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Christmas Village Article at the CJ-3B Page

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Check out Derek’s Christmas Village article that features a jeep that seems a combination of a CJ-3B and a DJ-3A.



For comparison, here’s a recreated DJ-3A soft top:


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Flattened Willys Hood Swisttal, Germany on eBay

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Thanks to Scott for spotting this unusual auction. The seller is selling an original, flattened jeep hood from WWII that was used in part of a homeowner’s wall rebuild (most likely) just after the war ended. You’ll need to read the text below to get the full story. I imagine the seller will be selling the other hoods later.

View all the information on eBay


Wall of hoods before being removed.


The hood up for auction.

Where did the Willys MB come from, whose hoods ended up in a junkyard in Bonn?
And how did the hoods from the junkyard get to the ceiling of a Bonner Bürgerhaus?
And why can you buy one of these historic hoods on Ebay now?

The history of the jeeps could have started 18 kilometers from Bonn…

Once there was a Feldflugplatz Odendorf – a temporarly airfield made in 1938 / 1939. Adolf Hitler used it and Göring and Goebbels did too. They used it to reach the „Felsennest“ in Rodert, a secret and not so well known Führerhauptquartier deep in the Eifel woods. Hitler was there in autumn 1939, because of a possible invasion of France and the Low Countries. And the end of WWII Supreme Commander Dwight D. Eisenhower landed on the airfield. General George Patton was there to pick him up – with a lot of Willys of course…

But Odendorf was of course not the only historical place in the vicinity of Bonn for the American army. This was above all the world-famous bridge of Remagen after its capture on 7 March 1945.
The Battle of Remagen during the Allied invasion of Germany resulted in the unexpected capture of the Ludendorff Bridge over the Rhine and shortened World War II in Europe. After capturing the Siegfried Line, the 9th Armored Division of the U.S. First Army had advanced unexpectedly quickly towards the Rhine.

They were very surprised to see one of the last bridges across the Rhine still standing. The Germans had wired the bridge with demolition charges. When they tried to blow it up, only a portion of the explosives detonated. U.S. forces captured the bridge and rapidly expanded their first bridgehead across the Rhine, two weeks before Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery’s meticulously planned Operation Plunder. The GIs’ actions prevented the Germans from regrouping east of the Rhine and consolidating their positions.

Everywhere Willys MB jeeps were used.

1945, after the war and the collapse of the Third Reich, the Willys, who had suffered severe damage during the war, remained in Germany. Some came to a junkyard in Bonn-Endenich. Opposite the cemetery in the Hainstraße they were stored and dismantled. You’ll find this place still on Google Earth…

And when the citizens of Bonn repaired their homes from the damage caused by the American bombers, these hoods were of course welcome. They took the bonnets, knocked them flat and nailed them to the walls and ceilings. Then they covered them with boards and so they were gone and forgotten for over 70 years.

A few weeks ago, a citizen of Bonn restored his old house, removed the boards from the ceiling of an old stable and discovered the boards. The house is only 500 meters away from this old junkyard. Therefore it is no mystery where the sheets came from in 1946/1947…

So they came from the junkyard 1946 and they should return to the junkyard in 2018. But we saved them, now they’re on Ebay – that’s the whole story.

You, dear Ebayer, have now the opportunity to bid for these unique witnesses of the past.
Please note: Only the hood on picture 1 is now offered on Ebay. We will decide later, what should be done with the other 13 hoods.”

Other photos of hoods the seller has:


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Erick Schat’s Bakkery Wagon

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Home of the “Original Sheepherder’s Bread”, Erick Schat’s Bakkery (not a misspelling) in Bishop, California (not too far from the eastern entrance of Yosemite National Park) has a beautiful wagon parked out front.


This photo is a stock photo from the internet, so there are some lines and “A”s across it. I cleared some off, but some remain.

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1956 CJ-5 Ad

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UPDATE: I mistakenly listed this as a 1954 ad. It am told it was actually a 1956 ad.

Andy spotted and bought this 1956 CJ-5 ad on eBay. The jeep has an odd look about it. I think it’s the 1) skinny fenders, 2) thinner than normal hood and 3) odd grille. It makes it feel a little bit like some kind of CJ-4 (though the actual CJ-4 has flattish fenders). The headlights on the grille in the ad look more like 7″ headlights on an MB grille.

The Ad:

For comparison, a 1955 CJ-5:


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Women Drivers … Are Jeep Rough-Riders

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Just a few updates today …

The August 1954 issue of People Magazine did a two-page article on the women who drove jeeps for Willys Motors. It looks like they are testing a series of M-38A1s in the photos.

