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Frank Sinatra’s GPW

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Gordon mentioned to me that Frank Sinatra had once owned a GPW. So, I spent some time searching for Sinatra and jeeps. Here’s what I have so far:

Franks GPW went to a Sotheby’s auction in 2003 (which listed it as a 1942 GPW),


then to a Barrett Jackson auction in 2005 (which listed it as a 1944).


It now resides in the Tebo Museum (private museum approx 400 vehicles) collection (Facebook link) (Flicker Link). Here’s how the jeep is presented:


Back when Frank built his home in 1947 at Palm Springs, California, his daughter noted that the town was still small and the roads rough, so “We . . . needed our jeep to manage the dirt roads, sand dunes, and tumbleweeds,” No indication as to what jeep model this was.

Of course, Frank spent some time in jeeps while acting. For example, this still photo from a French eBay page of Sinatra in a jeep is from his 1958 film “Kings Go Forth”.


According to an April 1966 Esquire magazine article,

“At other times, aiming to please, his men will overreact to his desires: when he casually observed that his big orange desert jeep in Palm Springs seemed in need of a new painting, the word was swiftly passed down through the channels, becoming ever more urgent as it went, until finally it was a command that the jeep be painted now, immediately, yesterday. To accomplish this would require the hiring of a special crew of painters to work all night, at overtime rates; which, in turn, meant that the order had to be bucked back up the line for further approval. When it finally got back to Sinatra’s desk, he did not know what it was all about; after he had figured it out he confessed, with a tired look on his face, that he did not care when the hell they painted the jeep.”

According to the “Remarkable Cars” website, this 1941? MB was used during the filming of the dirty dozen, then purchased by Sinatra, who then gave it to Burt Reynolds. It is now located in the Star Cars Museum in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.


I’m sure there’s much more out there. I’ll add to this thread as I learn more.

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Roberto’s Newest Illustration

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Roberto Flores shared this new ‘doodle’ of a CJ-3A.


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Jeep Specialized Vehicles and Equipment Brochure **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay. It is 28 pages I believe.

1955ish-jeep-specialized-equipment-brochure6 1955ish-jeep-specialized-equipment-brochure5 1955ish-jeep-specialized-equipment-brochure4 1955ish-jeep-specialized-equipment-brochure3 1955ish-jeep-specialized-equipment-brochure2

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The “K” Style Flanges from The King of Jeeps

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I purchased a 1957 Berg’s Truck and Parts Co (Aka the King of Jeeps) Catalog off of eBay. It included this flyer for a set of hubs I’ve never seen. Anyone ever run across these? (You can compare them to other flanges/summer hubs here: http://www.ewillys.com/2017/01/09/warns-summer-hubs/)

1957-jeep-king-berg-parts-catalog-cover k-flange-freewheeling-hub-jeepking

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The Backyard Project

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I ran out of time for updates yesterday (other than the K hub above).

As I mentioned last week, we’ve been busy redoing my mother-in-law’s back yard pond area. It’s meant moving and rewiring the garden outlets, replacing water pipes and irrigation hose, ripping up old landscaping, and laying 2 tons of stone for a walk way. I spent most of yesterday laying the stone (see pics below).

On another note. Ann was walking towards the entrance of Lowest yesterday wearing her “Bomb Squad” shirt, one she got from Joe in Mesa (she loves the shirt). In the Airforce, among other things, she both armed and defused bombs. That was part of her profession, so she wears her Bomb Squad shirt proudly.

Anyway, as she’s walking into Lowes, some guy in a truck drives near her as she neared the front entrance of the store and calls out to her. She didn’t understand him, so she asked him what he said. He replied that “it was nice of your boyfriend to let you wear his shirt.”

Shit, meet fan ….

Let’s just say that it didn’t go well for that guy. Ann explained that she did not need to justify her service to the man in the truck, but she did anyway, telling him that it was her, not her husband, who was the bomb expert, that it was her profession. And, if a bomb ever needed to be defused, that she ought to be the one doing it and not her husband (I concur).

