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“THE JEEP” in Life Magazine July 20, 1942

Kurtis spotted this article from the July 20th, 1942, issue of Life Magazine.  Some of the pictures are familiar, but this is the first time I’ve seen this entire article.  The article extends 7 pages and can be viewed in its entirety online.


Here are the first and last pages:

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1942 Kids Book – PLANE TANK SHIP JEEP on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Books, Features

I’m not sure just how many jeeps are in this. I’m guessing not many.

“Here is a Saalfield Co.WWll era paste book,”PLANE TANK SHIP JEEP” great graphics,USED condition,There are 4 pages 8 sides in ths book,I have shown pics of six,the last is an uncolored pic of a beach assault by the Army this last pic is not a paste on it is for coloring or painting. One page of paste parts is still intact (see pic) these will never come off they are stuck,this was paste on in its infancy.Book is 12″ X 10″ published around 1942 .The covers front and back are spectacular and in good shape.High bid pays 4.00 media thanks Mike”

View all the information on eBay

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Willys Truck in Jackson Hole, Wy

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Rob was waiting for family in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, while on vacation when he spotted this nice looking truck.

He writes, “I went out into the parking lot to see if I could find some old Jeeps and there it was in the parking lot , nice looking truck. Did not find the owner. Hope the pictures turned out. Rob.”

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Jeep Replacement Parts from American Auto Parts on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

Here’s a catalog that advertises Ford, Willys & Jeep parts as late as 1967 for sale on eBay

View all the information on eBay

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Willys Overland Order Forms

• CATEGORIES: Features

Bruce was wondering if anyone collected these?  He received them with something else and has no use for them.  Just comment down below and I’ll hook you up with him.

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Just Married . . .

• CATEGORIES: Bantam-FordGP-WillysMA-EarlyJPs, Features, Old Images

It is 6pm Pacific Standard Time, which means Ann and I should be married by now.  As dedicated as I am, I’m not running to my computer to upload pictures of our brief ceremony.  So, these couple of shots will have to do.

Here’s a Willys MA all decked out:


Here’s a couple in the back of a WW2 jeep from Flickr:

And thanks to John for sending this picture 🙂

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1940s Kid’s Coloring Book on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Artists/Drawings, Books, Features

Here’s an odd cover for a kid’s coloring book.  Those cats(?) look rather evil.

“You are bidding on a vintage Jeepers coloring book from the 1940s. Features a Willys Jeep on the front and back color. Some pages are colored. In good shape, considering. Would look cool framed! It’s a Jeep thing…”

View the information on eBay

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Tour Jeeps in the San Juan Mtns of Colorado

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With the hot, humid Missouri weather melting him, Craig decided that thinking about jeeping in the Colorado mountains was a perfect diversion.  He forwarded some pics and videos so we could join his diversion.

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Garwood Dump Truck Conversion Brochure

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UPDATE: This was on eBay in 2012.

I suspect there are a few Garwood converted Willys Trucks still out there.

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The Owl Head Truck Show in Maine

• CATEGORIES: Event, Features, Fire/Police/Industry Vehicles

Last weekend Steve and his wife Bonnie dropped by the Owl Head Truck Show in Maine.   Bonnie took some pictures for us.  Thanks for sharing!

Here’s a great old service station jeep:

Here’s a restored MB (?):

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September 1980 Offroad Magazine on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Magazine, stainless/jewels

It appears this might be an article about creating or purchasing stainless body parts.

View all the information on eBay

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Bantam Festival 2012 Update

• CATEGORIES: Event, Features

There will be seven concept jeeps at this year’s Bantam Festival.

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The July 23, 1945, issue of Life Magazine has a three page article by Joe Weston that describes a jeep trip through Sweden in what I would guess was May or June of 1945.  Based on the three cartoons (show below) they were driving a Willys MA.

The article describes crowds of people gawking at the jeep wherever they went.  In Stockholm people started removing parts off of it.  The article was a funny read.

Read the entire article within Google Books or

Buy the magazine on eBay

Below are the three cartoons:

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Mid-1950s 38″ x 50″ Poster of Jeep Family **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Artists/Drawings, Features

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay

The seller is from Canada, so shipping to the US is expensive.  This would be a cool piece to have, but between shipping and the purchase price it’s a bit steep for me.

” Bidding for a so-so condition vintage Willys dealer poster.This was on a wall at an old dealership that was also a garage of course.I have actually spent some time to clean this up quite a bit.There are numerous rear clear tape repairs I had to do at quite a few edges and in the main body itself,water staining,dust discoloration,pin or staple holes,crinkles etc..Large pics should provide an idea of the condition.SX-233-4 form number I believe at bottom left corner.I had some other items from the garage that were all dated either 1954 or 1955 so this would be from the same time I`d say.Listed it because I know these are hard to find these days,better than nothing at all.Old original dealer stock,great for the collection.Questions have to be asked a day before sale end.Will combine shipping whenever possible,multiple or frequent bid winners will benefit,so check out my other listings.Shipping is $22.50 $US to the USA,$18.00 to within Canada.I`ll have to roll it up as well as possible and ship in square or tubular box.I ship one to three times a week now,depending when I go to town,fuel is super expensive up here now,and my local post office can no longer ship parcels.Canada post from up here to the US may take one or two weeks,border,travel time,size of item being shipped,destination,etc.,often for something like this it is much faster,please be patient,it`ll get there.I pack very well. pst in Mb.”

