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Yipao Monument of some kind in Colombia

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Roberto spotted this possible monument to Yipaos in Colombia.

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WWII Monument & GPW at the Cole Land Trans. Museum Bangor, Me

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Roberto spotted this unusual monument from the Cole Land Transportation Museum in Bangor, Me.

Here is a GPW and trailer the Museum displays. The image was shot by Gary and Audrey and posted on their blog:

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Jeep in the Air in Moab, Ut

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Roberto alerted me to this. I was through there five years ago and didn’t see it.  Anyone know anything about it?

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Pheasant Hunting in India, 1944

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

Roberto spotted these two photos from a Pheasant hunting expedition in India in 1944 at Fotolibra.com.  These appear to be GPWs.

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Rare Six by Six Frame in Bali?

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Rudolf forwarded a rare six by six setup which looks pretty willys-ish to me.  This is the second one he has discovered in Bali.

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Ford GP out of Bali **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Rudolph spotted this Ford GP that is dated as a 1938 for some reason.  1941 would be the actual year. It includes a trailer.

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Gordon’s 1954 Unimog 401

• CATEGORIES: Features, Other 4x4s, Unusual

Gordon volunteered to share images of his unusual Unimog 401, which he calls ‘Grog’. It’s a pretty cool vehicle. Gordon got it from Cold War Remarketing in Colorado; in turn, he got it from the Swiss Army

Gordon writes,”Grog is completely street legal, I had him licensed and insured for a while. Top speed with its behemoth 25HP OM636 is 35 mph. (Probably far short of that here at 6000’ elevation). I have a few other 636 engines and have toyed with the idea of trying to turbocharge one of them, but that’s pretty far down on my list. Mercedes also used the 636 in the early Ponton cars (180D).”

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1975 CJ-6 at Red River Offroad Tours in Taos/Red River, NM

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UPDATE:  See the newest CJ-6 here.

James and Tish run Red River Offroad Tours out of Taos and Red River, New Mexico.  One of their vehicles is the refurbished 1975 CJ-6 shown below.

James writes, “The 1975 CJ6 was used by the US forest service in Colorado. It has a rebuilt stock motor and transmission.  The suspension was modified with a 4′ lift kit and Cooper STT 33×12.50-15 on 8″wheels with a Disk brake conversion on the front. A couple custom built bench seats above the wheel wells in the back have been added for visitors. It also has a Custom built shade/rain canopy.

We do on and off-road Jeep tours in the mountains of Northern New Mexico.  Taos and Red River,NM  reaching elevations of 12,689. May thru the end of October. 7 days a week. www.redriveroffroad.com

So Check out the website to learn more.  Check out their photo album.  That’s a cool effect.  http://www.redriveroffroad.com/album/index.html

After restoration and modifications:

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• CATEGORIES: Event, Features

Here’s a 4×4 event in Nevada, Iowa.    They would especially love to get some FC owners to attend, but it looks like a variety of 4wd vehicles will be there.

The 2011 IOWA ALL BREEDS JEEP SHOW & 4X4 SWAPMEET will be held sept 24-25 at the Story County Fairgrounds in Nevada, Iowa 50201.  We will be on site all day friday sept. 23 for setup and early registration.The show goes from 8am to 5pm ish each day .  We expect several different 4×4 and jeep clubs to be present and including scouts , land cruisers , broncos , land rovers , jeeps , willies , kiasers , buggies , and a wide range of military vehicles . Some of the show highlights include  – 800′ off road driving course.

– Slow crawl contest
– Kids power wheels course
– RTI Ramp
– Blackhawk helicopter landing sat. morning
– Old and new military vehicles on display
– The Bantam Balancer  ( teeter totter )
– Swapmeet
– Winching contest  ( timed vehicle righting event )
– Door prizes and drawings
– Vehicle show and shine
– Rock climbing wall
– New Equipment vendors
– Jeep trailer judging new or homebilt
– Jeep and 4×4 inventions contest

$5.00 admission , $10.00 vehicle in show and shine only , $20.00 vehicle in all games and challenges all weekend  including show and shine.   Swapmeet booth 10’x10′ is $25.00 for the weekend ( most have 110 electicity ) , Business vedor booth 10’x10′ is $100.00 for the weekend , Free booths for 4×4 and jeep clubs.    Note; The usual safety equipment and insurance required for vehicles on cours and challenges .