View all the information on ebay


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Junior MB 2/3-Size Toy Jeep Miami, FL $3000

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UPDATE: TJ spotted one of these Junior MBs for sale in Florida. The original post at the bottom is from 2010.

The Hemmings ad below includes several photos, but it’s not clear to me which of these jeeps is the one for sale (or it’s just a reseller important the jeeps and reselling them). The photos are all from the manufacturer website.


The latter half of this video shows the jeep:


Original Post May 8, 2010: Junior Replicas website.  Pretty good replicas for a kids toy.  They offer a variety of vehicles besides Jeeps.

From the website, “Junior Replicas Mini-Veículos para Lazer S.A. produces in Brazil, exact replicas of classic vehicles, in a scale enabling their use by children over 6 years old. The mini-vehicles use a four stroke, 6,5 hp petrol engines and have specially developed mechanics for complete safety and long-lasting enjoyment. The bodies are moulded in glass reinforced polyester (GRP) and are very detailed and fully replicate the original full-size model.


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Willys Overland Factory Video Footage

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This short video of the Willys Overland factory includes a clip showing how workers painted the chassis. I wonder how much spray paint the spray-guy breathed in …


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1945 Color Video of Jeeps on Okinawa

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Several jeeps shown navigating mud and water, including a Holden.



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1945 Joey Jeep Kid’s Book by Bertram Goodman

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UPDATE: There’s another copy of the Joey Jeep book on eBay

This Joey Jeep book was written by Bertram Goodman and published in 1945.







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Lighted Sign Based on Brochure in Ohio $165

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This sign used the July 1961 brochure for its art.


“Willys Jeep Collage Backlit LED Lighted Sign with all Models. Collectible Reproduction 1960’s Dealer Sign Here is a very nice backlit LED sign with image of an early 1960s Jeep dealership sign. The sign is a new reproduction, but is very cool and would make a great centerpiece for the Jeep Cave. Protective strips at side peel away to reveal chrome trim on an all wood box. Lighted sign measures 25.5″ x 17.5″ x 4″ deep. Hanging hooks are installed on the back panel. The light box includes a multi-function remote control that enables background color change throughout the spectrum. It also has a blink function, and you can set it to fade in light to dark and back again.”


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1943 Video “Role of the Jeep”

• CATEGORIES: Features, videos

Some of these clips form this four-plus minute 1943 movie are familiar, but the video also offer a wide range of clips I hadn’t seen (that I can remember). There are Bantams BRC-60s, BRC-40s, Ford GPs, Slat Grill MBs, Ford GPAs, and MBs/GPWs.



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Jan 1947 Wagon Ad in Holiday Magazine

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

This “That’s the Car for Me” Ad was in the January 1947 issue of Holiday Magazine and listed for sale on eBay. I don’t remember seeing this one.



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Willys Overland Desk Ypsilanti, MI $1250

• CATEGORIES: Features

I like the desk, along with the history.

View all the information on eBay



“Factory original 1930’s WILLYS-OVERLAND MOTORS Toledo Ohio engineers work table….All labels are intact….Solid oak and maple KEUFFEL ESSER Hoboken New Jersey drafting table …..Measures 80 x 43 inches….33.5 inches height shows only some general age use wear…Super solid and sturdy work table….Rare historical Jeep Willys -Overland item…..Never see another like it….Awesome example…..Bid with experience….Displays nicely”

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Audie Murphy & The Yakima Ridge Runners

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This 1954 video was a surprise find. It’s called “JEEPERS: Film Star Goes On Jeep-Man’s Holiday” and features Audie Murphy.



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Movie: Welcome To Marwen

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A toy jeep plays a staring role (at least in the movie trailer) in “Welcome to Marwen”, based on  a true story of a man named Mark Hogancamp. Mark was robbed and badly beaten one night. Over time, he coped with his post-life beating by building a the imaginary Second World War Belgian town called Marwencol. You can read much more about his true life story here: https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2015/oct/28/mark-hogancamp-marwencol-jon-ronson-miniature-town-horrors-of-war

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1942 Willys MB Rebuild Part II

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The is second in the series from Sybert’s Garage. You can view Part I here.

This explanation from Episode 1’s post shares why Tom and his son are rebuilding the jeep:

“My parents have a summer cottage in Northern Wisconsin. Our neighbors, who have passed away with the daughter living there now, had an old MB jeep. It was painted violet because at the time Janet’s dad asked her what color he should paint it as a little girl.

