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Day 24 – Tuesday May 22: Rain N’ Fog in Coal Country

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<– Day 23 – Mon. May 21st: From Summer Santa to the Police Academy | Day 25 – Wednesday May 23rd: Steel, Strings & Sellersville –>


Jerry and the MB he turned into a Follow Me Jeep years ago.

Day 24: Tuesday we drove from Hershey to Drum, then south to Bethlehem.


On Tuesday we drove from Hershey to Bethlehem.

We began the day with a visit to Hershey’s Chocolate World. It’s a place we’d tried to visit back in 2013, but it had closed in anticipation of the construction of a new and improved(?) Chocolate World. Ann spoke fondly of the the place and her disappointment at not sharing it with me in 2013. So, you can imagine that she was pumped to finally be getting to see it again, something she hadn’t experienced since she was a kid. What could possibly go wrong with that scenario??



With entrance photos taken, perhaps the best part of our adventure was about to take place. As Ann walked toward the front doors, one of them suddenly opened, followed by a voice, “Ann, it’s so nice to meet you.”

Now, it’s important to know that one of the things damaged when Ann suffered her TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) is her ability to recognize faces. So, she has a really hard time remembering faces. Thus, when confronted with an unexpected welcome, she quickly get’s confused, wondering if she should know the person or not. And, given we’d just come from the reunion, she wasn’t sure if she should know who this stranger was.

In this case, she wouldn’t have, as the stranger introduced himself to me as Gordon. According to Gordon, he hadn’t realized we were going to be in town (he’s from Carlisle and is a fan of John’s Restaurant as well). Since he’d read that we’d planned to stop at Chocolate World, he thought it would be fun to stop and say a quick hello while on his way to Walck’s in Bowmanstown, Pennsylvania, to pick up some parts for his CJ-5. Ann and I were both humored by the gesture.


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Another ‘Doodle’ By Roberto

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Roberto just shared his newest illustration.


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Day 23 – Monday May 21st: From Summer Santa to the Police Academy

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<– Day 22 – Sun. May 20th: Hittin’ The Road | Day 24 – Tuesday May 22: Rain N’ Fog in Coal Country –>


Ann thought she should sign me up for the Police Academy. She has some strange ideas sometimes, but what the heck. I’ve never done that!

Day 23: We had a short drive on Monday, going from Harrisburg, west to Carlisle, then turning back east for Hershey.


On Monday we drove from Harrisburg, to Carlisle, and then to Hershey.

On Monday morning, we headed for John’s Hideaway Restaurant, a favorite morning destination of Bill, a retired PennDOT employee. Bill’s been going to John’s place since Reagan was in office (if my math is correct). And, I can see why. The family owned restaurant serves a good breakfast at a fair price. The restaurant is situated close to the local college, but apparently the nearby students aren’t searching out the classic diner. Too bad, as they are missing out! I doubt anyone else around town can beat the quality of food at the prices John’s offers.

2018-05-21-breakfast1 2018-05-21-breakfast2

In retirement, Bill’s decided to grow his beard out. One of his grandchildren thinks he looks like Santa and frequently tests that hypothesis by tugging at his beard. I can see why he might be mistaken for Santa, as he’s a jolly fellow with a twinkle in his eye. Of course, he’s a bit more svelte than his plumper counterpart; but, perhaps he’s just sporting Santa’s summer body (Kind of like Tim Allen in Santa Clause)?

Bill really enjoyed his time at PennDOT, but now in retirement he says he is too busy for a full time job anymore. Part of the reason is that he’s too busy restoring vehicles. To show us what he’s done, he took us to his mountain retreat, where he has a couple of garages on a nice chunk of property. It’s a place for him to escape and pursue projects that interest him.

The first vehicle he showed us was his recently restored 1946 CJ-2A. It’s a beautiful jeep that Bill enjoys driving through the local mountains. It’s got an MD Juan body that needed quite a bit of reworking to fit correctly. He did a very nice job with it.



