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1949 Direct Mail Station Wagon Brochure

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This December 1949 Station Wagon Brochure was part of a direct mail campaign. The form number is SWDM2-45M-1249. This one isn’t in very good shape, but it’s the only one of these I’ve ever seen.

1949-12-station-wagon-form-no-SWDM2-45m-1249-brochure0-lores 1949-12-station-wagon-form-no-SWDM2-45m-1249-brochure1-lores 1949-12-station-wagon-form-no-SWDM2-45m-1249-brochure2-lores 1949-12-station-wagon-form-no-SWDM2-45m-1249-brochure3-lores

This shows the brochure fully opened:1949-12-station-wagon-form-no-SWDM2-45m-1249-brochure4-lores

This is the backside of the brochure fully opened.


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1950 Photo of Roy Fisher’s Willys “Jeep” Dealership

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This 1950 photo from the Gateway to Oklahoma History archives shows Roy Fisher’s jeep dealership. His dealership was active between 1946 and 1950 in Oklahoma City, OK. It was sold about the time this May 1950 photo was taken. Note the CJ-2A Fire Jeep in the second story window. The vintage Willys sign with the drop “J” logo is cool as well.

Here are a few ads from the Roy Fisher Willys ‘Jeep’ dealer era.



January 05, 1950, Daily Oklahoman.

Here is the sale announcement from the May 25, 1950, issue of the Miami News-Record out of Miami, Oklahoma:


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1951 Photo of Jeeps Carrying Personnel during Korean War on eBay

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It looks like these jeeps were stuff full for the drive to the front.

View all the information on eBay

“This is an original press photo. An American convoy,part of reinforcements being rushed to the front to stem advance of tank led North Korean forces, prepares to move forward Photo measures 7.25 x 8.5 inches. Photo is dated 3-2-1951.”

1951-03-02-korea-jeeps2 1951-03-02-korea-jeeps3

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1950? De Luxe Station Wagon Brochure

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There’s no form number or date on this De Luxe Station Wagon brochure. Between the brochure below and this other “DeLuxe” brochure, three different forms of the word “Deluxe” are used:  “Deluxe”, “DeLuxe”, and “De Luxe”. So, I’m not sure which is correct?

Though the below brochure is more consistent with its use of “De Luxe”, the brochure itself is not as luxurious in style as the other “DeLuxe” brochure. I also suspect, given this brochure highlights the Hurricane and Lightening Engines, that this is a later brochure than the other DeLuxe brochure.

One other question. On the back of this brochure it shows a De Luxe Station Wagon in red. Was that actually offered? I don’t see it as an option on the back of the brochure where options are listed.


When folded, this is the back of the brochure. You can see the red colored De Luxe Station Wagon.1950-deluxe-station-wagon-brochure3-lores

This shows the brochure opened part way and highlights the engine choices:


This shows the brochure fully opened:


This shows the brochure fully opened from the back:Photos


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Scott’s “De Luxe” Wagon Remodel

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Speaking of De Luxe wagons,  I wanted to share Scott Gilbert’s effort to create a De Luxe looking wagon from his wagon. He was diligent enough to locate NOS cane stickers for the sides, an item stored away for years that was owned by someone on a non-jeep forum. I’m looking forward to seeing how his wagon looks once he finishes the restyle.

willys-scotchlite-cane-design-stickers1-lores willys-scotchlite-cane-design-stickers2 willys-scotchlite-cane-design-stickers3 willys-scotchlite-cane-design-stickers4 willys-scotchlite-cane-design-stickers5 scott-wagon-mesh-lores

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Circa 1951 French-Canadian Willys-Overland Newspaper Ad

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No date on this circa 1951 French-Canadian Willys-Overland jeep ad.


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1954 Italian Video of Jeep Race in France

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This was filmed in July 07, 1954.

