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2005 Boyle-Stamped Metal Wagon

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UPDATE: Here is a third one that was documented on Worthpoint and a forth one, also documented on Worthpoint. Both are slightly different from the two below and each other. My guess now is that these originated from this Australian company named Boyle. Though it no longer has jeeps listed, the site does include other vehicles with a similar vintage feel.

I bought this wagon off of eBay last week. At the time, I couldn’t find a comparable one. Though the eBayer listed this as a 1947 wagon (which technically it emulates), the stamp on the bottom clearly indicates it was made in 2005. My guess was that it was a newer model rather than an older one. Still, it was a good price (especially given it was coming from Canada) and a nice large piece in great shape. So, I bought it.

There is a similar one on eBay right now (NOW SOLD) (see pics at the bottom of the post), but there are numerous detail differences between them.

2005-boyle-toy-wagon1 2005-boyle-toy-wagon2 2005-boyle-toy-wagon3 2005-boyle-toy-wagon4 2005-boyle-toy-wagon5

Here are pics of the one currently on eBay:

There are a variety of minor differences between these two models. For example, this one has not stamp or date on the bottom. The windshields edges and wipers are different. The grille on this one has more slots than mine. This was has the 4-wheel-drive detail on the hood (mine doesn’t). This was has different hubcaps than mine. Mine has more “lines” on the bottom edge of the sides than this one. The steering wheel on this is brown and sits higher than mine.

32005-no-stamp-wagon-toy3 2005-no-stamp-wagon-toy4 2005-no-stamp-wagon-toy5 2005-no-stamp-wagon-toy6 2005-no-stamp-wagon-toy7 2005-no-stamp-wagon-toy8

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1960? Authenticast Wagon on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Models

Mike spotted this rare authenticast wagon includes an even rarer box. The starting bid price is $425 with no bids just yet (12 hours to go). These are so rarely for sale that I’m not sure what prices they command? The CJ-5s of the same era seem to be between $100-$200 (like this one). This particularly seller has two CJ-5s for sale as well. This is one that’s tempting me…

View all the information on eBay

willys-motors-authenticast-wagon-jeep03 willys-motors-authenticast-wagon-jeep04 willys-motors-authenticast-wagon-jeep05 willys-motors-authenticast-wagon-jeep06

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Three Types of L-head Oil Filter Brackets

• CATEGORIES: Features

I thought I had created a post about the various oil filter brackets years ago, but if I did, I can’t find it. So, here are the three type of brackets on l-heads from 1942-1965. (If anyone knows of others, let me know via the comments)

Triangle: The first type is the “triangle-style”. It’s a familiar one on WWII and CJ-2A engines.
OVAL: This second type, the “oval-style”, was likely on l-heads sometime and somewhere between 1950 and 1952 (as best as I can tell). These are pretty rare and the pic below is the best example I currently have.
Round: The third type, “the “round-style”, appeared on late 1952 l-heads and later on DJ-3As:



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1960 FJ-3 Postal Jeep Brochure

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features, FJ

I snagged this rare postal jeep FJ-3 brochure off of ebay; It is rare enough that I didn’t know these existed! One thing that caught my eye was the Civil Defense sticker. I off handedly mentioned it to Ann and she quickly found the reason for the sticker. From this page at the USPS website:

Each year from 1954 to 1961, civil defense authorities coordinated a drill called Operation Alert.6 Cities across the country conducted civil defense exercises on the same day. Postal participation in Operation Alert 1956 was described in a West Virginia newspaper:

A civil defense drill was held Tuesday afternoon in the Beckley Post Office. This drill was one of a series of simultaneous drills held in 38 key postal installations of the Washington Region….
These training drills are required by the government since keeping the mails moving plays an important part in the communications system that must be maintained during national emergencies. Four feder- al trucks operated by the Beckley Post Office have been designated Civil Defense units, and bear that insignia.

Including the four vehicles at the Beckley Post Office, 25,000 postal trucks were designated as emergency civil defense vehicles and fitted with Civil Defense de- cals in 1956. It was believed that “postal trucks would be valuable as emergency ambulances, rescue vehicles, and for local emergency transportation in the event of an enemy attack.”

