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50th Anniversary Model Richmond, BC, Canada

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I have not seen another one of these.  Anyone else.

“Rare plaster (?) cast model in great detail of a World War II army (military) jeep (Willys MB or Ford GPW) jeep in US service with two crewmen and piled high with kit and weapons. Very detailed! Commissioned by my friend, the late Roy Van Wicklin in Las Vegas, NV, USA. He owned 4WD by Van and was a World renowned jeep collector and reasearcher.

VERY detailed and accurate unlike some that have been produced by peoiple who do not know jeeps well. Sadly “Van” passed away last year. This is the ONLY one I have ever seen of this model.

Specdial for someone who has an MB or GPW or wishes they could afford the real thing.
4-3/4″ long.”


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Jeff’s Jeeps

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Jeff has been a reader for a couple years.  Recently he shared some images of his jeeps along with his story.

“In 1970 I bought a 1943 GPW and had a lot of fun rebuilding.  After a few years I sold it and bought a 53 3b.  Living in Denver and having the  Jeeps I couldn’t wait for snow just to try out the 4 wheel drive.  I sold the 53 CJ-3B in 1992 and I always regretted selling it.  I bought the green 46 in 2004. but I really wanted another 3b so I bought one out of Wyoming that was disassembled in a field.

That is the turquoise 3b in the picture. Of course I had to buy a trailer to haul the 3b back to Denver.   I saw a add in craigslist for an original 57 3b so when I went to look,  it wasn’t 100% original but close, so I bought it as well.  The blue 2a I sent you picture of I got after a friend told me he knew a guy with an old jeep. So, thats how I ended up with that one.   I wanted disc brakes and gear reduction starter and electronic ignition. These parts added to the fun building the blue 46, It starts easy and stops great!”

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Flatfender Lighter and Tray

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These Baier lighter jeeps look in good shape.  They aren’t for sale.


This is just a lighter.

This is a lighter/holder jeep with ashtray.  Here is a jeep/ash tray that was on ebay last year.

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Dually Wheel Adapater in Popular Mechanics

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Hugo spotted this article about the dually wheel adapter in an April 1949 Popular Mechanics article.  I can’t remember seeing duallies on the front.

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Willys Dealership Pictures

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Bill forwarded the picture of a St. Petersburg Dealership below. That got me searching the net for a few more.

This picture is from Boerne, Texas.  I found it here.

This picture is from Spokane, Wa, and the Spokesman Review (and current good view):

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King of Hearts

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, FC150-FC170-M677, Features

Honestly, I’m not sure if this is a real card or not.  But, the picture was cool, so I thought I’d post it.

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Peterson Offroad ‘famous’ Images

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

This article at Petersen’s 4 Wheel & Off-Road website has some cool pictures.  Here are two.

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CJ-5 at Ecola St Park

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Blaine spotted this CJ-5 with a factory V8 at Ecola St. Park along the Coast of Oregon.  The angle top is pretty rare, though it could use some retightening.

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Military Vehicle Show and Swap in New Jersey April 28-29 in Augusta, NJ

• CATEGORIES: Event, Features

Steve asked me to post this.

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Iwo Jima Ambulance Jeep in the Sand

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

Randy forwarded this link to some Ira Rosenthal photos from Iwo Jima.  Included is a picture of this jeep.

The photo’s caption reads:  A U.S. Marine driving an ambulance jeep struggles in the sandy beach at Iwo Jima during American advance on the strategic Japanese Volcano Island stronghold on Feb. 26, 1945 in World War II. (AP Photo/Joe Rosenthal)  http://blogs.denverpost.com/captured/2010/04/27/on-war-joe-rosenthal-and-iwo-jima/

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Jesse in his Father’s CJ-3B

• CATEGORIES: Features

A reader named Jesse forwarded this picture of him in his dad’s 1954 CJ-3B when he was only 5.  Jesse contacted me because he wanted to know more about this trailer kitchen featured a couple years ago in 4wd and sport utility magazine http://www.4wdandsportutility.com/features/jeep/0704_4wd_1951_willys_jeep_cj3/index.html

