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1959 Harney Peak South Dakota Jeep Trip Brochure

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UPDATE: I’ve been looking for one of these since I first saw one on eBay in 2013. I scored one earlier this month on eBay. Along with it came the post card below.

mt-harney-brochure1 mt-harney-brochure2 mt-harney-brochure3

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Christmas Morning Photos on eBay

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Steve shared this timely holiday photo.

View all the information on eBay

“Up for bid we have 2 Circa 1950’s Christmas Morning Photo’s featuring a Young Boy with all his new Christmas Toys.
Visible under the tree is a Toy Truck, Army Jeep, the boys wearing a new gun & holster set.
Cute photos.
Photos measure approx. 3-1/2″ X 3-1/2″ and come in excellent condition”



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1947 ‘Jeep’ Greenkeeper’s Best Friend Ad on eBay

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Not many of these ads left.

View all the information on eBay



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1960 San Juan Rockies Jeep Cavalcade Brochure

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Many thanks to Chris for sending this wonderful Christmas present: An original 1960 3rd Annual San Juan Rockies ‘Jeep’ Cavalcade brochure he bought off of eBay. It was completely unexpected!

This tri-fold brochure opens to an 11″x17″ size, with photos, information and a map. Anyone know offhand if the entire route is still jeepable?
1960-san-juan-rockies-jeep-cavalcade-brochure5 1960-san-juan-rockies-jeep-cavalcade-brochure6 1960-san-juan-rockies-jeep-cavalcade-brochure7


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2 1961ish Brochures on eBay

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There are no bids on this pair of brochures. It’s one of the better prices I’ve seen lately.

View all the information on eBay

“2 Jeep brochures and are in very good condition spots where paper clip was holding together!!!”



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More Progress on Paul’s Trailer

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Photo taken at 9am in Anchorage. Still dark out (sunrise was supposed to occur at 10:12 am, but the clouds kept it dark)

As we begin counting longer days, Paul’s toiling away in his warm and cozy garage as the snow falls, the sun hides, and aftershocks rattle Anchorage.

Paul writes, “Since the earthquake November 30th we’ve had almost 5,000 aftershocks in less than three weeks.  Many of the tremors are too light to feel but we’ve had a few strong shakers that concerned me enough to make a trip to the local hardware store necessary where I purchased additional tie down straps.  The trailer and box assembly is still sitting on two work tables and will remain that way until I finish rolling the upper edge of the trailer box.  I’ll rest easier when I get the trailer frame finished, the axle attached and the box lifted off the work tables and bolted to the frame.”

“The trailer box is riveted together so the next step (after the taillights) is to weld the tubing into a big rectangle to match the upper edge of the side panels and then roll the metal over the tubing and weld as necessary.  I’m not quite sure how I’ll accomplish this task but I expect it’s going to cost more than I planned and take longer to accomplish than I’d intended but that’s normal for this project.”


I’ve made 6 or 7 different designs for the taillight/turn signal layout on the M100 trailer but none of them are without problems. Here’s my mockup of the lights mounted to the rear of the trailer. To me they are too close together and would look awkward sticking out from the box.

It would be much easier to position these lights if I went to a smaller size LED light but I want the trailer lights to match the ones I installed on the little Willys so I’m running into location/space issues.

I’ll try again.


Here the taillight brackets would be mounted to the trailer sides just forward of the rear corner sections.  They’d be close to but not interfering with the use of the grab handles bolted to the corners.  The housing for the lights would be stainless steel sheet fabricated into a one inch thick box with a removable access panel on the front side.


Here are some of the poster board mockups of the tail light housings I’ve made while attempting to achieve a reasonable balance of visibility, secure installation and ease of fabrication.  The first mockups were made from white poster board with line drawings to indicate the light assemblies.  

As I refined my design I began coloring in the tail/brake light lens (red) and the turn signal lens (orange) with felt markers to give me a better idea of how these lights would look on the trailer.  I’m pretty sure I’ll use the mockups number 5 and 6 (starting from the first mockup on the left as #1) as the final design so tomorrow I expect to begin cutting sheet metal.


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Odd Turkish(?) Video with a Jeep

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ModMike shared this odd video on Facebook that includes a CJ-2A. I finally tracked down a Youtube version. Can anyone explain it?

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Little General Ride On Jeep on eBay

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This is a cardboard ride on jeep that was never opened. I imagine these jeeps didn’t last long. This particular package remains un opened. The seller has a pretty steep price on it.

View all the information on eBay



“UP for sale, I have a vintage 1960’s Little General Ride On Jeep. I can’t believe I have decided to sell this, as I have had it in my collection for over 20 years, and have never seen or heard of another. This is still mint sealed in it’s original bag package, which the package boost 2 toys, ride on Jeep and a free military poncho. Well guess what the poncho is part of the bag and you cut it out.

Toy was produced by General Box Co. of Illinois. The bag measures 40″long and about 13” wide. The toy was offered in the comic book ads of the 1960’s as a full ride on Jeep with a dress up military poncho. Who could forget those ads in the comic books? I remember wanting the Polaris Nuclear Submarine, but there were many others including a tank, spaceship and this here Jeep. They were all constructed of printed cardboard and companies like Honor House products seemed to advertise the heck out of these pieces at $4.98.
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TM 10-1513 Manual Indianapolis, IN $10

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Chris is selling this manual that came with a later model jeep he bought.