SATURDAY SEPT 25 ,  2011 7am – 11am         vehicle registration open
8am –  5pm         vendors and swapmeet open for business
9am – – –  on        tech inspect available
10am – 11am       obstacle course demonstrations
11am – 12pm       course open to vendors ONLY
11am –  1pm       vehicle judging , trailer and inventions judging
1pm –  5pm         obstacle course open to all inspected vehicles
1pm –  4pm         RTI RAMP  and BANTAM BALANCER  competition
1pm –  4pm         slow crawl competition

SUNDAY  SEPT 26 ,  2011
8am –  11am       1st place winners staged
8am –  3pm         obstacle course open
8am –  3pm         vendors and swapmeet open
8am –  10am       RTI RAMO and BANTAM BALANCER
open10am – 12pm      roll over contest
3pm –   4pm       awards ceremony  & drawing  for more info call  1-515-708-0080

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Old Golf Range Cart

• CATEGORIES: Features

More updates tomorrow morning ….

Gerald took pics of this old car they got a few years back.  It has various jeeps parts attached.  Gerald reports the frame was pristine, so they sold it to someone who could put it to better use.

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Hanson Mechanical: Jeep Restoration and Education — Westminster, Md

• CATEGORIES: Features, Women & Jeeps

Merlin from Hanson Mechanical emailed me today thanking me for posting his restored MB for sale.  It turns out, his old Willys restoration shop has quite a story.  What fun this site is to manage sometimes as unexpected stories continue to turn up, unexpectedly.  Thanks for sharing Merlin! You can contact Merlin through his website if you need some work done.

I will let Merlin tell it, “A small group of graduates from the high school I used to teach at found me after I took another job and they have put an extensive amount of time into my business just to help me and to learn more about Jeep restoration.  They range in age from 18 to 22 and it is wonderful knowing individuals that age are interested in learning restoration, welding, brazing and leading.  They have whole rants dedicated to their hatred of Bondo :).  So far they have restored and electrified a 1955 Metropolitan, restored my father’s 1956 Porsche, refurbished the Kaiser/ Willys MB, inventoried Major Barton’s workshops (read about Major John Barton here), and now are working through an endless line of MB’s and GPW’s.

One, named Vlad, from Belorus, knows all the metal details quite well now and evaluates anything we look at rescuing. He considers doing lead work on a Jeep a relaxing experience.  Vlad’s girlfriend, Kelsey, is an artist who helps with anything she can and is an extraordinary individual. “Izzy”, who used to manage my school theater stage crew, is our computer and organizational whiz. My main mechanic, John Ingram, is a former music teacher who specialises in restoring Rolls Royces at the RR museum in PA.  He evaluates every Jeep mechanically and is responsible for our decision to refurbish the one with the Kaiser 6 (truly an early hotrod).

They are an eclectic crew (who often play things like Swedish techno music in the background) who are dedicated to preserving our mechanical past, and doing it right.  I am beyond impressed with the group of them and thankful that they are so dedicated.  Anything that promotes the business brings them more work and thus makes them happy and helps pay for college.  Vlad’s five year old brother told me that he dreams of working for me by age 10, and he often comes out with Vlad and finds ways to help.  I hope someday there is enough business that they can run the shop for me while I keep teaching.

In the Jeep section are original archives from Aberdeen Proving Ground. The same goes for every other section as we search out original archival materials for all vehicles in my dwindling collection.  We also will be republishing Major Barton’s book on Jeep tools through lulu.com, prceeds will go to his daughter’s college fund.”

Below are some random images of jeeps, the kids, and some from the history section.

Below are a couple stills from a Jeep Film.

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Roberto’s Bantam BRC 40 Drawing

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Roberto wanted to share his cool BRC 40 drawing.  He also noted there is more information about the jeep at Olive-Drab.com.

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American Society of Military History Museum

• CATEGORIES: Features, Museums

Located in El Monte, Ca, on Rosemead between 10 and 60 frwys in Los Angeles, the American Society of MIlitary History Museum is has been preserving vehicles since 1962 and is a California Non-Profit Educational Organization. The museum has 178 vehicles, including tanks, jeeps and more.

Brian shot these pics, with his father and son shown in the image below. He reports that the museum has some really cool military stuff and was a great place to visit. He also notes that the owner, Craig, could use volunteers to help restoring the vehicles.  Thanks Brian!

It appears we have, from left to right, a M-151, a Mighty Mite, 2 M-38A1s, and a M-38 (thanks Chris).

Here is a MB or GPW

Here is a M-38

This appears to be some kind of military DJ-3A?

And a M-151

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Sebastian Shares pics from JeepFest 2011

• CATEGORIES: Event, Features

Sebastian was kind enough to share some pics from JeepFest 2011.

He writes, “I just came back from New Castle, it was an incredible event. More than 400 Jeeps, and just a week after the Bantam Festival in Butler (just a few miles away). It seems like Western Pennsylvania in August is the right place to be!.”

You can see more pics at his website: http://flatfenderclubofbutler.wordpress.com/

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JP Magazine Article on Buying Old Jeeps

• CATEGORIES: Features

Roberto spotted this article in JP Magazine which discusses inexpensive ways to get into an old jeep.  They cover Willys Wagons & Trucks, CJ-5s, Jeepster Commandos and Fullsize Jeeps.  I think their price points align with what I have seen as well.

