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A Ford Jeepster

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Bob spotted this unusual project on the web. I had meant to publish it many months ago, but I seem to have forgotten to do that. I only have this one image.

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The Flat Fender Club of Butler Drops by the Reunion

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Sebastian wrote me yesterday, telling me he and some buddies made a special trip to visit the Willys Spring 2011 Reunion.

He writes, “Yesterday I went to the Midwest willys reunion in Mason OH. Altough we did not take our jeeps, some members of the Flat Fender Club of Butler went there to see some nice willys. It was a busy day, about 4 hours each way (from Pittsburgh). A very long day as you can imagine, totally worth it as shown in the pictures: http://flatfenderclubofbutler.wordpress.com/ (top post). I thought you may want to take a look.”

Here’s a couple of his images. See all of them at the link above.

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Another gun mockup

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A reader and his son have been restoring a CJ-2A and have mocked up their own .30 cal gun.  They shared the below pic with me.  Thanks!

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Area 51 Jeep (and a mockup A-12 Spy Plane)

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I spotted this unusual image today. It was published along with some other declassified photos from Area 51 (which doesn’t exist btw) and published on National Geographic’s website.   I wished I had a close up of the jeep.  I’m glad there’s a guy standing in front of the jeep or I would have thought it was a toy jeep.

One time I drove north on the extra-terrestrial highway (Nevada State Route 375).  I’ve driven all over the west and that was one of the strangest highways I’ve ever driven.  There were several different events that left me certain there was some strange things going on out there.

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Shep’s Mock Browning M37

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Shep built this custom M37 and thought others might be interested in it.  Thanks for sharing!

Shep writes, “Just wanted to show you some pics of the dummy gun I made a couple days ago.  This dummy gun for the most part is based on the browning M37; which was actually put on tanks instead of Jeeps in Korea.  But I thought it was one of the coolest looking of the Browning .30 cals so decided to use its specifications.  For the main box of the gun, I used an old piece of 1/4 inch 3×5 tubing, which I found was a mistake because almost all other pieces I welded too it was close to 1/8 inch, thus the voltage on the welder had to turned way up to penetrate the box.  The barrel shield was the hardest part.  I had to measure all of the distances correct, and I couldn’t start drilling with 13/16″ bit, I had to work my way up.  The handle on the back is an old axe hand I cut down and threaded.  The bolt shucks back and forth and the sights flip up and down.  The gun pivots up and down as well as side to side.  The pedestal has an ammo can bolted to the side for realism.  I still need to drill the bolt holes for where it mounts in the back of my Jeep, but overall I think this is gonna look good in the M38A1.  The gun also comes off the pedestal, I hope to make an attachable bipod for it in the future.  Hopefully I get pulled over because the cop thinks it’s real, that means I did a good job making it!”

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Spring Willys Reunion Update

• CATEGORIES: Event, Features

Bob’s been busy with his camera this morning on what appears to be a beautiful Saturday in Mason.  He reports that fun was had at a local Mongolian BBQ last night, keeping some of the folks busy until late.

See all the photos here.   There seems to be a little something for everyone.

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Pics from the Spring 2011 Reunion

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Bob’s got the first group of pics up from the 2011 Spring Reunion.  I have selected a few to share below, but click here to view all of his images at his flickr site. I’ll check for updates tonight.

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A CJ-3B Buried in the Snow in Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada

• CATEGORIES: CJ-3B, Features

Someone is saying to themselves, “I knew I should have put the jeep in the garage.” This CJ-3B is located in Iqaluit, a Canadian town way up and out there, in relation to me anyway.  The photograph was taken just a few days ago (as best as I can tell) by Ron Wassink.  I think the jeep is for sale, too, for those that want to take a REAL road trip, but bring your back hoe to dig it out of the snow.

From Wikipedia, “Iqaluit was founded in 1942 as an American airbase, geographically located to provide a stop-over and refueling site for short range fighter aircraft being ferried across the Atlantic to support the war effort in Europe. Iqaluit’s first permanent inhabitant was Nakasuk, an Inuk guide who helped American Air Force planners to choose a site with a large flat area suitable for a landing strip. Long regarded as a campsite and fishing spot by the Inuit, the place chosen had traditionally been named Iqaluit – “place of many fish” in Inuktitut – but Canadian and American authorities named it Frobisher Bay, after the name of the body of water it abuts.”

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The Houston Art Car Parade (May 20, 21 & 22)

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Mark wrote me to share with me one of Houston’s unique cultural events.  They were the originating city for the Art Car Parade. Houston launched the parade in 1988 with 40 cars and a couple thousand spectators.  Today the number of cars in the parade will top 250, with around 250,000 spectators. The 2011 Houston Art Car Parade will be held this weekend.

