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‘The Military Jeep’ by Lawrence Nabholtz

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Mr. Nabholtz passed away in Dec. 2005. This book has been out of print since 1996. One of these went for $88 last summer. I’m reusing the pic below from a previous post.

“The Military Jeep Model MB – GPW by Lawrence Nabholtz.
This is number 555 of 1000 of the original classic by Mr. Nabholtz, first edition.
The book is in new condition and has been sitting in a warehouse since it was originally published in 1996.”

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‘Blitz’ Rides Again!

• CATEGORIES: Features, Reader Stories

John told me that his dog Blitz loves riding on his CJ-3A.

He writes, “I take my dog for a ride almost every day. He likes to ride on the hood. It’s the funniest thing. People wave,point and smile. I even had one lady follow me and stop me to take a pic. I think that dam dog likes willys more then me.”


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VEC CJ-2A NC State Archives

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Buz spotted this image on Flickr from the North Carolina State archives. You can just make out the tools indents and the front bow holder.



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October 1969 BEWITCHED Comic with Jeep on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Comics, Features

Mark forwarded this comic of BEWITCHED with a jeep on the cover. I found one for sale on eBay, too.

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Hardtop History from This-Old-Jeep

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Check out Brendan’s “Hardtops and the Civlization of the Jeep, Part I“. It’s a great early synopsis of attempts at topping the early jeeps.

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March 1965 Battlefield Action with Jeep on Cover on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Comics, Features

Here’s a third comic with a jeep on the cover.

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Our Jeep Family Expands

• CATEGORIES: Features

We’d like to welcome a new addition to our family:  a 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee from Lithia Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Tricities in Kennewick.


After much discussion and the knowledge we’ll driving over 8,000 miles in the next four months, Ann and I decided we needed a different vehicle. Both my 15 year old BMW 540i and her 2008 Ford Mustang stretch at the seems when packed with camping equipment.  Both fear the snow, quivering at the mere sight of slush. Both have V8s that cherish frequent stops at gas stations. And neither vehicle cares to leave the pavement for terra firma when nature heralds us.

To overcome those issues, we began shopping two weeks ago for a different vehicle, preferably an SUV.  Ann took the lead, plowing through consumer reports, dissecting cargo space, comparing engines, and analyzing gas mileage. Satisfied with her research, late last week she selected several models for us to test drive, including the Jeep. Of course, it would be natural for me to want a jeep, but I tried very hard to be neutral about it, to decide on the merits and not the brand.

We started with a 2012 Ford Explorer. It looked good. Smelled fine. Was a nice color. However, thirty seconds into the test drive, I flicked the blinker, only to have it flick back at me. The blinker acted strange. After failing to understand what I was doing wrong, the sales guy told me it was the new style.  All you had to do was press down on it (or pull up) to turn it on and press down on it (or pull on it) to turn it off. He said all the Mercedes had them. I responded, “no offense, but if I wanted my blinkers to act differently, I’d buy a Mercedes”.

Normally a patient and semi-sane person, this trivial little detail instantly turned me off the vehicle. I didn’t want to out think my blinker. I have other important things to think about, such as staying in between the lines while driving, what to post on eWillys, and how to keep my wife happy while continuing this quixotic jeep adventure of ours. Believe me, that keeps my mind plenty busy!

We moved on to test drive several other vehicles, including the Toyota Highlander, the Chevrolet Traverse, the Dodge Durango, and the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Rather than bore you with trivial details of each drive, I will tell you why we chose the JGC. 1) We got the most for the best price (off road capabilities, tow package and low mileage), 2) Our consumer report research showed jeep owners were extremely happy with their JGCs, and 3) It was a jeep and since our lives are tied up with jeeps, it just made sense.

So, special thanks to Stephen Huang, Travis Solso and the rest of the folks at Lithia Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Tricities, who not only patiently endured our questions and concerns, but also bought some of my books. Because of the great interest rate and the trade in on Ann’s Mustang — they didn’t want my old car 🙁 —  our monthly payments dropped $100, which means we are actually saving money monthly by doing the deal. Even better, our insurance is less. So it’s a multiple win for us!

So, this car ought to get us across the country and back safely. In addition, If the timing works out, we’ll also be participating in Lithia’s upcoming Jeep Days this summer.

(BTW . . . don’t tell Biscuit!)


