
The box does have wear and tear (see picts).
The paper portion of the kit does have some of the pieces cut out (see picts).
I am selling this model “as-is” with no warranty or returns.
I can only accept PayPal as the form of payment.
I will only ship within the United States.
If you have any questions please feel free to email me.
Thanks for looking.”

1943-gpw-quack-wood-model-kit4 1943-gpw-quack-wood-model-kit3 1943-gpw-quack-wood-model-kit2 1943-gpw-quack-wood-model-kit