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Few Updates Tonight

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We have returned to Seattle for the next week. Dad landed back in the hospital and we are working through where to proceed from here. So, there may be some spotty updates the next few days.

Thanks to Mitch Carter for dropping by and joining the Eilers Clan Tuesday evening. There were many Wandering-Willys-Jeep-Club-old-member updates. We also laughed over some old jeep stories. Mitch plans to attend this year’s FC-Roundup for the first time. Depending on decisions related to Dad, Ann and I may also make a quick trip up from Tucson to attend on Saturday (we will be mostly down in Tucson visiting a military buddy of Ann’s she hasn’t seen since Khobar) .. stay tuned!

Here are Ann and Dad goofing around a little.


Me, I should know better than to snatch a quick nap when my evil wife is lurking with a camera.


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My ‘New’ Windup Toy Pumper Jeep

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A big thanks to Roger Martin for spotting this at an Ohio antique store and giving me first crack at it. He even wrangled 10% off the listed price. Neither Mitch Carter (who came by the hospital to visit dad — thanks Mitch) nor I nor Roger have ever seen one.

french-windup-fire-jeep-toy0 french-windup-fire-jeep-toy1 french-windup-fire-jeep-toy2 french-windup-fire-jeep-toy3 french-windup-fire-jeep-toy4


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Power Take Off Mechanism and Drive Patent

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Inventor David Stone filed a patent for a Power Take-Off Mechanism and Drive Therefor, with Willys Motors as the assignee, on August 08, 1950.

1950-08-19-pto-patent-1 1950-08-19-pto-patent-2 1950-08-19-pto-patent-3 1950-08-19-pto-patent-4

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1943 Ad for Weiners in Ford GPs

This ad may have appeared multiple times, but appear at least once in the January 30, 1943, issue of Colliers magazine on page 29. Included below is a color version supposedly published in 1942.




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1941 Giant Jeep Train Article in Colliers

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This April 5, 1941, article in Colliers puzzled me. Through it, the author referred to a train as a “Giant Jeep”. I’ve never run across a reference before or after that time of a train being called a jeep. The article never mentions any reference to the newly created 1/4 ton vehicles, whose ‘jeep’ name was still catching on in the press. It also does not indicate where/why the jeep name for the train originated.



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1942 Gulflex Ad in the Saturday Evening Post

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This ad was published in the February 7, 1942, issue of the Saturday Evening Post, pg. 31.


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CJ-3B Postcard

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UPDATE: Chief Detective SteveK realized this is actually a CJ-3B. I thought it was a poorly done CJ-3A.

I snagged this 5″x7″ postcard off of Craigslist. For some reason it is depicted with a CJ-3B raised hood bump along the top side of the hood.

1950s-early-cj3a-postcard-with-cj3b-hood-line1-lores 1950s-early-cj3a-postcard-with-cj3b-hood-line2-lores

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Willys-Overland Ads in Collier’s Magazine 1941-1946

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I spent some time searching for and assembling these Collier ads into two directory graphics, similar to the Saturday Evening Post graphics (updated in the post below). Unfortunately, the only archive I could find scanned them in black and white. And, the archive was missing some issues, so I suspect there were a few more published than shown below. Still, there are some differences between the ads, sometimes as small as changes in a few words of text, make these images useful for research.



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Willys-Overland Ads In the Saturday Evening Post 1942-mid1946

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

UPDATE: I’ve updated these images with corrections and four additional ads. You can a similar listing of Collier ads in black and white.  I’ve added two ads that only appeared in the CIO-News, one that only appeared in Colliers, and one Sat Evening Post ad that I’d missed.

Original Post (03/01/2019): I tried to find a listing of all the Willys-Overland ads and their issue dates that were published in the Saturday Evening Post during and after WWII. Unable to find any good resource, I spent the last three days surfing through 250 issues of the magazine using the Saturday Evening Post non-profit site, which costs $15 a year to use. Then I organized them in a way that I hoped would make it easier for me to study them. Hopefully, it’s handy for you all, too. For expediency and bandwidth size, I used low-resolution images to create the files below. Eventually, I’ll go back and replace them with hi res images so that everything is clearer when viewed more closely.

The ads started in May of 1942 (at least that’s the earliest I found) and were published on average once a month. All ads published up to November of 1945 were placed on the inside of the back cover.

On November 10, 1945, Willys-Overland formally introduced the CJ-2A to Saturday Evening Post readers with a more centralized, two-page ad. After that, one or two-page ads for the CJ-2A appeared until August of 1946, when the first wagon ad appeared in the magazine.



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National Pike Steam, Gas & Horse Association Annual Show Aug. 2019

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UPDATE: As Bill notes, there’s also a May swap meet. That should not be confused with the August Annual show. 