The jeep sat in her garage for years and each time we went to visit we tried to get her started. The mice had made it their home, eating all the electrical wires. The radiator leaked, brakes and clutch did not function and we realized we never had enough time to truly spend on getting her running whenever we visited. We asked for permission to bring her back to our garage in Wisconsin, fix her up and return her to Janet.

Janet’s dad served in WWII in the Army and I know he would be proud to see Janet driving his jeep today.”

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Story of the Universal Jeep — Illustrated Booklet **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Comics, Features

UPDATE: **SOLD** on eBay for $432.

Maury shared this promotional booklet. Looks in better condition than mine.

“The Story of The Universal Jeep. 1950 Willys Overland Promotional Giveaway Comic Book. Fine Condition. Complete comic book, no spine roll, no wear, no marks or creases, very good page color, supple page quality.”



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Willys Themed Alarm Clock

• CATEGORIES: Features

UPDATE: The clock is now out of stock.

Andy spotted this rebuilt 1938 Westclox alarm clock with a Willys theme addd to it.



Details: This is an October 1938 Westclox Big Ben that has been converted into an animated Willys Jeep alarm clock. The little Willys Jeep rocks up and down with the seconds. The little Willys rocks up and down with the seconds. This is a very solid, well built alarm clock.

Condition: The works have been cleaned and serviced with 2 new bushings and a new mainspring. The case has been fininished in a handsome satin black metallic. The nickel bezel really compliments the lustrous finish. This guy runs and alarms well.”


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More Unique Warn Brochures

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

Maury has created the most extensive Warn history that I have seen to date. He just uncovered some additional Warn brochures and has wound them into his already extensive history here:


Below are a couple of interesting ones he’s added. First, this approximately 1953 sales sheet seems to target potential resellers of Warn Hubs (around early 1955 Warn moved to selling hubs only through Willys dealers). I had not idea Warn was advertising in ten different magazines by 1953.


This next brochure is actually a testimonial for Warn. However, it’s hard to read, so I’ve broken it up into sections at the bottom of the post.

warn-testimonial-brochure2-lores warn-testimonial-brochure1-lores

Here’s the same brochure lightened and separated for easier reading (sorry the colors aren’t better):



warn-testimonial-brochure-part3 warn-testimonial-brochure-part4
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Museum of Off Road Adventure Opens Dec 6th

• CATEGORIES: Features, Museums

UPDATE: Opening date for the Museum of Off Road Adventure was moved to Thursday December 6th.

Original post Apr. 20th, 2018: Ted spotted this article on Hemmings about a new Museum called the Museum of Off Road Adventure in Clay Township, Michigan.

You can read more here: https://www.hemmings.com/blog/2018/04/19/one-off-napco-chevrolet-brush-truck-becomes-first-acquisition-for-new-four-wheel-drive-museum/?refer=news


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Rock and Rollin’

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Paul’s made a little more progress on the trailer.

As you might have heard, Alaska was hit with a good-sized earth quake near Anchorage a couple days ago. Our own Anchorage-based Alaska Paul filed this report:

“This past Monday (Nov 26, 2018) my friend First Larry came over to the house and helped me shoot the 90 remaining rivets in the M100 trailer floor section so I could attach the side panels to the floor flange. The seams where these parts overlap is sealed with a two part rubber like sealant and cleco fasteners hold everything together while the sealant hardens.

Usually the sealant cures within 3 or 4 days so this morning (Nov 30, 2018) I was working in the garage cleaning up the excess sealant by 8am. Because the trailer is sitting on two work tables it’s necessary for me to stand on a 5 gallon bucket which allows me to bend at my waist to clear the trailer sides while still being able to reach the floor panel.

This was the position I was in when Mother Nature decided to remind me just who was really in charge of my life.

We got hit with a sharp jolt and then the garage began dancing. As I was holding onto the trailer rear panel trying to remain upright I noticed the walls of the garage were flexing hard enough to open and close the walk in door and this door had been latched. For some reason the movement of this door fascinated me so I continued watching (while tightly holding onto the trailer) until I realized the door was opening and closing so fast it looked like it was waving goodbye. I agreed it was a good time to say goodbye to the dancing garage so I bounced my way out of the garage and staggered towards the house.

Unlocking the door to the house took longer than usual since my actions resembled a drunk opening a door while on a ship in a storm. A couple of years ago I’d installed outside grab handles on either side off the kitchen door so I hung onto a handle with one hand while I tried to get the key in the lock with my other hand. I gripped the handle so tight I think I left fingerprints pressed into the metal.