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Day 22 – Sunday May 20th: Hittin’ The Road

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<– Day 21 – Sat. May 19th: Mr. Infamous | Day 23 – Mon. May 21st: From Summer Santa to the Police Academy –>


Sunday’s drive from Aurora to Harrisburg

Day 22: I’m hoping to have some regular updates for Tuesday morning …

We said our goodbyes on Sunday and drove from Aurora, Ohio, to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. We’ve got a tentative schedule that depends on whether a few folks have time to meet with us. So, as always the situation is fluid.

We know for sure that we will be going to the Hershey’s Chocolate World on Tuesday morning and the Crayola Experience on Wednesday morning. Wednesday/Thursday nights we will be staying with a cousin in downtown Philadelphia. Friday we hope to be driving down through Delaware. Memorial Weekend will be in Richmond, Virginia.


Tentative schedule from Monday May 21st through Monday May 28th

This is the tentative schedule for after Memorial Day Weekend. Stops include potentially a couple readers, a couple stops at Alaska Or Rust Crew homes, Route 66 Hall of Fame, a few Route 66 places, Will Rogers museum, Dorothy’s House in Kansas, Monument Rocks. We think we’ll be back home June 6th.


From Monument Rocks, we’ll take I-70, then cut up to Salt Lake, then home.

<– Day 21 – Sat. May 19th: Mr. Infamous | Day 23 – Mon. May 21st: From Summer Santa to the Police Academy –>

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Hub Setup From Facebook

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This hub cover hubhu was posted to Facebook. It looks familiar, but I can’t place it. Anyone recognize it?


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Day 21 – Saturday May 19th: Mr. Infamous

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<– Post Trip Items: Alaska Or Rust!! 2107 …. The Book –> | Post Alaska Or Rust Item: FCA Brazil’s Video of Hugo Vidal –>

<– Day 20 – Friday May 18th: Reunion Day 1 | Day 22 – Sunday May 20th: Hittin’ The Road –>

UPDATE: This almost-one-year anniversary was the final event of the Alaska Or Rust Crew.


About half the Alaska Or Rust Crew. There were drinks and plenty of laughs on Saturday night.

Day 21: Saturday started at 5am and went to 1am Sunday morning. It was great to meet so many fans of my wife (I think she’s more popular than I am) and, of course, fans of eWillys. I appreciate everyone’s support, including the purchase of the shirts, books, stickers and posters. I nearly sold out of everything, so that helped cushion Day 1’s purse theft. Much appreciated! Here are some photos that Ann took (as I had no time):


2018-05-19-aurora-reunion-empire-tractors 2018-05-19-aurora-reunion10


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Day 20 – Friday May 18th: Reunion Day 1

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<– Day 19 – Thurs. May 17th: No Rain Yet … | Day 21 – Saturday May 19th: Mr. Infamous –>

UPDATE: Site was down for a while earlier today. The squirrels that power the state-of-the art server went on strike for more peanuts. We tossed in some salted ones and everything is back to normal.


Stacy, Russ and I chatting about Alaska Or Rust.

Day 20: Friday was the first day of the reunion. The expect rain didn’t show. It was busier than expected. It was great to meet so many readers! On Saturday, the rain is expected in the afternoon, but hopefully that stays away again. Late Friday evening, some of the Alaska Or Rust gang hung out under our awning. Naturally the conversation digressed from plutonium and radium issues to corncobs, butter and body parts. Alcohol may have played a part in that. We sure did laugh.

Here are some photos from earlier in the day:

2018-05-18-aurora-reunion15 2018-05-18-aurora-reunion14 2018-05-18-aurora-reunion13

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Day 19 – Thursday May 17th: No Rain Yet ….

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<– Day 18 – Wed. May 16th: We’ve Arrived in Aurora | Day 20 – Friday May 18th: Reunion Day 1 –>

Day 19th: We’ve picked up some cool things along the way on our trip, some of which we’ve added to the decor of our room. We’ll add some more before this weekend is over.


Ann spent much of the day stuffing Spring Willys Reunion participant bags with various freebies with Bob’s wife Mindy.