This August the National Pike Steam, Gas & Horse Association will be holding it’s annual show in Brownsville, Pennsylvania. This year it will be featuring working jeeps. Learn more about this event at http://www.nationalpike.com.

31298_ Steamshow poster 2019_PROOF2_

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Moonshiner Swap Meet Sunday March 10th

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Tomorrow is the Moonshiner’s Swap Meet at the Puyallup Fair Grounds in Puyallup, Washington.

TJ is there today (Saturday .. vendors get in early) and spotted what I believe to be Jim’s restored (by Willys America I think) Traveller. It’s a beaut! It looks to be located in the main hall, so if you are there, be sure to check it out.


traveler-moonshiners0 traveler-moonshiners1 traveler-moonshiners3 traveler-moonshiners4



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Re-Enacting the DeAnza Jeep Cavalcade April 6, 2019

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Steve Bovee just contacted me about the upcoming 70th anniversary of the De Anza Jeep Cavalcade, aka Hemet-Borrego Jeep Cavalcade.

He writes, “Willys Jeeps and Flat Fenders Welcome … Next month will be the 70th anniversary of the De Anza Jeep Cavalcade aka Hemet-Borrego Jeep Cavalcade. Some 400 vehicles, mostly Willys Jeeps, went on this epic off-roading event April 2, 1949.

To celebrate the anniversary a few flat fenders will be getting together on April 6th and will be retracing the original route, as much as possible. There might be several starting points, but the main one will be in Hemet and as in the first run we will travel south through Battista Canyon, stop in Anza for a snack and photo shoot and then head out to Coyote Canyon. Coyote Canyon part of the trail is for the brave at heart and there is only one way in and one way out so I’m sure some of us will stop there.”

You can read more about the original Cavalcade in this July 1979 article from Desert Magazine (below), which can also be found on Archive.org.

1979-07-desert-magazine-deanza-cavalcade1 1979-07-desert-magazine-deanza-cavalcade2

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1943 Jeep Cartoon From Collier’s Magazine

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This Collier’s cartoon ran in the July 31, 1943, issue of Collier’s Magazine, page 56.


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Jeep Wood Engravings Darlington, MD **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Artists/Drawings, Features

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $26.

Roger shared this unusual artworks for sale.

“Jeep engravings on wood
Sealed with two coats of sealer.
Approx dimensions are 9×12 .

$26 shipped each to the continental US
They can be discounted some if multiples are ordered.”





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Matchbox Offering Wagons and Trucks For Sale

• CATEGORIES: Features, toys

Mike spotted a Matchbox retro 2019 jeep wagon on eBay, but the auction has expired.  It turns out there is a 2018 truck available through Amazon (and likely other outlets). 1. Matchbox 2018 Truck on Amazon:

2. 2019 Matchbox Wagon (was for sale on Australia’s ebay and can’t find it on Amazon):

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Modified MB @ FourWheeler.com

• CATEGORIES: Features

Maury shared this photo of an MB modified in ways to keep it looking relatively stock. There are pics and videos exploring southwest Utah in this story by Traci Clark.



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1979 EasyLok Hub Brochure

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A big thanks to Jim for finding this brochure in old box of files, then sending it my way gratis. It shows the EasyLok Hub, manufactured by the Mechanex Corp, a devision of Tenneco, out of Englewood, Colorado.  You can learn a little more about the EasyLok hub’ s history in this post.

Mechanex Corp patented another hub in 1978, but I don’t recognize the hub.

1979-04-easylok-hub-brochure-650px-1 1979-04-easylok-hub-brochure-650px-2 1979-04-easylok-hub-brochure-650px-3 1979-04-easylok-hub-brochure-650px-4



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RB & W Bolt and Nut Company Ad on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

I have no date yet on this ad from the Russell, Burdsall, & Ward Bolt and Nut company.

View all the information on eBay

“This is a vintage original ad , not a copy or reproduction. Neatly removed from magazine. Would look beautiful framed. Measures 10 and ½  by 14 inches.”


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The New “It’s a Jack”; Planned Price is $1500

• CATEGORIES: Features

Gayland shared the news of this unusual car jack, one that tilts the car to make it easier to get underneath.

Learn more here: https://newatlas.com/its-a-jack-tilts-cars/58404/


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Dean Joy “60 Days in Combat”

• CATEGORIES: Artists/Drawings, Features

Gregg Stoerrie shared several stories and photos of his uncle’s time during WWII on his Facebook page.