Italian description: Descrizione sequenze:Francia: partenza della gara automobilistica ; fasi della gara di velocità della Jeep su un terreno accidentato ; la jeep vincitrice della gara ; il pilota della jeep affaticato dopo la gara ; 

Rough English translation: Sequence description: France: start of the car race; stages of the Jeep speed race on rough terrain; the winning jeep of the race; the jeep driver tired after the race;

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Circa 1954 Photo of Jeep on Lake Mendota Ice Fishing

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This photo from the University of Wisconsin Digital Achrives was taken around 1954 and shows a jeep atop the Lake Mendota Ice, surrounded by fisherman.

Lake Mendota borders the northern side of downtown Madison, Wisconsin. In the early 1990s I lived in Madison for a couple years, but rarely spent much time near Lake Mendota.

Learn more here: https://search.library.wisc.edu/digital/AGOAAUBBNQBJC28P

This first photo is a closeup from the photo below it. The jeep appears to be a pretty stock MB.

1954-1955-wisconsin-edu-library-madison-lake-mendota-ice-fishing-closeup 1954-1955-wisconsin-edu-library-madison-lake-mendota-ice-fishing

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1946 ‘Jeep’ Station Wagon Brochure

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There’s no form number or date for this brochure, so my best guess is that this is was one of the earliest station wagon brochures.

Curiously, the illustration on the front appeared in a September 1946 Saturday Evening Post ad, but with several changes. The ad is more formal, while the brochure’s illustration is more informal. For example, the ‘Dad’ has a tie and no fishing pole,  while the ‘Mom’ has a different color of dress and purse. The wagon color is more purplish in the ad, while the wagon is red in the brochure.


And now for the brochure:


This is the back of the unfolded brochure:


When first opened, this page appears:


When completely opened, this three-panel view appears.


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WWII Photo Collection on eBay

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The starting bid for the collection of 677 photos starts at $1000. It does include a few images of jeeps, including a Ford GPA Seep, an MB, and a Ford GP named “Marie”.

View all the information on eBay

“An awesome circa WWII original photograph album with approximately (677) photos. (567) on album pages that can be removed and (110) other photos. Mostly WWII US Army/Military from an album that came apart. They include some great images with lots of examples below. The 1939 Rose Bowl Football Game (soldiers must have attended) USC University of Southern California vs Duke Bluedevils, Tanks and Crew, Black Officers and soldiers, Uniforms, Helmets, Jeep Willy, Trucks, guns, vehicles, Baseball 86th R.C.A., Boxing, pin up girl in bathing suit, airplanes, blimp, Pasedena, California, Radio City, Mess, Medical, 25th Armored Engineer Battalion, Hollywood Canteen, Toyko Express, Beer, Cigars, girls, ladies, getting married wedding pic, USA flag, UCLA pennant, large Santa Claus, milk crates, shovels, family, etc. An awesome group of 1940’s photographs.”






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1966 Jeep Accessories and Spec Equip Booklet on eBay

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The buy-it-now price is $8.99 for this 10-page Jeep Accessories and Special Equipment Booklet. One item I didn’t know was Jeep approved were the longitudinal rear seats seen on page 4.

View all he information on ebay

“Up for grabs is this vintage booklet for your JEEP. This booklet shows so many fun accessories and special equipment you were able to add to your Jeep. The booklet shows normal wear plus the staples are rusty so they stained the center fold of the booklet.”

1966-02-jeep-special-equipment-booklet0 1966-02-jeep-special-equipment-booklet1 1966-02-jeep-special-equipment-booklet2 1966-02-jeep-special-equipment-booklet3

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Scheneker Iron Works of Buffalo, New York

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

NEW UPDATE: Here are some more pics of the Scheneker Iron Works Demonstration Jeep that I snagged on eBay. The first pic shows the Dozerette. The other three show the snow plow.

year-schencker-works-cj2a-demo-jeep1-lores year-schencker-works-cj2a-demo-jeep2-lores year-schencker-works-cj2a-demo-jeep3-lores year-schencker-works-cj2a-demo-jeep4-lores

This shows the same(?) Demonstration jeep with a lift bucket. I’m not certain whether it’s the same jeep or not.