You can view the full article here

Below is part of a pic from the article.  I thought it was a great pic.

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Scam moved to eBay

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The 1942 GPW for Sale has now moved to eBay Classifieds.


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An Unusual MB from Soldaat van Oranje

• CATEGORIES: Features, MB

I stumbled upon this unusual shot, in color no less, of an MB with a custom hood from the 1977 movie Soldaat van Oranje.


According to IMDB, “This film depicts World War II through the eyes of several Dutch students. It follows them through the beginning of the war, the Nazi occupation and the liberation.”

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Flattie on the Farm, Complete with Narration

• CATEGORIES: Features, videos

This made me laugh.  Just a silly movie.

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1945 GAZ 67B Russian Vehicle

• CATEGORIES: Features, International, Unusual

UPDATE: Steve notes the original GAZ was built in only 50 days based on a newspaper clipping.  Here’s additional information:



Darrel wrote me recently noting that he has a 1945 GAZ-67B living in his garage. He said it was also known as an Ivan-Willys, which is similiar to a real Willys, because it has a Ford-A engine that was made in Russia under license.  It is cool! Thanks for sharing Darrel!

Darrel writes, “The GAZ 67 World War Russian vehicles were produced from 1943 to 1953. There were only 5000 of these models made during the war, but in total there were  92,843 of these models produced. It had a 4-cylinder 3280 cc gasoline motor and a top speed of 90 km/h (56 mph).”

And here is a GAZ 67 and GAZ 67B  video with some strange music …

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Another Farming Example

• CATEGORIES: Features, videos

Here is an example of a grass cutter being used to trim some clover.

Mike Mark shows that he knows how to cut a clover field with his 1948 CJ-2A.


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Parkette Body and Bobcat Hood (& more) Yakima, Wa **SOLD**

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UPDATE:  Last price was $1000. It sold.

The Parkette fiberglass body is an extreme rare, well made body.  One of the best things about this body is that a CJ-3A windshield will properly fit it, unlike the fiberglass Bobcat body.   During the 1970s, a friend of mine bought a Bobcat body, prepped it, and painted it.  When he stuck on the windshield he discovered the cowl was too flat to properly seat the windshield to the cowl.  To say he was angry was an understatement, because he felt he was mislead by the promises the manufacturer made.

So, after talking with the Parkette body manufacturer and getting assurances that the measurements were more accurate, he bought the body and has been happy about it ever since.

The body shownn below has had it’s rear wheel wells cut a bit.  It’s got a good looking rollcage that has been attached to the frame.  If this has been available when I was building biscuit, I would have started right here.

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Kevin’s CJ-3B Farming Demonstration

• CATEGORIES: Features, videos

Kevin created several good videos of a farm jeep in its natural habitat.  Thanks for doing that Kevin!

1954 CJ3B with Monroe Lift , pulling a Ford 2-12 bottom plow:

1954 Cj3B farm jeep field disking demonstration at North Central Minnesota:

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Need a Crane?

• CATEGORIES: Features, videos

One resourceful Mitsubishi owner decided his jeep would work just fine as a crane after reading about the specs in All American Wonder Vol. III in the M-38A1 Section.

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The Ford “Junior Jeep” Lives!

• CATEGORIES: Features

John dropped me a note today, pointing me over to the Hemmings Blog.  Daniel Strohl landed a nice gem of a jeep story.  The “Junior Jeep” lightweight jeep is alive, well and restored in Michigan.  Read all the details at the Hemming Blog.  Review the  information on lightweight jeeps I have found strew across the web.

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Male Call, a Collection of Cartoons

• CATEGORIES: Artists/Drawings, Comics, Features

UPDATE:  You can view more cartoons here.

Paul discovered this gem in his crawlspace.

Paul writes, “I was digging around in the crawlspace today searching for some long lost item when I discovered a thin book with GI cartoons from WW2.  The book’s by Milton Caniff  (it was published in 1945) and features 112 GI comic strips drawn by Mr. Caniff and supplied weekly to military newspapers for the enjoyment of all branches of the service.  I really enjoyed the attached Jeep comic and I thought you would also.  After all, who hasn’t believed (at one time or another) the Jeep is more than a mere machine and is alive and aware of the tasks we ask it to perform?  I can recall many times I’ve coaxed and pleaded with my Jeep to “Please get me thru this mud bog” or the always popular “Please, please start” on those frigid winter mornings [ed note: I am familiar with that coaxing].  Over the years I’ve talked, yelled, pleaded and praised my Jeep while it took me where I wanted (but not necessarily needed) to go.”