One image shows a sketch by Dean Joy, a soldier who served with Gregg’s uncle. Dean went on to write a book, 60 Days in Combat, as well as sharing his story on youtube:

Here’s is Dean’s sketch of some jeeps during an ambush by 88mms. Dean wrote:

“Front Jeep took a direct hit, drivers headless torso still behind the wheel and other GI’s on the side. They hit the end Duce and a half. Col Wooten came running along the convoy yelling everybody off the trucks now. A few GI’s worked around to out flank the 88’s. The firing stopped as they captured the first 88 and found it was maned by kids. As they approached the other 88’s they could see the crews were dead and it was clear they were knocked out by their own guys. It was the first 88 who turned the gun on their own guys. We assumed that they knew the war was lost. Had they not it would have been a massacre.”


Gregg also shared this photo taken by his uncle of a plane that was hit by Japanese flak. Greg wrote, “This picture was taken by my uncle joe Stoerrle during the Second World War. This is the tail section of his B25 bomber. He told me a story how they barely made it back after their tail was shot up from Japanese flak. Uncle joe told me how accurate the Japanese flak was. I would like to thank my cousin Shelly (uncle Joe’s daughter) for providing me with these pictures at a family get together on 1/6/18.”


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Fan Under Passenger Seat??

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Charles just purchased this CJ-2A. He’d been watching eWillys for a long time and finally found one that was near him with a body in great shape. However, what’s unusual about this 2A is that it has an electric fan installed under the passenger seat. He said it’s a pretty heavy fan, too. Anyone ever heard of that?


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Ford Company AEF Ad on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

UPDATE: This was published in Coliiers on September 11, 1943, pgs 66-67. This issue also contains the Willys WWII Ad, “Ordnance Doctors Operate Under Fire”, pg 57.

Fred Caldwell mentions the ad in his book “Selling the All-American Wonder“. According to him, this is one of the few Ford-sponsor, jeep-related Ford ads.


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Odd Looking Jeep/Truck

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

Roger Martin spotted this odd looking jeep-truck on Facebook. The caption indicates it was taken in December of 1960 in Vienna, Austria.


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B.F. Goodrich Ad with Jeep on ebay

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features, Old Images

This ad was published in the March 6, 1943, issue of Collier’s. I wish I could locate an online archive for that magazine. Anyone know of one?

View all the information on eBay

“This is a vintage original ad, not a copy or reproduction. Neatly removed from magazine. Would look beautiful framed. Measures 10 and 1/2 inches by 14 inches.”


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Wally Cohn — Jeep King?

UPDATE 3: I’m taking Wednesday (03/06/2019) off of posts to write an article, so here’s an oldie, but a goodie.

UPDATE 2: Daniel Strohl over at Hemmings provided a solid background update about Wally Cohn.

“Born in 1924 in Germany, his father and stepmother sent him to the Chicago area in 1937 both to live with family and to escape the increasingly anti-Semitic mood in Germany. After Kristallnacht, his older brother Herman, his father Siegfried, and his stepmother joined him in Chicago. Walter flew 30 missions for the U.S. Army Air Corps as a bombardier during the war, earning a Distinguished Flying Cross and a Bronze Star and rising at least to the rank of Sergeant. After the war, he served as a member of the chief justice’s staff during the war crimes trials in Nuremberg, then returned to the United States and founded W&W Foreign Auto Parts in Blue Island, Illinois.”

UPDATE:  A reader named Clint just determined what type of vehicle Wally was using — A 1936-1940 Opel Olympia.  Here are two links to images:  Link 1 & Link 2. Thanks Clint!

ORIGINAL POST published in 2010:  I ran across the images shown below and others.  I didn’t think much of them until I looked more closely.  It appears the builder, who I assume is Wally Cohn, has merged a 1936-1940 Opel Olympia with a MB to create, arguably, the first Jeepster-like vehicle, except it is four wheel drive. The ‘Wally’ appears to use the entire jeep drive train.  If you look in back, you’ll even see this car can tow a trailer!

Who is Wally Cohn? I have no idea. I can’t seem to find anything about him, other than his name was Wally Cohn and he was nicknamed the Jeep King by photographer Walter Sanders.

Photographer Walter (Wally) Sanders worked for Life Magazine from 1944 to 1961. After growing up and leaving Germany for the US in 1937, he returned in early 1946 and lived the rest of his life in Europe, mostly in Munich. You can learn more about his biography here.

Because Walter was in Europe during December of 1946, and because these photos were snapped during that month, and because of Wally’s uniform (which Bob noted is an Army Airforce Uniform), I have concluded that Wally Cohn was a member of the armed services trying to merge cars and jeeps into a Wally vehicle of some kind (note the name Wally is displayed prominently on the dash in one of the pics).

This would be a great collector’s item — and a cool jeep too!