Bob and I snuck away in his CJ-3B to go visit the local Jeep dealership. On our way this car drove past us, then thought he’d show off his muscle. His ability to outrun an-f-head power jeep with a hydraulic lift was impressive, lol.


We were going to the dealership, because Bob thought he was picking up a few give-away items for the raffle, but it turned out his contact was gone today. However, Josh and some of the other guys were excited to see a vintage dually jeep outside.

2018-05-17-bob-cj3b3 2018-05-17-bob-cj3b2

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Day 18 – Wednesday May 16th: We’ve Arrived in Aurora

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<– Day 17 – Tues. May 15th: Cheese N’ Hardware | Day 19 – Thurs. May 17th: No Rain Yet … –>

Day 18: Not much to report. I spent Wednesday morning working on the presentation, then we drove to the Bertram Inn & Conference Center in Aurora, Ohio, which is larger than anticipated and very nice.


We knew we were in the right place when we spotted Bob Christy’s CJ-3B:


For the first time since we left Pasco, we unloaded much of the jeep in preparation for the Spring Willys Jeep Reunion this weekend. We enjoyed some fish tacos for dinner with Bob and Mindy Christy and caught up with them. I can’t believe it’s been five years since we’d seen each other in person!

After dinner, we finished off the evening by doing our laundry. Yep, an exciting day!

On Thursday I’ll be polishing up the presentation. We expect a lot of people to be rolling into the complex today in preparation for tomorrow.

<– Day 17 – Tues. May 15th: Cheese N’ Hardware | Day 19 – Thurs. May 17th: No Rain Yet … –>

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Roberto’s CJ-3A Illustration

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Roberto shared this CJ-3A illustration inspired by a Four Wheeler Magazine photo:


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Day 17 – Tuesday May 15th: Cheese N’ Hardware

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<– Day 16 – Monday May 14th: Drive Them Jeeps! | Day 18 – Wed. May 16th: We’ve Arrived in Aurora –>


This is a real let down after driving jeeps yesterday! But, it is my first Amish buggy!

Day 17: We had another short drive today, going from Columbus to Macedonia, Ohio.


On Tuesday we drove from Columbus to Macedonia, Ohio.

I spent the morning working on my presentation, so we only did a few things today. Our principle goal was to head to Ann’s Aunt near Cleveland for a visit. But, on the way, we decided to visit two cool spots.

The first was Grandpa’s Cheesebarn and Sweeties Chocolates near Ashland, Ohio. Ann loves this place, so in 2013 we stopped here, but it was closed. This time it was open. She tells me that “Grandpa” still works the store, or was there the last time she and her mother visited in 2015.

Though we saw no sign of Grandpa, we did get to sample all kinds of cheeses and other items. Sure, most of the items you can get elsewhere at slightly lower prices, but by the time we sampled everything, we didn’t have to eat lunch. So, it was cost effective for us. We only bought 4 cheeses and some fermented eggs in beets.

2018-05-15-grandpas-cheese-sweets5 2018-05-15-grandpas-cheese-sweets6 2018-05-15-grandpas-cheese-sweets7 2018-05-15-grandpas-cheese-sweets8

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Father Thomas Asher Needs Some M-38A1 Parts

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Father Thomas Asher expressed an interesting in sharing some history as part of a retreat near Los Gatos, California, this summer. You can read a short bio on him here.

He was most interested in finding one or more folks to bring their jeeps to the retreat and share some history with the kids, but it’s proven difficult to find help. So, he bought an M-38A1, but it needs some parts. He’s got shipping arranged out of Dallas (he grew up there), but if anyone has some parts and can help him out, he’d appreciate it. You can call him at 408-455-1720

I was hoping someone in the Dallas/Fort Worth area might have some of the things just to keep shipping costs down. Bob at 820 Jeep Service got us a few things but wasn’t sure if there was
someone else in this area. The things I would like to find fairly soon are all available on line I
just wanted to make sure someone didn’t have these things laying around that I could pick up for a better price.