“Reprint of maintenance manual for MB series Willys Jeep. Good shape, no torn pages, couple of fingerprints on covers. In great shape, would make a great shop copy for someone. I can invoice via internet and ship within the US for an additional $4.”


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Video — Jeep: The Unstoppable Soldier

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I didn’t get a whole lot done the last few days, as Dad is needing more assistance. No time to do updates for Thursday, but perhaps this 1 hour video from WheelsTV will fill the void. I’ve only seen the first 15 minutes, but it looks promising thus far.

I did spot at least one item that was incorrect. While discussing the first BRC at Holabird, between 15:59 and 16:20 pictures of a BRC-60 are mistakenly shown.

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Metal Earth Jeeps

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Steve let me know about Metal Earth’s metal jeep DIY kits. I knew about the B-2 model (Ann has one), but didn’t know about the jeep.

metal-earth-jeep2 metal-earth-jeep3


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Willys Overland Promotional Movie

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Midwest Jeep Willys republished this promotional video titled: Workhorses of Industry. Thanks to Blaine for spotting it.

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April 6, 1945 Army Day Review Booklet on eBay

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I”ve never documented one of these.

View all the information on eBay



“Vintage April 6 1945 Army Day Review RARE Roosevelt, Eisenhower, MacArthur, Patton
Grace Line Ships
Pass & Seymour Inc
Tube Turns
Fashion Frocks Parachutes
Monroe Shocks
Cummings Machine Works
Eastern Air Lines
Republic Aviation
Wisconsin Honey Farm
Ward LaFrance
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1943 Postcard “Jeep Ferry” on eBay

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I bet not too many of these postcards were made.

View all the information on eBay

“Our large front and back scans show you the exact condition of this postcard. Size: Approx. 5.5″ x 3.5”



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Walter M. Baumhofer’s Jeep Art

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UPDATE: Someone pointed me in the direction of this Walter Baumhofer CJ-3B calendar image (I can’t remember who, but please take credit in the comments).

There’ s no name associated with this one. At 16″ x 12″, it’s a little smaller than Emmett Watson’s “Jeepers” print. You can see more of Walter’s work over at the CJ-3B page.


Original Post (11/19/2018): Robin recently purchased this Walter M. Baumhofer illustration at an auction. It’s titled “Self Appreciation”. According to intelligentcollector.com, Walter was one of the most prolific Adventure Pulp artists out there. Among other prolific pulp adventure artists mention in the article is Emmett Watson.

Funny how both Emmett’s illustration Jeepers and Walter’s image has two men, a jeep, a tent, a red blanket, and three bears. I find that a big coincidence.


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Oversize Dealer Wagon Postcard **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

This is a nice one. With shipping, this is under $10. It’s 11″x 8.5″.




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No Updates For Sunday

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I’m in Seattle for a few days helping my parents. Updates resume Monday.

“They Shall Not Grow Old” is the name of this unusual WWI documentary directed by Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings, etc) that’s being released to some theaters. It’s all made using restored/repair actual footage of WWI. They also employed professional lip readers in the hope of capturing the dialogue seen in the video clips. It’s all wound together with interviews of WWI soldiers in the 1960s/1970s.

Here’s a trailer for the movie:

And here’s a part that shows what the British troops though of German Soldiers:

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Echeverria Field GPW Dedication for Wickenburg VFW

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Joe-in-Mesa’s daughter’s boyfriend’s father (way to suck him in Joe!) took this photo of a 1943 GPW dedicated to the memory of the Echeverria Field near Wickenburg, Arizona, and donated to the Wickenburg VFW. Obviously, it’s not a perfectly restored vehicle, but it does help provide a tangible memory for VFW visitors.


Joe searched and found a few more photos online:echeverria-field-pics-gpw2 echeverria-field-pics-gpw3

Here’s the VFW where the jeep is located, though Google did not capture the jeep outside:


Here is some location information about the air field. The location was not available via Google maps, so this is a hacked together location image:


1951 view of the former air field:


Some related links:

  1. Web page on abandoned air fields in Arizona
  2. Wickenburg VFW Facebook page
  3. Ghosttown Arizona information on Echeverria Field
  4. Echeverria Field on Wikipedia
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Christmas Village Article at the CJ-3B Page

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Check out Derek’s Christmas Village article that features a jeep that seems a combination of a CJ-3B and a DJ-3A.



For comparison, here’s a recreated DJ-3A soft top:


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Flattened Willys Hood Swisttal, Germany on eBay

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Thanks to Scott for spotting this unusual auction. The seller is selling an original, flattened jeep hood from WWII that was used in part of a homeowner’s wall rebuild (most likely) just after the war ended. You’ll need to read the text below to get the full story. I imagine the seller will be selling the other hoods later.

View all the information on eBay


Wall of hoods before being removed.


The hood up for auction.

