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Bountiful Jeep Posse Club Plate **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

This has some wear and the price is pretty high given the condition.

“100. % original porcelain municipal sign from the first Jeep Posse formed in Bountiful City. Sign is in good shape. Just 2 places where the porcelain has chipped away. 8 inches by 8 inches. Please see pictures for details. Color and gloss are great!!! This is a great addition for you automotive memorabilia collection!!”


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M-B Sweeper for Willys Jeep Brochure on eBay

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The jeeps’ PTO powered this sweeper.

View all the information on eBay

“Original non color sales sheet , 8.5 x 11 , printed both sides , has many small pieces of tape at tears at edge , has 2 horizontal folds , 3 file holes at edge , wrinkling at edges , some soiling”

1950s-mb-sweeper-for-jeep1 1950s-mb-sweeper-for-jeep2

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7 Willys Wagon Brochures $49.99 (eBay)

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It’s not a good price for these seven brochures.

“Original Willy’s (Jeep) Station Wagon Brochures. Group / Lot of 7 brochures. Various years and models from the 1950’s. Good Condition. Covers, edges show some wear, stamps, small writing.”

View all the information on eBay


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Lighted Jeep Sign FC & CJ-5 **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

Great sign.

“For your consideration selling with no reserve.. Used previously displayed 38×12 inch Jeep sign. Sign face is in excellent shape has only minor defects in the silk screen which may be visable in the pictures…Light source is a florescent bulb that runs off regular 110 voltage via 2 prong plug. Has a metal frame and wooden backing. Selling at no reserve. won’t be disappointed. Ships priority insured.”


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1947 Willys Dealership Postcard in Albuquerque on eBay

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Neat old postcard. Seller has multiple postcards. Includes images of an early wagon and a CJ-2A.

View all the information on eBay

“Print. ca 1947. Albuquerque, NM. Tovrea Equipment Co., Willys Jeep Dealership.”


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1944 Article Shares Modified Jeeps From Oklahoma

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The August 20, 1944, issue of the Evening Star shared these jeeps used for War Bond Sales. They were modified by the Camp Gruber, Oklahoma, motor pool. The image with “Jeeps in Civvies” label has been featured on eWillys previously, but I’ve never seen the other two jeeps.

1944-08-20-sunday-star-gravure-jeep-sedans1 1944-08-20-sunday-star-gravure-jeep-sedans2 1944-08-20-sunday-star-gravure-jeep-sedans3

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Nordstrom’s 1960 Wagon

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I didn’t learn a whole lot about this truck, but apparently in 2015 this truck cruised the west coast as some type of grassroots(?) marketing venture for Nordstrom. Multiple photos of it are shown on a marketing site called “Out Cold”. I think “Out Cold” leases/rents the truck for events?

You can learn a little more here: https://www.outcold.com/blog/willys

nordstrom-truck3 nordstrom-truck2

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1949 Jeep Station Wagon Ad on eBay

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I don’t think I’ve documented this ad. I can’t remember seeing one that included a photo/illustration of just the body (lower right corner).

View all the information on eBay


“Vintage 1949 Magazine Ad For Jeep

A Full Page Ad for Jeep, “The Jeep Station Wagon – a roomy, comfortable passenger car and a practical utility vehicle for family and business errands.” The backside is an article with picture. Also included are pages with articles and an Ad for “Volt Athletic Equipment”.

The Ad measures approximately 13 1/2″ x 10 1/2″. It is in good vintage condition with discoloration due to age. The Ad is kept in a clear plastic bag with cardboard so it doesn’t get bent.”

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1944 Parade in Paris w/Jeeps

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UPDATE II: Thanks to Fred for finding a second video, this time in color. Besides the parade, it shows a few remaining snipers in Paris, captured germans, and other events.

I don’t know why, but sometimes the video comes up “video unavailable” within this page. If it doesn’t work, try this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1oVABc12js

UPDATE: Thanks to Fred for sharing the video of this event (original link here).

(12/06/2018) Must have been an amazing parade!

View all the information on eBay

“1944 Press Photo Jeeps & Jeeps on Paris Road 1940s France WWII. You are bidding on an original press photo of Jeeps & Jeeps on Paris Road 1940s France WWII. The thin green lines that show on the photo in the listing are the result of a bad scan & the lines are NOT on the actual photo. Photo measures 7 x 9 inches and is dated 9/3/1944.”



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GPW in the National Auto Museum in Torino, Italy

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Barry went on a recent trip to Torino, Italy. There, he visited Italy’s National Auto Museum, where he spotted this Ford GPW. It was only one of three US vehicles in the museum.