Naturally, did a few searches to see if I could any jeeps, but I only found two.  So, below them are a few curious creations that have appeared over the years.

Here we have the PEEP JEEP, a jeep decorated with peeps.

This appears to be a bengal jeep of some sort:

And here are some random pics:

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Dan’s CJ-5 / His Grandfather’s CJ-5

• CATEGORIES: Builds, Features

Dan continues to make good progress on the reconstruction of his grandfather’s CJ-5.  Below, Dan  shares  both the latest images and images from 20 years ago, with him driving.  If you don’t remember the non running, poor condition of the jeep, you can view the early restoration pics here.  Thanks Dan and keep going!  And, I promise I’ll up there sometime this summer to collect the beer you offered 🙂

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Pete’s Trip Down To Moab

• CATEGORIES: Features, videos, Willys Wagons

This past weekend Pete, from the Old Willys Forum, drove down to the 2nd Annual Willys Moab Rally 2011 put on by Casey Dimmitt.  He reports that they had plenty of fun and wished they could stay longer.  Pete put this video together (I think to make us all jealous so that we’ll join them next year!).  Thanks for sharing Pete, I love that area!

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Colonel Mustard is For Sale Fullerton, Ca eBay

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UPDATE:  This is back on eBay

(12/21/2010) This flattie has appeared in a variety of four wheel articles.  Lots of links below.

Check this out on eBay

“I am selling my super clean 1951 Willys CJ-3A, which has been featured in several articles in Four Wheeler magazine as Project Colonel Mustard. I wish I could keep it, but life changes dictate that I sell it. The serial number on the Willys is 451GB110046 and I am the fourth owner. This is an AS IS sale and the Jeep has a clean California title.

This Flattie was restored in 1997 and is rust free. It has an L134 flat head and T-90 3-speed transmission with an Advanced Adapter Saturn overdrive. The stock Dana 25 front and Dana 41 rear axles have mechanical lockers. The shocks are CJ-5 Bilsteins that work with the 2-in lift springs from Deaver Spring. The rear of the tub has been Line-Xed, and wheels are custom 15-inch Stockton units that have been powder coated black and the tires are 30×9.5R15 BFGoodrich Mud-Terrains. We have also completed an 11-inch non-assist drum brake conversion at all four corners. Steering is new and tight and braking performance is strong and straight. On the front bumper is a Warn 8274 winch. An Optima yellow top battery is under hood, along with a billet optical distributor and 12-volt conversion that uses the stock starter (rebuilt last year). A custom rear tire carrier moves the spare to the tailgate. This Jeep has a reinforced Smittybilt roll bar and seatbelts out of a YJ for all four positions. Also added is a Tuffy center console and 12v power point on the dash.

I recently rebuilt the carb and the Jeep starts right away every time and runs strong. It will reach speeds faster than 55mph if there is enough room to get there. It is a great weekend runabout and it has been wheeling in the So Cal desert, as well as the slick rock of Moab.

I have many of the original parts, including the original points and distributor and generator, along with the rear drawbar hitch. Also have manual and books. All of this comes with the purchase. The Power Tank and Hi-Lift jack are NOT part of the sale.

Here are some of the articles that have appeared in Four Wheeler magazine:







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Ruthie and the Jeep

• CATEGORIES: CJ-2A, Features, Old Images, Women & Jeeps

This unusual photo has likely been through photoshop at least once.  There’s a story attached as well.  Click here to read the entire story.

In 1959 my dad and Mr. Hatcher Williams founded a summer school for high school boys at a hunting lodge in Corolla, North Carolina. I spent nearly the whole summer at Camp Yonahnoka in the Carolina mountains while my sisters and parents practically lived at the beach. (continued)

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Women and Jeeps From Flickr

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Here are some fun pics from Flickr.  The last one is an illustration that isn’t a great pic.

This image is from Colombia.

The step has been modified, but this is a nice looking flattie.

She’s King of the World (that would be a Titanic reference)

I do not know the artist or name of the painting.

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Pics from past Chicago Auto Shows

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The Chicago Auto Show website has an archive of images from past auto shows.  Some of the pics include a variety of different jeeps.  Some of these you have probably seen before and, hopefully, others you haven’t.

Last year Bruce shared documents which indicated Willys Motors planned to have a Hong Kong black and gold theme for 1960.  In the pics below, you can see the Hong Kong theme, but hard to tell what the colors are.



1959: (you can see a bigger version of the same photo at thefcconnection).  This must have been released as a PR photo.

1960: I thought the description on the bottom of this photo claiming the CJ-6 link was interesting.  I’m assuming the mistake was made by the person who assembled the auto show archives?