Here’s Jesse:

Here’s a picture of the trailer he wanted to know more about.  Anyone know more about it? http://www.ewillys.com/?p=8001


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Tahiti-Pacifique Celebrates with a Jeep

• CATEGORIES: Artists/Drawings, Features, Magazine

Alex forward this image made by an artist friend of his, who also lives on the island of Moorea in French Polynesia, drew a picture of his jeep.  It celebrates twenty-one years of Tahiti-Pacifique Magazine, of which Alex is the Director of Publishing and the Editor.  Congrats on surviving two decades!

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A Couple WWII Images

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Alex shared these two links and pictures from shorpy.com.



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The Decoliner

• CATEGORIES: Features, videos

Paul pointed out this unusual vehicle.  It’s just fun.

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American Car Brochures

• CATEGORIES: Features, Website

HOG forwarded this unique website.  There are a few Willys brochures in there, too.


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DJ-3A Prototype?

• CATEGORIES: DJ-3A, Features

Colin was searching the web and accidentally ran across this jeep.

He writes, “While browsing the web . . . I found this photo, which is obviously misnamed.  The caption says it is a 1948 VJ2 Jeepster(NOT!), but it is what I think is a factory photo of a  prototype DJ3A with the low windshield,  convertible top and a 48-49 Jeepster T-Bar on the grille.”

Note both the T-Bar grille and the way the top connects the windshield.  Anyone seen other pics of this?

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Colombian Flatties from Flickr

• CATEGORIES: Features, International, Women & Jeeps

Here’s a nice shot of a jeep  that looks like a statue of some kind.  I don’t think she is a statue though.


This looks like a photo of a postcard maybe?


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Yellowstone Howe Fire Truck

• CATEGORIES: Features, Fire/Police/Industry Vehicles, Museums

Until 1996, Yellowstone National Park had a 1960 Willys Truck with the Howe Fire Apparatus on duty.  The NPS still owns the truck, but it is now stored in its historic vehicles collection.  The vehicle collection is not open to the public, however the vehicles were filmed as part of a Discovery Channel segment on Hidden Yellowstone.

You can learn more about their firetruck here.

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Can Anyone Help Larry Identify his M-38?

• CATEGORIES: Builds, Features

Larry has begun doing research on his M-38 that he has begun to restore.  However, the only numbers he has so far are his hood numbers.  Based on my research, I couldn’t find any pattern between hood numbers as a tool for determining an exact VIN number.  So, we thought we’d post what he has in case anyone has other ideas.

Larry writes, “I realize that hood numbers were put on in random lots but it is possible that they were put on sequentially. I am narrowed down to 32 serial numbers producd for 6-52 and they begin with MC71350 -MC71382 and I know four of those numbers are assigned to M38s on another website data base My hood number is 20945312. I want to find anyone with a 6-52 M38 with numbers above or below this hood number. If they will contact me by email so I can get their hood numbers and serial numbers by seeing which way the serial numbers go as compared to the hood numbers I may be able to figure out my number. yeah its a long shot and there are those that said it cant be done that way.

Now I dont know much about the way things were done by the Willys factory but I did get assigned to a military paint shop and we were tasked to take all the vehicles we had just received straight from the factory and repaint them camo with all the numbers done in subdued black. We all had to keep records of the vehicle, the serial number, unit number as assigned, etc. While doing this I noted that the serial numbers went up consecutively and the registraion numbers assigned all went down.

So, if there are any owners of Army M38s with DOD of 6-52 and hood numbers above and below and close to the hood number 20945312, please send an email to loop_m@hotmail.com and please put M38 REQUESTEDINFO in the subject line.”

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Craig’s CJ-3B “The Mutt” and FlatFender Willys

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Craig’s CJ-3B has been a regular visitor at Sam’s Flatfender Willys shop in Arvada, Colorado, where Craig has allowed Sam to experiment and update his jeep in a variety of ways.