After getting the door unlocked I quickly checked on the Goddess (she was fine) and Samson the wonder parrot who was not amused to have his perch catapult him skyward. Samson sought safety on top of his cage in the living room but the many aftershocks continue to irritate him.

In the brief time it’s taken me to write this email we’ve had six noticeable aftershocks along with many little tremors.

While I’ve been thru stronger earthquakes than the ones we had today this main one was impressive. There are reports of power lines down, sections of local roads destroyed, broken water pipes in commercial buildings and traffic signals no longer operational.

The Goddess and I have been real lucky… we never lost electricity, we still have heat, we have enough food to last for more than 3 weeks and since we’re retired we don’t have to go anywhere. We’ll be staying home where we can help the neighbors if need be.

Oh yeah.

The garage made it thru the quake with no damage to speak of, the little blue house shook and shimmied but it’s fine. Some stuff got broken, some stuff got tossed around but the little Willys and the M100 trailer are both fine.

We’re pretty happy

I’ll send a few photos to show the ground cracking in the back yard (See below).

That’s all,

The Goddess
and Samson the sleeping Wonder Parrot

earthquake2 earthquake1

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Action Video of an APU Jeep

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Nick shared this video of a 1955 airplane test that included multiple shots of an Valentine APU-equipped jeep. You can see some other updates here: https://www.thecj2apage.com/forums/time-capsule-navy-cj3a-by-valentine-apu_topic37074_page6.html

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Vietnamese M-38/CJ-3A Video

• CATEGORIES: Features, videos

Carl shared the video of what looks to be an M-38 that has multiple mods, including a CJ-3A windshield and an after market dash gauge. However, the body does not have a battery box lid, suggesting it is an after market body. The flat rear wheel wells also raise questions.

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Taking Delivery of an FC-170 in the 1960s

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677, Features, videos

UPDATE: As Lew notes, there’s an FC-150 in the latter half of the video. It also has a different license plate (white) than the FC-170 (blue plate) shown near the beginning.

Steve pointed me to his video. It shows a family picking up an FC-170 from the factory. Pretty cool memory!

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1955 “Tender” Scottsdale Auction Mid-January

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UPDATE: Turns out we discussed this back in early 2016. http://www.ewillys.com/2016/03/13/1954-wagon-tender-garner-nc-ebay/


Very cool, but not an original 1954 truck (it is listed at Barrett Jackson as a 1954, though the text suggests it was a 1955 model).


Scott Gilbert alerted me to this upcoming truck to be auctioned at Barrett Jackson.

Over the years, following a discussion with an Israeli jeep fan named Or, I’ve applied the designation of “Tender” to this style of truck. At the time, he’d sent me a copy of brochure and translated the model as a “Tender”.

Since then, I’ve been searching for an original US version of the Tender, but have not found one. So, while not beyond the realm of possibility, I highly doubt this is an original 1954 Tender for the following reasons.

1954-tender-truck-jackson-barrett-auction7The seller of this truck is describing it as a 1954 Truck and the serial number is claimed to be 55168 10001. However, as of 1954, the serial number system used was the 654 XX2 prefix system (the “X”s standing for various letters) to describe 4WD Willys trucks. It wasn’t until 1955 that Willys Motors adopted the 55168 system, but that year that prefix started with 55168 5001. At some point, there was a 55168 10001 produced, but that would have been late into the1955 year.


Consistent with a 1955 build, the 1955 55168 trucks model was defined as a cab only version of the Willys truck accompanied by the Super Hurricane engine, same as the truck herein. The “bed” of the truck could have been built from a wagon, so that might be consistent, too.


However, the speedo shown wasn’t produced until late 1956ish. The Willys emblem used on the hood and on the glove box looks more like an Aero emblem than a jeep emblem. The hockey-stick styling of the external chrome didn’t appear until 1960(?). Meanwhile, the two piece windshield was discontinued in 1960. So, there are major inconsistencies.

I’m sure there are other issues that folks can add to this list.

Here’s the listing: https://www.barrett-jackson.com/Events/Event/Details/1954-JEEP-WILLYS-4X4-PICKUP-225070

Here’s the Tender’s description:

“This 1954 Willys was built as a 1955 model and is Serial #0001. A piece of Willys Jeep history, this example has 2,122 original miles and is equipped with 4-wheel drive. It’s powered by a Super Hurricane 226ci 6-cylinder engine backed by a T90 3-speed manual transmission and Dana 18 transfer case. The exterior was repainted in its correct shade of tan.”