Starting in 1956, many postal vehicles bore decals indicating their potential use as ambulances, rescue vehicles, and for other transportation during emergencies.

In December 1964, the Civil Defense Program was expanded to include even the smallest postal-owned motor vehicles, the three-wheeled Mailsters. Vehicle maintenance facilities provided Civil Defense decals so that each of these smaller deliver could be identified. Civil Defense decals were required on postal-owned vehicles until March 1971.

Now for the brochure:

1960-fj3-postal-jeep-brochure1-lores 1960-fj3-postal-jeep-brochure2-lores

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Dispatcher Magazine’s Winter 2021-2022 Has Arrived

• CATEGORIES: Features

The latest issue of the Dispatcher Magazine arrived in my mail box. The Bantam BRC-40 shown on the front is the focus of a fascinating story on it’s use as a truck at the America Bantam Factory. It is likely the first jeep with a tailgate!


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Jalopnik Article on a Modified Willys Wagon

• CATEGORIES: Features

Bill shared this article byAuthor Rob Emslie, who shared his thoughts on Jalopnik about a modified Willys Wagon for sale in California.


Photo: Rob Emslie/Jalopnik

Photo: Rob Emslie/Jalopnik

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2022 Moab Willys-Overland Rally Apr 29th-May 1st

• CATEGORIES: Event, Features

The 13th annual Willys-Overland Rally willy be held from April 29th – May 1st. It should be another great event! It looks like they will be holding it a little earlier than in the past, which should provide perfect weather (not blazing hot).

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Jamesway Sprayer Brochure

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

I spotted this brochure on eBay. It’s not jeep specific, but does depict a CJ-2A using the sprayer. Given the model of jeep, I imagine this was a late 1940s brochure. The brochure came from Canada and the company is from Winnipeg, so the brochure was likely meant for the Canadian market.

I’m showing the order of this 4-page brochure backwards, as the jeep is on the last page, not the first.


sprayer3 sprayer1

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2022 Feb 18-19-20 MVCC and Air Show

• CATEGORIES: Event, Features

The AMVCC and Buckeye Air Fair show are working together this February in Buckeye, Arizona. The AMVCC event has been extended to three days this year. Our own Joe-in-Mesa is president-elect for the AMVCC, so make sure to say hello to him if you see him there.

2022-02-19-mvcc-joe 2022-02-19-buckeye-air-show

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The 1943 Jeepmobile Trademark

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

Barry spotted a 1943 trademark application for the term Jeepmobile. The application may have been denied, as the USPTO does not have a record of that term being awarded a registered trademark status.


So, why trademark the term? My guess is that W-O had noticed that the term was, at times, being used to describe the jeep. For example, the third paragraph in this 1941 article that appeared in a variety of newspapers describes the jeep as “jeep-mobiles” or “blitz buggies”:


September 09, 1941, The Daily Reporter out of Greenfield, IN.

The application claims the term was first used by the company on March 01, 1943, which likely means it should appear in some ad some where, but I couldn’t find any ad with that term.

Perhaps securing the term was a defensive measure against others using it (especially Ford)? We’ll likely never know.

After the war, the term pops up several times in newspaper articles as well. So, in some form, the term was used by the public most likely in casual conversation rather than as a formal description by W-O.

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A Rural Willys Truck Hearse from Brazil

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

Blaine spotted this unusual Hearse from Brazil. Now that’s some style! According to the caption, “This is a Jeep Rural Willys adapted as a Funeral Car, which was used by the municipal government of the city of Pirajú, state of São Paulo, Brazil, in the early 1970s.”

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New Rear PTO Gear Box from India on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features

Barry noticed this rear PTO gearbox on eBay this morning. The condition is described as “new”. Either it is a reproduction piece out of India or perhaps it is a rebuilt item (given the imperfect condition of the housing)?  Unfortunately, the seller doesn’t have a great track record (at 88.4%).