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Photo of First US Man Drafted for WWII Elmer Banke with Jeep on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

It’s the man in the photo that makes it most interesting.  This seller has more jeep photos he is selling.

“This is an “ORIGINAL PERIOD GLOSSY PHOTO BY U.S. AIR FORCE” of JEEP INSPECTOR SGT. ELMER BANKE WHO WAS THE FIRST MAN TO BE SELECTED FOR THE PEACE-TIME DRAFT IN 1940, photo date -1947. The condition is very good and measures 8″ x 10″. I will be listing more Military Vehicle photos in the weeks to come if you are interested.”

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1943 Fletcher Jeep Tanks AD **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features, trailer

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

These fuel tanks could be pulled by jeeps and other vehicles.

“This is an original vintage 1943 magazine advertisement by Fletcher Aviation Corp. (Pasadena, California) titled
“New Fletcher Jeep Tanks … give gasoline service on the double!”
with 2 WWII era photos.
The ad measures approximately 7 3/4″ x 11 1/4″, is in excellent condition, and can easily be matted & framed.”


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1950s Real Photo Postcard near Atlanta, Idaho on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Postcards

This RPPC or Real Photo Postcard was taken near Atlanta, Idaho. Though I wanted to check out Atlanta, I never made it while I lived in Idaho. It’s lodged in the remote hills north east of Boise. Founded in 1855, it still has a post office. It seems it had some other claim to fame, but that bit of trivia escapes me at the moment. You can learn more here.

Here are some neat photos of buildings in the tiny town from Flickr

View all the information on eBay


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QSL Card from Toledo, OR, with Jeep on eBay

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Here’s another QSL card with a jeep on it.

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Jeep Village in France

• CATEGORIES: Features, International

As it happens on the web, Art found a picture posted at the Jeep Wrangler Facebook Page and posted it on the Jeep Thing page. I saw the picture and wondered where it was taken, so I reposted it. Roberto had the answer, which leads us to a post about Jeep Village.

Opened in 1947, Jeep Village operates a shop just south of Paris in Chevilly Larue and another in the South of France at Aix en Provence. The sell vintage flatties and manufacture and sell parts. The resell MD Juan tubs as well.

You can read about them on Facebook Or visit their website

Here’s a picture floating around Facebook:


Here’s a picture from the Jeep Village’s Paris site:

jeep-village-france1This is the shop in Southern France:


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FJ-3A Model from Scratch

• CATEGORIES: Features, FJ, Models, videos

Guy shared a video of someone who build a FJ-3A model using what you see below.

He turned this:


Into this:


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Photos of Stretched MBs/GPWs

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Sarge Mark spotted a variety of stretched MBs/GPWs on a 2009 post from Jeep-jitsu. You can see all the photos here:

jeep-jitsu-stretchedmb4You can view other stretched jeeps that I have found for sale or around the web here, some in odd ways.

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Young Lad Jeep with Figural Soaps by Helen Pessi on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Artists/Drawings, Features

I never imagined someone would make soldier figurine soaps.

“This is a wonderful vintage children’s set, designed for little boys by the Helene Pessl Company. It is an Army Jeep with three figural soap soldiers. This set is from the 1940’s or 1950’s, as best I have been able to determine. The Soldiers fit into the bottom of the Jeep, and the Jeep slips into the outer box. It is in decent condition, showing some wear on the Jeep parts that fold, and appears to be missing a couple cardboard details from the Jeep. The soaps have never been used… it is being sold ‘as is’. The entire package measures 7 inches (17.5 cm) long by 3 inches (8 cm) wide and 3-1/2 inches (9 cm) tall.”

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Woman Stops Jeep Cartoon Postcard on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Artists/Drawings, Features, Postcards, Women & Jeeps

The woman says, “I didn’t think a JEEP COULD BE STOPPED.”
The solider says, “You stopped the JEEP — But, I’m just STARTING!”

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Custom Flat Fender Drawing from Flickr

• CATEGORIES: Artists/Drawings, Features

I ran across these custom flattie drawing on Flickr.



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Letter I wrote during the summer of 1986

• CATEGORIES: Biscuit, Features, Trips, Women & Jeeps

Last month I discovered a letter I wrote in 1986 during my first summer at Roche Harbor. I sent it to my parents, who promptly put it a filing cabinet. Looking for some personal records, I discovered the letter. For anyone who hasn’t read my book (Finding Virginia) the following letter probably won’t mean much. For those that have read it, there are many familiar themes throughout the letter that also appear in the book. That fact my letter covers jeeps, cooking, and a girl shows you that I remember the summer of 1986 pretty clearly!  However, one event I didn’t include in the book, because I didn’t remember it, was going on a date and having the jeep breakdown. That’s so classic me.