Thanks for your help,
Thomas Asher

Shipping address:
820 Jeep Service 
7800 Randle Dr.
Fort Worth, TX

Here are some items I need:

  • Military Footman loops
  • Bow mounting hardware, side plates (4), thumb screws and straps – I
    don’t need the bracket that holds the bows in the up in position.
  • Seat driver, all parts including cover
  • Seat passenger, all parts except frame including cover
  • Black out Light with Guard for front fender
  • Mirror inside center of windshield
  • Clevis, 2x front with pins
  • Clevis, 2x rear with pins
  • Water bucket, canvas for on back of fuel can
  • Speedometer cable or just the end repaired? Our speedometer cable tip is
    worn to a point.
  • Stencil kit
  • Shovel
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Day 16 – Monday May 14th: Drive Them Jeeps!

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<– Day 15 – Sunday May 13th: Great Scott, Another Jungle Jims? | Day 17 – Tuesday May 15th: Cheese N’ Hardware –>

Thanks to Rick and Paulette for letting us take their Jeepster for a spin!

Thanks to Rick and Paulette for letting us take their Jeepster for a spin!

Day 16: Monday we drove from Cincinnati to Columbus, Ohio, via Roger and then Rick and Paulette’s places.


Monday’s trip took us from Cincinnati to Columbus, Ohio.

The first step towards facing your problem is admitting you have a problem. Yes, I have a problem. I have Jungle-Jim-itus. After saying our goodbyes to Scott, our first stop of the day was at Jungle Jims (just happened to be on our way, sort of). Our goal was to explore the gluten free aisle, then check out the coffee aisle. We were fairly well-behaved and managed to leave with only a few items.


When you need a map for a grocery store, you know you are in a big one!

Our second stop of the day was at Roger Martin’s house, where he plans on holding another Southwest Ohio FC gathering this summer. Since we won’t be around for that event, I got to have some early hands on FC fun. Roger’s been working on a green and gray FC-170. It runs great, but needs some more body work. He pulled it out of the garage and let me drive it around his property. I liked that it didn’t have a windshield!

2018-05-16-roger2 2018-05-16-roger3

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Willys Jeep Rally is June 1-2 2018

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The 2018 Willys Rally at Hueston Woods in College Corner, Ohio, takes place this June 1-2. Learn more here: http://www.mw-willysjeep.com


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Day 15 – Sunday May 13th: Great Scott, Another Jungle Jims?

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<– Day 14 – Sat. May 12th: Ann Gets the Boot | Day 16 – Monday May 14th: Drive Them Jeeps! –>


Scott and I about to enter the newest Jungle Jims grocery emporium!

Day 15: Though we spent months planning the Alaska Or Rust Adventure, Scott Gilbert and I had never met until Sunday.


We drove from Lexington, Kentucky, to Newtown, Ohio, on Sunday.

As Ann slept, I started Sunday in Lexington, Kentucky, with a coffee run that turned into a cool donut find. I’m not a big donut eater, but the evil donuts at North Lime Coffee & Donuts seduced me into trying a couple: a chocolate glazed and a sprinkled donut. The Chocolate glaze was cut square, giving it a unique look, but the better one was the simple sprinkle donut. It turned out to be a heavy, yet tasty, not too chewy, but substantive treat.


Each day, North Lime puts out a display of the day’s donuts. This was from a different day than I was there (You can see many more pics on YELP):


instead of the old fashioned donut boxes, North Lime uses branded pizza boxes. I thought that pretty clever and a nice update for the college crowd, as this was near the University of Transylvania in Lexington.


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Nick Find’s Another Valentine APU

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Nick’s on a roll this week. His tireless search efforts have paid off with another Valentine-produced APU, but this time it’s a 3 wheeler.

You can read his update on the end of this thread: https://www.thecj2apage.com/forums/topic37074_post416567.html#416567

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Willys Reunion Schedule

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This weekend is the Midwest Willys Reunion. The weather shouldn’t be too hot, but there may be some scattered thunderstorms. Here’s a schedule of events.