View all the information on ebay

“Willys Jeep CJ2A VEC CJ3A CJ3B Pickup Truck Farm Jeep Rear Output Shaft Gearbox”

reproduction-rear-pto-gearbox4 reproduction-rear-pto-gearbox3 reproduction-rear-pto-gearbox2 reproduction-rear-pto-gearbox1

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FJ-3 Fleetvan Plastic Model $20.04

• CATEGORIES: Features, FJ, Models

UPDATE: Blaine and Michael pointed out that this is a program to print these yourselves (3D printer). 

While looking for something else, I happened upon this model of a FJ-3 Fleetvan. It appears legit, but I can’t say for sure.



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My “New” Marx Pressed Tin Service Truck

• CATEGORIES: Features, toys

Thanks to Joe in Mesa for spotting this truck at an antique store for only $50. Usually these are pretty high priced (none on bay right now), so I was happy he found this in reasonable condition. It lacks the tow package and headlights, but I’ll take it none-the-less.

marx-toy-truck1 marx-toy-truck2 marx-toy-truck4 marx-toy-truck5

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Jeep License Plate Topper Tractor Power **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

UPDATE II: This sold for $455.

UPDATE: This topper has reached $229.83 with several hours to go. There’s some concern that this plate topper is not really vintage. Read through the comments to see some valid issues with this topper.  There are certainly fakes on eBay, indicated by the comments of some buyers of these toppers.

One of my concerns about the topper is that no dealer is mentioned. I would expect a dealer name to be included if this were a dealer-created topper. But, then, if the seller went to all this trouble to create this topper, you’d think they would have added the dealer associated with the ad below.

I spent some time looking at other 1940s era license plate toppers. The shape and design of the one below seems consistent to me with some others shown on Google Images. But, then, are the ones shown on Google also fakes? I just don’t know.

Still, I like the piece. If you purchase it, but then determine it is fake, complain to eBay:

“If the merchandise is fake, report the listing to eBay and let them take action to enforce their policies. … Your purchase is covered by the eBay Guarantee, which entitles you to receive your money back if the item you receive doesn’t match what is listed. The seller has three days to respond”

Since the seller is claiming this topper is vintage, if they lied, they have no recourse. eBay will likely refund your money and not expect you to return the item (Unfortunately, some buyers are scammers themselves and use this very tactic to get free stuff).


Maury spotted this CJ-2A topper eBay a few days ago. It’s already at $122.50 (and will likely go higher) with just over a day to go (as of this writing). It’s a really neat piece. I expect this will hit several hundred dollars.

The “Truck Utility Plus Tractor Power” wasn’t a tag line that was used very often. In fact, the only documentation that I can find for it was on an ad for Willys-Overland dealer Caver-Wiggens on May 23, 1947. I have found other ads from that dealer from 1947, but can find no evidence that phrase was ever used again. Whether Caver-Wiggens was responsible for the plate topper or not I can’t say for sure, but it is a possibility. Below is the 1947 ad (from this page):


View all the information for the plate topper on eBay

“The Universal Jeep Metal License Plate Topper Sign. Nice topper some wear but great condition overall.”

Here’s the license topper itself. you can see the design is the same that appears in the ad, including the square bolt heads on the windshield.

jeep-tractor-power-license-plate-topper1 jeep-tractor-power-license-plate-topper

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1997 Wrangler Limo Blue Springs, MO Auction

• CATEGORIES: Features, Other 4x4s

Need more room for the family? Look no further than this 1997 Jeep Wrangler Limo. It’s currently being auctioned at govplanet.com. Thanks to Bill for sharing it.


“6 Cylinder 4.0L Gasoline Engine, 1997 US EPA Label, 5-Speed Manual Transmission Air Conditioner, Bench Seating, Towing Hitch, LT325/60R20 Tires, Chrome Wheels”



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Dreaming About the Post-War Jeep

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images, Old News Articles

UPDATE: This article originally appeared in 2016.

This April 21, 1944, article in Canada’s The Maple Leaf theorized how the post-war jeep just might help you warm up together in the “slip trench”!