UPDATED and posted April 18, 2020:


The Scheneker Iron Works company of Buffalo, New York, produced some interesting pieces of specialized equipment for the jeep. The first items appear in the Willys-Overland Special Equipment Book starting in the late 1940s and the last evidence of their association with the jeep was in 1957. Other than that, I could uncover very little about this company. So, if anyone has any more background information on Schenker, please let me know!

One early item produced by Schenker in the late 1940s was the “Jeep” Dozerette, a scraper.

scheneker-iron-works-dozerette1-lores scheneker-iron-works-dozerette2-lores

Here is a more colorful ad:


Another odd item that I don’t remember ever seeing in the wild is this Scheneker all-purpose lift:


Another item which didn’t sell all too well was this Sheneker loader (none of the various loaders sold all that well).


This was posted as part of an article on loaders from FarmCollector.com.

I believe this is a Sheneker All Purpose Loader (see more pics here):


There are a few of these Scheneker backhoes around. Glenn shared one with us that was being rebuilt during our 2013 trip to Maine.

1955-scheneker-backhoe1 1955-scheneker-backhoe2

1955-scheneker-backhoe3 scheneker-backhoe-brochure1 scheneker-backhoe-brochure2

The last item, the snow plow, is what I believe to be the most common item manufactured by Scheneker. It was available from at least 1948 through 1957. Several of these have been for sale over the years, with and without jeeps.

Given the VEC CJ-2A and the lack of a model identifier, I believe these two images show “Model A”, or the first model:



As indicated on the second page below, these brochures appear to feature “Model B”:

scheneker-iron-works-snowplow-1-lores scheneker-iron-works-snowplow-2-lores

Here’s a comparison between the first model and Model B:


Scheneker included a 30 day warrantee:


This early 1950s brochure features one of the company’s snowplows on a CJ-3A:

Here’s the earliest sign I have that the company produced a “V” model snow plow and a Model T for trucks and wagons:


At some point, the company introduced both a Model T (for Trucks and Wagons).

1955-scheneker-snowplows-brochure1 1955-scheneker-snowplows-brochure2


By 1957, Scheneker was manufacturing various snow plow models for CJ-5s, Trucks, Wagons, and FCs:
1957-scheneker-ironworks-brochures2-lores 1957-scheneker-ironworks-brochures1-lores



When the company ceased operations isn’t clear, but I have no brochures later than 1957.

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Early Willys-Overland Dealer Signage Brochure

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UPDATE: Thanks to Matt, I’ve added a photo of the front page of this six-page 8″x11″ brochure:



I recently purchased a 1952 Dealer Signage Brochure off of eBay. After receiving the brochure (I will post in a couple days), I realized the seller of the brochure mistakenly added the photo below to the auction, which at the time puzzled me because the signage didn’t seem to fit how Willys-Overland was positioning itself in 1952 (no ‘jeep’ signage, only Willys). Now, I think this image is from one of the earliest post-war dealer signage brochures.

I tried asking the seller if they have more pics of the early brochure. Unfortunately, communicating with the seller of the 1952 has proven difficult (after a few emails, it’s clear that the seller either can’t read very well or isn’t proficient with English).

So, does anyone recognize and/or have scans of this brochure?


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1947 Station Wagon Brochure

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

This 4-page station wagon brochure, that I think was printed in February of 1947, is a common one on eBay. It’s got a form number of 472-A-500. One clue to it’s early printing is the prominent use of the term ‘Jeep’, a term that disappeared from wagon advertisements by 1950.

1947-02-wagon-form-472-a-500-brochure1-lores 1947-02-wagon-form-472-a-500-brochure2-lores 1947-02-wagon-form-472-a-500-brochure3-lores

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March 1953 French-Canadian Ad

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The CJ-3B makes an appearance in this 1953 Willys Ad from Canada.


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1945 Article on Los Angeles County Jeep Patrols

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old News Articles

The December 19, 1945, issue of the Los Angeles Times noted that the county sheriff’s department hired 85 deputies and purchased 25 jeeps to tackle a jump in criminal activity in the unincorporated parts of Los Angeles County. This may have been the largest and earliest attempt to employ jeeps by law enforcement in the US (Outside of the military of course).