The lesson here is don’t be like that guy. There are over 200,000 of active-duty women in the military doing all kinds of work. Show’m respect.

Here are some pics of the backyard project …


this is the pond pump and plumping. The pipes needed some new sections. The wiring for the pump was never attached to a post, so I moved the wiring, sunk a post, and added a craftsman style box and cover.


This is another electrical outlet that needed a post and the craftsman box around it. I’ve added some anti-critter filler at the bottom to keep them at bay (hopefully).


New irrigation hose.


Finally ready for stone.


Let the laying of stone begin.

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Willys Jeep on Farm as Tractor & Plow Video

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I saw this video for the first time yesterday. Near the end of it there are several jeeps featured doing non-farm chores. I’ve taken a few screen shots of them and added them below. The most interesting one to me is the red one with the extended rear (pic with guys carrying the washing machine).

We’ve run across these extended rears like this on a few jeeps over the years, but this is the earliest evidence of them that I have seen. The one on the back of the red jeep looks like to me like it was professionally made, leading me to wonder if it was a purchasable product.

stills-from-farm-as-tractor-video1 stills-from-farm-as-tractor-video2 stills-from-farm-as-tractor-video3

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A Couple Updates For Sunday

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Glenn shared this news clip of a 12-acre antique car junkyard that’s being transformed into a museum.


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Tiffany CJ-5 on eBay

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UPDATE: Still Available for $499.

This sterling silver CJ-05 was likely a sales promotion award. Thanks to Tom for spotting it.

View all the information on eBay

“You are viewing a Vtg. Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver Willy’s Jeep Charm/Pendant. UNIQUE! WHEELS MOVE! Read below for further details…

Seller’s Notes:
I have sold and current listing some wonderful items to the great people of eBay. This is the exact item you will receive. Overall in good pre owned vintage shape with some wear- toning, some heavy hairlines and scuffs, fading, marks. I RESEARCHED THIS ITEM TO THE BEST OF MY ABILITY – I COULDN’T FIND ONE EXACTLY LIKE IT – To my knowledge, it seems to be a vintage Tiffany & Co. Willy’s Jeep charm attached to a small chain- Could be a bale for a chain or some other piece that may be missing- SEE PICS. Tiffany and Co pouch included- light wear. The wheels do move. Was lightly cleaned. See high def pics to determine condition, style, etc.

Total weight- 29.2 grams
See pics for measurements. Measurements in inches please convert to your specs.
See pics for hallmarks.
The wheels do move.
Pictured “as is”.
I am unsure the time period of the piece but those who know this item may know more.”





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2018 Willys Am Tegernsee (WAT) Convention

• CATEGORIES: Event, Features

CeePee and the Willys Am Tegernsee (WAT) group had the convention a few weeks ago in Southern Germany. Despite the dry, hot weather for much of the summer, on the day of the convention the weather turned rainy. However, in his post about the event, CeePee reminded readers that “Nasty weather is only considered as another challenge by jeepers. That’s what makes them special too”.

The group welcomed a couple visitors from Australia, one of whom showed the group how to wipe a raw potato across the windshield to keep the rain from sticking to the windshield. You can read more in CeePee’s report, which is written in both German and English.



2018-tegernsee-event2 2018-tegernsee-event1 2018-tegernsee-event4


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Old School Jeeping Photos

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I ran across these photos today posted by a guy who grew up in the Skyway Cliffhangers Jeep Club, a club based in my hometown of Renton. The photos below highlight the kinds of paint jobs I remember back in the 1970s. As a kid, part of the fun of going to playdays and jeep conventions was to see all the different paint schemes (colors, designs, and accents), tires choices, cage architecture, engine experimentations, and other modifications. You can see lots of old PNW Jeeping photos here:



paint-skyway-4 paint-skyway-3 paint-skyway-2


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1942 Photo of Early MB Laying Wire on eBay

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This photo really shows off the WILLYS stamp.

