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Poster From Chrysler HQ Chicago, IL $29

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Here’s an unusual poster (at least I haven’t seen one).

“Must see huge 36 X 48 in. poster that was on display at the factory Chrysler Jeep HDQ Detroit until Daimler Benz bought them.
Post the German auto manufacturer’s purchase, the interior at Chrysler Jeep HDQ was updated. Employees like my father-in-law were allowed to take select items that would not be used or archived.
He brought home this poster that is on very heavy card-stock and I have never seen for purchase anywhere (!!) in the public domain.
Listing a lot of items at prices to sell fast for a pre-season snowmobile purchase. Don’t miss out on these sales!
Minimal wear and the pictures here do not do it justice. First $29 cash takes it.
Selling at eBay with a perfect record since 1998 – references are available!
Thanks for shopping my listing. Rick Hill”



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1945 Poster Stamp from Norway on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

It’s called a poster stamp.

“SIZE: 7 X 4.5 CM”

View all the information on ebay


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Marc’s 1/2-Size CJ-2A

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Marc’s from South Africa and forwarded a link to the latest photos of his 1/2-Size CJ-2A project. As you can see, he does some beautiful work. He hopes at some point to tackle a full-size jeep, but for several reasons he’s starting with this project.

You can view all the photos here:

Marc writes, “A quick history. I started the drawings last December to make this, spent months, give or take 6 just doing research for all the related stuff. All the drawings were done the old fashioned way on a drawing board with pencil and set squares. Umpteen trips to a local CJ-2A to measure up. Also got info from all the various jeep sites but I met some if not very harsh or if I may use the word unwelcome altitudes (attitudes) with regard to help for dimensions or tech info to make this from scratch.


Almost all of the structure will be constructed from 0.6 mm cold rolled mild steel, welded where required but most of the assembly will be using airplane fasteners for the ease of assembly thus eliminating the use of any facilities other than my workshop at home. Everything made thus far has been built here at home with forming tools, blocks, press tolls, tuck shrinking and good old fashioned sheet metal work (I am a airplane structures engineer/technician by trade). All joints are primed and wet assembled to eliminate corrosion/rust.


The chassis/frame I have drawn up but will only start once the body/tub has been completed. Wheels will be either 8-inch or 10-inch, I would prefer 8-inch though. As for the power plant a 13Hp Briggs & Stratton will do just fine. All the rest as when I get to them as well.

I painted some internal parts (top hat sections in the tub attached to wheel well) before assembly yesterday in a colour, which is a local colour from the 80″s made by Plascon Paints called Karoo (which is similar to British BS 381 dessert camouflage sand x 2 off & FS 20313, for  “Jam” (her name, Jarred and Marc). Trying to get Harvest Tan here in South Africa or a sample to mix to here  is near impossible, I would have liked Harvest Tan but looking at historical images and current restorations there is no real “this is what it should be”. But the colour as I now call it ‘dessert pink’ looks good.I will take some pics of the ‘dessert pink’ in natural light and artificial light today or tomorrow. Opinions will certainly vary on this one.

Also I have drawn up the plans for a 1/2 scale Bantam trailer to go with this.

1/2 or full size the memory and history behind this great (if I may say) little vehicle must be kept alive for all to enjoy.”

marc-half-cj3 marc-half-cj4

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How-To Auxiliary Gauge Restoration

• CATEGORIES: Features, How To

dan-gauge-restorationDan’s had some extra time lately due to a recent foot surgery. He’s used some of that time to put together a “how-to” on auxiliary gauge restoration for the 1950-56 Wagon, Delivery, and Truck and the 1950-1951 Jeepster. He notes they aren’t ‘perfect’, but are a big improvement.



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1960 Willys of Canada Newspaper Ad on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, DJ-3A, FC150-FC170-M677, Features

How about this great, rare ad from Willys of Canada.

“This is an original 1960 Canadian print ad for Willys Jeep! It measures approximately 13″ x 6.25″ overall, has no stains, with a 1/4″ tear in the right edge; comes from a dry, high-altitude, smoke-free environment, and is strictly graded”

View all the information on ebay


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1958 Proof AD for FCs/Trucks and CJ-6 on eBay

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Here’s a neat ad.

“original Ad Proof , 8.5 x 11 , Bend At Corner , Staple Holes , Slight Tear At Edge , Shows CJ-6 , FC-150 , 1-Ton Pickup Truck , FC-170 1.5 Ton Pickup Truck .”