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Day 14 – Saturday May 12th: Ann Gets the Boot

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<– Day 13 – Friday May 11th: Lawrence & Lubbeck | Day 15 – Sunday May 13th: Great Scott, Another Jungle Jims? –>

Day 14: On Saturday morning we went to the ER at the Veteran’s Administration in Asheville. The doc concluded that she might have some achilles damage. To be safe and to complete our trip, they put her in a boot.


Day 14 took us from Asheville, NC, to Lexington, KY.


From there, we drove to Lexington, Kentucky, where I spent the evening working on my presentation for the Willys Reunion. Since Hugo’s wife was injured in a fall just before they were supposed to leave for the United States, Hugo decided to remain in Brazil to care for her. Thus, I’ll be giving the keynote, where I’ll share both Hugo’s story and the story the Alaska Or Rust trip.

Tomorrow I’ll work on it some more, then head to Cincinnati to spend the evening with Scott Gilbert and meet his family.

<– Day 13 – Friday May 11th: Lawrence & Lubbeck | Day 15 – Sunday May 13th: Great Scott, Another Jungle Jims? –>

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Various Jeeps

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Since I’m hanging out at the ER waiting for the verdict on Ann’s achilles, I thought I’d post some jeeps for sale. It’s just to make things more efficient. Still, there’s some interesting things here:

  1. 1961 CJ-3B Project Pittsburg, PH $4500: https://pittsburgh.craigslist.org/cto/d/1961-willys-jeep-cj-3b/6583862109.html Has a kelly hardtop.
  2. 1956? model unclear. No pics. Might be an interesting project. $3000: https://pittsburgh.craigslist.org/cto/d/jeep-kit/6584428779.html
  3. 1946 CJ-2A updates including large tires: https://cincinnati.craigslist.org/cto/d/46-willys-jeep/6585210694.html
  4. 1948 Militarized Truck Leicester, NY $14,500: https://rochester.craigslist.org/cto/d/1948-willys-jeep-truck/6586822523.html
  5. 1955 Cj-5 Albany, NY $780: https://albany.craigslist.org/cto/d/1955-willys-jeep-cj5/6572179314.html
  6. 1948 CJ-2A Vermont $15,000: https://vermont.craigslist.org/cto/d/1948-willys-jeep/6578303437.html
  7. Aluminum top (for what model?) Ferrisburg, VT $150: https://vermont.craigslist.org/pts/d/metal-top-and-doors-for-jeep/6583973570.html
  8. 1950 CJ-3A Parts/Project Randolph, VT $650: https://vermont.craigslist.org/cto/d/1950-willys-cj3a-parts-jeep/6584281142.html
  9. 1946 CJ-2A Webster, NH **SOLD**
  10. Year? FC-170 Project Bennington, VT $1000: https://nh.craigslist.org/cto/d/jeep-fc-170-willys/6586194575.html
  11. Year? DJ-3A Body on 4WD Chassis Monroe, CT $1200: https://nh.craigslist.org/cto/d/jeep-fc-170-willys/6586194575.html
  12. Sears Half Cab for Flattie Randolph, VT $250: https://vermont.craigslist.org/pts/d/willys-jeep-1-2-cab-for-cj-2a/6585870104.html
  13. 1965 CJ-5 West Haven, VT $2250: https://vermont.craigslist.org/pts/d/willys-jeep-1-2-cab-for-cj-2a/6585870104.html
  14. 1944 GPW Littleton, MA $9900: https://boston.craigslist.org/gbs/cto/d/ford-gpw-1944/6586158123.html
  15. 2 CJ-2A Chassis and other Parts Bloomsburg, PA $1000: https://williamsport.craigslist.org/pts/d/willys-parts-cj2a-3a-and-more/6565304333.html
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Day 13 – Friday May 11th: Lawrence & Lubbeck

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<– Day 12 – Thurs. May 10th: Willys to Hawgs | Day 14 – Sat. May 12th: Ann Gets the Boot –>


Our welcoming party at Lawrence Elliot’s place. From Left to Right, Carroll, Ann, me, Van, Lawrence, Susie, and Phillip.