View all the information of eBay

“1942 Press Photo A wire-laying jeep rolls out lines for telephone communication. This is an original press photo. In the field, the wire-laying jeep speedily rolls out the vital lines for telephone communication. U.S. Army land vehicles Photo measures 5.25 x 5inches. Photo is dated 05-30-1942.”



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Marx Fix-All Toy Jeep Pine Bush, NY Sept 24 Auction

• CATEGORIES: Features, toys

UPDATE: Here’s the same photo of the jeep on a different auction site. Current bid price is $50.

Original Post: This Marx Fix-All Toy Jeep will be part of a Monday, September 24th, Auction.


“Lot 160: 1 (One) Marx Fix-All Jeep Willys”


Here’s another example of the same product that shows the box:


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Bernd’s CJ-5 Gets Little Rest

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Bernd was busy with his CJ-5 again in Austria last weekend. First, he delivered an armchair to his mother-in-law.


Then, he joined a group of vintage cars and machinery at and annual get-together https://zw-oldtimer.at/ , where Bernd acted as a mobile toolbox (and appears to have delivered a passenger tram car). He also helped lay 200m of train track and, on Sunday, acted as a conductor.

Railcar Train

Below is the tram and some volunteers.



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Jeep and Anti-Tank Gun Horse Jump

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Tremaine shared a photo of the updated jump at a horse event in Yelm (Yelm is minutes south of Joint Base Lewis Mccord, so the military theme makes sense). Four years ago it was the fake jeep that was a horse jump. Now, it’s a Jeep jump and an Anti-Tank gun jump.


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1974 Jeepers Jamboree Slides on eBay

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These are five slides from a larger collection of slides showing the 1974 Jeepers jamboree available on eBay for sale. Check out the first photo of the CJ-3B; the hood has some strange bends where it meets the grille.

  1. View all the information on eBay
  2. View all the information on eBay
  3. View all the information on eBay
  4. View all the information on eBay
  5. View all the information on eBay

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Glenn M. Roger Snowplow & Earth Scraper

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

I thought I had shared this brochure, but I couldn’t locate it, so here it is (possibly for the second time). I can’t imagine there are many of these still around?



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Past Sunday’s Northern Ohio Flatfender Gathering

• CATEGORIES: Engine, Features

Bob Christy was forced to moved his event to last Sunday, which worked out pretty well, as the weather was perfect (unlike the rainy deluge of last weekend). Here are some photos, including a few with folks wearing Alaska Or Rust shirts:

2018-northern-flatfender-gathering0 2018-northern-flatfender-gathering1 2018-northern-flatfender-gathering2 2018-northern-flatfender-gathering3 2018-northern-flatfender-gathering4 2018-northern-flatfender-gathering5 2018-northern-flatfender-gathering6 2018-northern-flatfender-gathering7 2018-northern-flatfender-gathering8 2018-northern-flatfender-gathering9 2018-northern-flatfender-gathering10

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The 2019 Holy Toledo Calendar and Summer 2018 Dispatcher Are Available

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

Norris-Banonis has released the 2019 Holy Toledo Calendar and the Summer of 2018 issue of Dispatcher Magazine. If you look carefully, you’ll find a picture of Ann and I taken at the 2018 Willys Jeep Reunion.



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Willys Overland 1903-1953 Golden Jubilee Program on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Documents, Features

The staring price is $245. While it’s an interesting and rare document, it’s not worth that much (to me anyway).

View all the information on eBay

“Willys-Overland Golden Jubilee Program 1903-1953. Original, printed in 1952. Extremely rare! Excellent condition.
6 pages, great photos.”





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Nice Looking Truck

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Scott shared these pics of this nice looking truck with a plow and wrecker. The owner’s family was a Willys dealer and apparently has a variety of vintage jeeps.


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Ian’s Big Willy Mutant Jeep @ Burning Man

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Big Willy made a good impact at Burning Man this year. Barry shard this photo by Susan Clemens of Big Willy at Burning Man dressed in some neon.