1944-04-21-maple-leaf2 Continue reading

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1951 Truck Forest Service-themed Sells for $28,500 at Auction

• CATEGORIES: Features, Willys Trucks

Bill pointed out the sale of this truck that was Forest Service-themed. It sold for the crazy auction price of $28,500.


1951-truck-forest-service1 1951-truck-forest-service2 1951-truck-forest-service3 1951-truck-forest-service4

“Now finished as a tribute to the U.S. Forest Service, this 1951 Willys pickup is described as a “longtime farm truck,” owned by one family for its first 70 years, that “underwent considerable mechanical and cosmetic refurbishment to prepare it for sale.” Besides new paint and a bed liner, the Willys is said to have received renewed interior electricals, heater refurbishment, and steering work. According to the selling dealer, the finish is about three months old, and any needed rust repair was completed. Because of its previous farm service, the Willys is also equipped with a power takeoff for running implements.”

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1970s Gravelrama Articles

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old News Articles, Racing

These three articles share info about the Gravelrama. This first one is dated August 23, 1974, from the Cincinnati Enquirer:


This second article was published two years later on September 19, 1976, in the Journal News:


The last article is from August 25, 1980, from the Cincinnati Enquirer:


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Jeep-Branded Tool Set

• CATEGORIES: Features

Barney spotted this incomplete Jeep-branded tool set on eBay.

View all the information on eBay



“For sale is a Jeep tool kit to carry in your vehicle. It consists of a hard plastic case and a set of hand tools. There is a small hammer, a screwdriver reversal to hold hex tools, and a set of hex sockets with a hex tool (One of the sockets may be missing). As you can see the kit is missing the pliers, as well as a few other unidentifiable items. The case is in good condition though dirty, and the latch doesn’t hold strongly- the previous owner used tape to keep it closed. The AMC Jeep logo is in good shape.”

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Green Army’s Wood Body Reproduction

• CATEGORIES: Builds, Features, Wood bodies

Here’s a good bit of history on the efforts to create a wood body for the WWII jeep. This group built a wood body replica, which, given the lack of specific info, was a good challenge. Check out the finished body using the link below:



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Various Pics

• CATEGORIES: Bantam-FordGP-WillysMA-EarlyJPs, Features, Old Images

Roger has shared these pics over the last week.

This former Army Corps of Engineers Wausau Iron Works plow is cool. It was shared on G503. You can see a brochure for the plow here.

wausau-iron-works-military-jeep-v-plow1 wausau-iron-works-military-jeep-v-plow2 wausau-iron-works-military-jeep-v-plow3

Morihisa shared this photo of a Willys MA on Facebook:


Morihisa also shared this one on Facebook:


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Willys Wagon or Prius?

• CATEGORIES: Features

Christian Hazel had some fun with this article that appears on moto trend.com about buying a modified Willys wagon. Thanks to Barry for sharing it.



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M-38A1 Toy Jeep Still Made

• CATEGORIES: Features, toys

John’s mother purchased this plastic M-38A1 toy for him in the 1960s for $.79. He was surprised to learn that it was still being made and sold, though the price is now $17.90:



You can also buy it on a certain online store. I won’t mention them…they have enough money.

As I recall, I eventually got the gun out and painted it white. It’s just a coincidence that 30 years later I bought a very nice restored stock CJ-5, it was also white.

Anyway, I’ll probably pick one up and give it to the shop that is restoring my A1. If I can find a flexible blue paint, I may even paint one in USAF blue like mine.

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1956 Jeepers Jamboree Booklet on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Books, Features

The buy-it-now price is $55. I’m sure it’s a rare one; I’ve never seen another copy. It looks to be around 20 pages(?).

View all the information on eBay

“Up for auction is an incredibly rare very early Jeep collectible: a 1956 Jeepers Jamboree booklet in excellent condition! The booklet talks about the drive through from Lake Tahoe via Georgetown. I’ve looked online and these are extremely rare and I only found a couple other examples and none close to this old. This is truly a one-of-a-kind Jeep item.”