Sam’s not some  shade-tree jeep mechanic; instead, he brings 45 years of experience owning, running and working in hotrod shops in California. One of the early projects he worked on was the famous Munster Mobile.  Sam tried retiring, but that didn’t work for him, so when he moved to Colorado years ago he started buying jeeps for himself and rebuilding others.

It doesn’t take long when talking with Sam until you realize that he has a lot of ideas, and they all seem to be good ones. So, I am not too surprised that folks in the Colorado area keep him plenty busy restoring, updating and servicing their old jeeps. If you want to contact Sam and talk with him about your jeep, you can email him at flatfenderwillys@comcast.net or call him at 720-841-0614.  His shop rates are very reasonable.

As I mentioned, Sam has done a variety of changes to Craig’s jeep, including a rack and pinion system, an emergency brake, a lift, and a complete rewire.  This time Sam volunteered to give Craig an inexpensive floor pan a rebuild.

Here are the old pics:

In the image below the arrow points to a rubber line.  Replacing that was a priority for Sam.

Front floor removed and replaced . Dark Brown is new floor and black is removable two piece front and rear panels for access to transmission. NOTE: the arrow points to the new STEEL fuel line.

A shot of the complete Mutt.  When it came time to paint it, Sam was ready, but Craig wasn’t.  He said he wanted it to look like a Mutt, so he is keeping the mismatched colors like they are for now.

Here is the trailer that Sam built for the Mutt.  There are more images of the trailer here.

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Paper Jeeps Maquettes-Papier

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After the papercraft jeep post, I stumpled upon a french website called maquettes-papier that had several different paper jeeps.  Unfortunately, my French is a little weak.  I believe the jeep below was built from some plans and the jeep below that was custom made.


The SAS Jeep: http://www.maquettes-papier.net/forumenpapier/topic2525-30.html

More SAS jeep images here:

Additional Models of paper Military Vehicles can be found here:

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Photos from Wade

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Wade shared these two photos with me yesterday.  He writes, “We were walking a site in Mission Hills of San Diego and saw this jeep at the end of a cul-du-sac in an older house’s driveway.  Also is a shot of my nephew and their jeep.  Thought it was just a good jeep shot.”

Here is his nephew and their nice looking flattie.

And this is just sad, even for a DJ . . .


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Willys Hubcap Thread

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HOG spotted a great Willys hubcap thread over at the International Full Size Jeep Association Forum.


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More Updates Tomorrow (Tuesday)

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After a day down at the Seattle Waterfront, I’m turning in early.  However, Roberto forwarded some videos that ought to keep everyone busy until tomorrow’s updates.  So, check out the next two posts.

Mitch dropped by my parents’ house tonight to have me sign his book and to chit chat.  He told me he isn’t a big reader, but he sat down and read the book in only three sittings.  He loved it, which was great to hear, and has a waiting line of people who want to read it.  I mentioned that I was thinking about getting a booth at the Moonshiner’s Swapmeet in March (March 11 in Puyallup).  He suggested that someone might have an indoor booth they’d like to split or share with me.  I figured that was a good idea, so if anyone has a booth at that main hall and wants to split or have me stay there and sign/sell books, let me know.  For those that don’t know, the book has some PNW history, racing history, a few jeep trips and more in the book (though it is much more than just about jeeps).

In the meantime, here is Ann and I enjoying the beautiful scenery today (57 degrees and sunny!)



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Turning Points in History: Man and Jeep

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Here is a three part video about the history of the jeep forwarded by Roberto.  It was produced by Canada’s History Television and is part of their Turning Points of History series.  Though not perfect in its accuracy, such as the clip of Marilyn Monroe in a M-38A1 during a discussion about movie stars and jeeps at the start of WWII, there is some footage I hadn’t seen. This lasts 45 minutes.

Part 1:

Turning Points of History – Man and Jeep – i by canajien

Part 2:

Turning Points of History – Man and Jeep – ii by canajien

Part 3:

Turning Points of History – Man and Jeep – i by canajien