Motor Trend published this photo, which also has other photos of mutant vehicles.


Ian published this photo on Facebook.


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10-Wheeled CJ-3A

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Someone sent this link to me, but I can’t remember who. Has anyone seen Jamie’s jeep in person? I’d be curious to see pics of those tire adapters. The link provides some details on the build.



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Bernd’s Family Jeeps

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Bernd’s trusty CJ-5 and trailer.

Bernd, a reader from the Vandans area of Austria, along the Swiss border, has a long history with jeeps. Thankfully, he’s taken the time to provide us some stories and photos of his family’s life with jeeps. As you’ll learn, they’ve used jeeps for hunting, farming, and other chores.

In fact, just last week, Bernd hauled some computer equipment using his jeep and trailer (the trailer has been around the family for several decades, too.) Here are a couple photos from the recent computer equipment haul:

20180910_205259_low 20180910_205322_low
This brief timetable shares some history of the jeeps his family acquired. Most of these came from Switzerland:
1. In the Mid-1950s an MB
2. In the Mid?-1960s M38
3. 1971? after breakdown of the M38 a CJ5 with metal top
4. 1972 new CJ5 with canvas top,
5. 1982 father got the CJ5 from the former hunting ground tenant
6. 1996 CJ5 Bernd acquired from father,
7. 2010 CJ5 Bernd did a full restoration, still in use (as is a trailer, seen above).

Around 1950 my father began the job as a game warden in the whole municipal district of Vandans. The center of his activity was our home in Vandans and a hunter’s cabin in a side valley of the Montafon, called “Relstal” (Relsvalley). There, he took care of red deer, chamois, fox, hare, marmot, black cock and snow grouse.

Over the years, jeeps and a trailer were in service for:

  • chaffeuring hunting parties
  • collecting brought down game and distribution of venison
  • transporting hay, corn and pomace for wildlife feeding in winter
  • moving equipment and supplies

A 6km long gravel road led from the village (700m above sea level) to the cabin (1500m). The road continued to alpine farms (1900m) and ended as an earth road near the Swiss border (2100m).

In winter the road was blocked by masses of snow and avalanches. Father was normally  the last driver to make the trip from the cabin at the start of Winter and the first driver to go back up in the Spring.

I can’t remember exactly when we purchased the MB, but I believe it was the mid-1950s. Like my father, the tennant of the reseve was an officer of the Swiss army. He explained to me how he bought a jeep. Out of a row of jeeps, he was told he could pick one for purchasing. Of course, the more senior the officer, the earlier a person got to pick from the line of jeeps.

After purchasing the jeep, my father measured the jeep, then added 3 feet or more to the jeep’s length and width and a bit to its height for a garage, so it could fit it inside comfortably. He never thought of driving another car in future.


You can see the cabin with jeep and trailer. See the Swiss registration number ZH for Zuerich on bumper. Father stands in front of the jeep, my brother next to him.


Father and his hounds.

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DJ-3As Helping Police

• CATEGORIES: DJ-3A, Features, Old Images

Gayland shared Officer Ryan’s Facebook post of Jeeps in the Philadelphia police force. They were shared in the DJ – Postal Jeep Group.

dj3a-police-jeeps4 dj3a-police-jeeps2 dj3a-police-jeeps3



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Ford GP-related Photos

• CATEGORIES: Bantam-FordGP-WillysMA-EarlyJPs, Features

The Henry Ford Museum’s digital collections contain a few interesting photos. It appears all of them can be purchased:

  1. This great photo is available for purchase at The Henry Ford website.


2. These images appear to be frame drawings for the Ford GP. The images aren’t reproduced well:


3. This image purports to be a December 1941 drawing of a set of GP springs, but by that time, Ford was gearing up for the GPW.


4. There are a few more jeep-related pics int he digital collections database at The Henry Ford: https://www.thehenryford.org/collections-and-research/digital-collections/search-results#terms=jeep&years=0-0&perPage=10&pageNum=1&sortBy=relevance