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Jeep Stop Sign on eBay

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UPDATE: Maury theorizes that this may have been used by the military as a type of bus stop on bases, where folks could go to grab a ride somewhere. He provided this photo as another example.

Jeep-O-Stop Sign Jeep-O-Stop

Original post: Scott was wondering if anyone had any history on this unusual sign?

View all the information on eBay

“Original “Jeep Stop” sign, has some rust and damage. The “STOP” portion of the sign is embossed.
The Sign Measures Approximately 24 inches wide by 24 inches tall and is stamped steel.”


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Just a Few Updates

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We will be on the road early this morning. We hope to make it to Grand Junction this evening. Tomorrow we hope to reach Kansas.

At 10:30pm last night my phone died (most likely just the battery). What are the chances? The good news is that the phone lasted me four years. I should have a working phone by the time we leave either Boise or, if it is too early, then after Twin Falls.

Prior to the untimely death, we spent yesterday prepping the house, the yard, and the mother-in-law for our long trip, so only a few updates today.

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The Yagu, a Tucker-Combat Car-like Vehicle

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All old is new again? Maury pointed out this vehicle called the YAGU, an Israeli built three-person lightweight, speedy, offroad fighting machine with a gun mounted on the top. Look familiar? Seems like an updated version of the Tucker Tiger Tank, also known as the Tucker Combat Car (see videos below).


The Tucker Combat Car. First vid is short with sound, the second is a detailed look without sound. One of the innovations the Tucker has that the Yagu doesn’t? All the (very thick) windows are the same size and can be quickly swapped in and out (read more at Hemmings).

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Anyone Recognize This Dash?

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A reader asked what vehicle used this dash. At first I thought it was an M-38 or M-38A1 dash, but they are slightly different.


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Eastward HO!: 2018 East Coast Trip

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Day 1: Sunday April 29th: It’s a Fluid Situation; at Least No Fluids Spilled! –>

UPDATE II: Because of events at the beginning of our East Coast trip, we were forced to change our planned routes (see original map at the bottom). As a result, this was actual route:


Original post from April 28th: On Thursday evening, we made it back to Pasco after successfully repairing the mower and my mother’s computer. Hurray!

We have a pile of things to accomplish before our goal of leaving on SUNDAY APRIL 29th. Ann’s managing the annual launch of the sprinkler system (from lawns to farms, she’s a water pro), meanwhile I did my klutzy best to set us back by sitting on my glasses. Sigh …. so I spent yesterday getting a new set of glasses. Fortunately, I’d already secured a prescription last week when I bought new contacts.

Now that Ann and I are on the same page in terms of travels (there was some initial confusion), we’ve scoped out the early part of our trip. Our first must-be-there date is Black Mountain, NC, on May 11th. The next is Aurora, Ohio, May 16th. Once we get to Missouri (which we think will be two days), we ought to be able to pin down our dates more specifically. Here’s the rough route:


On our agenda, are several jeep barns, a couple museums with early jeeps, the Pizza Hut museum (who knew?), Omix Ada museum, several family visits, the Midwest Willys Reunion, and much much more. Thanks to everyone who plan to share their jeeps, their homes and their stories with us!

 Day 1: Sunday April 29th: It’s a Fluid Situation; at Least No Fluids Spilled! –>

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5ft x 7ft Print Introducing the Jeep to Mexico @ Auction

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This is awesome! Starting bid is $2400, about $2300 over my budget! The auction is in Phoenix, AZ, and happens May 4. I’m surprised to see no bow holders. Looks like the dash plate in a long, single one, and I see no column shift. I’d say this was a mid 1946 or later photo.


Description: Hugo Brehme (German/Mexican, 1882 – 1954). “Willys Jeep”. Super grand mammoth vintage silver gelatin print. c1945. Printed c1945. Photographer credit on verso. Two photographic sheets joined together and mounted. Fair to good condition; some staining and surface scuffs and scratches, most of which can be mitigated or eliminated with conservation. Frame size: 64 x 86 in. (1626 x 2184 mm). Image size: 60 1/2 x 81 1/2 in. (1537 x 2070 mm). A huge photograph, approximaely 5 feet high by 7 feet wide. An advertisement for Willys Jeep in Mexico. The sign next to the Jeep reads “New or old you can always rely on your Willys Jeep [Nuevo o viejo ud. siempre puede confiar en su jeep Willys]”. PLEASE NOTE this photograph is mounted on board and is very heavy”


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Dry Gauze Air Cleaner

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A big thanks to Tim Ward for sending me this gift, a Dry Gauze Air Cleaner he didn’t need. It’s got a few dings, but nothing that can’t be cleaned up. A big thanks Tim!



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Patterson Working For His Keep … Mower Fixed

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UPDATE: I finally got the Tractor flywheel to release. The key was sheered. Got a key, reassembled, and Mom is mowing the lawn!


We made a quick run up to Seattle yesterday to fix my parents lawn mower and mow the lawn with our mower. To work on the mower, I needed to pull it out of the barn and get it to the garage. My options for moving the John Deere L110 were limited. After considering my options, I decided to enlist Patterson to pull the mower.

It turned out that the mower wasn’t easy to pull up hill, especially when my mother had her foot on the brake. I suggested she jump off the mower. Once she did that, it was much easier to pull, though without low range and only 2WD, it was still a bit of a challenge.  Still Patterson persevered. Eventually, we got it in the garage. … who said a DJ-3A isn’t a real jeep?!!??