Before I get to the letter, below is a picture of my first jeep two months after I wrote the letter. Cullen and I had come over the Naches trail the previous day, damaging the fiberglass front passenger fender in the epic battle against gravity I describe in the book. We slept that night at the Beverly Dunes. In the morning, we drove towards Moses Lake. Around noon, we stopped and took this picture. After the picture, we proceeded to Moses Lake, then on to Idaho. We stayed in CDA for a couple hours, then started back to Anacortes by way of Stevens pass to catch the 6AM ferry back to the islands. It was a long day.

On the front of the jeep you can see a large chain, which, among other uses, was the shovel tie down. Behind that is a trusty warn winch that saved me many times. The grill is fiberglass and, though already patched once, split into two during this trip. The headlights are 5 1/2 rather than 7″. The smaller size and a wiring problem insured lighting at night wasn’t very good. As you can see, bungie chords were a must for holding down the hood. Wedged between the passenger seat and the roll bar is an old canvas collapsable bucket. It’s still in my parents garage. We carried an extra red gas tank, which is attached to the roll bar on the passenger side. If you look near the rear wheel well you can just make out the racing number from the 1985 summer convention.


Click on the link below to read the letter.

Continue reading

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Rosko Toy DJ-3A Surrey Toy Jeep **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Features, toys

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

This includes a box.

“I will be putting up for bid several tin friction and battery operated cars and airplanes that my neighbor is parting with. Many are in fantastic condition.


This is a large 10 1/2 ” tin battery operated 1950’s Surrey Jeep made by T.N ( Nomura) of Japan in 1950’s.
In excellent condition.
It is 100% unrestored original.
The original two tone paint is beautiful. Very deep colors and gloss.
The chrome trim and bumpers are excellent with brillant shine
Has all its tires and hubcaps which are all original.
Driver in excellent working condition.
Battery box and cover excellent. Switch works but end piece broken off as seen in pic.
Tested with D batteries and all actions work great. Actions are; lighted headlights, mystery drive actions, and automatic steering with driver turning steering wheel.”


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1968 New Mexico Jeep Trip

• CATEGORIES: Features, Magazine, Old Images Jeeping, Trips

The May 1968 issue of New Mexico Magazine has a good story and pictures on an annual jeep trip by the Las Cruces Four Wheelers and the Las Cruces Jeep Club. Fifty-five people in 17 four wheel drive vehicles, including at least one Landrover, Scout, Bronco, Flatfender and CJ-5 (several of these), made the 32 mile trip through a portion of the San Francisco River.

The article includes a map, pictures, and tales of their exploits. As you can see from the pictures, they spent plenty of time deep in water, crossing the river back and forth. The article begins on the map page (page 2). It’s a pretty large picture.




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Craig’s Pic of the Week: Low-Cost Dealer Signs

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Craig found this article in the August 1956 issue of Jeep News.  A pair of signs only cost $7.00 at the time.

1956 August issue Road Sign

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1954 Swedish Army Training Jeep Photo

• CATEGORIES: Features, International, Old Images

That’s a pretty nice testing cage.

“You are bidding on an original 7 x 9 Wire Photo of WWII Swedish Army Instructor Training With Jeeps . Photo is dated July 1954 WWII Swedish Army Instructor Training With Jeeps.”

View all the information on eBay


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Signal Corp Photograph on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

This is an interesting photo.

“Original B/W Photograph These are all original and stamped US Army Signal Corps”

View all the information on eBay

signal-corps-photo-with-people2 signal-corps-photo-with-people

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1947 CJ-2A Argentina Ad on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features, International

This is another good ad from Argentina.

1947 – JEEP WILLYS-OVERLAND #4 !!!.-
MEASURES APPROX: 7.5” X 5.5” / 19 CM X 14 CM.-”

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1947 CJ-2A Argentina Ad on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features, International

I’m not entirely sure how that equipment is attached to the rear of the jeep.

“1947 – JEEP WILLYS-OVERLAND #1 !!!.-
MEASURES APPROX: 7.5” X 5.5” / 19 CM X 14 CM.-

View all the information on eBay