Where did the Willys MB come from, whose hoods ended up in a junkyard in Bonn?
And how did the hoods from the junkyard get to the ceiling of a Bonner Bürgerhaus?
And why can you buy one of these historic hoods on Ebay now?

The history of the jeeps could have started 18 kilometers from Bonn…

Once there was a Feldflugplatz Odendorf – a temporarly airfield made in 1938 / 1939. Adolf Hitler used it and Göring and Goebbels did too. They used it to reach the „Felsennest“ in Rodert, a secret and not so well known Führerhauptquartier deep in the Eifel woods. Hitler was there in autumn 1939, because of a possible invasion of France and the Low Countries. And the end of WWII Supreme Commander Dwight D. Eisenhower landed on the airfield. General George Patton was there to pick him up – with a lot of Willys of course…

But Odendorf was of course not the only historical place in the vicinity of Bonn for the American army. This was above all the world-famous bridge of Remagen after its capture on 7 March 1945.
The Battle of Remagen during the Allied invasion of Germany resulted in the unexpected capture of the Ludendorff Bridge over the Rhine and shortened World War II in Europe. After capturing the Siegfried Line, the 9th Armored Division of the U.S. First Army had advanced unexpectedly quickly towards the Rhine.

They were very surprised to see one of the last bridges across the Rhine still standing. The Germans had wired the bridge with demolition charges. When they tried to blow it up, only a portion of the explosives detonated. U.S. forces captured the bridge and rapidly expanded their first bridgehead across the Rhine, two weeks before Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery’s meticulously planned Operation Plunder. The GIs’ actions prevented the Germans from regrouping east of the Rhine and consolidating their positions.

Everywhere Willys MB jeeps were used.

1945, after the war and the collapse of the Third Reich, the Willys, who had suffered severe damage during the war, remained in Germany. Some came to a junkyard in Bonn-Endenich. Opposite the cemetery in the Hainstraße they were stored and dismantled. You’ll find this place still on Google Earth…

And when the citizens of Bonn repaired their homes from the damage caused by the American bombers, these hoods were of course welcome. They took the bonnets, knocked them flat and nailed them to the walls and ceilings. Then they covered them with boards and so they were gone and forgotten for over 70 years.

A few weeks ago, a citizen of Bonn restored his old house, removed the boards from the ceiling of an old stable and discovered the boards. The house is only 500 meters away from this old junkyard. Therefore it is no mystery where the sheets came from in 1946/1947…

So they came from the junkyard 1946 and they should return to the junkyard in 2018. But we saved them, now they’re on Ebay – that’s the whole story.

You, dear Ebayer, have now the opportunity to bid for these unique witnesses of the past.
Please note: Only the hood on picture 1 is now offered on Ebay. We will decide later, what should be done with the other 13 hoods.”

Other photos of hoods the seller has:


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Erick Schat’s Bakkery Wagon

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Home of the “Original Sheepherder’s Bread”, Erick Schat’s Bakkery (not a misspelling) in Bishop, California (not too far from the eastern entrance of Yosemite National Park) has a beautiful wagon parked out front.


This photo is a stock photo from the internet, so there are some lines and “A”s across it. I cleared some off, but some remain.

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1956 CJ-5 Ad

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UPDATE: I mistakenly listed this as a 1954 ad. It am told it was actually a 1956 ad.

Andy spotted and bought this 1956 CJ-5 ad on eBay. The jeep has an odd look about it. I think it’s the 1) skinny fenders, 2) thinner than normal hood and 3) odd grille. It makes it feel a little bit like some kind of CJ-4 (though the actual CJ-4 has flattish fenders). The headlights on the grille in the ad look more like 7″ headlights on an MB grille.

The Ad:

For comparison, a 1955 CJ-5:


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Women Drivers … Are Jeep Rough-Riders

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Just a few updates today …

The August 1954 issue of People Magazine did a two-page article on the women who drove jeeps for Willys Motors. It looks like they are testing a series of M-38A1s in the photos.

View all the information on ebay


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Junior MB 2/3-Size Toy Jeep Miami, FL $3000

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UPDATE: TJ spotted one of these Junior MBs for sale in Florida. The original post at the bottom is from 2010.

The Hemmings ad below includes several photos, but it’s not clear to me which of these jeeps is the one for sale (or it’s just a reseller important the jeeps and reselling them). The photos are all from the manufacturer website.


The latter half of this video shows the jeep:


Original Post May 8, 2010: Junior Replicas website.  Pretty good replicas for a kids toy.  They offer a variety of vehicles besides Jeeps.

From the website, “Junior Replicas Mini-Veículos para Lazer S.A. produces in Brazil, exact replicas of classic vehicles, in a scale enabling their use by children over 6 years old. The mini-vehicles use a four stroke, 6,5 hp petrol engines and have specially developed mechanics for complete safety and long-lasting enjoyment. The bodies are moulded in glass reinforced polyester (GRP) and are very detailed and fully replicate the original full-size model.


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Willys Overland Factory Video Footage

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This short video of the Willys Overland factory includes a clip showing how workers painted the chassis. I wonder how much spray paint the spray-guy breathed in …