He added, “Jeep is a big name in Italy since acquired by Fiat. From the marker it looks like they are trying to associate this with the modern “Jeep” name. Excellent display of over 200 European autos dating back to the late 1800’s”


Here’s a second image from Wikipedia showing a slightly different angle:


This is an exterior shot of the museum:


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Harold Spieth’s Smooth Driving Booklet on eBay

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Harold Spieth was President and Chairman of the Board of Willys-Overland Motors when he wrote this booklet. It includes an illustration with a small Willys Wagon.

View all the information on eBay

“Condition: Excellent
Factory Original: Yes
# of pages: 1
Other info: Measures 5″ x 7″…………………SCARCE!
FREE SHIPPING with 3 or more Brochure purchases-”






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Jeeps Pulling Airstream Trailers

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Thanks to Blaine for spotting some of these jeep-pulling-airstream trailer images. That led me to search for some more. I think my favorite might just be the post from Kaiser Willys, as a wagon owner named Richard Carr pulled his airstream down to Baja, Mexico, for a six month vacation in 2010 and was still there as of 2015. I guess he found his spot in the world!


These were some of Blaine’s finds:

blaine-airstream-wagon blaine-airstream-wagon4 blaine-airstream-wagon3 blaine-airstream-wagon2


This one is from the CJ-2A page via Photobucket:


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1942 200-Mile Jeep Trip to Dakar

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Joseph Morton’s description of his jeep trip from Bathhurst, Gambia, to Dakar, French West Africa, was published in the Evening Star, December 26, 1942. Fun fact: I got to know a Gambian ambassador to the US and was invited to Gambia to help work on a school’s computer system back in 2002, but other priorities kept me from going.

Bathhurst is now known as Banjul, Gambia’s capital city. French West Africa is now Senegal. This map *might* be close to the route taken:


Now for the article:


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Jeep Truck Cargo-Personnel Carrier Brochures on eBay

UPDATE II: It appears there were two models of the Cargo-Personnel Carrier. One brochure shows that the Willys-Overland Export Company was the only entity offering this no-door Cargo-Personnel Carrier internationally (no mention of “Willys Motors” on the end of the last page of the brochure, but the bottom brochure’s last page shows both names).  Here are the brochures’ cover pages side by side:


Both are currently listed on eBay. Here’s the first:

View all the information on eBay

year-willys-cargo-personnel-carrier-brochure1 year-willys-cargo-personnel-carrier-brochure2 year-willys-cargo-personnel-carrier-brochure3


UPDATE:  This is a complete Willys Cargo-Personnel Carrier brochure. 

View all the information on eBay

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Free M-151 Hardtop Port St. John, FL **SOLD**

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I’m no expert on these, but I think the correct hardtop should provide gas inlet access on the driver’s side? See this pic for an example: http://www.warwheels.net/M151muttHARDTOPLEONG.html . But, hey, it’s free!

“This ad is for a hardtop for an M151 army jeep. It is on the jeep and it will need to be removed. Call and arrange a time to take this away.”



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Video of Ford GPs Leaving the Factory in March of 1941

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UPDATE: The bottom clip seems to have been a small part of this nearly eight-minute clip of the Ford GPs being rolled off the line for the QMC. Some of this video we’ve seen and some we haven’t. This was the first batch of 400 Ford GPs, delivered March 19, 1941 (which was part of the first contract of 1500 Ford GPs).


Originally posted September 7, 2018: 

The video only lasts 23 seconds, but it’s the only one I’ve seen of Ford GPs leaving the factory:

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1939 Boy’s Life Article Using the Term “Jeep”

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A May 1939 article shown below from Boy’s Life adds to the evidence that the use of the term Jeep existed prior to the introduction of the Bantam BRC in September of 1940.

By November 1940, the term “jeep” was being applied to the Bantam jeep (and/or the Willys Quad, delivered in mid-November), according to court records, months before the delivery of the Ford “GP” model in March of 1941 ((the Ford Pygmy was delivered to Holabird near the end of November of 1940).

To me this opens up a question. Was the P=80″ wheel base a chance coincidence? Or was Ford cognizant that the new 4×4 vehicles were being called jeeps, so they purposefully took advantage of that to use the “P” to spell the onomatopoeia-initialism “gp” or “geepee” or “geep” as part of the delivery contract? I suppose Ford had a designation that O=70″ wheel base and Q=90″? If so, I’ve not personally seen those designations documented.