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1945 Photo Intelligence Jeep & Trailer on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

Steve shared this photo that includes some specific information about the jeep and its occupants. I’m wondering if these photos are related to the Brenner Pass counter intelligence operation described in this book? I’ve included more photos from Lt. Kradeskis below this one. You can see many more photos here that were taken by Lt. Kradeskis.

View all the information on eBay

“Original WWII Snapshot Photo of COUNTERINTELLIGENCE CORPS JEEP & TRAILER of Lt. Kradeskis at BRENNER PASS between Austria and Italy, 1945. Photo was taken by Lieutenant William (Bill) Kradeskis of the Counterintelligence Corps (CIC). Lt. Kradeskis was variously assigned to the 6th Armored Division, 101st Airborne Division, and 7th Army in France, Belgium, Germany, and Austria. He was from Marblehead, Massachusetts, and married (to Bee) on 18 December 1943 just before shipping out for the ETO and did not get his honeymoon until after the war starting 6 January 1946. See the other photos I have listed from this officer. Search for “CIC” in the titles of my listings.

1945-jeep-trailer-brenner-pass-intelligence1 1945-jeep-trailer-brenner-pass-intelligence2

There are more photos that include jeeps.  Lt. Kradeskis seems to have documented a lot of his travels during WWII.

1. Soldier Firing Pistol



3. Gassing up on the Autobahn

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October 1947 Ad From Canada

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

This French-Canadian ad was published in the October 1947 issue of Le Bulletin des Agriculteurs.


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NOS M-38 Transfercase Wynnewood, PA $1995

• CATEGORIES: Features

Steve spotted this unusual NOS transfercase.


m38-transfercase-in-box-wynnewood-p1 m38-transfercase-in-box-wynnewood-p2 m38-transfercase-in-box-wynnewood-p3 m38-transfercase-in-box-wynnewood-pa4

“NOS US Military Dana 18 Transfer Case for a M38 Jeep in its Original Shipping Container. This is a Museum Quality M38 Dana Transfer Case.

This was packaged in 01/12/1959.

Note: This was advertised as a Dana 18 for an M38A1 but I have just been informed that it is an NOS Dana 18 for an M38 Military Jeep. This can be installed in an M38A1 if you swap out the Emergency Brake with an M38A1 Emergency Brake.”

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1949 Station Wagon Brochure

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

UPDATE: Coincidentally, I received a better version of this brochure in the mail today as part of a packet of brochures, so the pics are much improved. This brochure is Form 46 SWMI-3CM-11-49.


This is how the back side of the brochure when unopened.


The top 1/4th of this foldout is a different page than the lower 3/4. The lower 3/4 folds down. Also, note the ‘Jeep’ badge that appears subtly in the lower right corner.


This page shows the brochure fully opened.Photos

This shows how the back side looks fully opened.


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Photo of Wrecked WWII Jeep From the BYU Collections

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

This description on this photo isn’t too helpful: [T-5 William R.] Shapiro sits [in what’s left of a Jeep].  You can see other wrecked jeeps in the background. The photographer was J. Malan Heslop.



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1955 Article About California Jeep Trip That Turned Bad

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old News Articles

This story about a jeep trip that turned deadly was repeated across the country. I tried to find “Amazon Canyon”, which is supposed to be east of TwentyNine Palms, but couldn’t locate it.

This version of the article appeared in the June 27, 1955, issue of the Lincoln Journal Star (Lincoln, Nebraska).


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1949 Sedan Delivery Brochure

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

This sedan delivery brochure has the odd form number of PDCM1-3CM-949. It’s one of several early wagon brochures that had forgotten to post.

Photos Photos Photos Photos Photos

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1952 Photo of CJ-2A at Hobcaw Beach

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

Nice shot of a CJ-2A at Hobcaw Beach in South Caroline.


“In a 1952 photo two guests, one believed to be French artist Eugéne Blocaille (left), pose on Hobcaw Beach beside the Bellefield Plantation vehicle.”


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More on the Jeep vs. Peep Debate

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old News Articles

This January 15, 1942, article in the Amarillo Globe-Times highlights the continued debate concerning the jeep vs. the peep.