The mower is proving to be a challenge. It looks like the key has sheered between the flywheel and the crankshaft, keeping the flywheel from releasing off the shaft . I have a good puller and it is still be stubborn.

Anyway, that kept me busy last night, so just a couple updates today.

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Identifying This Model of Ramsey Winch

• CATEGORIES: Features, wanted

A reader was wondering if anyone knew what model of Ramsey winch this was? Most of my books are back in Pasco and the internet wasn’t too helpful. Anyone know?

IMG_5538 IMG_5539

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The Heath Hitch & Dirt Moving Outfit

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Using the Heath Hitch, a person could attach several different attachments. This brochure came from a late 1940s Willys-Overland Equipment Book.

Scan10069-heath-hitch-equipment-lores Scan10070-heath-hitch-equipment-lores


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1948 ‘CJ-2B’ Attack Engine Riot Control Jeep

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UPDATE: Derek did the initial research and writeup on this project, correctly identifying it as a CJ-2A. Check out the pre-restoration pics and info here: http://cj3b.info/Fire/NewSalem.html

The folks at the New Salem Fire Department near Albany, New York, recently ‘restored’ what they call a “CJ-2B Attack Engine”. And, to be fair, I suppose this CJ-2A has undergone some major changes. Perhaps it should be relabeled a 1948 CJ-2RC (Riot Control) jeep?

You can read about it here: http://newsalemfire.com/new-salem-fire-apparatus-Jeep-CJ-2B.php

1948-riot-control-jeep-newsalem-fd1 1948-riot-control-jeep-newsalem-fd2 1948-riot-control-jeep-newsalem-fd3

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1972 Salem Mud Bowl Poster

• CATEGORIES: Features, Racing

TJ shared this cool 1972 Salem (Oregon) Mud Bowl Poster he go from a friend of his, Ken, who used to race jeeps in the Pacific Northwest. That’s Ken in the photo.


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1953 “I’ll take the Jeep” Ad For a CJ-3B

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I’ll take the jeep, too! This early CJ-3B ad is in the May 7, 1953, issue of the Heppner Gazette Times one I hadn’t seen.


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1942 Illustration of an early “Jeep”

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The September 24, 1942, issue of the Nyssa Gate City Journal out of Nyssa, Oregon, published this interesting illustration.


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Packaged Pump Brochure

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

This is a brochure for an early pump.


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Photo Negative of FC-170 Howe Fire Truck on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

I’ve inverted the photo to give a sense of what it might look like printed.

View all the information on eBay

“Original factory photograph negative , 8 x 10 , also includes factory envelope , 8.5 x 10.5 , listing is for both items.”



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1961? Howe Commando Fire Truck Brochure on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

The numbers at the bottom suggest to me the date of this brochure is September, 1961. But, this still has the split glass, so those numbers might not be referring to the date.

View all the information on eBay

“Original non color sales sheet , 8.5 x 11 , printed both sides , three file holes at edge”

1961-09-howe-commando-firetruck-brochure1 1961-09-howe-commando-firetruck-brochure2

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Several Interesting Photos from eBay Seller

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

Darrins, a seller on eBay, has these two photos, plus a few others you might enjoy viewing.

View all of Darrin’s Jeep photos here

  1. This FC appears to have a custom camper:
  2. I wish I could see more of this jeep! Note the unusual hardtop and front bumper/fenders.unusual-mods-to-jeep
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Restored MB Custom Truck

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This 2013 post from Offroad Action popped up while I was searching for something else. It highlighted the rebuild of an MB-turned-truck in Europe. There are a variety of photos showing the rebuild process.



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Willys Sign on the ACAA Facebook Page

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Anyone know the history of this unusual Willys sign. I know I’ve seen it floating around before, but can’t remember where. Was it ever an actual sign?


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Redlands Geckos Jeep Club Plaque **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Features

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

Seth shared this vintage jeep club plaque. The Redlands Geckos Jeep Club was based out of Redlands, California. It was in existence by 1963 (based on this article) and was around as late as 1977 (based on this article).

“You are viewing a 1960’s Vintage Relands Geckos Jeep Club Metal Oval Plate Plaque! You will receive exactly what you are viewing. This plaque is a unique handmade item and weighs over 1 lb.”


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1956 AD For The CJ-5

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Artists/Drawings, Features

This ad promoting “8 reasons why the ‘Jeep’ does more jobs … better!” appeared in the March 15, 1956, issue of the Heppner Gazette Times in Heppner, Oregon. Interesting that it shows a dual pane windshield.


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Australian CJ-3B Gala @ the CJ-3B Page

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If you haven’t read this, take a look at the CJ-3B page and check out this story on the Australian CJ-3B Gala.



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Tyler’s Vintage Jeep Desk

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Tyler built this desk out of parts he gathered at last year’s Great Willys Picnic. Here are a few more pics.

“I just wanted to share my computer desk I made from some parts I picked up at last years great willys picnic. That I found out about thanks to one of your posts. I took up the project as a way to teach myself welding. I designed the desk to also work with my simulation steering wheel and pedals so I can drive jeeps in video games at my jeep desk. The last thing I set up was two stage led lights in the headlights for added style :).”


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Posters are **SOLD OUT**

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UPDATE: I awoke to poster sales, so I’m sold out. I should have a handful left for the reunion, but can’t guarantee that.


Original is on the left, the reproduction on the right. The colors are closer than they appear, as the original has caught some extra light from the window on the left.