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1949 De Anza Cavalcade – Life Magazine Tags Along

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UPDATE: This was published back in 2010. This seems appropriate, since the post below this one may feature the dozer blade shown in the photos below.

I believe these images are from the 1st annual De Anza Cavalcade, which occurred in 1949.  You can read a little about these events from the Hemet Jeep Club’s Website. Here’s an brief synopsis from Harry Buschert’s memorial:

In 1948 (Harry) Buschert joined the first Hemet Jeep Cavalcade and jumped in a jeep with Harvey Gibel at the Hemet Farmer’s Fairgrounds. The first Cavalcade, sponsored by the Anza- Borrego Trails Association and the Hemet Valley Chamber of Commerce, began as a way to show the public the need to pave the road between Hemet and Borero Springs. Over 400 Jeeps and 800 passengers came out for the first event. They took two days to travel down Coyote Canyon. Buschert would participate and assist in running the events for years to come. The event ran continuously until 1973. By 1973 the movement pave the road had become obsolete, the high prices of gasoline made the event too costly, and the perceived impact of the event affecting public perception all led to the its ending. The event took a fifteen year hiatus and began again in 1988, Buschert took part in the anniversary run.

The Life Magazine Photographer was Peter Stackpole, whom the New York Times described as a chronicler of California Trends.  Peter was part of the first group of photographers hired by Life Magazine.

You can view all the photographs of this two day ‘Jeep Ride’ in 1949 here. I have included small versions of a few of my favorite images.  Click on the images to see blown up views.

1) Here we are at the beginning:

Note the Department of Agriculture painted on the side.  That looks like a nice wool jacket, too:

Here the ‘wagon’ train is on the move.  Note the little boy peeking out the window:

You can see the line of Jeeps stretches for a ways:

Here the jeeps stop for a rest; I probably lightened this up a little too much, but I wanted to be able to see the details of the jeeps better.  Note that one of the jeeps near the bottom of the pic has an extended back — a woman is sitting in back of it:

One of the stranger arrangements was this CJ-2A that sported 3 or four passengers plus luggage, plus a plow! I have 3 images of that below:

And finally, when’s the last time you saw a Ford GP out Jeeping?

Again, you can see MANY more pics of this 1949 Hemet Jeep Club Calvacade at the Life Magazine Image Archives.

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Jeep Photos Off of eBay

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Blaine forwarded some old jeep photos off of eBay.

  1. View all the information on eBay
  2. View all the information on eBay
  3. View all the information on eBay
  4. View all the information on eBay
  5. View all the information on eBay
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1948 Sprayer Information

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This information page and photos were provided as part of a 1948 Willys Overland Sales Book.


Scan10067-lores-spraying4 Scan10067-lores-spraying5 Scan10067-lores-spraying6

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The World’s Most Useful Vehicles

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Just a few updates today. Regular updates resume Sunday morning.

This page was published in the January 1955 issue of Kaiser Willys Dealer News.


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1962 FC-170 Commercial

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This was floating around Facebook. It mostly features an FC-170 dually, but one of the first scenes is a CJ-5 jumping a gully.

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Large Plow on CJ-5 (Tis the Season)

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Matt shared this photo of a CJ-5 with a heavy duty plow for moving lake-effect snow.

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Wooden Jeep @ Modern Touch

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UPDATE: Here’s another link — http://wooden.city/jeep-4×4/

Tim shared this wooden model jeep from the site Modern Touch. Note: To see the jeep on the website you have to log into the site …. I’m not a fan of that policy. The price is $70 for the jeep.



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Happy Thanksgiving

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This is today’s only post.

Last Friday we drove to Sandpoint, Idaho, to visit with Idaho Todd and Minnesota Chris, aka brothers Todd and Chris McKay. While driving around Sandpoint, Ann and I spotted this awesome sign (3′ x 3′). It looks like there is plenty of parking for jeeps behind this store. How often do you find special jeep parking?? Clearly, Todd has picked the right place to live.


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Post Trip Items: Alaska Or Rust Article in Dispatcher Magazine

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<– Post Trip Items: Interview with Hugo Vidal | Post Trip Items: German Documentary w/ Alaska Or Rust Folks –>

The Fall 2017 issue of Dispatcher Magazine arrived in my mailbox yesterday. Kevin and Bill put together a great article on the Alaska Trip.


<– Post Trip Items: Interview with Hugo Vidal | Post Trip Items: German Documentary w/ Alaska Or Rust Folks –>

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1991 Photo of 1948 CJ-2A Fire Jeep on ebay

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This photo was taken at an auto museum (Harrah’s?) in 1991. I haven’t seen this jeep at any of the California museums I’ve visited. Anyone know what happened to it?

“1991 Press Photo Restored 1948 Jeep firetruck displayed at museum in Reno. This is an original press photo. The 1948 Jeep firetruck is now restored and on display at a museum in Reno, Nevada. Photo measures 10 x 8 inches. Photo is dated 10-14-1991.”