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Mexico’s Tourist Patrol Service

Bruce uncovered this unusual reference to Mexico’s Tourist Patrol Service.  I believe this group is also referred to as the Angeles Verdes (Green Angels).  According to a 2003 book, the Patrol Service still exists; However, I’ve been fortunate enough not to have had to need it.  I tried to find some historical photographs showing jeeps, but didn’t have any luck.

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Unusual Way to Haul a Motorcycle

• CATEGORIES: Features

Paul reports from Alaska . . .

“Pickup trucks are very popular here in the northland so what do you do when you have to haul a motorcycle and you drive a two door sedan?  Not a problem!  Grab the saw of your choice and it’s conversion time.  Heck, winter won’t be for another three months so there’s no worries.  We don’t need no steenkin safety nannies to tell us what to do!  Just another example of thinking outside the bag.  I took this picture four years ago while I was out cruising with the top down, I figured a picture would be easier to believe than any description I could come up with.”

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1958 CJ-6 (?) Airplane Lavatory Jeep Photos on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Fire/Police/Industry Vehicles, Old Images

Here are several photos of a Lavatory Jeep.  I wonder how many of these were made?  You can read more about this and other Aircraft Ground Support at the CJ-3B Page.

Here’s a link to this one:

Here’s another link:

View the information on eBay

View information about this photo here

And a view from the top

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1951 Ad for the Dozerette **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features • TAGS: .

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay

Here’s a neat ad for the Scheneker Iron Works Dozerette.

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1960 FJ3 Bossier City, LA **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Features, FJ • TAGS: , , .

UPDATE: Was on eBay. **SOLD**

Bill unearthed this from eBay.  The Genius Sno Balls FJ-3 Truck is for sale.  It lacks a motor.  It also doesn’t steer.

“Custom built snow cone truck with Southern Snow shaved ice machine, freezer, roof a/c, custom 20″ wheels & tires. This truck does not have an engine nor does is steer. It is an enclosed snow cone trailer that needs to be trailered to events. Very light weight. Plugs into 30 amp 110v electrical plug. Turns heads at all events!!! $9995 FIRM! ”

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Roberto’s Newest Illustration

• CATEGORIES: Artists/Drawings, Features • TAGS: .

This Roberto Flores illustration was commissioned by Mike Hardesty, for http://www.jeepchasm.com/

See the entire process at Roberto’s website.

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Photographs of Flight Attendants 1943-44 on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

These two photos are a part of a package of photos.

” Group of nine photographs of American Airlines stewardesses date from 1943 and 1944. The lot consists of a 7  x  9″ photograph, six 3 1/2  x  5″ photographs and two 3 1/4  x  4 1/2″ snapshots. The top photograph is signed Frances Howley and dated June, 1943, on the reverse. The large photograph is dated 3 – 8 – 44 on the reverse. There is no identification on the backs of the remaining photos. An early Willys Jeep is seen in two of the photographs, most likely taken in front of an American Airlines terminal.
The overall condition of the lot is good. Only the large photograph is damaged, with a tear at the top, right corner as shown in the scan.  The smaller photographs are in very good, clean condition. The large photograph is shown actual size in the scan. The smaller photographs are shown enlarged.”

View all the information on eBay

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CJ-4 Registration from 1955

• CATEGORIES: CJ-4 CJ-4A, Features

Colin writes, “This week, I received from Miguel Ordorica Jr.,  another Willys friend of mine in Michigan, a copy of the 1955 Ohio Registration form made out to his father, Miguel Ordorica for the 1951 Jeep, Model # CJ-4, Serial Number 01, having engine number 4J 49624.  Miguel’s father owned this vehicle from April 13, 1955 until his passing in 1967, at which time Miguel’s mother sold it and a trailer to a man in Michigan. From another source, Derek Redmond’s CJ3B page, I found information that  Miguel’s father bought the CJ-4 directly from Willys Overland for $300 and a photocopy of the title was in that info.  See the attached scan0011.  Miguel’s father was in charge of Willys Chassis Development for many years.”


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Found on the cowl of a M-38A1

• CATEGORIES: Features

Paul discovered this plate on the driver’s side cowl of his M-38A1.  Anyone know what it does?

Paul writes, “1952 m38a1-thought this was some sort of id plate at first. Looked inside glove box, has a backing plate and bondo fills the holes. any idea what was mounted? thank you.”

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Dealer Ad for 1948 Wagon on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Artists/Drawings, Features • TAGS: .

Unlike the advertising by Willys Overland, this ad by New York City based A.W. Pickett is sedate and forgettable.

View all the information on eBay