View all the information on ebay


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D-Day Photos

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

Alex du Prel from Tahiti-Pacifique magazine shared these D-Day photos.

d-day5 d-day4 d-day1 d-day2 d-day3

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Early 1950s? Willys Motors Sales Book

• CATEGORIES: Documents, Features

I just purchased this booklet. One of the pages it includes is a sales breakdown. I thought it was pretty interesting.  I don’t have a year yet for this document.



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Slat Grille By Cable in May 5, 1942, Life Magazine

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I bought a cheap copy of the May 5, 1942, issue of Life Magazine off ebay the other day. In it I found these photos on page 8-11. It was a failed effort to slide a jeep across a river by cable.

Before I show a the hanging jeep, I wanted to share the photo below that shows some jeeps aboard a vessel of some sort.

1942-05-04-Life-Magazine-pg23Here’s the jeep by cable from pages 8-11. You can view the magazine on Google.

1942-05-04-Life-Magazine-pg8-111942-05-04-Life-Magazine-pg8-11-00 1942-05-04-Life-Magazine-pg8-11-01 1942-05-04-Life-Magazine-pg8-11-02

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1976 Medicoach Trailer Clinic Borchure

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, FC150-FC170-M677, Features

UPDATE: Lylito spotted a Medicoach modified FC at Coachbuilt.com. A brochure for this was sold on eBay also.

From the back:


From the front:




I’ve never seen one of these trailers for sale. It appears most or all went to Southeast Asia.

“original non color sales sheet , 8.5 x 11 , shows Scotty Dispensary , Immunization Trailer Clinic as used by the Dooley Foundation in Southeast Asia. Produced by Medicoach , Oneonta , New York.”

View all the information on ebay



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Bill’s Report From Alaska

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Bill filed a report on his trip to Alaska.

He writes, “Back from Alaska – assumption going, it would be the land of 4 wheel drives and lots of jeeps old and new.  Reality – the Toyota sedan is the vehicle of choice, Jeeps on the road from Fairbanks to Seward numbered about 2 dozen – none Willys era.  Bubba lives up there – see the M38A1 grafted to a Willys wagon, the Willys truck with a Ford or Chevy bed and the Willys truck with wire wheels.  There was a CJ3B fire truck I saw.

DSCN2591 DSCN2594 DSCN2595 DSCN2597 DSCN2598

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Postcard of Wagon Tour Jeep on eBay

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Marc forwarded this cool postcard.

“Advertising Postcard showing one of the Jeeps operated by San Juan Scenic Jeep Tours out of Ouray, Colorado.
This is an unused, standard-sized (3-1/2″ x 5-1/2″) modern chrome postcard. (c.1950s/60s)
It is in very good / excellent condition.”

View all the information on eBay



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Some pics from Charles

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Here are some more pics Charles found.

terrys-terrible-sign-and-jeep surrey-dj3a-woman-driving railroad-wagon cj2a-road-bus 1946-Vorfeld-alternative

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1960s FC Cufflinks

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677, Features

These were on eBay. The auction has ended.

“Original Vintage 1960’s JEEP WILLYS Cab-Over FC-170 TRUCK CUFFLINKS & TIE BAR
Vintage DEALER PROMO SET of Mens jewelry for high fashion dress up events or car show,swap meet,cruising,cruise-in
I do not know exact year,truck has spare tire on side of bed,4 headlights,classic jeep grill,3 windows on passenger side
including wing window
Condition: Look & Work Perfect,with light wear,No problems,spring mechanism is perfect
Made by: Mercury Industries
Has not been cleaned or polished,nice patina,slightly tarnished by age
Weighs: 21 Grams Front Measures: 1.25″ x .75″”


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Target Practice Jeep at Page Field in Fort Myers

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

Notice the track and the guide below the front of the jeep’s bumper. This photo came from Mission4Today.com

“Several students at Page Field in Fort Myers (ca 1945) with a jeep, the mechanical mule of the army that carried a target around on a circular cement track. The jeep itself was protected by a large embankment in the background. The students are over the right side of the embankment and shoot at a target.”


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Photo of DJ-3A Surrey with Hardtop on eBay

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UPDATE II (09/11/2013): Brian and Bruce each sent a photo. See below pink surrey photos.

UPDATE (09/10/2013): Brian shared these pics of a Surrey with a Kelly hardtop. He bought the hardtop, but not the jeep.See Brian’s pic and info underneath the pink surrey hardtop photos.

Unfortunately, there’s no description. Only the date of July 1965.