View all the information on eBay



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Happy Thanksgiving Sale @ Kaiser Willys

• CATEGORIES: Features

Kaiser Willys let me know they are having a Thanksgiving Sale. So, if you are planning to buy some parts from them, this is the time. The sale ends November 28th. Use the code GOBBLE10 at checkout.


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Four Wheeler Article on the Annual Willys Moab Rally

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Pete forwarded Traci Clark’s article, which includes videos, on the Annual Willys Moab Rally, which enters its ninth year in 2018 (May 18-20). I’ve been wanted to attend for some time, but conflicts have prevented it. And, I’ll miss it again this year as I’ll be at the Midwest Willys Reunion in May.



PHOTO CREDIT: Traci Clark and Four Wheeler Network

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1945 Photo of Jeep Pulling Boxcar on eBay

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I wonder who the woman is?

“1945 Press Photo Military personnel in a jeep in front of railroad cars. This is an original press photo. Railroads – Misc. Cars Photo measures 8 x 6 inches. Photo is dated 03-03-1945.”

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Somerset Jeep Club Sign

• CATEGORIES: Features

interesting sign. This must have been Somerset, PA? 18×10 inches.


View all the information on eBay


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1963 Tonka Ad with Surrey on eBay

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The January 1963 issue of Playthings Magazine included this neat Tonka ad. I tried to find a full issue of Playthings Magazine on eBay, but there weren’t any 1960s that I could find. I suspect this is probably a rare ad.

View all the information on eBay


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1944 Photo of Family Around Jeep on eBay

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This family seems to have been happy to see the GIs.

“1944 Press Photo German Family near Aachen Germany surround American Jeep. This is an original press photo. A large German Family near Aachen gathers around an American Jeep which formed part of the first Column to enter Germany and talk with men of General Bradley’s First Army Photo measures 9 x 7.25 inches. Photo is dated 09-16-1944.”

View all the information on eBay



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Postcard w/Bantams on eBay

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This postcard shows some Bantam BRC-40s.

View all the information on eBay



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Turkey Day is Coming …

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This seemed appropriate in anticipation of Thanksgiving. It was published in the October 1954 issue of Willys News.


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CJ-5 Tie Clip Longview, WA eBay

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If I wore ties, I’d snag this.

“1960s Jeep original dealership showroom salesmans promotional gold colored tie bar, size 2 inches, condition is good, any questions please send an e-mail, USA shipping will be $4.00”

View all the information on eBay


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More Pics From Charles

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Some more random jeep photos courtesy of Charles.



flers -france 1944-11th british arm div

france 1944-11th british arm div


Note the cool billboard!


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2 Wagons Brochures on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

This seller has a couple wagon brochures circa 1960 that I hadn’t seen. One is a 2WD brochure and one a 4WD brochure. The seller has a few other jeep brochures, too.

  1. 4 WD Jeep Utility Wagon Brochure
    View all the information on eBay
    1960-wagon-brochure-4wd-1 1960-wagon-brochure-4wd-2
  2. 2 WD Jeep Station Wagon Brochure
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    1960-wagon-brochure-2wd-1 1960-wagon-brochure-2wd-2
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Anyone Recognize This Hub?

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Is this an early Watson Hub? Something else? I don’t recognize it. It is on a 1952 truck for sale in Los Angeles right now.


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Brian’s 1942 MB

• CATEGORIES: Features

Nevada’s “The Union” newspaper shared an article on a 1942 Slat Grille owned by Brian Miner.



PHOTO CREDIT: Ron Cherry – The Union

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Poster/Brochure Purchased on eBay

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When I purchased this brochure on eBay, I didn’t expect it would unfold to such a large size! Even better, I got it using “make offer” on eBay for only $16. Here is how it unfolds:

1956-poster-jeep-family3 1956-poster-jeep-family4 1956-poster-jeep-family5 1956-poster-jeep-family6

And then the inside … this one is worth making some posters.1956-poster-jeep-family7

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1944 Photo of Catherine Rogers on eBay

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I expect this was a posed photo, Neat nonetheless. I found a second photo online from a different angle (see bottom pic). I was unable to learn if Catherine was someone famous. Anyone know?

“1944 Press Photo WAC Pvt. Catherine Rogers Rides on Jeep in New Guinea. This is an original press photo. WAC Pvt. Catherine Rogers of Boston, Mass., gets a ride in a Jeep soon after her arrival in New Guinea with a small advance contingent of WACs. Aussie Sgt. Len McTavish is her chauffeur, and two natives, who wanted a lift down the road, come along for the ride. Photo measures 9 x 7.25 inches. Photo is dated 06-23-1944.”

View all the information on eBay



On page 5 of the Northern Recon Group’s “Jeep News” (pg 5) there is a second press photo of the group from a different angle.