Now, modern articles call the Pygmy the “Pygmy GP-1” (or similar), giving it credit for being the first Ford GP. But, I have yet to see any documentation that Ford or anyone else was calling the Pygmy a “GP”.

In fact, two articles from 1940 indicate the new Ford recon car is called only a Pygmy and that more pygmies will be delivered in the future. See the middle and right column articles on this page (http://www.memorialmuseum.org/displaysmilitary-jeeps/item/ford-pygmy) (note that the 1969 article on the left hand side of the page does designate the vehicle GP-1, but again, that’s a much later article).

My guess is that the GP designation was more strategic than the innocent explanation of G=”Government” and P=80″ suggests. I’d welcome evidence showing the Pygmy was labeled a FORD GP from any kind of article or document from the late 1940s. (maybe this issue has been hashed out previously and I’m late to the party???)

In the meantime, here’s the Boy’s Life article (you can read it online).


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GI Joe Commercial

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This vintage GI Joe commercial includes a real jeep and jeep driver who attests to GI Joe’s accuracy.

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California Highway And Public Works Jeeps

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

The May/June 1960 issue of the California Highway and Public Works department periodical included an article of a survey of the Sierra Highway that included a CJ-5 and a wagon.



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Organized Jeep Garage

• CATEGORIES: Features

Carl shared this photo of a jeep garage that he said was making the rounds on Linked-In. I have too many tools and not enough organization (or wall space) to do this. And, I can’t let Ann see this or she’ll start organizing my tools on walls!!



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Milestone: Just hit 50,000+ Published Posts

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If you ever feel like there’s a lot of stuff on eWillys, you’d be correct. We’ve just passed the 50,000 post mark. This includes the fact that I’ve deleted roughly several thousand posts over the past few years as I try to clean up or eliminate old posts that have no value (such as those that lack photos) and mark others sold.

Side note: There are also 63,000+ comments and 6.5 million blocked spam comments since eWillys began.


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2019 4×4 Somerset, CA, Expedition has a Couple Slots Open

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This upcoming expedition in mid-february of 2019 has a couple slots open for vintage jeeps. Thanks to Blaine for sharing it.


“**** UPDATE**** We have 2 spots that opened up for the full event, but if you want to join the one day snow stage of the Expedition, we start at The Crossroads Cafe, 6032 Grizzly Flat Road, Somerset CA. Be convoy ready at 9. Drivers meeting at 9:30 Saturday Feb 16th. This is a full day in the elements, and we leave by 10.

The 21st Annual Vintage 4×4 Expedition is looking for 10 more pre 1975 vehicles to embark on a 4 day back and logging road expedition. Vintage trucks, buggies, pre war speedsters, military vehicles, motorcycles and other means of vintage back country travel. Period correct pre 75 modifications only. We cap the entries at 40 vehicles, and provide starting locations and specifics to entrants only. This is a hosted semi private event. Be prepared to live out of your classic camping for an entire weekend in the worst weather the Sierras have to offer. Make sure your rig has tow points, recovery gear, and tire chains. This is not a casual run for nut and bolt correct parade vehicles. All vintage mountain equipment is welcome. We have very qualified mechanics, support and heavy off road recovery experience. Nobody will be stranded or left behind.

Day 1, Feb 14th : Thursday. Lafayette to Placerville via backroads.

Day 2: Friday. Foothills trails, vintage tractors, log skidding, tree falling, vintage chainsaws, coonhounds and the legendary Fri Night Bonfire. BYOB

Day 3: Saturday, Attempt to summit the Sierras by logging roads. A full day/ evening of driving in the snow. Return to base camp in Placerville.

Day 4: Sunday, Light trail runs, and break camp.

Willys Jeep 194* 195* 196* Dodge Power Wagon International Scout Land Rover Series Autocar Diamond T Coleman Halftrack Napco Marmon Herrington Land Cruiser”

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Postcards of Tour Jeeps in Europe

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Derek Redmond of the CJ-3B page shared these images from postcards on some European auction sites. It appears there are still 4×4 trips related to Canigou, which appears to be in the Pyrenean Mountains
Andorra Tour Jeep Andotour Canigou Detail

Andorra Land Rover Canigou France

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Jeep Parts Rocking Chair

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Roger shared this jeep-themed rocking chair that he saw on Facebook. Anyone know whose it is?


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The Jeep Tamer by Arthur Bartlett

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This article about Charles Sorenson was published in the Evening Star in conjunction with “My Life with a Jeep” on July 15, 1945. The issue also included a photo of the newly release CJ-2A (which didn’t scan well into black and white).