View all the information on eBay



(09/11/2013) Brian sent this photo of the door after it was sand blasted.


(09/11/2013) Bruce forwarded this photo of the surrey without the top.


(09/10/2013) Brian’s photos of a 1961 DJ-3A Surrey:

Brian writes, “It’s not the same Jeep. My top has never had an i.d. tag on it which i always thought was odd. When i bought the top, the Jeep was only in Florida for a year or two at the time. Before that it was in Virginia where it had spent most of it’s life, the same State that the top was built in. The story was something like: a lady bought the Surrey new in ’61 and then (i think) it was sold to a serviceman around the time of Vietnam. He put the Jeep in storage and it sat there for well over 30 years, hence why it was in such good shape. I can’t remember who had the top put on it. 
I found two more pics that show a bit of the pink paint, in the rear cargo area some is showing on the ribs and the front floor shot shows a line of pink around the body seam. I had underhood pics that showed alot of pink paint that the cheaper paint didn’t adhere too well to but i can’t find them.

dj3a-surrey-hardtop1 dj3a-surrey-hardtop2 dj3a-surrey-hardtop3 dj3a-surrey-hardtop4

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1941 Champion Spark Plugs Ad on eBay

This ad depicts a Bantam BRC-60.

“From a 1941 issue of The Saturday Evening Post, this is an ad for Champion Spark Plugs with art by Vickery. Illustrated are 8 uses for Champion Spark Plugs:
1. Bomber, Trainer, Airliner or Light Plane
2. Tanks
3. Reconnaissance Car or Jeep
4. Motorcycle
5. PT Boats of the Mosquito Fleet
6. American Industry
7. Farm Tractors
8. Trucking Industry
13 5/8″ x 10 1/8″
Excellent condition”

View all the information on eBay


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Photo from Poker Flats on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

I found Poker Flat, California, but I couldn’t locate a “Poker Flats”. Anyone recognize the town?

View all the information on eBay


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Jeep Ad from US Steel on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

Not a great photo of it, but the jeep is prominent.

View all the information on eBay


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Collection of Photos from the UK on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

Here are some photos. I don’t have any closeups.

View all the photos on eBay




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1946 Unusual ‘CJ-2A’ Bozeman, MT **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $4950.

It’s funky, but appears in good shape.

“Running gear is from a vintage CJ2A. Body custom built. Equipped with stock 4 cyl engine, 3 spd trans, hi-lo range and 4 wheel drive. Mechanically strong, good tires. Good title and vintage plates. A lot of fun to drive and to look at. Good business mascot, parade vehicle or use on you acreage, at the cabin or lake.”


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Montana Auto Museum in Deer Lodge, MT

• CATEGORIES: Features, Museums

On our last trip to the East Coast it seems we blew right by a museum in Deer Lodge, Montana, that houses a GPW of some vintage. I ran across a reference to the jeep last night, but couldn’t find a picture until tonight. There also might be a jeep wagon, but I can’t confirm it.

The Montana Auto Museum is located in the Old Montana Prison Complex (1106 Main Street
Deer Lodge, MT 59722), which houses five unique museums inside its historic prison walls. The complex includes the Old Montana Prison, Powell County Museum, Frontier Montana Museum, Yesterday’s Playthings and the Montana Auto Museum. The complex is run by the Powell County Museum and Arts Foundation. One fee covers all five museums.

The “USA Today” once listed the collection, which totals over 100 vehicles, as one of the top ten must-see auto museums in the country. Here’s one ‘non-car’ person who really enjoyed the place.

I found photos of the GPW at Brian DeFree’s Flickr site:


Here are some additional photos:

montana-auto-museum-gpw4 montana-auto-museum-gpw3 montana-auto-museum-gpw2

Shannon Shorg has even more photos, but none of the GPW. Here is a picture of a couple dune buggies though.




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More Jeep Pics

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

The first one is a photo of a section of reconnaissance 8 regiment – first a willy’s after it the successor our famous ‘minerva’ build in belgium under license of land rover.


Other pics:





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2014 FC-Roundup March 28-30 in Phoenix, AZ

• CATEGORIES: Event, FC150-FC170-M677, Features

Jesse just announced the dates for the 2014 FC-Roundup in Phoenix, Arizona.

Learn more at theFCConnection


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Antwerp’s Liberation Celebration

• CATEGORIES: Features, videos

Charles forwarded these photos of a recent celebration in Antwerp.


liberation-antwerp-celebration1 liberation-antwerp-celebration2 liberation-antwerp-celebration3

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