I found the advertisement below on Flickr. According to the information on Flickr,
this ad was for the 1960 Detroit Auto Show, but showed 1961 vehicles.

1961:  The Hong Kong Exhibit (though I haven’t quite reconciled the 1961 show date from  Bruce’s document).

1962:  Here’s something from International Harvester.


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Holiday Postcard from the MacArthur Museum Archives

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From the archives of the MacArthur Museum of Arkansas Military History in Little Rock, Ar, comes this holiday image on a post card.

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19th Annual Spring Midwest Willys Reunion Mason, Ohio

• CATEGORIES: Event, Features

Next weekend, May 20-22, the 19th Annual Spring Midwest Willys Jeep Reunion and Swap Meet takes place in Mason, Ohio.  Click here to learn all about it.  Bob will be providing up-to-the-minute photographic coverage for eWillys readers . . . oh wait.  I forgot . . . Budget constraints at eWillys corporate forced us to change from up-to-the-minute coverage to up-to-the moment-bob-feels-like-posting-images-and-simultaneously-has-internet-connectivity-and-isn’t-doing-something-more-important coverage. Thanks for volunteering Bob!

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A 1941 MA in Bali?

• CATEGORIES: Bantam-FordGP-WillysMA-EarlyJPs, Features

Well, sort of. Rudolf spotted this MA looking jeep for sale, but it turns out the owner combined some MA body parts with a Mitsubishi built CJ-3B.  It sure turned out well. You can see some restored MAs at Gavin’s Site.

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Bantam Jeep Festival Update

• CATEGORIES: Event, Features

I received an update from the Festival organizers.  Click on the pic to learn about all the updates.

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A ‘Coke’ Jeep

• CATEGORIES: Features

I’ve never been a big fan of the DJ-5s (just not my thing), but I think this might be the best use of a mail jeep since they stopped delivering mail!


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2 Pepsi Jeeps

• CATEGORIES: Features

UPDATE:  I suggested that the Surrey owner hadn’t gone full out with the Pepsi theme, as the racer below had.  Lester correctly points out that the Surrey represents an older color scheme (which was before my time). If you look through these images, you’ll see the Surrey has the earlier, full color scheme of light blue, red, yellow and white colors. Thanks Lester!

I’m sure the pepsi folks wouldn’t want to be left out, so here are 2 different pepsi jeeps.

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Finally, Just Some Soda Pop

• CATEGORIES: Features, Racing

I think this builder couldn’t decide between Coke or Pepsi.  I found it at jeepfan.com.

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John’s D44 Rear Axle Modification

• CATEGORIES: Features, How To

UPDATE:  I initially had this as a front axle modification, which was clearly incorrect (the lack of a stearing knuckle should have been my first clue!)

Thanks to John for putting together the narrative and the images!

“Thought some other folks might find this interesting, especially those that have swapped to the D44 rear axle.

While trying to cobble some parts together to build a D44 front axle for my CJ6, I  noticed that the GM D44 small bearing spindles that came with the flat top knuckle axles had the same number of  stud holes as the offset D44 in the back of my CJ.  Knowing that the 2 pc. axle shafts were a weak point, I had kicked around the idea of finding a 71′ offset flanged axle, and installing Herms FF Kit. I figured the flanged D44 would be a long shot, and I didn’t really like the tapered shafts in Herms kit, as you have to pull the spindle to get the shaft out.  So,what to do?  I ended up at R&P 4wdin Oregon City, and asked Richard and Paul what they thought about using the GM spindle to make a full float axle kit. At this point, Rich got a twinkle in his eye and asked me to follow him out into the shop.  From some shelf, he pulled a half machined spindle out, and said, “like this?”. Perfect!  This kit probably wont be for everyone, but was a homerun for me. It lets me run the same Ford 1/2 ton hub and rotor as the front(to keep things 5 on 5.5), the same internal splined locking hubs as the front, and GM calipers.  Overall the FF kit added 2″ of width to my rear axle (same as the front), and I got an axle shaft that is full diameter(30 spline inner, 19 spline outer), and is removable without pulling the spindle.  I ended up running a late 70’s Cadillac caliper (that uses the same GM backing plate as the front), and has a E-brake. And all for a little less than a grand.  I hope somebody out there will find this as cool as I did.
“im a doughball”
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Various WWII Jeep Images

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

Bob forwarded some links to jeeps from the WW2 In Color website and the Lone Sentry Site.



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2 Photos from W.E. Duggar

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images, Women & Jeeps

Bob pointed me to these two images taken by SFC W.E. Duggar while stationed at Fort Sill, OK, in 1942 as part of the 1st Infantry Division – Dixie Division, 167th Infantry, 3rd. BN.  The first one is particularly wonderful.