Day 13: I only had to drive for 20 minutes today. That was in the morning on our drive to Maury’s. For the rest of our drives, our Chauffeur and tour guide, Maury, took us all over the windy hills of Western North Carolina. I think he could make a living doing this with a DUKW and microphone. He was entertaining and informative! However, I suspect being an architect pays better, so I don’t see him changing careers just yet!

We started out the day by meeting Maury at his shop, where his GPW is located. The GPW, #58671, was drafted into the Army on August 25, 1942. Six years later, it landed in Maury’s hands when he purchased it from Tom Stanek, who’d done a restoration on it and learned that the jeep was a Bechtel reconditioned unit. Maury has written up all the history he’d uncovered on his GPW in a article titled “Tracing the History of GPW 58671”, which appeared in the Winter 2008 issue of Army Motors Magazine.

Here’s Maury giving us a tour:

maury-david maury-gpw maury-gpw2

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Day 12 – Thurs. May 10th: Willys to Hawgs

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<– Day 11- Wed. May 9th: Exploring the Palmetto State | Day 13 – Friday May 11th: Lawrence & Lubbeck –>


Judi and Kieth Rhodes and Ann and I at Hawg Wild BBQ and Fish House in Hiawasee, Georgia.

Day 12: On Wednesday we drove from Aiken, South Carolina, to Asheville, North Carolina, via Hiawassee, Georgia.


We drove from Aiken to Asheville on Thursday.

Thursday began with a visit to Kaiser Willys, first meeting Rachel and Amy, then with a visit with Mike at the warehouse. Mike explained that KW began with his father. They’d go on road trips towing a trailer and, when stopped at motels, would sell parts out of the trailer to fund their trip. Eventually, they began selling parts out of their home, then when they grew too big, moved into a warehouse.


I’m sure I’m explaining something incredibly important!


I forgot my shopping cart, or I would have loaded up!


I think that sign ought to read, “Back your jeep up, open the tailgate, and load up!”

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Reproduction of the The Invincible Six Poster on eBay

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Maury spotted a reproduction poster for The Invincible Six, a 1970 movie neither of us have seen. Anyone familiar with it?

View all the information on Ebay


Clip from movie:


And 15 minutes of the movie:

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Nick’s New(Old) Valentine APU Archives

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Nick just obtained some wonderful archives about APUs and other items. Check out the pics and other info here:



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1953 Photo of M-38A1 and Bobcat on eBay

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Press photo of the M-38A1 next to the “Aero Jeep”, aka the Bobcat, which lost out to MARC’s M-422 Mighty Mite.

View all the information on eBay

1953-12-16-bobcat-m38a1-1 1953-12-16-bobcat-m38a1-2

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Day 11- Wed. May 9th: Exploring the Palmetto State

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<– Day 10 – Tues. May 8: Laurel, Hardy & Wood Cars | Day 12 – Thurs. May 10th: Willys to Hawgs –>

Day 11: Our drive was short on Wednesday, going from Charleston to Aiken.


Wednesday’s drive from Charleston to Aiken.

On Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, we spent time driving around Charleston. Ann did some research and discovered that Charleston was ranked the number one destination in the US and World in 2016 and has been a top destination for most of the decade in the US. By the wide range of languages spoken at our Holiday Express, I believe it!

Ann also explained that South Carolina is nicknamed the Palmetto State, after the trees. You’ll find Palmettos and half crescents of various designs on t-shirts and other objects for sale around the state. You can learn more about the palmetto and crescent here.

Charleston is a lovely city, very walkable, with plenty of shops, restaurants, sights, and things to do. The architecture feels old world and the roads are skinny, with some cobblestone, brick, and modern pavement in various sections of old town. We agreed that we could see ourselves returning at some point and spending more time here.


We were a about 2 miles(?) away from Charleston’s Downtown Market.

We only had time to explore one attraction in depth and that was the downtown market, a four block long daily (and sometimes nightly) market. It has both permanent and temporary shops. Parking was easy (right next to the market), even at the market’s 9:30am opening. By that time, tourists, and possibly locals, were milling about, tasting some of the local mini-biscuits (I can recommend them), and exploring the vendors.


Eastern end of the market.

These two shots show the permanent shops.


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